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Setōshi Soma Sōichirō


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Setōshi Soma Sōichirō

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• Name: Setōshi Soma Sōichirō
• Nickname / Alias: [ Setō ]
• Title: [ N/A ]
• Age: [ 19 ]
• Gender: [ ♂ ]
• Sexuality: [ Heterosexual ]

• Height: [ 5'10 ]
• Weight: [ 143 lbs ]
• Body type: [ Athletic ]
• Eye colour: [ Royal Blue ]
• Hair colour & style:[ White/Silver & Mop with Bangs ]
• General Appearance: [ Complexion; caramel in tonality with a hint of mocha, under the correct lighting the rich hue and smooth texture of the boy's skin become a feature highlight of the shinobi's appearance. Bridging the gap between above average and tall, he stands at five foot ten inches in height which when paired with the lean muscle that his one hundred and forty three pound athletic stature has, he resembles the standard definition of a teenage male in his prime. Hair; White, or Silver under certain lighting, and worn in a mop style complete with bangs tracing the frame of his face. Eyes; Big and royal blue with no visible happiness to them.

Daily attire; either a yellow or royal blue collared shirt, partially unbuttoned and commonly found untucked on his dominant side. Additionally, he wears a tie whose color is the opposite of his shirt, but still either royal blue or yellow. Two jackets, one hooded and one not, are a permanent feature of his rugged attire despite being integrated into the shinobi system. His main jacket is the one that is hooded and made from a light weight but durable royal blue denim, its length falls just at the knees in trench jacket fashion and is worn unzipped. Its alternate is a collared white jacket fashioned with faded yellow lines and blue fastenings, although short in the front, the jacket tails just at the back of the knees. Charcoal black pants and blue sneakers adorn the bottom half of his attire. ]

• Markings:

This tattoo actually makes up the seal that holds the Four Tailed Dragon within him, it's appearance in reference to the might of the Wings of the beast.

• Persona: [ For Setōshi, the act of feeling is just that: an act. It is something that he chooses to do, by flipping a proverbial switch. Sometimes, he allows himself to feel during the dark hours of the night, and sometimes, when he tries to sleep, his mind takes on a will of its own; but nine times out of ten, Setō is an ideal person whose pride is with his apathy.

In fact, he often derides emotions, telling himself how useless they are in order to reaffirm his own apathy. Not that he really needs to: Emotions really are fickle and illogical things, as he concluded years ago; and it is exactly that lack of necessity that introduces a paradox into Setōshi's mindset. Emotions are a threat to him. Even if he can observe and identify them, he doesn't really understand them. They confound him whenever he feels them, and they make him angry with himself; for he considers emotion as the greatest symbol of weakness. Yet emotions hurt in a way that physical pain can't, and they aren't readily healed, either. So in a way, he fears their power, and he bombards himself with propaganda to mask that fear as logic.

And for this reason, among others, he ostracizes himself from people—because emotions are tricky. And despite what he may believe about life, he is still a teenager, and he still has, even if only a parcel, an innate desire to belong. However, he also has the wisdom necessary to exercise discernment. The smallest thing is all that is needed to set a friendship in motion, so he doesn't trust himself in that field. This does not mean that he won't interact with a person, though. He actually has a habit of studying people, and sometimes, he will try to mold himself toward a certain image if it means figuring out more about a person's psyche.

That leaves only two things that can dictate Setō's thinking: ethos, and logos; authority and logic.

In this sense, Setōshi is a robot because his thinking is almost entirely logical, making him a true automaton on the battlefield. As if a strategist by nature, Setō thrives off of the many calculations and minute variables of combat, as if he were at peace with himself. Perhaps, it is because there are no emotions in combat—only rational decisions and logical outcomes; or perhaps he really does have a Divine Mandate as the future right hand of a great leader. Whatever the case, the battlefield is where Setōshi feels most comfortable, and it is where he most often breaks from his stoic shell.

