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Zento (S rank missing ninja)


Zento (S rank missing ninja)

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• name ;; Zento Anichi
• nickname ;; Zento the Janitor
• title ;; Puppet King
• age ;; 23
• gender ;;male
• sexuality ;; Furk her in the persy


• height ;;6'5
• weight ;; 185
• body type ;; Puppet
• eye colour ;; white
• hair colour & style ;; black and messy
• appearance ;;Zento is a tall man at six foot three inches. His black hair going down to his eyes and a scar over the left eye. He wears a black hat with goggles on them and a long black coat with jeans and black dress shoes. However, his body isn't like that of a normal human do to him being a human puppet. His back has three circles from his shoulders and in between them with a row of four going down on each one. Making a total of twelve holes. All of which open with arms that can stretch twice as long as Zento In the palm of the hands are eyes connected to his eyes allowing him to see through all of them at once. In his legs are small holes locating behind his heel, the bottom of his feet, behind the knee, and below the knee that fire streams of air. Allowing him to speed up his movements or glide around in air The same holes are located behind his elbows and along his wrists.

In his chest is his heart with small spring traps around the heart that can lift up and create a chakra shield to better protect it from any harm. On the other side of his chest is a compartment in order to produce more strings than he could hope to create. With his feet, they can form into monkey feet to produce strings and catch his opponents off guard.
• markings ;;


• likes ;; Puppets, wine, finding new ideas, people, jokes
• dislikes ;; people, cold weather, bad jokes, boredom, overestimating.

• Strengths ;;

  • - Name: Improved hand control
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user has decent control of their hands and chakra molding, as such they can cast jutsu faster than the average ninja. (Must have Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as a specialty) The beginner of learning the handseals. There might be some forgetfulness with this but repetition is a way of mastery of this special characteristic. 15 State point increase.

    Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• persona ;; Zento is a very strange man to read sometimes. He isn't clear on what he wants from people or from life. He just acts the way he does when he feels it is right. It's almost like meeting a new person every day when you talk to him. He will normally act very calm and relaxed around people. Not really giving a damn about much and just lazily passing the time. Zento hates hearing people talk shit and get really cocky about what they can do. He feels that actions speak louder than words. Which is why he is quiet in most of his fights. He keeps a narrow eye on anyone he sees as a target. Not trying to get to personal with them or friendly. However at the same time he will make joikes and just try to have a good time. He hates wasting his time. Feeling as though every second counts.

Zento isn't a fan of people who try to force their ways onto others. To pressure what they want onto others. He once seemed to have a good person inside himself. But it long ago was forgotten. But still resides inside him. He makes sure to keep people at arms length away from him. He never believed in keeping people too close to him. He always hated seeing people getting too friendly too fast. He believed that trust takes time and even then, you should still keep a little distance. He never keeps up a conversation about personal affairs. He believes that it's best to keep things professional. That no one should be friends when working together. He sees that emotions during a fight are annoying and only get in the way.

On his spare time Zento likes to work on his puppets. He reads lots of books about psychology and normally takes down notes of things that he finds interesting. He listens to the music of the ages that goes around the world from his travels. He always blasts it when he's working. He doesn't enjoy the fact that he has to be around people more than he should. He believes that the world should just be one huge show. That everyone should be a puppet like him. He wants the world to follow under the same order. Everyone is different but treated the same way. He believes that people cannot be trusted do to their own needs to survive. It's as if he lost all hope in humanity a long time ago. He hides a lot of his feelings. Believing they only get in the way on any event especially fighting. He enjoys going in alone on battles. As to avoid being stabbed in the back by anyone. However he does make acceptations on these things as do a lot of people. But he always makes sure that he can kill off his "friends" if it comes down to it. After a long time of fighting and taking on the world alone, he just simply finds it easier that way.
• motto ;; Lets get this show on the road


• rank ;; S
• elements ;; none
• specialty ;; Puppetry
• clan ;; No
• Bijuu ;; No

