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Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

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Meeting of the New Age (Letter)

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:38 pm

Well this was certainly a predicament in its own self. Here the Sandaime Sukaikage was sitting in his office thinking of what to write for this damned letter to the lower world. In his left hand was his cig and the right his pen, the long drag being taken before writing something down as he monologues," To ______kage of the elemental nations below, the time has come for a new meeting of power. As farfetched as this sounds with the treaty of peace being in effect, there is no better time that to meet and greet. At any rate, respond with a time or place for a meeting and if you do not want to meet...Well then don't reply"

Regards, The Sandaime Sukaikage.

With the letter written it was given to four other hawks which would deliver them to the lower lands.

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What a Time

Post by Esdeath on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:50 pm

What A Time
The nights at Iceberg always came with a chill. On some nights, even she would shiver when she laid at night. The cold would leave her trembling and her teeth rattling. Some nights the pain numbed her, only making the following mornings all the more difficult for the woman to face.

And even so, she would never turn it down. She always had every window in her room opened. She would still sleep in the symbol large t-shirt she had become so accustomed to. And she would still take Hyozangakure over any other village. The coldness fitted her like a glove that she would forfeit.

This was one of those cold nights. It was perfect. Her mind ran best in moments like these. And the letter she had received early that day would need that much. Sure, it was a simple letter for her to meet with her fellow kages, but small as it was, it was important for all the things going forth.

Dearest Sandaime Sukaikage,

        So glad to finally hear from you. Considering we're all in a state of peace, we surely do seem to treat each other like enemies. Please do keep in touch more, it would be much appreciated. My village is always open to you both.

That said, a meeting of this magnitude, between all the shadows of our beloved villages is far overdue. You have my word that I'll be pleased to attend this meeting, where hopefully we won't just be discussing business, but indulging in each other's company and all the pleasures that the day might... will bring.
Yours truly,
Sandaime Hyozankage~

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