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Bloodine Rules and Template

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Bloodine Rules and Template

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:12 am

-Bloodline rules-

Bloodline Limits are special Elements or Body enhancements that people are born with. The only ones capable of starting with these bloodlines are those that are born with it, should one wish to obtain the bloodline then they must have it implanted into them, rules for implants are listed below.


1. Implants: For an Implant to be done by someone with Medical Specialty, A large part of the Bloodline user's body must be transplanted to the new user, such as an Arm, Leg, or organs.

2. After the transplant a coin will be flipped to see if the person will be able to gain the bloodline. The chances can be increased for every 1,000 words after it has been transplanted. Each 1,000 will give you an added 10% to your 50% chance during the Coin flip.

3. After you have gained the Bloodline you must spend 20 post, with the Medical ninja that helped with the transplant, in recovery. Trying to fight after will cause all stats to drop by 50% and will double the needed post. 2,000 words are needed to cause the Bloodline to adjust to the body and also to learn your way through it.

4. With Doujutsu, The rank of the eye that is taken from the ninja will keep that level until you train it to the next using the basic training rules.

5. There are 3 types of Bloodlines: Doujutsu, Elemental, and Body Enhancing. You can gain most Bloodlines, but with elemental bloodlines one must have the elements to make it before being able to use it.

6. The passive boosts to the bloodline users can stack, and if the one being implanted is a generic character it will also stack with the passive boost given.

7. When starting a ninja can choose a Doujutsu level to start with. Such as A Chuunin with 2 tomoe sharingan and such. Byakugan as well will have 3 different parts and it will be up to the User to choose which  level they begin with.


[b]Name:[/b] The Name of the Bloodline Limit
[b]Rank:[/b] The Rank or Ranks
[b]Type:[/b] Bloodline
[b]Clan:[/b] The Clan that uses it.
[b]Description:[/b] What it can do.

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