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Whoa Crows are scary{P/NK/Solo}


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Whoa Crows are scary{P/NK/Solo}

Post by Kay on Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:56 pm

Kashen let out a sigh as he walked through the Geyser filled grounds, avoiding the steaming hot water at almost all cost he knew one slip up could end up leaving him burned worst than he would ever have been burned before.Kashen wasn't up for that pain as he kept walking, his skin tight leather pressing against his upper torso, pressing his rib cage hard, the heat was causing the leather to seethe up as he walked he stumbled upon land unknown to him a cave, a dark, unlit, pitch black, cave.Kashen walked in not afraid of whatever would be in there.

Kashen moved deeper, deeper, deeper, and deeper into the cave pressing against the sides clinging to them as before he knew it he fell; his screams of terror as the trap under him went off sending him plundering down.The drop was about 5 meters, not enough to injure Kashen in the slightest.Kashen looked around to find a well lit room, and a door with two bottles.One bottle read "The Secret To Death Is Silence." Or "The strongest kills all" There was a sign above that said simply "Drink your choice." Kashen chose Silence.Kashen fell to the floor vomiting as a key came from the vomit Kashen pulled it out pressing it into the key hole opening the door quickly thinking to himself quickly no doubt saying "Why me...Why did I come here?" Kashen Ran as he saw a corridor suddenly hit with a unknown object flipping him to the ground at a one hundred and eighty degree angle as he slammed to the floor.

"WHAT WAS THAT KASH!" Said a voice as a boot slammed on Kashens face with full for behind it.Kashen knew all to well who it was 'Irako, that bastard' Kashen thought however remembering very clearly killing Irako Kashen rolled to his knees and then was kicked five feet left with a sickening crack from Kashen's ribs.the wall caught Kashen hard as a few more boots to Kashen's head came.Surprised to not have cracked his head open the instructor left as the room that Kashen was in began to come more into his sight...He was at the academy.Suddenly the announcements came one.

"Today for Yander Ninja academy.
Beatings at eight.
rations at nine.
sparring practices at ten.
from then on you may enjoy your peace, until nightly inspections."

The announcement clicked off with a calm sigh from Kashen, he wasn't ready as he remembered his old academy's rules.No disobeying, no talking back, no fighting, no arguing, Elders word is law.Kashen shivered as the announcements came back on "Also I must add, there will be a tournament after school, winner gets all rations in the betting.Killing is allowed during these.Have a good day young ninja." The announcements clicked off again leaving Kashen wide eyed and angry as he began to breath "What is this..." Kashen said slowly not understanding as he ran into the bathroom looking in the mirror seeing himself."NO NO NO NO NO NO NO THIS CANT BE NO NO NO PLEASE GOD DONT DO THIS TO ME AGAIN I'LL KILL THEM ALL PLEASE...." Kashen said smashing the mirror with his hand the mirror shattered however the little mirror chunks embedded themselves into Kashen's skin he didn't care as the blood dripped out of his veins and onto the sink.Kashen grabbed the toilet paper and patched his cut up quickly leaving the bathroom.

Kashen leaving the bathroom ran into his own personal problem the bully of the ninja academy...T, T was brought here due to parental issues his parents were into drugs and T snorted weed which made his kill ten people.Or that's what the stories say, T was large, 6'8 with large muscley arms that when hit would normally crunch someone's bones.T used this to harass and abuse other academy students he would throw them into walls and into lockers because he thought it was fun, one time T was sent to solitary confinement for a year for ripping off another ninja's ears and making the ninja eat them then making another ninja eat the remaining waste, Kashen was put in the weird block where every time something violent happened everyone in the academy the entire school would know and be put on lock down, this group was called the Iroba, the Ninja academies finest Aka a member being T.

The team consisted of T, Miza, Mika, and Kashen, all from different villages, nobody asked anything about each other, their one goal was to escape this hell hole they called a school.Between the four of them T was the strongest muscle, Miza the technical ninja, Mika the strategy expert, and Kashen the fastest of the four.Kashen and T normally had sparring matches however never going all out due to respect and wanting to escape the trap they called school.

"Day Two"

It was day two, Kashen managed to find his dorm after a while of searching due to the fact he didn't remember his dorm number.The dorms were more or less like cells, two bunks one above the other, Kashen was put with Miza, after a long debate Kashen got top bunk due to superiority in power, Miza wasn't happy but complied and went on with inventing gadgets out of the academies hardware.Kashen spent most of his days training working his muscles by doing upside down push ups, and push ups.Kashen was pushed very hard by his everyone, his Mentor and all other instructors.They knew how far Kashen could be pushed before breaking not many people broke him, his mentor ikaro being one of the very few to actually see Kashen upset or more pissed due to bringing up his past with his father droping him off all alone.

Miza and Mika were twins, they both had green hair and blue eyes, they were twelve years old by the end, they were powerful together being twins they did well in 2 versus 2 matches.THey didn't have as much battle advantage as T and Kashen but all the same they were skilled more skilled then the people outside the group.The group itself was known, within two days Kashen and the gang had conquered the entire jail aside from wardens whom had caused them the most problem, they were unable to use chakra due to reasons unknown, there were seals planted on them to keep their jutsu restricted, the fuuin jutsu was powerful nobody could match up to it and were undeniably defeated due to this factor.

