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[Sukaigakure/ANBU] Roku Enzoka


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[Sukaigakure/ANBU] Roku Enzoka

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Roku Enzoka

• name ;; Roku Enzoka
• nickname ;; The Black Mask of The Sky

• title ;; ANBU
• age ;; Twenty-Seven
• gender ;; Male
• sexuality ;; Heterosexual


• height ;; 6'0"
• weight ;; 198 lb.
• body type ;; Medium
• eye colour ;; Auburn
• hair colour & style ;; Black, to the neck.
• appearance ;;
• markings ;; N/A


• likes ;;

  • Exploring - He often ventures into the woods or in restricted areas just to find out what is there.  Whether it be Christmas presents he is peaking at or a top security prisoner, or simply something in nature, he cannot stand not knowing.  The absence of knowledge, or maybe even cluelessness, drives him crazy.
  • Adventures - Not like those old time questing men that this word probably brings to mind.  Adventures to Roku just means finding or learning something new.  He may get caught up in drama with his friends, or solve a mystery.  Anything that involves suspense and learning can be an adventure to Roku.
  • Art - Not necessarily visual art, like paintings.  Moreso, creativity.  Roku can recognize creativity anywhere and loves to see it, especially with young people.  It pains him when people just follow the sheep and do not express their minds.
  • Bravery - A big one.  If someone shows cowardice in front of Roku and fails to stand for what they believe in, that person may as well not believe in it.  Whereas if someone is willing to put their life on the line for a cause or to protect someone, it shows that they are a good human being.
  • Ice-Cream - What person doesn't?

• dislikes ;;

  • Sitting in one place for too long - He goes stir crazy, simply put.  Basically, staying in one place means no exploring or adventuring for Roku, and his entire life is bent on those.  Besides that, he simply cannot stand being bored.  He has to be interested in something or immersed at almost all times, or he will freak out.
  • Bullies - No one likes a bully.  If someone has to take out their anger on someone smaller than them and helpless, they do not deserve to live in Roku's eyes.  Rather than picking on someone for their differences, Roku holds a belief that it should be embraced.  (See art/creativity in likes)
  • Cowardice - See bravery in likes.
  • Abuse of Authority - Just as bad as bullies.  A leader, or someone with authority, should be loved and respected enough that people listen and obey their wishes anyway, and that isn't given to someone who can not handle their power and authority.  
  • Hypocrisy - Reprimanding someone or getting angry with someone is one thing.  But if someone gets angry or reprimands someone for doing something and they do it, or do it in the future, it shows a lack of character.  Like that person thinks that only THEY are good enough to do or be something, and anyone else who is or does should be punished.

• Strengths ;;

  • Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.
  • Name: The Scientist
    Rank: S
    Type: Mental
    Description: This gives the user a mastery over scientists including, but not limited to, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Biology, and Medicine (though it doesn't have anything to do with the Eijutsu Spec).  A member of the Enzoka Clan MUST possess this SC in order to utilize the Tansosousa.  There are no exceptions.  This cannot be gained through word count, as it requires an entire lifestyle of studying.  One can only start with it, and only if a significant portion of their backstory consists of studying.

• persona ;; You can't really distinguish Roku Enzoka from other men his age. He has the same flaws everyone else has, while normally happy he is not immune to anger and depression. He is normally quite joyous and jolly, waiting for the next moment to come and find what experiences it shall bring. He spends his time hanging out with his friends and never really has problems with anyone; that one guy in the whole school that can just have a good time with anyone he meets and never really run into any complications.

He tends to enjoy getting out of the village and exploring, learning what he can about the surrounding landscape and its nature. He is prone to disappearing into the wild for weeks at a time and emerging better nourished than even the people with wealthy and over-protective families. Nature is his mother's breast, his never-ending bank of nutrients, and every time he goes off into nature he tends to find a new adventure; be it a new cave, new type of animal or plant, or even some sort of anomaly.

