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Enclosing Technique [Canon]


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Enclosing Technique [Canon]

Post by Sho on Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:12 pm

Name Enclosing Technique
Rank D, B
Type Fuinjutsu
Element N/A
Range Personal
Power [0] [1]
Speed [3] [5]
Cool Down 1 Post
Description The user is able to seal a number of objects into an extra-dimensional space. After sealing something away, a seal is made that requires to be unlocked in order to access these items. The space these items take up can be no larger than eight cubic feet in volume. [B Rank] A more skilled fuinjutsu user is able to seal techniques into a seal. To do so, you must know the technique and be able to use it in order to seal one. A technique that is used after being sealed has the same power and speed as it would had it been used any other way. You cannot seal away another person is using.
Requirements ;; Fuinjutsu [B rank]
Wordcount ;; 150, 775. Must be learned in subsequent order

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Re: Enclosing Technique [Canon]

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