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SUMMONING!!!!! The Orphan and his Pawn [Training]

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SUMMONING!!!!! The Orphan and his Pawn [Training]

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:12 pm

There was once a book that spoke of being of power, of beauty, ir human like minds that ruled the world and sat at the top of all things. It was told as a children's story and told many years ago. Shinigai was one of the few children who heard this story before it was outlawed and said to produce bad things. Soon after there were stories about people who tried to pursue these tall tales as if they were real. It was considered a crazy notion until they never came back to the village. People began to thing that the great being killed the men for looking for them. Other began rumors saying that the men were simply killed by another village, or killed by an animal, some would even say they were killed by their own stupidity.

There were later reports of Ninja who had been falling from the sky. Yep from the sky. But it wasn't anywhere near where the sky village was stationed. It had actually been in random places in the world. These Ninja were later identified as the ones that set out to find this eden. To Shinigai... It just meant that that world existed only for the strong. As Shinigai was sitting at the top of the look out tower. He would use the binoculars at the top of the tower to search for this world. He had finally considered himself worthy enough to find this world that no one came back from alive. As he searched he would see a glimpse of a Electronic like construct that sat in the sky. Its metal would shine in the sun and almost blind Shinigai as he looked at it. As it moved through the clouds something would be seen upon it. and the world would shake. As it entered this large construct Shinigai would jump from the tower and whistle. This whistle would travel to the eardrums of his trusty ride, the Sukaikage's Eagle. As it flew from the breeding grounds and caught Shinigai as he fell in the sky. Shinigai would laugh a little and point in the direction of the large Metal construct. "To Eden!!" He would yell as they cut through the wind and clouds.

The story was as such: A long time ago there was a young woman and her mother. they were simple they were loved by the humans that looked up to them and they were given offerings to keep them safe. These woman soon passed away, but they would leave behind a man, A man of power who would look over the world and see how much it would struggle. See how much they needed the woman and her mother. Their tears would touch his heart and it would break into three different parts of him. The First would be Lindzei, the Second would be Pulse, and the third would be Etro. Each had their own power and the Man would Sleep in his grave. The three would not get along, they would argue and cause the world to quake until they could split it between each of them, leaving a single part of it for their lord. Lindzei would soon die from lack of love, and Etro would open the gate to the underworld and engulf the world she saw. Pulse would stand tall and lead the people to a new world. Soon He would split himself and his brother into parts to carry on the world. This would only backfire as the world became stable without these Beings. These beings were named Fal'cie for the act of failing in their endeavors, but that would not describe the power that they held.

The Story would soon continue as a childs story. The three known as Eden would come to existence. These three represented Yin, Yang, and the balance of both. They governed Chakra and the physical embodiment of it. Their names were Aurum, Album, and Nigra. These beings were great and in the children story they helped a child who contained no chakra, and no life force, become new again. Using his chakra he found his way home and one day became the king of his land. These three being a would be etched into his mind forever and he would create monuments to their names.

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