"He is just the sweetest little thing ever!" That phrase is all too familiar to Roku. He tends to be very caring and loving towards his friends and family, but nothing compares to the love he has for his friend, Ryujin. He never in his life would forget to be sure Ryujin was looked after at all times; this reflects on how he is with all of his loved ones. He is very protective and passionate, giving gifts bought from his Shinobi salary and constantly able to tell when someone is upset.

A rather shocking contrast from the rest of Roku is his obsession to correct. One could call him an extremist problem solver. Roku will and can go to nearly any length to solve a problem he sees. It could be sparked from an utter refusal to take part in what is incorrect. If he believes that there is a problem in regulation, or that someone was incorrectly prosecuted and charged of a crime, or anything related or similar to either, not much can stop his resolve to fix it. Sometimes this causes him to be irrational. If he has a belief, even if he is WRONG, unless someone proves he is wrong he will not withdraw or back down from his purpose.

The next aspect of Roku’s personality could be called his feral instincts to survive. Though he would gladly and willingly give his life for someone he loves, Roku values his life over that of any stranger or unknown cause. It was sparked through his time spent alone in the Jungle where he did many things he was not proud of in order to survive and once more be with his loved ones. To further the goals he had, to achieve, and to more or less tell the world “fuck you for thinking you can bring me down. Good luck.” Self-preservation, or selfishness? His actions will determine this.

Distrust. Probably caused by his goals to protect and to survive, Roku does not trust the world. Not to be mistaken, he is not constantly suspicious of everyone. Rather, he accepts nothing as the absolute truth. No one’s sole word is enough, and this causes a certain awareness of his surroundings. Not just people, but objects and landscapes. Roku can trust his safety and his loved ones’ safety to no one, so he is constantly on the lookout for anyone or anything that could endanger that. Whether it be a lain out trap, a dangerous animal, or a simple white lie, he is constantly on the watch for signs.

These last three things I have discussed could be Roku’s darker characteristics. There is one more thing I will tell you guys. He is ambitious. He has many goals and is constantly scouring for ways to complete them. He wants to be a figure in the world and wants to be known. Not famous, rather, he simply wants to be a leader. Something he was born to do, and while not his highest priority, something he strives for. He calls it personal success. The material and emotional satisfaction that can come from positions of leadership, and the knowledge that he is making the world better for people are what fuel this part of his mind.
• motto ;; Knowledge is the source of power.


• rank ;; A-Rank (ANBU)
• elements ;; Raiton, Suiton, Doton
• specialty ;; Eijutsu, Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu
• clan ;; Enzoka Clan
• Bijuu ;; No

Stats ;;
• Strength ;; 44
• Speed ;; 70 (+20 from SC)
• Durability ;; 44
• Chakra ;; 64


• village ;; Sukaigakure
• parents ;; [list]

[*]Unknown, Father, Unknown

[*]Kokuru Enzoka, Mother, Deceased
• siblings ;; None
• mentor & idols ;; Horo-Sensei, Sensei, Dead
• history ;; Roku’s mother, Kokuru Enzoka was and is a Kunoichi of Sukaigakure.  This places her in many different situations and dangerous circumstances, such as the one that resulted in the conception of her son.  It was supposed to be a routine mission.  She simply had to deal with some men shouting insults at pedestrians in an alleyway.  When she approached the men, the last thing she remembered was yelling out the words, “Hey! What’s the big idea?”  Before she knew what in the world happened, she woke up in a hospital bed weeks later.  After talking to a nurse, she learned she was brutally raped: and that she was going to be a mother.   Hah... the very idea.  Her, a 14 year old Kunoichi was already pregnant.  The moment’s happiness was lost in her rage.  Days passed and she slowly regained the memory of what happened... she could remember the man talking to her.  She could remember the smell of his breath and what he said.  She could remember what he felt like when he forced himself atop of her...

