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Kurumi Mariposa Nara, The Night | Sannin of the Steam


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Kurumi Mariposa Nara, The Night | Sannin of the Steam

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   • name ;; Kurumi Mariposa Nara
   • nickname ;; Kuri by close friends
   • title ;; The Night, The wandering witch
   • age ;; 22 years old
   • gender ;;
   • sexuality ;; Pansexual


   • height ;; Exactly 6 foot
   • weight ;; 170 pounds
   • body type ;; Hour Glass, toned
   • eye colour ;; A dull rustic red
   • hair colour & style ;; Explained below
   • appearance ;; Kuri is as a tall, thin woman with pale skin and long black hair down to her butt. Her hair is cut in many layers having front bangs up to her eyebrows, then another layer, reaching up to her jaw, and a layer at her hips and a final one at her butt. She always prefers to wear a kimono at her home (though she would prefer to wear a more revealing outfit when she goes out in public) but she wears very few things twice. When Kuri wears a kimono, she usually has accessories to accompany it. For example, if her kimono has a rose pattern with lace, she will wear a rose in her hair and a lace choker and bracelet. Also, when she has the time, Kuri will style her hair is a neat yet creative fashion and will always decorate her hair with some sort of accessory such as colored pins or chopsticks. Like her clothes, Kuri has been rarely seen with the same hair style twice other than just letting her hair loose. On some occasions, the length of her hair is shorter than it looks.
   • markings ;;


   • likes ;;
[*]receiving and dishing out sexual based torture
[*]receiving and dishing out regular torture
[*]gore porn
[*]breath play
[*]candle play
[*]Men and Women
   • dislikes ;;

  • Boredom
  • People trying to understand her
  • Not having control
  • People she deems below her
  • Being told what to do

   • Special Characteristics ;;
Name: Basic Chakra control
Rank: D-C
Type: Chakra
Requirements:: Requires Med or ninjutsu specialty and no increase Chakra SC
Description: You have a understanding about the amount of chakra you put out but being a beginner, you have basic knowledge on the matter at hand. with naturally given talents to command the spiritual energies within you are now able to grasp the better concept of using your jutsu. As a result you can use less chakra then other for the same effect.

Name: Sensory Ninja
Rank: B
Type: Chakra
Requirements:: Requires Med or ninjutsu specialty and no increase Chakra SC
Description: The ninja can sense other ninja now through their chakra. Can detect ninja from sixty meters away and can also recognize certain chakra signatures. Once they meet someone they will never forget their signature. Chakra Sensors can detect chakra type, chakra capacity, and how far away someone is. ( requires 1 post of concentration, just standing there focusing chakra for five meters for one post of awareness. Each post of  constant concentration will up the range by 5 meters)

Name: Yin Release Affinity
Rank:  A
Requirements: Nara clan
Type: Misc
Description: Members of this clan naturally have a strong affinity for yin based jutsu such as genjutsu. Yin based techniques are considered one point higher in regards to speed and power when used by a member of the nara clan for no additional cost.

   • persona ;; Kurumi usually portrays a calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical demeanor, preferring to not engage in combat right off the bat. She is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion. She is almost never seen irritated, scared, or in distress no matter what the situation is. She will disregard anyone she does find worthy of her or her cause. She has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that no one can ever tell how she is actually feeling or thinking. She can pretend to portray a certain emotion to throw others off her real emotions. She is highly perceptive however, able to see through a person's demeanor to determine what they are thinking about most of time, and is very good at reading people based on their body language and facial expression alone.

She is known for her incredibly sarcastic and devious attitude. She is not above lying and manipulating people to get the job done, and is an incredibly talented liar and actress, able to fake a personality and lie with no trigger on near instinct. She is not a trusting person, relying on herself for quite some time, with no companions besides herself. She can become paranoid quite easily, often double checking things, or sometimes reading too much into something. In extreme cases when she is under stress she can believe anyone around her is an enemy, going into fits of psychotic paranoia where her brain believes people are trying to kill her based on a mundane action, or something completely out of their control .