This logical form of thinking also makes him unnaturally honest, though. He sees no purpose to lying, for the benefits that come are only temporary. Loyalty is the only concept that has truth to Setō. As he grows and matures the more human aspects of life will integrate into his psyche. ]

• Motto: [ "The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are" ]

• Likes:

  • Writing
  • Fūinjutsu
  • Studying People
  • Traveling
  • Nature

• Dislikes:

  • Hospitals
  • Change
  • Authority
  • Solitude
  • Oppression

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Spiritual Stamina
    Rank: C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their natural stamina, able to produce more than the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

  • Name: Elemental Talents
    Rank: C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has natural talents with their dominant element, attacks with that element do one rank more damage than other jutsu of the same rank. Only C rank and lower. (only applies to dominate element)

  • Name: Four Tail's Inheritance
    Rank: A
    Requirements: Four Tailed Dragon
    Type: Physical + Chakra
    Description: Due to the inheritance gained from the Four Tailed Dragon its host receives an increase to their Speed stat equal to 1/3 of their Chakra stat after bonuses.
    Open to the public: No

• Rank: [ Chunin | C ]
• Elements:[ Tōton | Light Release ]
• Specialty: [ Fūinjutsu ]
• Clan: [ N/A ]
• Bijuu: [ Four Tailed Dragon ]

• Strength: [ 20 ]
• Speed: [ 30 + 25 ]
• Durability: [ 40 ]
• Chakra: 50 + 25 ]

• Village: [ Sukaigakure ]
• Parents: [ N/A ]
• Siblings: [ N/A ]
• Mentor & Idols: [ N/A ]
• History:

[ Chapter One (1): The Body ]
"In the beginning we'd say, we don't know the meaning of... Fear"

In the beginning a child was born on the thirtieth day of April (04/30), that day was also his death for he was aborted... The child had a mother who knew of love, but her love of self conquered her love for her child... The child had a father who he could look up to, a serial rapist who met his match the night of his sons conception... The story of Setōshi Sōichirō begins out of drunken love that ended in rape, another's selfish nature led to his death... Selfishness led to his life...

In the beginning, a fetus was aborted and transported across the world to a group who remain a mystery. Although, they operated in plain sight out of an abandoned hospital. A plan went underway to restore the landmark, funding was provided by under the table deals and shady endorsements, everything about the business was illegal, but no one dared to investigate. What for? A hospital meant a place of salvation and healing, where loving and caring attendees would nurse their patients back to health... And, experimentation with the human genome... Amongst the various members of the groups came people of two backgrounds; Shinobi and Scientists. The research that they performed more often than not bridged the gap between the two fields, leading to many horrific human trials gone wrong, but in the case of Setōshi Sōichirō things went perfect.

The fetus that the group had in their possession underwent subjugation to a bombardment of Yōton | Yang Release chakra over a prolonged period of time, their main focus and field of research was the Human Growth Cycle and how it would be affected when it subjected to the physical revitalization properties of this chakra. The outcome of their research was remarkable to say the least, as a result of the chakra the growth cycle of the fetus was accelerated beyond normal standards, thus by the third month the fetus was unrecognizeable because where it once floated in a testing chamber now lay the body of a teenage boy.

[ Chapter Two (2): The Mind ]
"From the beginning... Everything was a lie..."

For the body, the accessibility of the physical revitalization properties of the Yōton | Yang Release chakra made it's development fairly easy, but for the mind this proved a challenge. At the rate of development that the physical body was growing the mind would have been like mush, with no life experience to properly shape it by the time of the scientists completion date the mind of the subject would be like a newborn child in the body of a teenager, an obvious failed experiment. The group's think tank was too smart to make simple errors as such, thus they brought in a series of Genjutsu specialist whose goal was to essentially shape the mind. Their answer to this challenge was simple, augmented reality, the subjects mind would essentially manifest itself and through the effects of specifically attuned Genjutsu they would create a world for it thrive. These specialist had crafted the ultimate form of mind control, all aspects of the subjects life would be controlled by them from conception to death bed, all encounters and experiences were at their mercy, everything he would know would be a lie... But, when he would be released into the real world the group planned to reveal the truth and all aspects of their future plans with him, the decision to partake would be up to him. He was simply,"He was simply a successful test run..."