The nine months began to pass.  Every time she woke up, her hate for “that” man and for her baby grew and grew.  It festered inside her and she was forced into manic depression for the duration of her nine months.  Her family either hated and despised her for deciding to keep the baby at such a young age, or they pitied her.  She could feel the eyes on her when she entered rooms, the burning prickling sensation on the back of her neck.  And every time someone saw her, those eyes... they always had loathing for her keeping the baby at her age, or they had pity for what she went through and is going through, or they had no idea of the situation and held judgment for someone as young as her carrying a baby.

And yet... yet, in her mind, underneath all the murky hate was a flame.  It was stifled and hidden by the murk but nevertheless there, and that flame was... she was a mother. She had a child.  A boy.  And as much as she told herself she hated and despised him, as much as she told herself that she blamed him for the change in her life, there was that little light, that flame deep within her that told her something totally different. The message wasn’t long nor was it complex.  It simply told her, “Hey... you brought a life into this world, a fire.  You kept him for some reason and you don’t know it but... you love him.”

Roku grew and progressed quickly.  He was taller and more active than most toddlers his age, and he weighed more.  He cried a lot in his infancy, almost always trying to force his way out of his baby carriage or his high chair, sneaking out of his room when he was old enough to have one.  He wasn’t being bad.  At least not intentionally; the way he saw it, he just wanted to know what was past those bars.  What was behind that door.  What happened if you out this thingie in the same place as this thingie and mixed that thingie with that other thingie.  What happens when you pull a dog’s tail, what happens when you take it’s food?

It was this mentality that governed the beginning of Roku’s life.  Up until the age of eight, all that happened was exploration.  It didn’t exactly allow him to be a good boy, though.  His curiosity forced him into areas that were completely off-limits.  They caused him to ask about things that he should not speak of.  He wasn’t exactly bad, he just wanted to know.  But instead of helping him learn, and teaching him, he was always reprimanded.  Whether it was by his mother or some village elder.  Maybe it was even a Security Ninja every once in awhile who pulled him aside and slapped him on the wrist, lecturing him and telling him to get lost.  Eheh... those who told him it was good to ask questions and learn were bad liars.

Most kids are terrified of their first day of school.  Those feelings and thoughts.. didn’t even apply to Roku.  At age eight, he enrolled into the Ninja Academy and the more he thought about it, the more excited he was to go.  He had already learned at the very least basic Taijutsu stances from those in his area, and was itching to learn more.  The morning of his first day at the academy, his mother didn’t even have to wake him up.  He was up, dressed, and eating breakfast before she even woke up.  He said nothing more than “Hey, Mom” when he saw her and simply “Seeya later, Mom” when he left.  

When he arrived the Academy, he breezed directly past the teachers and made his way directly to the posters and pictures.  While the kids around the room were crying and mothers were desperately trying to get away, he was simply looking at pictures of past heroes of the village and important ninja tools.  The first week of school progressed and whenever the teacher spoke, he did nothing but gape as the new information flooded into his mind... the thought that he was a nerd entered his mind more than multiple times, but was soon dismissed as the next tidbit of information kicked out his thoughts to make room.  He socialized more often than ever and for the first time, he completely forgot about the hell he was living at home.  He got his first girlfriend simply by telling her he had candy every day (Lawlz) and was really starting to make friends outside of his family.

For the first time, he had adults that he could look up to.  One in particular: Horo-Sensei.  Horo-Sensei seemed to always have time for Roku.  They spent a vast majority of time together and more or less, Roku became his student.  Not in the sense that one would think, to become a powerful Shinobi, but in a scholarly sort of way.  Horo-Sensei taught Roku about the Human body and why his was so special.  He taught Roku about plants and animals, and the wild-life of the Jungle.  Perhaps it was this that would shape how Roku would grow as a Shinobi and how his values would develop...