She typically projects a fem fatal demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty and usually attempts to fool people into thinking she is weak, based on how she dresses and how she pretends to act. She enjoys doing her hair and picking out clothes just as much as the next girl, but in reality she is not afraid to get down and dirty. She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and are probably no worse than her own. It is hard to anger her since she is so laid back, but she has a fiery temper, so when she gets angry things usually end up smashed or crushed. Along with her temper is a huge streak of stubbornness, never going back on what she says, or admitting ever being wrong. She tends to either ignore those who disagree with her, believing her way is the best most of the time.

She enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of anyone, and is not afraid to freak others out, or make them unconformable. She is very manipulative, frequently toying with people, flirting with them, or using her body to get what she wants. She is numb to the judgement of others, to the point that, if needed, she could walk around naked if just to throw others off. She is very understanding of others, even if they are deemed insane and can usually understand the motive for why people do things, though the same can not be said for others trying to understand her. She has learned to act out and portray emotions to further her playing, she could cry on command one second, and then become happy the next if need be. She will do what it takes to get what she wants no matter the cost, whether it be through torture, seduction, aggression, or any other means.    

Kurumi, though appearing calm at first is actually quite sadistic and masochistic, growing more and more excited as she fights. Though she will usually not start a battle or try to drag on the battle in the beginning, once she gets into it there is no stopping her. She will kill without remorse, and kill with no sympathy. She takes pleasure in torture and pain not only by dealing it to others, but by also receiving it. Her brain is racked with sadistic impulses and her mind has grown accustomed to the grotesque and strange, so much so that nothing ever really phases her. She is known to play with her opponents, relishing in the battle and pain that she dishes out and receives, sometimes allowing her opponents to strike her just to continue the battle and feel the sweet sting of pain. She is known to leave her opponents alive much longer than she should. She is known to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses to have them submit to her, no matter how underhanded they may be. She will even beg or coach others into attacking her or take her time toying and slowly killing her victims. She is a fan of killing her opponents slowing by imprisoning them in her shadow jutsu and then torturing them mentally though genjutsu and physically through the use of her unique paper ninjutsu. She likes to end her battles by ripping her opponents to shreds with her thousands of sharp pieces of paper and then showering in the blood in an aftermath. She is a fan of most pain based torture, especially breath play and water torture, but also enjoys using humiliation to torture others, whether it be through sexual means or others. Overall, she finds human lives to hold very insignificant value.

Kurumi has a high tolerance for alcohol and is able to drink almost anyone under the table. She has never been able to get drunk in her life time and believes herself immune to the effect of alcohol. She strangely likes the taste of most if not all alcohol and she never turns down a drinking challenge. Her favorite drinks are champagne or red wine, the older the better as well as saki. She almost always is seen drinking one of the two, or having a bottle of it stored on her person at all times. She also has a slight addiction to smoking and can be seen usually smoking from a pipe while relaxing at home. While on a mission she usually hides a pack of cigarettes in her bra.

Though she is a sadist, masochist, and a loner Kurumi still can love and trust people, and can be a good team player. She may not always do things if they "bore" her, but she will always try protect the ones she trusts. She will do what it takes to keep someone she truly trusts safe no matter the cost or level she has to go. She can be a compassionate and fun when finding something or someone that actually interests her.

She is a very secretive planner. She is a good strategist, always planning ahead with multiple back up plans to keep her goals in reach. She will assess any problems with her group and deal with them as swiftly and efficiently as possible to keep her group going. She can be very ambitions and demanding at times and that is part of what makes her a great leader. She can be very direct, whether it be with her allies or with a matter at hand. She is not a fan of failure from anyone, including herself. She shockingly has great people skills, and can be quite social if the situation calls for it. She listens to peoples' problems and has a calming maternal presence. People often confide to her as as gives people advice on what to do. She is good at taking control of a situation and giving orders, using all the skills available to her to her advantage, no matter how underhanded.

