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Bakuton [Limited]

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Bakuton [Limited]

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:57 pm

    name ;; Bakuton
    elements required ;; Katon (Fire ) and Raiton (Lightning )
    how is it made ;; Explained Below

    what can it do ;;
    Bakuton is a Kekkai Genkai, composed of a mix of two highly volatile chakra natures: Katon (Fire ) and Raiton (Lightening ). The combination of the two chakra natures make something even more lethal, called Bakuton. And Bakuton in itself is a power solely created around all sorts of explosive jutsu and items. An ultimate weapon for mid-range battle tactics and heads on fights to surprise and eliminate enemies.The chakra is quite flexible in use, as it doesn't solely allow to make instant bombs. Users have been known to infuse items, like clay or weapons, and have it detonate in later instances. Others have been known to create explosions in precise locations, as to make sculptures but also torture methods. The explosions can be as big as volcanos, or as small as needle pricks, depending on the person's grasp of the kekkai genkai. It is most useful in battle, as it can be infused even in living things and have the opponent blow up at later date. The best and strongest, usually the Heiress, is capable of using even a slightest touch to infuse the opponent with their chakra and then blow them up at later date without anyone noticing, much like the Hyuuga's gentle fist.Fun fact: we're immune to our own blasts. Oh, of course, we can get hit by debris and alike, but the user cannot be harmed by their own explosive chakra, which gives a nice advantage on the field.

    Clay System: Bakuton users start off with a maximum of ten stacks of Clay (We will call this the clay system for now) in which the user stores in an unique pouch they are always kept with. This clay is the basis of the clan's jutsu and can also be reformed by the following options::Bought, (Stacks are 500 per 2 stacks, max of ten can be bought): Made, Chakra can be converted into stacks or globs of clay, 2 per single post. In addition to these stacks of clay, the system for jutsu use are as followed:
    E: 1
    D: 1
    C: 2
    B: 3
    A: 4
    S: 5
    SS: 6
    X: 9
    strengths ;; Doton based attacks, Suiton
    weakness ;; Raiton
    other requirements ;; Limited List Claim

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Re: Bakuton [Limited]

Post by Roku on Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:31 pm

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Re: Bakuton [Limited]

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Re: Bakuton [Limited]

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