Stats ;;
E Ranked/ Academy Student: 12 points
D Ranked/ Genin: 68 points
C Ranked/ Chuunin: 140 points
B Ranked/ Jounin: 188 points
A Ranked/ Anbu: 224 points
S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points
S Ranked/Kage: 272 points
• Strength ;; 50
• Speed ;;100
• Durability ;; 72
• Chakra ;;50


• village ;; none
• parents ;;none
• siblings ;;none
• mentor & idols ;;Unknown
• history ;;Age 1-7: At an early age, Zento was with a normal family. He was a normal kid. Always walking around. Hanging out with his parents, spending all the time he could with them. He loved his parents and wanted to spend all the time he could with them. His dad worked at the mines and Zento would come along with his drill and drill on some tunnles and get some coals for his father. One day though, at the age of seven, Zento was with his mother and father in the mines. They all were together when all of a sudden, an earth quake showed up. The roof over his parents and the floor under them broke. Zento reached out for them. "MOM!!!! DAD!!!!!!" But he was pulled back by the other workers. They never found the bodies of his parents. Zento was shocked by it. He never talked to any one and would just dig. No one ever talked to him or wanted to. It was like they hated him.

Ages 8-14: Digging for most of his life at this point, Zento was still never talked to. He had no one in his life. No one to talk to. No one to hang out with. As he was walking around, He bumpped into someone. "Walk with your head up high!" The person said. Zento looked up to see someone five years older than him. "W-who are you?" Zento asked. The man pointed at himself. "My name is Riuku! Who are you?" He said with a smile on his face. Zento responded. "Z-Zento." He looked down again. The man smacked his head. "I said look with your head up!" Zento shot his head up. "I'm sorry!" He would speak again. "Zento, do not say your sorry. Stand up and be proud!" Zento looked at him and nodded. "Thank you." For years to come, Zento would run into Riuku. They would talk and have fun. Normally getting in trouble. But for once, Zento had a friend.

Ages 15-17: Having become a shinobi and training hard over the years, Zento was a puppet user. He was skilled with them and used his drill on some puppets. He was always afraid though. Afraid that he would fail. With his bro Kitaro on his side though, he never worried. He knew he was strong and would help him. Zento would train though. To not hold Kitaro back. People would show him some respect but they still did not like him. Zento wanted to become stronger.

Then, One day, a man showed up and was trying to take over the village. Zento was fighting along side of Kitaro. He believed in Riuku to help him but then, without a moments notice, Zento's right arm was gone. The man came and cut it off. Zento was in shock. He had no idea what happened. The man kicked him down and Riuku faught him off but the man got away.

Zento awoke a few weeks later. Seeing him without an arm. Zento grabbed around the missing part. Feeling useless. He was so afraid that he couldn't do anything for Riuku or his group. He then went to his house. Sitting alone in the dark. "Now is that any way to be?" A voice said. Zento looked up. Seeing Riuku with a smile on his face. "R-Riuku?" He said. He looked at him and placed puppet parts on the table. "Do what you do best. You don't have an arm? So what? You are strong without it. But if you feel that bad, MAKE one!" He said and left. Zento looked at it and went to work. He left his house the next day. A new arm. He looked at it amd moved it around. As if it was his own arm. Riuku saw it and smiled. Nodding. Zento worked harder. To make himself better.

Then, he was back. The man that took his arm away. Zento looked at him and had his puppet out with its drills. "Oh look, drill boy is back." Zento shouted back. "JUST WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?! I AM ZENTO! A SHINOBI OF THIS VILLAGE! I WILL NOT LOSE TO THE LIKES OF YOU!" His puppet charged and the man faught it. Breaking his puppet, Zento charged him himself. "Boy. Dig yourself a grave and die. you're finished here!" The man pulled out a sword and Zento pulled out a kunai. Fighting back at him with all his strength. "I won't.... GIVE UP!" He screamed as he cut the mans chest. The man kicked him down and Zento got back up. The man charged up. Zento lifted his right arm as it started to change. "I am going to win this. No matter what. "The arm finished changing as it turned into a drill. "This drill, IS MY SOUL!" He ran at him. doging the sword and drilling right through his chest and the man stopped. Falling down on the ground. The arm turned back to normal. Riuku spoke. "I knew you had it in you." Zento smiled and nodded.

