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Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

Ashura The Gluttonous

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Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:39 pm

Well this was certainly a predicament in its own self. Here the Sandaime Sukaikage was sitting in his office thinking of what to write for this damned letter to the lower world. In his left hand was his cig and the right his pen, the long drag being taken before writing something down as he monologues," To ______kage of the elemental nations below, the time has come for a new meeting of power. As farfetched as this sounds with the treaty of peace being in effect, there is no better time that to meet and greet. At any rate, respond with a time or place for a meeting and if you do not want to meet...Well then don't reply"

Regards, The Sandaime Sukaikage.

With the letter written it was given to four other hawks which would deliver them to the lower lands.

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Re: Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

Post by Stein on Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:21 pm

Upon reciving the letter from the Sandaime Sukaikage, Stein had to give it some thought, the Second never went to these things, and that could be weakening their relationship with the others, Stein Figured that it was time that Joki ga kure got back on top of Political matters as well as the other things that any respectable Ninja Village should be on top of, so he would write a return message back to the Sandaime :

"Dear Sandaime Sukaikage,
I am replying to your message to inform you I will be at this meeting, as Joki has been absent far to long from them, the meeting place may be yours to decide, do note I will be coming alone, as a show of faith to the Peace treaty, with High Regards,
the Third Jokikage"

Stein knew not to write his name, to keep anyone who might intercept the message from knowing who the newest Jokikage was, he had learned some tricks from the Second on how to stay alive, he would roll the message up and placed it in the small cylinder on the Hawks leg and sent it back to where it came from.


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Re: Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

Post by Father on Thu Dec 03, 2015 8:44 pm

Father, Our Lord... Our God

Larger than most, the Eagle would swoop from the sky. As it found the innocent little bird that carried the message. It would grab hold of the bird and fly it to one of the caves hidden behind a waterfall. In this cave was none other than Father, the lord. He would stand there and he would pick up the little bird. "I will Pray for your swift recovery young bird. " The bird's neck would be snapped and he would be left on the ground to die. As Father took the message from the bird and began to read it. He would frown as he did not like the contents of the message that were sent back to the Sukaikage.

"Those Kids.... Those children have no idea what the world will be like, keeping the masses apart... bringing in times of peace when war is right around the corner... Heisen better have something up his sleeve i am tired of waiting. Maybe i can get my little Snow ninja to stir some feelings up in these hell holes.. May god be with them" He would say as he disappeared from the cave leaving the message and the bird on the ground.

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Re: Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

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