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Message from DOMN (Letter)

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Message from DOMN (Letter)

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:25 pm

A pitch black bird would fly through the skys as it would enter each individual village. With it was a note from the Department of Missing Ninja. The people that kept up with the Bingo Book and Current Ranks of those Ninja. As well as the price held over their head. As the Bird would Land it would carry A letter that read:

Department of Missing Ninja wrote:
Dear Kage of the Respective Village,
We of the Department of Missing ninja have received word of Two New Missing Ninja in the Land of Nike. These Ninja are Kurokon Uzumaki of the Sky Village, Holding an S rank and having a combined 70k Ryo On his head for Capture.

Zento Anichi, of an unknown Village holding an S rank and 30k Ryo Value on his head.

Older Missing Ninja are:
Father: SS rank: Undisclosed Ryo Value for his Head.
Heisen: S rank: 80k Ryo Value over his head.
Eiyu: C rank: 10k Ryo Value.

Please Add these additions to your Bingo Book along with their pictures. Anymore Information will be Sent to you.


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