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Hiding in Water Technique [Canon]


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Hiding in Water Technique [Canon]

Post by Roku on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:44 pm

Name ;; Hiding in Water Technique
Rank ;; D-Rank
Type ;; Ninjutsu
Element ;; Water
Range ;; N/A
Power ;; N/A
Speed ;; N/A
Cool Down;; 5
Description ;; For up to four posts, the user can hide in water using the tiger hand seal. This allows the user to sink into the water and become, in a sense, one with it. It does not matter the depth of the water. The user cannot change position unless an outside force changes the position of the water. The user's chakra is still present inside the water, but they cannot utilize jutsu until they emerge.
Requirements ;; Suiton
Wordcount ;; 150

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Re: Hiding in Water Technique [Canon]

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