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Finals Week


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Finals Week

Post by Roku on Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:56 pm

Aight so, you guys know what was happening before with my family crisis and stuff. Coupling that with finals week next week is the main source of my inactivity. I've still been able to chill on chat and should be able to, but posts will be scarce, because first and foremost, above anything, I'm a student, and my time needs to be prioritized in such a way that I get my academics handled first. And I have four AP classes whose instructors all think I need to prioritize their class higher as if I don't have three other teachers with the same opinion.

Long story short, a week from tomorrow is my last day of school before Winter Break, and at that point, unless I hit another crisis and get backed up on schoolwork again, the only other time I should end up disappearing til Summer should be finals next semester. But yeah.

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