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Tōton | Light Release


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Tōton | Light Release

Post by Setō on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:13 pm

  • Name ;; [ Tōton | Light Release ]
  • Elements required ;; [ Yōton | Yang Release + Raiton | Lightning Release ]
  • How is it made ;; [ Yōton | Yang Release chakra governs the vitality of the electrical energies produced by Raiton | Lightning Release, thus producing a chakra that control the refraction of electricity and heat from any source of light; Natural light/Sunlight, Starlight, Moonlight, Bioluminescence, I.e.. ]
  • What can it do ;; [ In the form of jutsu, Tōton | Light Release can be used on any scale from short to long range via any source of light, though, intensity and overall power comes from the chakra output in the production of said jutsu. This advanced chakra nature is known for its malleability due to an abundance of light in the natural world, thus the form that the chakra takes to harness this light is up to the imagination of the user who are known to be masters of Shape Transformation. Tōton | Light Release draws heat and electricity from its source of light and refract it to produce scald wounds on a cellular level. ]
  • Strengths ;; [ Suiton | Water Release receives -1 against techniques of this nature due to the increased heat value of the light. In the presence of Tōton | Light Release techniques, Darkness Release and the production and manipulations of Shadows require the next level of chakra in techniques output, I.e. C Rank jutsu require B Rank chakra. ]
  • Weakness ;; [ The absence of a source of light, without a source of light Tōton | Light Release techniques can not be produced. ]
  • Other requirements ;; [ N/A ]
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Re: Tōton | Light Release

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