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Experience System

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Experience System

Post by NC. Webmaster on Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:51 am

-The Experience System-

One of the new ways to gain different things in your rp experience is Experience itself. There are multiple things that it can be used for such as, Stats, Jutsu, Items, Ryo, etc. This will give you a basic idea on what it can get you and how you can get them. Experience is gained through different types of topics and Missions, as well as events.

-Gaining Experience-

Experience is given by Admins and Mods when they approve a topic or look over a topic. Basic ways of gaining Experience are Training and Sparring with other Playable Characters. Training gives 1000 Experience per 2,000 words. Sparring gives 2000 Experience per Page. The Admins can also throw in extra for things such as, Learning a Jutsu, Teaching a jutsu, etc.

Another way are through normal topics such as Traveling topics, Topics of becoming friends, and such. Character Development is smiled upon on Crisis. Creating Friendships can gain someone Experience between 1000 and 3000. As well as breaking friendships. Here are different ways to get Exp:

Kill a NPC: 300 Exp
Kill a PC: 200 - 2000 Depending on topic
Capture a Missing Ninja: 1300 - 5500 depending on rank
Learning a Jutsu: 100 - 500
Learning an Element: 500 - 1500
Invading a village: 1000 +
Spying/Intel: 1000
New Summoning Contract: 2000
First Time Summoning: 1000
Meeting an Old Friend: 600
Getting an IC Position Promotion: 1,500
Inner Struggles: 500 per post
Flashbacks: 1,000
{More to come}

-Gaining Exp Through Missions and Events-

Another way to gain Experience is through Missions. When making a mission, a given amount of Experience will be posted. Once it has been completed it will be given to the member. If the Member requests Help with a team the Number will double. Missions with NPC's played by admins will grant additional Experience after the topic is finished. Such as Kill an NPC as stated above. Some Missions will continue and the EXP gain will constantly Increase. Events are the same and different. Some events will be labeled and posted around the site for members to join. Joining these events will grant members a 500 Exp boost at the start. At the end of the event each Member will be judged and awarded different amounts. Other Events such as Chuunin or Jounin Exams will reward at the end of each event.

-What Can you get with Experience?-

Jutsu ~ Experience can be cashed in for Jutsu of S and lower. The value of Each Jutsu go up by 5x for each Jutsu after rank C.
D Rank: 5 exp
C Rank: 20 Exp
B Rank: 100 Exp
A Rank: 500 Exp
S Rank: 2,500 Exp

Ryo ~ 5 Experience points equals 2 Ryo. These can be traded in on the Update page but can not be traded back for Exp points.

Specialties ~ The First two Specialties are 2,000 Experience Each. After reaching the third which is 3,500 Experience, each Specialty will be 1,500 Exp More than the last one.

Stats ~ When it comes down to Stats, For every 100 stats gained the amount needed to get more Stats in this method Increases by 100. So If someone starts with 98 stat points their last two will cost 100 Experience points. After that the next 100 stats will cost 200 Exp points Each.
1 - 100 = 100 xp
101 - 200 = 200 xp
201- 300 = 300xp
301 - 400 = 400 xp

Elements ~ Each Element after the first will cost 2,000 then 3,000 EXP for the last two it is, 50,000 for the fourth and 100,000 for the fifth, Any advanced elements cost 4,000 Exp


There will be tons of achievements for ninja on the site, but they will all be hidden. You will only know about them once you have done them. The Rewards will decrease by half after Three Ninja have claimed the reward as to try and stop the spamming of the same reward. Admins and Mods will Notify when this Reward should be given.

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