Ages 18-22: After working more on himself and his puppets, He was now a full human puppet. He worked hard and the village loved him. Riukuwas gone. Leaving the village to his own will. Zento looked at everyone. "I'm sorry. But I cannot stay here any longer. I must go on and find my own path." Zento gave a big smile and put his blue cloak on. He tied on a strand fron Riuku's cloak onto his left arm. Walking away. Ready to take on the world.

Age 23: Zento traveled the world for a long time. Seeing what it had to offer him. Reading new books and listening to the music of the world. One day though, Zento was found with a team. They trained together and fought together. He learned a lot about them and they about him. However, those days were not meant to stay. He trained hard and then one day an enemy came to the village. They were the first to confront the threat. The fight was not seeming to go Zento and the others way. They were losing slowly. His team thought that there was no hope and tried telling him to leave the village. But then, the masked man made an offer. If they turned on Zento and the village, he would spare them. Shortly after, Zento could feel that knife in his back. As his "friends" turned on him.

His arm was gone and his body falling apart. He wasn't going to survive. That was something he thought at least. He fell to the ground. He awoke chained. There were a lot of parts around him. He wasn't sure where he was. But he had a basic arm and leg to replace what he had lost. It was strange. He was sure he died. But, he was sure that he was alive. Or at least as alive as he could be. He worked with the materials. Then heard a voice, "I am your god now. Create a world. This world, shall be your stage. Trust nothing but your own creations." from the sky, a piece of paper fell down. He grabbed it. It was a design for a puppet. "What's your name?" Zento spoke. The man laughed. But, he did not answer. He read the name of the puppet and that is what he would call his new god and this puppet once he can make it. Puppetmaster Regime. He wasn't sure what he wanted. But he knew that Zento was now Regime's puppet for his own goals. But Zento knew that he will have to meet him again and see what "stage" He wanted him to set. Zento trained with new puppets and his new body that he created from everything Regime gave him. He was greatful for everything he gave him. A second chance. To take things to a grand scale.

Zento never actually saw this man. He just heard the voice. He wasn't able to make puppets. Regime never allowed him to. Zento had to fight with his own abilities. Regime said that if he can't fight himself, he can't control puppets. He strengthening his body up. The voice laughed. "Ready to fight? you lose here though, you die." Zento used his rockets to fight. Speeding around. and doging the puppet. Finally he kicked it and broke off the puppets arm. He smiled. Knowing that he had a chance to win. Then, four more puppets came out. Zento was shocked. How could he do it? How could he beat so many puppets at once? He was doging and speeding up. Then a puppet fell from the sky. It was his grim reaper. Regime laughed and Zento used it. He was able to kill all of his opponents puppets with little to no effort. He was shocked. How much stronger he had gotten over the time. Zento trained day in and day out with puppets. Finally being able to make it. Regime spoke to him about something. A show? Of Regime? He was interested.

Zento left the work shop and went to a small town. He hired actors for his play. Zento smiled at the night of the premiere. He was in a different room as was told by Regime to do. Then at one point of the show, the actors did the number that they were not allowed to do together during practice. Chanting over and over the same dead language. No one knew what was going on. Then the pounding could be heard. Zento could feel it. It wasn't possible for Zento to hear it. But he could see it and some how still heard the pounding. He closed his eyes and covered his ears. This shouldn't be affecting him. He's a puppet. But it's like his body was human again. Then the pounding stopped. Everything was quiet from people screaming for a little. He walked out and saw no one. But a man in a huge black cloak. Standing on stage. It had to be Regime. Zento walked slowly to him and Regime spoke. "We will meet again one day Zento. Go off on your own. You are ready my child." Laughing and then Regime vanished. Zento slowly walked out of the room and there were people looking at him strange. Where was everyone. Zento left before they noticed that no one was in there any more. And the bodies were never found.

