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Kurosawa, "Sho", Kazumi


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Kurosawa, "Sho", Kazumi

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• Name:  Kurosawa, Kazumi
• Nickname / Alias: Sho
• Title: N/A
• Age: Twenty
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Polysexual

• Height: 5'1"
• Weight: 95lb
• Body type: Small and Scrawny
• Eye colour: Brown
• Hair colour & style:Brown, short and messy
• General Appearance:

• Markings: None

• Persona: On the surface, Kazumi is a very layed back individual. On the outside, there doesn't seem to be much to phase her. She goes with what feels appropriate for the situation but almost never lets it sway her attitude. She comes off as humble, never really praising herself on accomplishments and such, but doesn't reject compliments. Despite this layed back attitude, Kazumi is also a passionate workaholic. She tries to always keep her body and mind busy. From doing a job to planning a project, if she's working towards a goal of some sort, she's happy. When she can't find something to keep her occupied, she becomes rather anxious.

In choosing to keep herself working often, Kazumi has also chosen to minimize her sleep. Her average nightly rest is around 2-4 hours. This habbit has led to her small stature and weak frame, as well as a frequent state of exhaustion that she has to push through in order to continue being productive. She has however, learned to operate well enough in this state. While not being able to perform any great feats of strength, she is able to maintain her speed.

• Motto: "Just gimme five minutes."
• Likes:Drawing, Spicy foods, working, being around others, puns
• Dislikes: Sleeping, Sweets, down time, gambling, heat.

• Special Characteristics:

    Name: Improved hand control
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user has decent control of their hands and chakra molding, as such they can cast jutsu faster than the average ninja. (Must have Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as a specialty) The beginner of learning the handseals. There might be some forgetfulness with this but repetition is a way of mastery of this special characteristic. 15 Stat point increase.

    Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• Rank: Sp. Jounin
• Elements:Water, Fire
• Specialty: Puppetry, Ninjutsu
• Clan: None
• Bijuu: No


• Strength: 20
• Speed: 80+20(SC)= 100
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 68+15(SC)= 83
• Total: 188+10(Clanless)+35(SC)= 233

• Village: Hyozangakure
• Parents: Kurosawa, Takumi [Alive] Kurosawa, Chiyo [Alive]
• Siblings: Kurosawa, Misaki
• Mentor & Idols: Nara, Taika
• History:

- Academy Days -

Kazumi enrolled into the academy at age 6. Being such a young age among others in her age group, she quickly made friends with nearly all of her classmates. She would quickly filter this group down more and and more as she grew up until she made a small clique of her own. In class, was more proficient in classes and asignments where chakra maipulation and usage was involved. Where she faltered was in Taijutsu classes, where she wasn't necessarily bad with learning what to do, so much as she wasn't able to execute what she needed to.

She managed to graduate at the age of 12. The written and chakra control portion of her exam went fine for the child. The taijutsu portion however was a struggle that she barely passed. Kazumi would come to the conclusion that this weakness would either have to be compensated for, or would need to be worked around. Being so flawed in an essential area of combat would only get her killed. From this she decided to practice puppetry, as she thought doing so would cover a weakness but also diversify her combat style.

- Genin Days -

Shortly after leaving the academy, Kazumi began studying basic puppet artes and soon enough made her first puppet. It wasn't a very impressive model, in fact in just looked like an upscaled, human model doll. It had a few weapons but nothing extraordinary. She believed it to be satisfactory as she learned to control a puppet more thuroughly.

Eventually the new genin found herself being assigned to a team. At first the three butted heads like angry bulls, both directly and indirectly. After a while though, they managed to get along. It mostly took time just getting used to each other, and some actual talking between the children. Their sensei however came off as rather reserved, almost like he saw the three genin as a burden than students of any sorts. Soon enough though, even they began to soften up and become less stoic.
The kids' teamwork on missions was shotty at best. Though Kazumi admitedly didn't see much of a point to applying teamwork tactics to simple physical labor missions. After a few months though, the trio became working in coordination with each other. While Kazumi couldn't speak for the others, she had only been doing it really so that she'd stop hearing about it from their leader.

- Chuunin Exams -

After nearly a year since they became a team, the three genin were entered into the chuunin exams. The written portion of the test was simple for Kazumi. She had always been fine in terms of book smarts, and what if situations weren't particularly a challenge. She managed to pass and move on to the second portion of the exam.

In the Forest of Death portion of the exam, Kazumi had been seperated from her teamates and paired up with two complete strangers. She worried that the synnergy she had worked to gain with her normal squadmates wouldn't be applicable there, since those teamwork skills took getting to know each other to spark. Upon meeting them, they exchanged names, a quick rundown of what they could do combat-wise, and decided on who would hang on to the scroll they were given. It was decided that Kazumi would hold on to it for the time being, as she was a long ranger fighter. Most likely, if the scroll would be pick off of her, they had either been snuck up on, or all three had already been bested.

In the forest, they had some difficulties. The team had tried to ambush another team in the first night with a half-baked plan and ended up in a trap themselves. Their scroll had been taken and their morale drained. Kazumi brought up a point about the conditions of the test before they almost decided to give up. They hadn't necessarily been dropped from the exam, they had simply lost the scroll they were given. The three came up with a plan to get the jump on a team intending to turn in both of their scrolls in the meeting center. If they were sucessful, they would be gaurenteed both scrolls.

Their plan went off fine, but not without suffering a few injuries of their own. They had obtained both the two scrolls and wounds of battle. The children did not savor their victory and immedietly headed for the meeting base. There they turned in their recently aquired scrolls and were directed towards a waiting area where they could rest until it was time for the final part of their exam.

