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Akira Tomoko [Done]

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Akira Tomoko [Done]

Post by Asuna Nora on Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:16 am

• Name:
Akira Tomoko
• Nickname / Alias:
Aka - (God Devil / Holy Devil)
• Title:
The Devil-God Sanin
• Age:
• Gender:
• Sexuality:

• Height:
6' 0''
• Weight:
190 lbs
• Body type:
Thin with smooth skin, not much muscle visible.
• Eye colour:
Red (left eye) Blue (Right eye)
Note: The difference in colors does not constitute a dojutsu
• Hair colour & style:
Long black hair, worn typically in a straight fashion down the back without any adornments or such accessories.
• General Appearance:
Akira is an androgynous male of rather tall standing who wears a typically serious expression upon his person - although he is known to be lighthearted at times this is typically only among his friends due to his reputation as a stern and rather stubborn individual to strangers.

Clothing-wise, Akira typically a fur-trimmed coat over a plain white skirt with usually a skirt to accentuate his feminine appearance although he has been known to wear other types of clothing when traveling or on certain missions. One object however will always remain the same upon his person and that is a special necklace ( which can be seen in the appearance reference ) of red color with a blue gem in it's center. This necklace as a special significance to Akira and holds the source of his ambitions to become stronger and to further himself in the world of shinobi - no matter the cost.

General Appearance (Large Image):

• Markings:
Other than the few scars which are upon his body from injuries sustained during his adventures past, the only other consant marking upon Akira would be the Tattoo which he alongside his friends wears upon his person - his being upon his left arm near the shoulder, typically covered by a sleeve or such.


• Persona:
Akira had in the past been a relatively ordinary male save for his feminine appearance and attire of course, he had attended academy and graduated with two others that grew to be his strongest friendships, one being Kino - Another man who grew to be Akira's greatest rival in the future and, Silveria - a woman who Akira bonded with during their training and grew to be fond of as both a friend and possibly even more-so - That of course, only time would tell. Together, they conquered each mission they were given and even had gotten matching tattoos to prove their friendship. Though, soon Kino and Akira would be at odds when the two had wagered which of them was stronger, prompting them to challenge one another on a nearly daily basis for years afterwards.

After having becoming a Jounin within his village, Akira grew tired of being so evenly matched with his former best friend and current rival, Kino, after the two had spent the last few of their years fighting one another in the arena in order to try and prove which of them was stronger - although no matter what, they had always ended their matches in a draw. Due to this, Akira left the village in order to fulfill his own goal of becoming stronger and during the process had come across the necklace which he wears to this day having been told that it would one day bring him the power he desired if only he gave it time and honed his potential. He had then returned, to the village stronger than he ever had been before and sought now to prove just how strong he was - not just to Kino, but to the world itself.

• Motto:
"Not all that lies within the shadows is evil."

• Likes:
Swords, Feminine Attire, Proving his strength, Duels, and Books.

• Dislikes:
Brutes, Disobedience, Liars, Traitors, and obnoxiousness.

• Special Characteristics:

Name: Demon's Vessel
Rank: C
Requirements: Character Specific
Type: Misc
Description: Creates a faintly visible dark aura around the user which can be seen as a sort of black smoke rising from their body, this aura has not much of an effect on it's own and serves more-so as an intimidating factor or way to easily recognize the user within a group or from a small distance. However, due to the nature of it's power it does give the user a small boost in their chakra.
(+10 to Chakra)
(550 Words to train as per SC Rules)
Open to the public: No

Name:  Holy Demon's Regeneration
Rank: C
Requirements: Character Specific
Type: Physical
Description: This ability is a more refined type of dark aura which covers wounds which the user undertakes and aides in repairing them at a faster rate than what would be normal for an ordinary shinobi. It is not the fully tapped potential of the aura however and as such is not as quick or effective as it would be once fully trained and thus only provides a minimal aide to it's user.
(+20 to Durability)
(550 Words to train as per SC Rules)
Open to the public: No

• Rank:
• Elements:
Wind, Earth, Lightning.
• Specialty:
Kenjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu.
• Clan:
• Bijuu:
S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points + 10 clanless stat boost.
• Strength:
• Speed:
• Durability:
32 (+20 from SC)
• Chakra:
50 (+10 from SC)