Zento gathered his things and as he left his hotel room, two police officers saw him. They spoke. "You are under arrest for the murder of everyone in that theater." Zento spoke with a chuckle. "You didn't find bodies. I don't have anything pointing to me. But they will find yours. " He smiled and punched the police officer with his might. Snapping his neck by pure force. The other was kicked in the chest. Cracking his ribs and stabbing into his lungs. He will die soon enough. He died once Zento reached the end of the hall way. He left the building and it seems the had back up. Zento pulled out a scroll. Pulling out a few puppets. The surrounded Zento and he would keep walking. The puppets moved with blinding speed and took out all the forces there to stop him. Zento laughed as his pace didn't slow down. His puppets following behind him. Soaked in the blood of the fallen. Everyone stood there. Frozen in place. They didn't know what to do. Do they stop him? No. They couldn't see his movements coming a mile away. He flicked his wrist and his puppets killed seven men at once. Zento left down with his puppets back in their scrolls.

Zento went to another town. Showing more of that play. He laughed as it was always the same. But the pounding got to him. He heard it all the time. He went to a town and was stopped by bandits. He laughed. "I won't even need my puppets. I'll just use myself." He smiled and took out the bandits with fast and powerful attacks. He reached out and punched through the bandits chest. grabbing his ribs and crushing them in his hand. They didn't even touch him. He saw one come at him with a powerful attack with a hammer and Zento put his hand out to stop it. The shock wave was intense. But he stopped it. Then Zento put his hand out as the rocket on his palm shot out and burned the mans face. His screams were muffled by the flames. Then he fell to the ground. Zento stomped on his head as it was made to ash. Zento continued on his path. Becoming a mercenary for anyone who needed a kill.

One day, Zento had a mission. He had to assassinate the leader of a mob. He infiltrated the place. Security was tight. But he used his puppet as a decoy. They attacked his puppet but it moved at blinding speeds. Getting around his opponents and ending them quickly. Zento did not have much of emotion for it. It was a job. He had to do what he had to do. Nothing more nothing less. Zento fought through the building and found himself in the garden of the building. There stood a man with a sword. "I will not let you pass." He spoke as he drew his blade. Zento put his hand out and three puppets jumpped in front of him. The man smiled. In a fight? He's going to think that this is some kind of game? This man will go down. Regime, you have trained me for a long long time. I thank you for everything you've done. Rest assure that you did not waist your time. Zento thought to himself. He looked at his opponent with a cold stare.

The man went at him. "Attacking first? Fool." Zento spoke as a puppet stood in the way and pulled out his own blade. The man slashed and cut through the puppets blade. Zento was a bit shocked to see that. Zento shot out grim reaper and swung at him with blinding speed. But the man amazingly blocked and doged all of them perfectly. How? How is this possible?! Zento was getting annoyed at this. Then he could see it in the light of the moon. Those red eyes. Uchiha blood ran through this man. He could see everything Zento was planning. He ran in his puppets staying in place. The man looked a bit surprised to see the puppet master keeping his puppets in the back and him going in for the kill. Zento spun and used his rockets to kick him in the neck and hopefully break it. The man doged of course. Zento knew he would do that. Underneath Zento the swordsman went to stab up. But was blocked by the unarmed puppet. Blinding his view of Zento for the second that he needed. Zento did a back flip and used the rockets again to smash down to the ground as the puppet moved out of the way and slam the man into the ground.

The swordsmen saw this and got slammed into the ground. The ground under him caved in under him. Zento thought it was over. But he saw a red glow around him. Zento knew about this thing. Was it the famous Susano'o that the Uchiha had? Zento jumped away as he saw a skeleton arm try to grab him. It got his puppet and smashed it into the ground. Zento pulled out a scroll as another puppet came out with a drill on his hand. Slamming the spinning drill into Susano'o But no affect. He was safe. The mans susano'o arm smashed into the ground and made a huge cloud of smoke. The drill puppet wsa gone. The man stood back up and looked at Zento. "This has been fun. But I don't have time for this. You will die here."