   • motto ;; Cheating is a talent given to even the weakest ninja


   • rank ;; Sannin
   • elements ;; Wind, Water, Earth
   • specialty ;; Genjutsu, ninjutsu, fuinjutsu
   • clan ;; Nara
   • Bijuu ;; Nah fam

   Stats ;;
   S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points

   • Strength ;; 20
   • Speed ;; 90
   • Durability ;; 72
   • Chakra ;; 90


   • village ;; Jokigakure
   • parents ;; Nyx Nara deceased, unknown father
   • siblings ;; none
   • mentor & idols ;; Clair Haruno
   • history ;;
Traveling, always traveling. That is how Kurumi remembers the first years of her life. Her mother was a ninja of the Nara clan exiled from the nara clan forest for unethical practices. Her clan mates had fears her for her strange ninjutsu involving the use of paper and strange personality. She never knew her father, only knowing that he/now her was a fellow nara, and her mother had lured him in for one night before painfully torturing and humiliating him, ending in the guy no long having his manhood attached to him physically or mentally. Her mother was forced to join a band of rouges for hire, so she could sustain herself, and Kurumi, whom even though was unexpected for her mother, still was loved by her, well love is a strong word, she was her position. Seeing as her mother had a particularly rare ability with paper, while also being incredibly intelligent, she had jobs quite often. Nothing big just grave robbery, looting small clans, and the occasional assassination. The band of rouges grew very well known fast. Kurumi was only six at the time, and thought nothing of what her mother did to feed her. She would stay back at their hideout her mother forcing one of the band's members to watch her. She always thought of the band as family, they played games with her, taught her, and cared for her. She never realized they could kill her without a second thought, the band feared her mother as she was prone to fits of extreme paranoia, usually ending with her torturing and killing one of the members she deemed had betrayed, and lied her and the group. Her mother would force her to watch usually, telling her just how to inflict mass pain on the victim of torture, as well as a plethora of different techniques for torture. Her mother also did this not only to teach Kurumi, but to show her that betrayal and lying always ended in punishment. She went through many baby sitters in her time with her mother, each one only usually lasting a mouth or two, before her mother killed them for some kind of sin, though once or twice Kurumi would tell her mother the sitter beat her or something in order to get rid of them if she didn't like them, though they usually received a much harsher punishment, such as crucifixion, or disembowelment. She did not do this for pleasure, or sadistic reasons, it was simply how she was raised, if you lie you are punished. She was not immune to her mother's strange quirks, very often being hit or or cut for her own mistakes, such as not doing chores she had not been assigned, or saying a lie she never said. She would often cry at these at first, though she would begin to become numb to them once she was branded. At age ten she became the outlet for one of her mothers extremely rage induced panic moments leading to her mother tying Kurumi down and branding her katon heated forehead protector that bore the mark of her mother's group. This was to show her that she was property to her mother forever, and to be a constant reminder to never lie to her mother. The branding was the worse punishment she had ever received, but she did not cry, she did not feel simply pain this time, there was something else there, it excited her, made her feel alive, she realized that she was enjoying the branding, it made her feel good for some reason. Her mother told her she punished her because she loved her, and Kurumi now believed that to be true, punishment was love, pain was love, and her mother loved her very much.  

When she turned twelve the band had grown quite famous and had been assigned the biggest mission of their life, to assassinate the leader of the growing village in the land of steam .The money they would receive for the mission would be enough for her mother to never have to work again. They were waling through the gloomy steam filled lands on their way to meet their employer when they were ambushed by a group of rouge ninja. The group had apparently been assigned to take out the band of rouges for a similar reward and a large battle ensued between the two. In the end only Kurumi, her mother, and the missing ninja leader were left alive. The leader with the last of his life was to use a doton jutsu to caused the ground beneath everyone to open up and attempt to swallow everyone, suffocating and crushing them all . Her mother had received significant injuries, but with the last of her chakra she formed a huge piece of paper to fly Kurumi out of the range of the pit just before it opened and crushed the two. All Kurumi had left was her mother's bag, and she was quickly blacking out from the wounds she had also received from the battle. As she blacked out she heard footsteps coming towards her.

Kurumi would groggily wake up in a hut like room, bandaged and bruised. A women stood by her bed and smiled warmly at her. She would tell she had been asleep for a a few days and the was treated for the pain of over working her body and the slight fractures she got from the battle. Unfortunately Kurumi was incredibly bed ridden, below the waist her body was unresponsive. The woman who had apparently saved her was right next to her bed, and would tell her to get some rest. She wanted to argue, but her body was still too weak to and she drifted off once again.

