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[Private, No Killing] Subspace

Post by Hyoten Shinhana on Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:53 pm

Hyoten walked through the seemingly vast valleys of Hidden Steam, medical equipment stashed away in the folds of her clothes, visible to all but the naked eye. The sun beat mercilessly on the humid air, and she found herself scowling slightly. Why oh why can't I have wind as a main element? She wondered to herself. At least then, I'd have a way to make the temperature more bearable. All of a sudden, a deep chuckling permeated her skull. Seven-tails? She thought, fascinated. The Bijuu rarely spoke or made remarks about anything, remaining largely a mystery to her.

There was no response. Sighing, she kept walking in the uncomfortable humidity, until she came to a cave. Well, that's not suspicious, she thought, amused. Hyoten walked inside, chakra tensed and ready to strike out at the slightest provocation. Instead, she found nothing but darkness.

Her eyes took a few minutes to adjust, but eventually, she found nothing but an empty, cracked cave wall. What a waste. The cave wasn't even all that hidden, either. Instantly, she felt a strong feeling of piqued interest, directed towards the very wall she ignored. It wasn't her own feeling, that was for sure. Seven-tails?

"Try pouring some chakra into that cave wall, child." The voice echoed throughout her skull, a distant, quiet sound, yet every word seemed to carry. You make it sound like I have something better to do, she retorted mentally, obliging. Instantly, the crack seemed to spread, an inky blackness that seemed to spread across her and her body. W-what is this-? she thought, as black tendrils that seemed to drip upwards with equally black liquid enveloped her. They spread to her eyes, and she blacked out.

Hyoten Shinhana

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Re: [Private, No Killing] Subspace

Post by Hyoten Shinhana on Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:46 am

She came to at the gentle nudging of Seven-tail's chakra, waking up to a foreign world of distortion. She jolted up, nearly tripping over her own to feet in her scramble to get upright. The sky was a sickly green color, and she appeared to be standing on an elevated, patchwork island, that was drifting over a seemingly eternal sea of black. She made a mental note to collect a sample as to study later.

You were the one who encouraged me to do this. Perhaps you can shed some light as to where I am? She asked, drily. For once, Seven-tails actually answered her request.

"You are nowhere."


Excuse me?

"...Perhaps I should phrase. The crack in the cave wall was an exit from the universe, a crack in the fabric of space-time. In other words, even if you tore down the wall, the crack would still be there. When you poured in chakra, it rushed to fill the empty void that was the world abyss, forming a smallish pocket universe within the void."

Oh? And how, pray tell, does one leave? She received a rare, hearty chuckle from her mental charge.

"You can leave whenever you want, child. This world is an extension of you. As such, with the proper technique, you can learn to enter an exit whenever you please. Bear in mind, if you'd like anyone else to enter, you'd have to mark them with your chakra, or else the world would reject their chakra."*

A saccharine smile graced her lips. Hmm, how can I possibly abuse this? I'm thinking of a... personally sanctioned science laboratory.

"Whatever you wish, child. This world, however small, is yours." And with that, her charge stopped talking, leaving her mostly alone in the strange, distorted world.

*Reject their chakra: Due to the fundamental differences in Subspace's chakra to that of other people, it will conflict, causing a -15 per stat debuff. By 'marking' them with her chakra, these debuffs are ignored. In addition, all jinchuuriki are not affected by these debuffs. Because reasons.

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