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Shinigai Special Characteristics

.Shinigai Kaguya

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Shinigai Special Characteristics

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:48 pm

Name:  Bone Durability: Tungsten Bones
Rank: D
Requirements: Kaguya Clan
Type: Physical
Description: Members of the Kaguya clan have Bones that are less likely to be broken in battle due to their High calcium levels and their ability to strength their bone's to tremendous levels using their KKG. This gives them a Durability boost of 15 Stats. Although the users of this technique can weaken their Bones as well by 20 Durability.
Open to the public: Clan Only

Name:  Bone Durability: Titanium Bone
Rank: B Rank
Requirements: Bone Durability and Kaguya Clan
Type: Physical
Description: The Kaguya clan can control the Durability of their bones through the use of Calcium in their body. The User of this SC can boost their Durability by 30 Stat points and can drop the durability by 40 stat points.
Open to the public: Yes

Name:  Bone Durability: Steel Bones
Rank: S Rank
Requirements: Kaguya Clan and Titanium Bone
Type: Physical
Description: The Kaguya Clan members are able to create bones that are as strong as steel. The user pumps calcium throughout their body and boosts the bones durability exceptionally. The Calcium gives the User a 60 Durability stat boost. The user can also lower their bone Durability by 90 Stats. [4000 word training]
Open to the public: Yes

Name:  Collagen: Regrowth
Rank: S Rank
Requirements: Bone Durability
Type: Physical
Description: The users of the Kaguya clan can control the calcium in their body Strengthening any bone they choose. They can also control the Collagen in their body using both the recreate the bones they use in their body. This Allows the user to Regrow bones quicker [ 1 post quicker than normal] [4000 words to train]
Open to the public: [kaguya clan member]

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Re: Shinigai Special Characteristics

Post by Kozan on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:23 am

Approved unless I missed something.

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