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Fire Style: Burning Ash


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Fire Style: Burning Ash

Post by Karumo on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:40 pm

Name ;; Fire Style: Burning Ash
Rank ;; B-rank
Type ;; Ninjutsu
Element ;; Katon
Range ;; 20 meters
Power ;; 4
Speed ;; 2
Cool Down;; 5 posts
Description ;; The user inhales deeply, forming the horse hand seal, before exhaling a thick cloud of chakra-infused gunpowder. This gunpowder is extremely light and responds to the air current, essentially creating a large cloud of smoke to disguise movement. This is not its true purpose, however. Even the smallest of sparks will ignite this gas cloud, causing a gigantic explosion. If caught in the center of the explosion (center 5m of the cloud), the victim will be covered in major second and minor third degree burns. If caught in the periphery of the blast, the victim will receive major first and minor second degree burns. The ash will last three posts before fading, but requires another fire source. As the ash is very light and sensitive to the air, a Wind Release technique that provides a blowing wind can change the affected area; after 2 posts of using such a jutsu, this technique is useless, as the gunpowder has completely dispersed. Once the gunpowder is ignited once, it is inert and cannot be used without using this jutsu again.
Requirements ;; Need to know Ninjutsu and have Katon as an element
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Re: Fire Style: Burning Ash

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