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Roku's Absence


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Roku's Absence

Post by Roku on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:29 pm

Hey guys... I've had a rough few days.  Before I start, please, please, please don't tell me how sorry you are and stuff for me, if you are.  I've had enough the past few days.  I just think I should let you guys know because I disappeared unannounced the past few days.

When I got home from school Tuesday, my mom was waiting in the car and told me to get in and that she'd explain on the way.  In the car, she said that my grandfather was in ICU and that when tests came back at 7:00 PM they'd go from there.  When the tests came back, they warranted another 12 hour wait to confirm something.  

When the new tests came back, he was put on dialysis to flush out the toxins in his body (bad Liver and Kidneys) but it stopped his heart.  He was resuscitated but my mom, his beneficiary, and her sisters decided to put him on a DNR because he'd said before that he didn't want to be resuscitated (he'd been unconscious through this entire ordeal).  A few hours later (yesterday), he let go.  

Again, please no pity.  Just explaining myself.

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