Unfortunately, the group and the specialist underestimated the abilities of the chakra they worked with and the adaptability of the anatomy of the subject. Unlike their previous experiments, the body of Setōshi Sōichirō was naturally attuned with the nature transformation, the bombardment of the chakra was nothing more than gasoline to a house fire. The properties of the chakra affected the growth and development of three main parts of the brain: Intelligence, Imagination, Senses. The three worked in such a manner that growth in one area additionally led to growth in the other three, thus at a point in the boy's development the boy's neurological senses fused and became one. A condition called Synesthesia which allowed the trigger of one sense to affect all others, this then allowed for the world outside of the dream world created by his captors to be seen. Like mentioned before, growth in one area sharpens another and as such the boy's intelligence deduced what he was being subjected to was false, what lay on the outside was the true goal and by any means necessary he would be free...

Because the Genjutsu experiment was just a test, Setōshi's trial was simply meant for collecting data, thus they knew not what to expect when portions of his augmentally created life would distort and skip moments or even years ahead in time, but they ran with it as the due date for completion of the product was at hand:

The Boy...:
A young looking, grey haired, tanned skin, boy awaited the arrival of his father, it was his birthday and a surprise party had been planned for him. His father, the leader of the village's Intelligence Division, had made many enemies in his line of duty, but only one claimed the title of his rival... A single finger traced the small of the boy's back as he watched his father make his way up the path to their home out of the window adjacent the door, awaiting on the other side was the boy's mother who had been bound and gagged and Joi Juvina. Only one man could obtain so much intel upon the boy's father to bypass the security measures put in place at the home and catch his family off guard, but that was the situation at hand... By the time the door opened the father's fate had been dealt, a single unsuspecting chop to the backside of the neck rendered the man unconscious. With little to no struggle, besides that of a struggling bound wife and a toddler, Joi took his time setting up his masterpiece. In a ritualistic fashion, the grey haired boy's parents along with himself were placed within three inner circles with six outer circles overlapping in a transient manner. Then, without sudden notice, his father caught ablaze. His screams outweighed that of his now ungagged wife, the boy's world had been shattered since the intrusion. All that could be conjured was a blank stare, the boy watched on as his father burned before him. Then, so to did his mother. The combined screams and the smell of their charring flesh made the environment a living hell and all the while Joi cackeled uncontrollably, this was his end game...

Whilst withdrawing a kunai, Joi trodded over to the boy's father and without a wasted step he plunged the knife into the man's chest, blood spraying both of their faces in the process. Once again, a strong bout of the giggles encompassed Joi. After recovering himself, he repeated the process once more only with the boy's mother, this time there were no laughs, but as the ringed end of each kunai began to glow a bright red they were brought back around. Like a cartoon character, Joi baffled the world by withdrawing both knives and juggling them so as to not burn his hands as he made his way over to the boy. At this point things got more serious, with a kunai in each hand, Joi began carving insignia's into both the boy's arms simultaneously, this causing the young one to pass out from the pain. For countless minutes, the man continued his work and when he was finished he doused his flames and went about his business as if nothing happened...

The boy... Slept for several days in a pile of ashes that collected between where his parents once stood. No, this was not by choice, rather this was the hand fate had dealt him. As the boy awoke his all memory and emotions flooded him and a severe panic attack set in, typically his mother aided with calming him down, but in an empty room who would come to the boy's rescue? An intensifying light shrouded the boy before a rift in space and time occurred...

The Escape:
A mass of messy mud-speckled Grey hair lay like a mop over a young teen's face as the sound of single water droplets continuously crashing down against a solid concrete floor filled the caged environment the boy was in. A cage . . . Devices commonly used to keep pets contained in, yet why was a simple seven(7) year old with horrible hygiene being treated like the common dog? Gasps and low cries for help escaped from children like the Grey haired child who were trapped in cages as the sound of approaching footsteps bounced off of the concrete walls that enclosed their surrounding, unknowingly this dungeon of the sorts lay just under the surface of Kumogakure. Did the Raikage or other high-end officials know about was going on beneath their feet? You be your sweet ass they did, and not only did they know, they were fueling such events. The creaking of a rusted steel door filled the room as dozens of childish eyes watched as a set of arms were placed underneath that of the Grey haired boy's and then began dragging him out, his body seemingly lifeless as his legs dragged against the floor. . .