Now, Roku was scheduled to graduate in two more years.. he was 11 now and at age 13 he would be taking a test to see if he was good enough to become a Genin.  To celebrate the new school year, Horo-Sensei took Roku deep into the Jungle, into a very dangerous area to study it for a week.  But that was the plan.  Horo-Sensei went out on a hunting trip on day three and never came back.  Roku waited for four more days, until his supplies ran out.  He was cold, scared, and alone.  He knew the Jungle inside and out, but for some reason knew nothing about this area... except that he was directly in its heart.  Roku knew that to survive, he HAD to move on and to find water and food... but in order to do that, he needed to get out of the Forbidden Area.  The Area broke all logical consistencies of the world.  Even when he reached the edge of the area, he once more found himself in the heart.

And so, it was like this that Roku’s next year progressed.  He had to fight off un-naturally strong creatures and fend for himself for almost 12 months.  During the time here, all he did was venture in one direction.  After a long while, he began to notice something.  Things here were done in reverse.  It was subtle at first, but he began to notice it more and more.  Moss grew on the opposite side of trees.  Female creatures worked to attract males.  Leaves on trees grew upside down.  The world itself was a complete paradox.  This struck Roku with an idea... it could have manifested out of dementia, but the fact of the matter is that it did, and it worked.  To get out of the Forbidden Area, all he had to do was venture towards the heart.  To get out, he had to go deeper in.  As soon as he found the heart of the Forbidden Area, Roku found himself outside it.

Rather than going home as soon as he found his way out, Roku went directly to the Academy. He had to tell them what happened to Horo-Sensei.  The administration of the Academy listened intently to Roku’s many tales for hours... they told him to exit the room so that they could discuss putting together a team for the search of Horo-Sensei’s remains to be laid to rest.  Once he was called back in, he was unexpectedly presented with a headband that only Sukaigakure Shinobi wore... and which had also belonged to Horo-Sensei; he’d left it behind before taking Roku out. Roku was now a Genin of Sukaigakure... wow. They only afforded the explanation “Only a true Shinobi can survive that place.”

Ahhh... a Genin.  Was it something to be happy or to be sad about?  He no longer had that source of infinite knowledge, the Academy, and he’d lost the person he was closest to... But he was a 12 year old Genin now.  He was now in a position to help protect people, to protect his loved ones, and to make sure they could never be hurt again, like Horo-Sensei was.  He had begun his road to manhood, to maturity and heroism.  What was more important?  To protect people of course... but the fact that Horo-Sensei was gone did not exactly make that the most bearable thought.

However he was naturally cheerful. So even when his heart was mayhem and clouded, his face shown like the sun that comes to the rescue during any other storm.  It did not take too long to move on from Horo-Sensei.   Roku knew that the man would prefer the young Genin to train and become stronger, and to learn all that he could about the world.  So during the day he could find genuine happiness and satisfaction, but at night, when no one was around, he would sometimes bury his face deep into the pillows and scream.  Some could say that his time in the Forbidden Area changed him in a way that could never be undone.  The things he saw... hell, the things he DID.

But there was a light through all this darkness.   It was something that Roku had always been without;  a parent.  Not a father, that was something still unknown to him, but ever since his return, his mother seemed to be warmer toward him.  Perhaps while he was gone she learned how much she missed him... how much she loved him.  She’d learned how much she had invested her heart into him and shown it when he came home.  And in return, Roku learned how much he was missing such a figure, how he was missing that substance in his heart.  How much he truly wanted to love his mother.

He began taking on missions.  Mostly all D-Rank at first, doing simple chores and tasks such as walking old ladies’ dogs, cleaning up graffiti, planting trees.  But every once in awhile he got a nice, dangerous C-Rank mission.  They ranged from taking out dangerous animals in the Jungle, to body guard duty, to handling thugs around the village or bandits on the outskirts.  He begged the Sukaikage almost every day for a B-Rank mission, but never would he be granted his request.  He was still “too young and inexperienced” for such a dangerous mission.

