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Aburame Clan Information

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Aburame Clan Information

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Aburame Clan

Clan Name: Aburame (油女一族)
Clan Location: Volcano Only
Keke Genkai: None.
General Appearance:
Physicaly: Aburame are sneaky and mysterious due to their clothing, covering half their faces including opaque glasses being worn. Dark bushy brown hair and have pale skin but yet arevery tall of their ages.

Bugs that Aburame clan use as their specialties. These bugs are called Kikachu. These bugs are used like weapons, just to defend, attack and decoy. As very interesting information, when born as Aburame you may control these bugs as well called 'Destruction Bugs'. They enter through and out of the body by eating their way through the users pores. Its like a bee hive, they live in the users body, able to let them feed on chakra to survive. In this case Aburame do not have to do any hand movements/signs to activate their Ninjutsu. They just are some sort able to come out like a commander struck them. The interesting part is that Aburame and the bugs are able to communicate without talking, neither does the Kikachu bugs make noise or sounds during battle.

Clan Jutsu -

Aburame Background/History:
TBT - To be Told.

Clan Available - Yes 0/7

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