Kashen hated Fuuin jutsu and vowed never to learn it, T however enjoyed the pain it caused others, ninja that might have stood a chance to T with jutsus couldn't phase him with a punch now T had become a god among weaklings in the jail and eventually wanted to learn Fuuin to become more powerful, Sync however simply wanted Taijutsu and Ninjutsu attacks, knowing full on attacks on the enemy would most likely do the most damage, he didn't care for puppetry either due to the fact puppets weren't his think.Eventually the second day ended, then the third, by the third the entire Jail followed Kashen, T, Mika, Miza, they were the strongest in the jail hence forth everyone bowed before them, if anyone tried to revolt they were beaten without mercy until they were bloody red.

Eventually Day seven came..The day that changed the entire jail completely.
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Re: Whoa Crows are scary{P/NK/Solo}

Post by Kay on Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:26 pm

'The alarms...The alarms...The alarms are righting...' thought Kashen as he lay on the floor blood around him.His mentor was dead...Kashen's kunai was wedged into him.The kunai dipped in crimson blood grew to completely fill the ninjas eyes as he stood taking the kunai walking to the door opening it.The first person he saw, the secretary she was a brunet just like Kashen's mother before the kunai took her away as Kashen got angry grinning as the kunai left his hand tearing threw the secretaries body quickly, it was monstrous as Kashen took the kunai back, his gang was outside the door all bloody, they had killed their fair share of guards they all had dark looks on their faces as they looked at Kashen."You die..." said T as he threw a punch so hard it sent Kashen threw a wall, putting him to sleep as T walked closer.

Kashen woke up more pissed than ever before ripped his arms and legs from the wall walking to T smashing him in the face so fast T couldn't react to his jaw being broken as Kashen hit him ten extra times, Kashen dropped T quick and nicely T was out, and Kashen was safe for now due to the fact Mika and Miza were weaklings they had already ran away without even saying why this had happened as Kashen walked the room began to melt as he came outside the cave into the light on a perch on the mountain.There say a crow sipping tea "uh...excuse me..." Kashen said coldly walking to the bird the bird began to flip out "HOW DID YOU GET THROUGH MY S CLASS GENJUTSU!" the crow said panicking, as Kashen proceeded another two birds came out one with a scroll the other just looked bigger and more powerful by the looks of it.Kashen didn't know what to expect as he got within 1 meter of the crows they were talking.

"HE BROKE THE GENJUTSU" said the first crow
"He is indeed powerful...maybe...he can do what our old master could..." said the strong looking crow
"I would let him place his name on the scroll..." said finally the crow with the scroll, Kashen had no idea what was going on as finally the birds looked at him "Welcome...Master" said the bird with the scroll slowly opening the scroll pulling out special ink using it on the scroll making his summoning scroll right there and then.That oddly enough frightened Kashen the most the fact that the contractor just silently sat the writing as he finished he walked over "Cut your finger and place it here for us to become your summon sir" the crow said calmly as Sync cut his finger he noticed all the damage from the genjutsu was gone.The blood touched the seal and Kashen became the new master of Crows.

The crows looked at him and sighed "Listen to gain summons you need to gain respect in this realm, go onto the ninja world, summon our contractor, and we shall work on more summons for you, ravens and crows look alike remember that" said the Crow with a scroll as Kashen was sucked out of the cave and shot out in front of Jokigakure "God damn that hurt" Kashen said looking at his cut and remembering his summoning contractor "Time to find someone to spar with me and make me stronger." Kashen said happily.

Kashen was tired from the day as he got to his house he began to meditate, this was his normal schedule to make sure his chakra flow was going well, Kashen enjoyed exercising his entire body for the reason of trying to over power other ninja, Kashen didn't much care for the genjutsu he was put under even less than the fuuin jutsu that sealed away Kashen's power as he remembered the jail break."I...I...I can't...I can't believe I killed everyone....everyone of my friends in the academy..." Kashen said remembering how gruesomely he had found and killed the twins for betraying him before heading outside the academy.Kashen found the village of steam, this was his home and his home had given him a gift of a tailed beast a monster more powerful than most ninja, Kashen however was scared slightly of the power being lost to other ninja, this would put Kashen in a hard spot that only his knowledge of jutsu might help him out as he began to read up jutsu and effects.

Kashen read a book about bijuu and how a certain  place could contain his bijuu's power enough for Kashen to take it over and use it for his own.Kashen began to read the words aloud "Fu-ll Bea-st Mo-de" Kashen said as he looked at his hand "soon...I will conquer the demons inside me...and end this beasts stay in my body forever..." kashen said as he began to lay down on his bed with a complaining look on his face, he knew how much work awaited him and he knew he would need help soon enough from one of his higher ups, hating the idea of needing help Kashen shook his head slowly.His eyes began to close as he fell asleep
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Re: Whoa Crows are scary{P/NK/Solo}

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Re: Whoa Crows are scary{P/NK/Solo}

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