It took 4 years.  FOUR FREAKING YEARS.  To get his first shot at a B-Rank mission.  The objective of the mission was not important.  What was important was that if he passed it, he would gain entrance to the Chuunin Exams.  The best part?  It was a solo mission that he’d have to do completely alone and without assistance to show that he did not simply pass from riding the help from his teammates.  The mission succeeded needless to say, and Roku returned with minor injuries.  It was his chance for the Chuunin Exams...

They weren’t exactly hard to pass.  They were in three parts:  Survival, Tactic, and Combat.  The first two, Roku passed with flying colors.  Survival he’d learned enough of with his year in the Forbidden Area, and Tactic was just common sense.  His only real difficulty was Combat.  Not that he was weak... but the two years that one learns most of their Combat basics in the Academy were cut short.  The boy had to use what he had learned in experience on his missions and just barely lost.  Nonetheless, the fact that he passed the other two sections of the Exams allowed his ascension to the rank of Chuunin.

It was shortly after he was promoted to Chuunin that he met a friend.  The boy’s name was Ryujin, and while Roku had seen him around before, he’d never really spoke to him.  He always seemed to be around though... there when Roku studied, when he trained in public areas, even there during Roku’s Chuunin exams.  He’d never really thought much of the boy, except that maybe he was just fascinated.  Many civilians were fascinated by Shinobi.  

It was a few days after the next generation of Genin graduated from the Academy, when Roku would finally meet this boy.  There were some stronger Genin picking on him, ganging up on him for some reason.  It didn’t matter why though, the fact was that they were. It took no more than 45 seconds to completely fight off the two bullies and send them running, probably to their moms.  Afterwards, Roku and the boy went out to walk, stopping for Ice-Cream once or twice.  The two got to know each other and despite the age difference, Roku thought there could be a real bond there.

Roku spent the next few years doing missions and hanging out with friends, particularly Ryujin, just like any other Chuunin.  His completion record for missions was almost flawless, never having failed a D-Rank mission, and only failing one C-Rank Mission.  He hadn’t taken too many B-Rank missions, but he didn’t fail any of those either.  It was because of those things that Roku was put in for promotion to the rank of Jounin.  However, Roku denied the promotion.

It wasn’t that he didn’t WANT to be promoted, but he’d just been told recently by his mother that she was suffering from a long-term, terminal illness.  He almost completely neglected his duties as a Shinobi of Sukaigakure to care for his mother.  The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her and she had lost hope.  Eventually, she fell deeply into a coma by the time Roku was 20.  She was hooked up to life support and was basically dead anyway.

Every day, Roku visited.  He came in and read to his mother from her favorite books, spoke to her of fond memories.  He’d encourage her and tell her it was all going to be ok.  He’d apologize for having no emotion or affection for her as a young boy.  He almost felt like he was losing something he never had, since the two were completely distant when Roku was a boy, not to mention his year away from everyone which made him almost completely forget all ties.

Eventually, Roku told himself he had to move on.  So, for a few months until just after he turned 21, he trained non-stop.  He’d train, study, eat, sleep, then repeat the process the next day.  One could call it madness, completely forgetting about the rest of the world.  But it was Roku’s way of advancing his life.  Once he was completely sure that he was on a completely different level than he was before, he went back to the Sukaikage... who remarkably still held up the offer to promote Roku to a Jounin, and even a new invitation to the village's ANBU sector.  Completely surprised, he accepted with so much excitement that the Sukaigakure had to ORDER him to calm down...

• Roleplay Sample ;; The Genin Exams were one of Akio’s favorite times of the year; another of which being the Chuunin Exams.  The Genin Exams were his chance to see what new talent was offered to Uzushiogakure with that year’s class, and they were his chance to pick out his Genin subordinates.  All of his previous Genin had made their way to Special Jounin at this point, and it was time to move on from them; so the village council said.  He rather liked the three rascals, but they were hardly rascals anymore, and it was true that he needed to let go.  They didn’t need his help anymore.  Two were even assigned to ANBU positions, though the Uchiha wasn’t sure which positions they had been given.