She was very lonely, forced to stay in her bed all day. She would try and pass the time by reading anything her reading level on the bookshelf in the room, or making paper dolls and origami out of the paper the women had on the dresser next to the bed. The women would come in from time to time to check on her, and ask if she needed anything. Kurumi was scared as she didn't even know her name, so she usually said she was fine. She tried to stay out of the way of the woman scared of her, and partly not wanting to be a burden, so she suppressed all of her emotions. Loneliness, fear, anxiety, and need for her love caused havoc on her psyche giving her nightmares, mixed with the depression of being paralyzed from the waist down for an unknown time and  being essentially orphaned caused her to develop psychotic impulses in her mind. She would draw pictures of families dying in parks, contemplating killing herself, and her night screams caused the woman to have to watch her more.

The woman eventually told Kurumi her name was Clair. She seemed like kind older woman who believed in natural cures, and the power of relaxation to help children such as Kurumi cope with losing her mother. Clair told her about how she had sensed the high chakra natures near where she was in the land of Lighting and had gone to investigate,. She had found her barely alive, and the rest of what was left of the band of rouges dead. Kurumi would cry, not knowing what to do, where to go, what she was now. Clair tried to comfort her softly, and she broke down telling Clair about her life with the rouges and her mother. Clair comforted her and told her everything would be all right.

For next four years Kurumi would spend every day with Clair drawing, playing, learning ninjutsu and about the area they were living in. Eventually through a lot of medical work, resting, and herbal treatments from Clair they would even be able to go on walks wheel chair free. She also learned to control her psychotic impulses caused from before, though Clair was unable to fix the mixing of the pain and pleasure inside of her, or her definition of love. Unfortunately that also meant that after three years of living with Clair, she could leave. But where would she go?

Luckily she wouldn't have to worry too long as Clair offer her to come live with her forever. Though Clair's home a small little cottage type living area, accommodated for one person Kurumi didn't care she would sleep on the floor if necessary. Finally she was back to a mostly normal life. Thanks to Clair's money she was also able to attend the ninja academy in Jokigakure, a village close to the Clair's cottage. Life was perfect for her. She would go to school, then come back and help clean the house and do chores before Clair came home from the hospital that she owned. Everything seemed like smooth sailing.

