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Earth Grudge Fear


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Earth Grudge Fear

Post by Stein on Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:01 pm

Name:Earth Grudge Fear
Rank: S (limited)
Type: Bloodline- Body Enhancement/ And Elements (I guess)
Clan: None Specified
Description: EGF is a high level Medical Procedure, that was started by the removal of ones Organs and having them live off of hearts and had body's made of threads, these threads act as most of the organs and muscle structure for the body composition of the EGF user, due to this, there is little to no Nervous system, meaning the feeling of pain, is little to null

This Bloodline allows for the Collection of all 5 basic elements, by gathering hearts, can only obtain the Main element / first element of the heart taken also because of these hearts killing him once in most cases wont work, if you dont cut off the head, one must destory his 5 hearts, but this is the only way to gain elements

Passive stat boost to Durability for this 85 and strength due to the threads being stronger then the muscles in a human body.

Threads stats are as :
Durability =  100
Speed = 100
Strength = 100
Sharpness = 100

The only way to obtain this Specific bloodline is through medical ninjutsu, one would have to go through a argous task of slowly having their Nerves, Muscles, and organs all turned into the black threads, even their blood and veins (Hearts still have blood in them), having to live purely through the threads, this will take newer members of the bloodline, 5000 words, and at least 2 topics, at least 2 pages long, adapting to the Threads being a main stay of the body now instead of living in a normal body, must be at least Jounin rank to survive the process without side effects, and Durability must be at least 50

any other bloodlines held are removed if this one is added IC later in a ninja's life, due to having every bit removed from their body, but because their body has had the BL before, if they can get another BL they had previously it would only cost them half as much

Note: As you had to remove your Organs obviously you have no room for any more other then hearts, so the only way for EGF to gain BL's is via hearts

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Re: Earth Grudge Fear

Post by Roku on Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:51 pm

Alright... we're going to need a lot more detail than this.

  • EGF wasn't a KKG at all. It was a forbidden Kinjutsu. Make it an X-Rank medical tech.

  • Even though it will be X-Rank, you can still start with it since it's a limited claim.

  • Going to need a lot more detail on the capabilities of the threads when it comes to sewing body parts back on, stitching wounds together, etc.

  • EGF didn't actually give durability or strength enhancement, it simply meant that most damage to Kakuzu's body was ineffective because, even if he was sliced in half, it was just threads, and his body could function normally and simply sew the halves back together.

  • Again with the thread bodies, you're going to need far more detail. Range, details on the masks and hearts.

  • Going to need to talk more about (implanting would be a bad term) embedding the hearts into the body and their association with the masks.

  • Talk about how all hearts must be destroyed for the user to die, and how the user's current heart, if destroyed, can be replace with those that have been embedded.

Once you finish these, we'll go from there.

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Re: Earth Grudge Fear

Post by Stein on Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:20 pm

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Re: Earth Grudge Fear

Post by Kino M. Kyodo on Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:23 am


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Re: Earth Grudge Fear

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