A ghastly scream burst out of a young girl who's holding cell sat adjacent to that of the one the Grey haired child had just been dragged out of. As the men passed by her arms reached between the bars and grabbed hold of the arm of the nearly lifeless boy, the guards immediately reacted by conjuring up whips of waters that lassoed around her wrists, then currents of electricity were passed through the water and into both her and the boy. Their combined screams were about the loudest noises heard within those dungeons in quite some time, the other children acted like how a baby would when another baby would scream, they all joined in. The guards had had enough of all the prisoners and conjured up dozens of feathers that within seconds had placed all of the children under a powerful slumber, even in her sleep she held on to the boy and mumbled a name, one single name . . . "Se . . To . . Shi . ."

The guards had left the holding cell and had now apparently reached their destination, a room brightly lit with a single raised bed in the center of it, various medical instruments lay scattered around on a table next to the bed, obviously an operation of sorts was at hand. The guards flung the nearly lifeless Grey haired boy atop the table before being substituted within the room by a single man with a red beard. Besides the white coat he had on, all other characteristics became lost as a rift in space and time occurred... Again...

[ Chapter Three (3): The Soul ]

"The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life"[/center]

Other than the Body and the Mind, a third component came to truly signify the creation of Setōshi Sōichirō, the Soul... From his makers came the physical vessel and the means of operating it, who or what operated it depended on the Soul which was never anything that they could give. It had to be embraced and chosen for one's self. It took Setōshi three months to instill this manner of thinking into his fabled life, it would go into effect the day he was born...

A panel of eight screens shoulder to shoulder occupied the four walls of the room, sixteen pairs of eyes looked down from the monitors at a single being at the heart of the room. Sitting slumped over a chair, the boy's tattered grey hair veiled his face as an eerie silence occupied the room. There was no doubt that Setōshi was nothing more than a test dummy to these people, but by his actions or lack of action he lived up to the stereotype. For hours they sat awaiting anything to happen before someone worked up the gal to speak.

"This... Was a massive waste of funding..." A man said straining in his own disbelief at the words coming from his mouth.

"Fugi... Call an attendee." A woman chimed.

"For what!?" A voice interjected rudely.

"Obviously, the damn thing is a dud... We should have noticed during the skips!"

"Roark, be with ease..." The man from before begged...

Once again the room was silent, not a single noticeable muscle even quivered on the boy's body. The risks were high and transporting and supporting the life of an aborted fetus was a strenuous challenge to overcome, could he really be damaged? A minute or so passed before a bell chimed signaling the entrance of a female nurse, basic instructions passed between her and one of the leading heads on the monitor. Her instructions were simple; run a full diagnostics complete with lab work and MRI on their subject.

"You know how to speak, it's in your programming... Do so!" The woman demanded, but.... To no prevail.

"That was a direct order from your caretaker. Say your nam— "[I]

Before she could finish her sentence blood splashed to the floor, a surge of heat and pain filled the woman's abdomen as she glanced down wide eyed in fear. Gasps rang out from each monitor as the scene at hand played out, Setōshi's left fist now sat at the base of the woman's stomach. Her eyes darting toward him and then a scream erupted from her, returning her gaze was Setōshi and a crazed and deranged look roared within his eyes. Within a matter of seconds the room was filled with the sound of a blaring alarm as the place went on lockdown, the only entrance became enshrouded by a sickening looking chakra making anyone second guess before trying to access it. Nonetheless, Setōshi was already ahead of things, his plan was to out straight ahead, but first... A word to his sponsors...

[i]"Ya know... Roark? Was it?... You were right about one thing, and no, as you can obviously see... I'm no dud, quite the opposite... What you got right is what should have tipped you all off in the beginning, but hey... Intelligence doesn't fall far from the tree.. I don't belong to your tree!"

Kaboom! — A single punch shrouded in his chakra was enough to punch a man sized hole in the sealed environment, this was actually a surprise, but upon it's discovery the possibilities that streamed through his mind were endless. Outside of his for walls was that of a basement, by the monitors and gurneys a hospital, all of which seemed foreign yet familiar to the boy. Without wasting time he ascended the stairs and navigated his way throughout the hospital posing as a patient, in little to no time he walked right out of the hospital and into the shinobi world... All in all things seemed too easy, but he wasn't one to question good fortune. Yet, in the room the monitors were still on... Deciding that he'd be safer in a community, he took up refuge in a nearby village. Although, the route taken became filled with days upon days of consistent blackouts.

• Roleplay Sample: [ N/A]
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