At age sixteen Kurumi became a chuunin, and things became a little rough for her. She had matured greatly and had many boys interested her, but one stood out creepily from the rest, he was the tallest chuunin in the village, and was big, in a grotesque fat way. He would stare at her all the time and follow her around wherever she went. One time while she was changing at a hot spring he came and stole her underwear. It was getting worse and worse until one day he cornered her in an alley and tried take her clothes off. She refused and begged him to stop. That made the boy angry that she did not return his affection so her slammed her head against the wall and cut a jagged scar into from her cheek to collar bone with a kuni, causing Kurumi to feel that strange feeling again, and slightly smile. The boy thought she was smiling because she was into him, and proceed to strap her down with a water whip technique, and penetrated her, the pleasure she felt was gone. This was not the pain or love she was used to, she begged him to stop, but he did not and soon emptied into her. He left her there like a used rag. She tried to get up and find help, but she was too weak and she had lost a lot of blood from her gash, she blacked out.  When she was found hours later she was immediately treated for a massive concussion and severe infection in her cut. Clair treated Kurumi herself, and through medical jutsu she was able to recover, though the scar from her cheek to her collar bone was still slightly visible in the daylight, like a thin white jagged line in her skin. Clair also could not heal Kurumis now more scarred mind. Clair took her home and told her she needed to start being able to defend herself better, and gave Diana her mother's bag she had taken years ago. Inside the bag were scrolls of genjustu, nara clan techniques, and the even the scrolls for jutsu made by her mother involving the manipulation of paper. Clair made her study and practice the scrolls for months, and even began sparring with her to help her improve. The sparring was intense and the training and studying of scrolls seemed to be non stop. Claire forced her to take full use of her abilities , and through training she learned to perform the same strange paper jutsu as her mother. Kurumi had been put in sever conditions several times when sparring with Clair, and if it weren't for her quick thinking and Clair's medical talent she surely would have died many times. The injures did not stop her from enjoying the spars, especially when she dealt damage to Clair or received it herself. All the hard training payed off though, and eventually she showed enough skill and power to be ranked up to jounin at age nineteen. With her vast amount of training she was ready to defend herself and also get her revenge with the help of Clair. Clair was able to find out where the chubby chuunin had lived with records at the hospital, and the next time he came in, Clair told him he had a severe sickness, forcing him to stay the night in the hospital. That night Clair gave him an morphine to make him sleep and then bound him with chakra threads. She would then have Kurumi enter the room, and use the skills her mother had instilled in her to make the little bastard pay. She would have Clair wake him, and then Kurumi would straddle him, she could see the fear in his eyes, and it made her feel alive, like how she felt when she was punished. She would take a kuni out and gently cut into the boys wrist, taking a minute to slowly etch along his skin, leaving beautiful red lines as she went. She had to fight herself from compulsively licking the blood from the kuni. Eventually she gave in and licked the blade, getting a few drops on her hand, she realized she liked the taste of it, and the feel of it. She rubbed the blood into her hands, liking the red stains made, no, not like, she loved the staines. She would continue to softly cut the boy all over for a few hours, relishing in his tears, his begging for her to stop was music to her ears. She eventually had him uncovered and undressed leaving him naked. She would take a  mirror from the bathroom and have him look at himself, while she insulted him and mocked every aspect of his body. She would then have him watch as she inserted a sebon formed from razor sharp wind chakra into his piss slit. His screams of pain echoed through the room, but the room was insulated and sound could no escape the walls. After five wind sebon had been inserted into the piss slit, thee into each of his nipples, and ten into his anal cavity, she left him in that room, but left him naked and bound to the bed. She had also covered the ceiling in cold water, causing it to drop on his skin, and made sure it dripped on his forehead. The sound was subtle, and the drip did not seem like much at first, but he was left in there with no assistance for 24 hours, forced to continuously hear the sound, and feel the cold water collide with his skin for what seemed like eternity. Eventually the center of his forehead grew numb and he believed it had hallowed, for the last hours of the dripping he would be howling frantically, driven mad by this torture. Clair would knock him out, destroy the wind chakra sebon, and dress him before letting the other doctors in. His madness was deemed by them all to be caused by an allergic reaction with the drugs administered to him in the hospital. He was left in the psyche ward of the hospital for the rest of his life, no one thought much about it, it was simply a tragic freak accident and a slight blunder on the hospital.

With all her training, studying, and awakening of paper ninjutsu Diana became a prominent jounin for her village. Her use of her strange nara techniques along with abilities with yin release gave her the nickname "The Night," as covered the battlefield in shadow. After returning from a mission in the land of lava Kurumi was shocked to find that Clair had vanished while she had been gone. Nobody seemed to know what had happened to her, she had been sent as part of a medical team on a mission in the land of the sky and none of the ninja on the mission had returned. She wanted to know what the mission was but she was constantly told it was classified. Despite losing an entire squad of ninja, the village did nothing, not wanting to start problems with other villages as they were still so new. Kurumi threw herself into her work as a ninja after that trying to become more well known and poweful to find more information. She became well known through out all of the ninja world for her ability to perform and manipulate yin based chakra unlike any one seen. People said she danced with yin chakra. She brought many great victories to Jokigakure thanks to her abilities with strategies and her talent in deception. She was declared a Sannin at age 24 after she had single handled captured an entire small village on her own with all of the people still alive. After that she began to take longer trips around the ninja world in order to enhance her knowledge. She became known as the Wandering Witch for her abilities to create things was often mistaken for magic. Kurumi was once again alone and promised to one day Clair and figure out the mystery of this classified mission in the land of the sky.
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This is being denied, you cannot start w/ B ranked sensory. Sorry. You need to begin w/ D-C SC's only, 'lest they are Clan Required.

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"Each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance or by training. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. All Characters must start with the basic form of the SC they would like to start with. Academy(E Rank) - 1 basic, Genin(D Rank) - 1 basic, Chuunin (C Rank)- 2 basic, Sp. Jounin - 2(B Rank), Jounin(A Rank) - 2 basic, Sanin (S rank)- 2 basic, Kage(S rank) - 2 basic"

Is taken right from the template

It doesn't say what rank they have to be, it just says there basic form, and this is the basic form of chakra sensory. Not a thing about d-c mentioned at all actually.

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Re: Kurumi Mariposa Nara, The Night | Sannin of the Steam

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