The man made his way to the Shinobi Academy of Uzushiogakure.  He never understood why mere Chuunin were teachers here… it was the point where young Shinobi-to-be would decide how hard they were willing to work; it was where they developed their skills, their weaknesses; and it was, usually, where they decided what type of Shinobi they wanted to be, be it combative, communications, intelligence, medical, or otherwise.  The Genin exam reflected something similar to these things, but rather than developing them, it helped portray what was already developed.

Akio entered into Uzushiogakure’s Shinobi Academy.  He walked the halls until he came to room forty-three, which he entered.  The door thudded closed and mostly all heads turned his way.  He was a senior Jounin, something which most of these children had never even come into contact with; some called him a hero, others had no idea who he was.  The only certain thing was that the current exam proctor, a Chuunin, was far weaker than Akio, and the atmosphere reflected that.  Children’s backs straightened, and their voices fell.  Even to those who didn’t know him, it was obvious that Akio was deadly.

That being in stark contrast to his next action.  He smiled.  Not a smirk, but a full-blown, tooth-filled grin directed at everyone in the class.  “Oh, please!  You guys continue your conversations!  Don’t mind me.”  And, turning his attention from the bewildered children, Akio walked down the middle aisle of the classroom to the front of the room, which was lower in altitude than the rest of the room, as each row of seats was slightly higher than the row in front of it to allow for maximum visibility.  Approaching the Exam Proctor, Akio spoke once more in an undertone, audible only to him and the other individual to whom he spoke.  “I’ll take over here.  I’m curious about this year’s crop.”

The proctor begun to protest.  “But I was assigned by lord-“

Uncharacteristically of himself, Akio’s eyes became menacing.  “And now you’re being reassigned.  Go give the regular class their lecture on today’s Ninjutsu.”

“Y-yes sir!”  And he handed Akio a clipboard and left the room in a hurry, closing the door quietly behind him.  

Akio examined the clipboard, still yet to address the class, and noticed that it was a roster of the class, and a little more than half of them were either circled or crossed out in red ink.  He assumed that the names which were circled had passed, and the names which were crossed out had failed.  That being the case, Akio was pleased to see that, so far this year, there was about an even mix of pass and failure.  That was good.  It meant the superior half of the class was moving on to become Genin, whereas the inferior half would return to the academy to hone their skills.  The former generally possessing more potential, but the latter, once they became Genin, would be more skilled than those who had already passed at the point that they entered into the Genin rank, and, as such, more effective Genin.  Most of them were either going to be duds or would find a new level of resolve and conviction inside them and they’d prosper.

Finally, Akio Uchiha addressed the class.  “Good morning!  Well, I guess it’s almost the afternoon… anyway, I’ll be taking over as the exam proctor today.”  Akio referred to the list again.  The next name caught his attention.  A Senju.  The man wasn’t one to involve himself in trifling clan rivalries, but the young student did not know that, and he may become nervous.  Akio made a mental note to keep that in mind.  He looked up once more.  “Senju, Makoto!  Follow me.”  And, without looking, Akio entered a small room behind him and awaited the young student.  

This room was very simple.  The floor was concrete, as were the walls and ceiling, and there were two windows to the East side – Akio’s left as he entered – and another door on the right, opening to the main hallway.  Opposite him was a table full of Uzushiogakure forehead protectors.  The concrete was probably to protect against any jutsu; a powerful enough fire technique would burn the place down if it were wooden.  Akio walked to the other side of the room and leaned against the wall next to the table, gazing at the still-open door to the classroom.

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My only problem is, and this is my fault, but all characters must start with the Basic SC and not the ones with Godlike and such. So D and C only but your clan one is fine.

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Ah. That's fine, edited. I do wish we could start with the intermediate version at least, being an A-Rank, but all's good in dah hood.
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