Zento jumpped at him with full force and kicked the susano'o. Pushing him back five feet. The arm however grabbed Zento and he looked at him. "Any last words?" Zento laughed and smiled. "What are you smiling at? Your own death?" Zento spoke calmly. "I am the winner of this fight." The man looked a bit confused. Zento flicked his wrist from behind and right then, the drill puppet came out from under him. Making him lose his footing. The drill puppet was busy. Making tunnels and then the weight under the man was enough to break the ground under him. Adding his own, the damage to the ground, and now Zentos, the ground caved in and he was in midair. The drill puppet slammed his drill into his heart. Slamming through his body as the drill poked out through the other side. The susano'o dissipated and then was gone. The man on the ground with blood leaving him rather quickly. Zento standing over him. Looking down. "You were too confident. You let the smallest opening be your end. You are a fool." Zento walked away. Letting the man bleed out for his death. He found the mob boss and grabbed him by the throat. Crushing his windpipe and his neck in his hand. Then dropping him down to the floor and walking away without saying a word. Only to collect his pay and be back on his way.

Now: After years of working with himself and learning more about who he was, Zento found himself at the life of an open road. Showing what he could do to anyone and living life how he felt the way he wanted. Letting nothing and no one stand in his way

• Roleplay Sample ;;The area was a calm. It was a stage that many have battled before back in ancient times. The roman colosseum is where this battle with two old warriors will take part. It was the middle of the day by the dark stormy clouds made it seem as though it was night. Not a single soul in sight. Almost as though the town was a ghost town. And that it was! For the man was standing alone in the middle of this great battle ground. Slaying all who were in the area as to not be disturbed. There was a lot that had to be done. A battle. One for the ages. Something that he wanted to have. A Proud man. One who had worked for years on end becoming who he was. Zento is his name. The world knew him once as Zento the Janitor. A personal joke of his for being a janitor as places and hiding who and what he really was. A puppet master. A member of Yotobi. A group of people who watched over the worlds. What were they watching for? No one really knew what they were planning. But all feared and respected them.

Zento remembers those days. When Yotobi was starting out. Already coming out strong. Having the world in the palm of their hands. Living on there mountain. It was the only place Zento ever called home. It was where he could be himself. He didn't have to worry about anything. He didn't have to do anything. He was free. His job was to simply protect the side he lived on. Zento was the guardian of the West side of the mountain. He loved that side of the mountain. It had the perfect sunset. Something people would only dream about on a perfect ending of a day. Zento would spend every day watching it. Enjoying every moment of it.

Back at the arena, Zento was not alone. For this fight he needed his best. The top ten puppets in his collection. His secret stash. Standing side by side, Zento was in the middle. On the far right stood a puppet holding two swords. Wearing a grey suit and white gloves. A silver cross hanging around his neck and resting on his chest. His face however, did not look like that of a human. But of long weeds covered in thorns. All tightening up around his face. The same sounds could be heard coming from all over his body.

The secrets within this puppet was something no man would ever want to come out. Standing next to that puppet was the one called Demon Hunter. Looking like a man in a long red cloak and long black hair down to his lower back. His collar covering the lower half of his face. His hair covered the right side of his face. So the only part of his face that could be see was his left eye. A golden color in his eye and shining bright. In his hand was what appeared to be a revolver. Inside special types of bullets for him. Ones that he coated in a special poison. Something hell itself was afraid to have be drunk by anyone. On his chest was the symbols saying Hell Hound. Something the puppet used to show he hunted down his opponents. Or maybe more.

Standing next to Demon Hunter was ironically, the Devil. This puppet was about the same size as Zento. His wings spreading out as the size of him. The edges of the wing sharpened and the horns on the ends of each wing shining with the liquid covering it. His razor sharp four inch claws shining the same color as the horns on the wings. lightly dripping on the fingers. His body was a blood red color and appeared to be a well built human form with muscle tone. His legs looking light that of a goats. The mechanics in his legs could be heard as he bounced up and down slowly as though enjoying himself at the moment. A silly puppet.