• Village:
• Parents:
Amaya Tomoko - Mother / Alive
Ryu Tomoko - Father / Alive
• Siblings:
• Mentor & Idols:
None known.
• History:
Akira was born as a relatively ordinary child within the Lava village, having been born and raised in such a place by his parents he learned his way around both the village and the Academy rather quickly and had graduated without the need to retake the class a second time much to his own glee - Upon doing so was when he had met his two soon to be friends Kino and Silveria respectively who were placed with him into a Genin Squad: The Three training with one another and becoming more and more bonded with one another as time went on, completing their missions together and doing almost everything together it seemed from the time the sun went up to the time it went down.

They had even become Chuunins alongside one another despite the challenges and at this point decided to get tattoos which unknowingly would match one another in designs as they had each visited a stranger who claimed to have a unique and interesting design that they discovered - upon showing one another - was the same design. They had all at this point decided to track down the man who had tricked them and gave him a good lesson as to not try to do such a thing to them or anyone else again - without killing him of course - and them from there on out they went about their lives once more, tagging along with one another to become stronger and grow ever higher in the ranks.

Although, it was just as they became Jounin that Akira realized that he could not stand being only at an even level with Kino - as they had discovered upon entering an arena against one another and having always seeming to come out evenly matched. He strove from that point on to become stronger at whatever the cost, so that when the time came, he could defeat Kino and prove his superiority once in for all. However, to do this he needed a sort of catalyst in order to wield this new-found power and it was then when he came upon the strange necklace he wears to this day as a symbol of his desire for strength and of his decision to embrace what he once thought he never would - The darker side.

When he returned to the village, his newly acquired strength and abilities earned him the rank of "Sannin" among members of the village and eventually it just felt as if the title stuck and he goes by it to this day - along with his other monikers that were earned throughout his travels and later decisions in life. The necklace which he wore since the day he found it years ago has taken a toll on the young man however and has made him much less of the free-spirit that he once was, his views on mercy and such becoming skewed and changed from what they once were and eventually earning him calls of Devil among the townsfolk; In response, he then has since begun to refer to himself as The Holy Devil and embraced the semi-monstrous image that others seemed to have of him at times.

He spends his days around the village as of late, looking for a way to contact his old friends and set in motion the end of the rivalry that begun years ago once in for all - even if one of them has to die at the end of it.

• Roleplay Sample:
Akira walked into the tiled floor of the pantheon which he had come across what felt like many times during his travels, the end of which having statues of strange warriors he did not recognize slaying bestial beings that would likely be very terrifying in the flesh if they were truly real - though thankfully for him they were long since immortalized in stone and were of no harm.

He turned his gaze soon enough however, to what lie at the end of the tiled floor beyond him - A large throne upon which sat a figure he was familiar with from his visions that the necklace he wore bestowed unto him. An imposing woman with a thick, dark aura and long black hair that was like his own though seemed to flow into smoke at the ends as her dual deep-red eyes pierced deep into Akira's own separately colored eyes of blue and red. He felt himself subconsciously continuing to move forward to the woman until he was face-to-face with her and eventually the woman spoke to him with a wicked grin upon her lips:

"Oh, Sweet Akira, You've finally come to me - Tell me, have you thought on my offer?" The woman asked, to which Akira replied by dropping to one knee and bowing his head to the woman as he spoke quietly in response: "Yes, My Goddess, I have come to accept your will.." As he said this, he felt a sudden pain rushing through every part of his body as his vision went white and he felt himself going into unconsciousness soon afterwards.

When he awoke, not only the Goddess but the Pantheon itself were gone and in their place was merely dirt as he rose carefully to his feet and felt the necklace still upon his neck, touching it as a burst of sudden energy coursed through his body. He had accepted it's will and was given what he believed to be it's power in response and because of this he could finally put an end to his rivalry.

He smiled, a wide, gleeful smile that felt like the first one he had since he first left the village and began walking happily back towards his old home laughing heartily as he called out: "I'm coming for you, Kino-san, Get ready!"

And with that, he traveled onward, ready to face his future with renewed vigor and confidence in himself and his abilities.

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Re: Akira Tomoko [Done]

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Re: Akira Tomoko [Done]

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Re: Akira Tomoko [Done]

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