A few days having passed and more squads coming and turning in their scrolls, the instructors announced that the time limit had ended and that any remaining entrees return to the entance gates. After the announcement, all of the genin who had made it to the meeting base were gathered and informed that today they would all participate in a single elimination style tournement, and that placing higher in said tournement wouldn't necessarily gaurentee the promotion. The children would just have to wait until their names were called and fight until one person was deemed unable to continue.

Kazumi herself made it decently far, she was knocked out in the third to last set of brackets. After the tournement, the genin were sent back to their respective villages and told they would be informed of the results at the soonest possible time. Weeks had passed before Kazumi was informed of her's. She was told that under usual circumstances, her perfomance in battle was just below the margin of what they were looking for in genin to promote. But analyzing what they could see of her puppets, they decided that her skill design and construction of these weapons were enough for it to be decided that she would be promoted to Chuunin.

She was of course, exstaticed. She met up with her squadmates and found out that in fact all three of them were now chuunin. All three of felt like they had taken giant leaps with this simple promotion. The three newly appointed Chuunin decided to treat themselves to a dinner in celebration.

- Chuunin Days -

A major change for Kazumi in becoming a chuunin was the increased frequency of solo missions. After a bit of experience with higher ranked missions, she had been allowed to carry them out by herself. At first, this didn't effect her much. She would say this was better for her anyway. While sometimes it was harder to accomplish a goal with just herself when she had gotten so used working in a team. But she didn't need to wait for everyone's schedule to overlap to get work done. There was one new experience this introduced to her however. Murder.

About two years after her initial promotion to chuunin, Kazumi had taken up a mission stating that a missing-shinobi spy had been seen around the outside of the village. They were wanted to be dealt with. Wether they were brought in alive, or left to the wild, dead. It did not matter which. The premise of this mission gave the her an unsettling feeling. The simple conditions of this mission, she had never felt such indifference towards another human life. Nevertheless, killing was optional and she didn't plan on doing it.

She dawned her equipment and headed out of the village. The recon report she had been given gave her a general area of where the target was most likely. Once there, she had tried to hide herself in the storm of snow. Her attempts at stealth were in vein however. The missing-nin's sharp eyes spotted the figure that was the chuunin. She attempted to give them an ultimatum. To come with her and back to Hyozan without resistance or come back through force. They clearly didn't take her seriously, probably because they doubted that a child would actually be sent to deal with them.

A fight inevitably ensued. Despite Kazumi's intentions of bringing back this person alive weren't looking well. A malfunction had occured in her primary puppet's poison resevoir, the weapons weren't being lined in the liquid. Eventually the spy managed to speed past the offensive puppet and sprint towards Kazumi herself. With a kunai, she managed to parry and dodge her opponent's attacks long enough to bring her puppet towards her and land an unexpected blow to the spy. As they were staggered, the chuunin took the opportunity to drive her kunai their throat.

The few moments that followed afterwards, Kazumi can recall vividly. The blood pouring out from the stab wound. The gurgling noises of blood flowing into their throat that synced up with their breathing. Life fading from the adult's face as they made made petty attempts to do anything to the chuunin before the missing-nin collapsed on the ground, unconcious and continuing to bleed out. Illness took over the child quickly, her stomach churned at the sight of blood staining the pure, white snow. The very same blood being on her hands.

-Current day-

After that mission was when Kazumi's habbit of minimal sleep and excessive working was born. While her family insisted this was an unhealthy practice, it was this along with frequent puppet construction that allowed her to be promoted to Special Jounin. While for the longest time that signifigant mission affected her immensley, her character for the most part has returned. She's in fact fine with doing execution missions now. She was able to get an apartment with all the money she found herself with after the amount of missions she had been doing, though it's been rare for her to invite anyone in.

• Roleplay Sample:Chills ran down the young girl's spine as the woman spoke words of temptation in her ear. Duelist kingdom, becoming a god's equal, being taken and taught to further hone her dueling skills. It all sounded so nice. She had been having trouble getting enough notoriety to receive an invite to the tournament and even with her amazing display here, there were little witnesses to spread the word. Also according to this woman at least, she was skilled already. Imagine where she could go with someone teaching her along the way. But all of this would mean...leaving her life behind. She wouldn't see her parents, her friends, she'd abandon all previous relationships. It also meant becoming a rare hunter, the boogeyman beneath every duelists' bed.

Eliza wandered up to the duel disc Spike had dropped in the middle of the street, picking it up and giving it a look over. So many people underestimated her, sometimes she wondered if that was the reason she won half her battles. But to take on the appearance of a rare hunter...maybe she could make more of a name for herself. But still...doing so would mean to leave all she had behind.  What could this woman have to offer anyway? Eliza beat her on her fist try. She even destroyed her god card.

The little girl bit down on the inside of her lip. This sort of choice was like no other she had to make in her life. To continue her life as it was or practically start a new under new circumstances. Liza held the custom colored duel disc under her arm as she reached under the primary core of the standard duel disc on her arm. The sound of pressure being released could be heard, followed by the cylinder gripping on to her forearm loosening, allowing it to fall off her arm and onto the street.

"I..." the child spoke with hesitance in her voice.

Her mind raced with memories of the past and thoughts of the potential future. Her almost daily hangout sessions with her friends, holidays with her family. But potential glory and infamy, at the cost of her past and future. She grabbed the duel disc under her arm and slid it down her wrist, pressing the button underneath to core to tighten the grip on her arm, holding it in place.
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Re: Kurosawa, "Sho", Kazumi

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