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Crisis Events!!

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Crisis Events!!

Post by NC. Webmaster on Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:47 pm

Chapter 1: Let it Snow

Let it Begin.

After the World Peace Treaty ended with everyone on the verge of War and panic, the world would begin to part their ways. With many of the minor villages cutting off their exports to the major villages causing for a mass panic. One of the main villages had been Snow. A village that lost its fame fifty years ago after Iceberg found their Village leader guilty of Treason of a high degree.

As a step to rebuilding these broken bonds and refreshing the food supply for all villages, each village has sent two Ninja from their village to check out the disturbances in Snow. Little do they know Father has already filled the crack with his devil like Knowledge.

After Meeting with Father, many of the ninja of the surrounding Villages were met with two new Missing ninja, Jo and Hikane. Both having their special powers show. Before the fighting could start Father would Teleport the Ninja back to their respective villages as a way to stop the stupidity of the Two Siblings and cause them to wait for the right time.

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