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Seigi Uchiha



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Seigi Uchiha

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Seigi Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: N/A
• Title: N/A
• Age: 14
• Gender: Male]
• Sexuality: Heterosexual [/size] [/font]

• Height: 5'6''
• Weight: 130
• Body type: Lean, tone
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style: Black, medium lenghth, messy and unkempt.
• General Appearance: Seigi stands a little above normal height for his age, having hit puberty a little early. He often stands in a loose, free pose, giving off the impression that he's always caught off his guard, prompting his opponents to be drawn inward to fight him at a close range. He has strong facial features, deemed by the girls in his class as cute, but cursing him with is often known as "resting bitch face", but, you know, for guys. He wears a myriad of different outfits, but is keen to a traditional style black robe with his clan's insignia on the back of it and a pair of sandals. He wears his village's headband around his right arm, instead of on his head or around his neck, so it doesn't interfere with his fighting or accidentally hit him in the middle of battle. He has a belt with two pouches for keeping assorted items such as money and kunai, as well as a pouch on his left leg.
• Markings: He has no major scars or markings.

• Persona: There isn't a whole lot the young genin yet. He's stil in the budding years of his life with a lot of room to grow, so for now, he only knows that he's been told or his inexperienced eyes have seen. He hasn't seen much combat yet except for scrapping in the school yard or training with his father, so he isn't sure exactly how he should be in a fight. He's ambitious, wanting to become a strong shinobi to keep his family safe, but there's only so much he can do at the moment. He's often mistaken for stern and quiet, but in reality he's more curious about the world than what's assumed. He's often lost in his head, wondering why things are the way they are and what he can do to fix them. Seigi is at a weird stage in his life where he's just starting to like girls but not quite sure how to confront them about it, often leaving him blushing and awkward around any of his female classmates. He's a bit of a strange kid with no real sense of guidance.
One of the things Seigi loves doing most is training, and deep down, wished to fight more people to get more hands on experience. He has the urge to progress forward as quickly as he can so he can learn more, fight more and become a better fighter overall. He may be awkward but he's a quick learner and has a gift with taijutsu, One of the best overall in his class. He's straightforward and keen to winning, so he'll push himself to whatever lengths he can to accomplish his goals.
• Motto:
"To never lose.. That's my ninja way!"

• Likes:
-Eating Ramen
-Alone time

• Dislikes:
-Bugs (he has an abnormal fear of them)
-Talking to girls (Because, you know, awkward)
-Losing in spars
-People who talk too much

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• Rank: Genin
• Elements: Fire
• Specialty: Taijutsu
• Clan: Uchiha, A clan with the ability to use the Sharingan, a Doujutsu that can copy techniques as well as give the user better perception.
• Bijuu: No


• Strength: 17
• Speed: 17
• Durability: 17
• Chakra: 17

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: [name, relation, alive/dead]
Mother: Uchiha Amari (Non-Bloodline, Mother, Alive)
Father: Uchiha Tetsuo (Bloodline, Father, Alive)
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols: His father, Tetsuo
• History:
The history of Seigi isn't one that is complex or different. For the most part, he's lived a normal life since his birth 14 year ago. His parents raised him fairly simply, despite being from the Uchiha clan and the prestige that comes along with it, his parents wanted Seigi to be, if anything, humble, and that begins with a humble upbringing. The only thing that seemed fiarly different than the other kids around his age was his training regiment. From an early age, his father began teaching him the art of taijutsu, beginning as a playful wrestle as a toddler to more serious and extreme regiments as a teenager. From a young age, he showed promise in his abilities and his father wanted to capitalize on them. Due to his training at a young age, this had lead to Seigi enjoying fighting rather than the other leisurely activities his classmates tended to partake in. After school, he can often be found at his father's dojo, practicing and fighting.
He enrolled into the academy at the normal age, not really applying himself until the later stages. His teachers called him lazy, but in all honesty, his classes bored him. He was a hands on learner and that's all he wanted to do, was learn. Not in a classroom, but outside of the walls that confined him. When told he had better suck it up and move forward, he reluctantly did so, passing the exams with flying colors but not showing much promise to his teachers other than that. He didn't care what they thought, he only wanted to prove himself to 2 things, his father and his future team.
He hasn't done many notable deeds since graduating though, mainly taking E-rank, solo missions, small things like saving old lady's cats and taking out the trash or delivering packages. He day dreams about leaving the village and taking on something harder than Miss Takiyobas cats, but in complete honesty, he's still scared to leave the walls of his home; he had never truly left home and didn't know where to even start. He had the whole world ahead of him now. He only needed to gain the strength and the audacity to claim it.

• Roleplay Sample:
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