After Devil, there was the Black Knight. Standing tall with his sword at his hip. The lining in the eyes glow red. His body covered in the black armor of the abyss. His sword handle showing as though it was decaying but it was as sturdy and strong as any sword. The puppet put his hand on his blade and slowly pulled it out. The blade looking almost deformed. Showing small waves in the blade like it was disintegrated on parts. But the blade was as sharp as ever. A small drop of liquid leaving the blade and hitting the floor. Not only could the sand be heard of a small sizzling, but a small line of smoke could be seen leaving the spot. The blade was a very special blade zento made. It was to keep itself from being harmed by this deadly poison. Of course, the armor itself was also having a small coat of that special materiel he made. just in case.

Right there. Standing next to the top hat man, was Regime. Standing taller than most. Other than a dog standing to the left of Zento, Regime had a hood covering his head and the shadow covering his face to keep itself away from public view. His body covered in this cloak. His cloak was seen to be as a dark gray and his body was wide and a small lining of his body could be seen from the small opening in his body. Red wires slowly moving around his chest was all that could be seen.

Standing on Zento's left was his three headed dog. Cerberus was growling as a thick slime dripped from his lips. This was probably one of the most realistic looking puppets Zento has ever made. Moving his claws on the ground as though it was ready to charge at any moment. It's body was black with red lines going all through it's body. As though it was on fire in the inside. His eyes glowing red and stomping his paw on the ground as the middle head barked loud. Zento pulling his left hand's pointer finger back to calm it down. It was a joke to most. But Zento always saw these puppets as living things to him. A part of his soul.

Then we had Monster. Standing a bit shorter than Zento and looking a bit smaller. A puppet with two blades. One being a saber in his hand and the other a Bowie knife. Attached to the knife is a hole and a small button near his finger. His head in a helmet that appeared to be the skull of a dragon and a spine moving down his back. The bottom of the spine is very sharp and watched it as it moved around side to side. His body covered in wraps and around the wrists the end of the wraps dangled from his wrists.

Then we have Anubis. Standing a few inches taller than Monster. In his right hand is a staff bladed on both sides of both ends of the staff. His body in Egyptian clothing His skin looking a greenish gray and also growling. Spinning the staff slowly around in the palm of his hand over his head then gripping it tightly and holding it behind his back. Looking forward. His eyes looking dead at the door his opponent was in.

Right next to him was a person he enjoyed and made a puppet of in his Honor. Gravelord Nito. The man covered in a cloak with skulls surrounding the cloak. His body appearing to be made out of many skeletons melded together. In his hand was a red blade appearing to be covered in decomposed bodies other than the blade. The blade was covered in markings along with the same markings on all of the bodies for his body. His eyes glowing white with a sliver lining around the ends of it. Shaking his body around as a small cloud of dust left his body.

Last but not least, There was the final puppet. The symbol of freedom and hope for many. Even for Zento. Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann! Standing over twice the size of the rest of the puppets. Seals in the palm of his hands and on the crystal on his helmet. More seals were on his back and on both sides of his hips. His body was red with a face with fangs moving down his chest and in the mouth of his face was yet another face. One that looked more calm and serious than the battle ready face he had. His legs looking like that of a dragons skull guarding the front of his legs. A green flame leaving his sides slowly and leaving in a flash. His right hand pointed to the sky in a fist with his index finger pointing to the heavens. All who know of this puppets story know the meaning behind its stance.

Ready for this showdown, Zento moved his hands and pointed at the heavens along with Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann. His opponent was still in his room. The darkness of the door he was in couldn't be seen but he knew he was in there. Ready for the battle to commence. The battle of Titans. Who would come out on top of this fight? Who knows. It was going to be interesting. It was a fight Zento needed to cut lose and give it his all. He couldn't allow himself to hold back. Using only the best of the best against this mighty opponent. It's show time

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