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{Jokigakure}[Kage] Frank Nathaniel Stein


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{Jokigakure}[Kage] Frank Nathaniel Stein

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• name ;; Frank Nathaniel Stein
• nickname ;; Frankenstein
• title ;; Heart eater, Monster of Hearts, Stein
• age ;; thirty- two
• gender ;; Male
• sexuality ;; heterosexual


• height ;; 6 Feet Even
• weight ;; 180 lbs
• body type ;; Slim but toned
• eye colour ;; Yellow
• hair colour & style ;; White, Short and spiky
• appearance ;;
• markings ;; Stitches all over his body, and even his cloths


• likes ;; Giving Pain , Reciving Pain ,testing new medical procidures, Educating Others, Learning new things
• dislikes ;; Peace lovers, Evil for no reason, people who avoid hospitals, Senseless Behavior, Morons

• Strengths ;;

  • Name: Basic Chakra control
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Requires Med or ninjutsu specialty and no increase Chakra SC
    Description: You have a understanding about the amount of chakra you put out but being a beginner, you have basic knowledge on the matter at hand. with naturally given talents to command the spiritual energies within you are now able to grasp the better concept of using your jutsu. As a result you can use less chakra then other for the same effect.

  • Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• persona ;; lets start with the obvious, Stein is not right in the head, and causing pain and even receiving pain seems to cause him great pleasure, he seems to have multiple sides to himself, he seems to like to help others learn, as well as learn things himself, Stein has a great many things to deal with inside his own head, but nothing he feels he needs to trouble others with, so instead they just randomly switch over in his head, and he tends to act rather creepy, perverse or even like a lunatic

But His Lunatic Side lead him to a bit of a Hostile takeover of his village, as a leader he does not tolorate moronic behavior, and expects the best from all his ninja, while he is rather nice most of the time, when he snaps, he is unpredictable, Chaos is his main MO over all.

as an Agent of Chaos, he does not like predicability, and will try to drive it out of his ninja, he is a teacher, and a student, he is the voice in every one of his ninja's heads, and the vision of their nightmares, he leads them, and protects them, but will kill those not living up to his expectations.
• motto ;; "Everything in the world is my Test subject, Of Course that includes me"


• rank ;; Kage
• elements ;; Earth, Lightning
• specialty ;; Medical, Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu
• clan ;; EGF
• Bijuu ;; No

Stats ;;

• Strength ;; 32
• Speed ;; 100
• Durability ;; 40
• Chakra ;; 100


• village ;; Jokigakure
• parents ;; a Mysterious Mother and Father (Assumed Dead)
• siblings ;; None by blood
• mentor & idols ;; Soul Evans, Maka Barns (Closest people to being his parents)
• history ;; Shortly after The Birth of Frank, his parents Disappeared, which he was more or less raised by Soul Evans and Maka Barns, a Special Ninja Team, trained him in everything he knows to this point, Sadly they both Died, but Before Maka Died, she taught him the secret of Earth Grudge fear, and he used her heart as his first.

Now you may ask what about his Time for the academy, he had high marks, due to being academacly inclined, and even though he was lacking in Physical Skills, thats when his training started with Maka and Soul, Maka taught him how to use his high chakra levels to compensate, and Soul taught him how to be flexible, and how to use weapons, but the training was enough to get him through the academy years.

As he went on through his Genin years, that happened rather boringly, like litterally, it was a normal set of years, and then the Chunnin Exams came along, and with his additional training in Fuuinjutsu he passed with flying colors, and outwitting his opponents.

While as a Chuunin is when his mind began to unravel and he sought out more knowledge, and near the end of his Chuunin Career, is when he lost Soul and Maka, and when he learned of the EGF, and gained his first heart (Or second technically) and thats when he fully snapped, and went looking for the closest thing he could to Immortality.

After becoming a Jonin he furthered his knowledge into the elements, seeing if they might have the secret he looked for, cause at the moment, his experiements was pretty much as far as they were going to get, he just needed to keep a supply of hearts.

Sadly while some troubles hit the village, his kage was acting moronic and would not listen to Steins advice on how to fix it, and Stein snapped and killed the Kage, at that point he "Acted" to be the previous Kage, and passed the title to himself, and then fixed the issues himself, gaining quick favor off the bat, he however had to destory the body to keep any evidence from getting out.

• Roleplay Sample ;;
Sample from years ago:
One day Kikato was walking around and he gets a sudden summon to the Kage,he would report immediatly and bow as he entered,smiling at her"Hello Sir,what do you need today?" he asks and she already is answering back with"You need to go back to the Silver Country,an old friend is in danger from a group of Samurai,go find her and protect her" she finishes and hands him a paper with the full directions on it on what he had to do and who he had to go after so he would give her a nod,and then head out,already packed with his gourd,his paper bombs,smoke bombs,kunai,shuriken,and food pills.Kikato will head towards the entrance of the village and turn back for a moment like before as he continues on out to the woods outside of the mountain that the village is in,he travels till night time and he takes the night to rest,in the morning he would make himself breakfast and then packs his stuff up and sets off again,traveling one third of the way,just as he did last time,but also made it a little further before night fell once more,he once again made camp,he would do as he always did,make dinner then go to sleep,waking up just before the sun rise and making breakfast and heading of as soon as there was light,and then when the night fell once more he was at the village,he would see it mostly destroyed as the female he escorted a couple months ago comes running up to him,she was battered and dirty,seems as if shes been barly survivng,he would just take her to the top of a local hill and make camp and lets her eat,then sleep peacefully,and when morning hit he told her to go to Yama and wait for him to return with any news before comming back,she would listen to him and he would give her whats left of his rations and sends her to Yama,then he would turn around and go into the town waiting for the samurai come back,he fell asleep as he waited.

The Next morning when he woke up he saw movement in the distance and he would stand up looking out to them,after a few minutes he could tell it was the samurai,there was a great number,maybe about 300,not to good of odds in his favor, was his thoughts,and he would walk out to meet them and he annunced when he was about 15 yards from them"I am Kikato Rinku,Guardian of Yamagakure,And your messing with people we have an alliance with,for your actions you will be killed,prepare yourselves" when he was done he took his gourd off his back and drew his sword and a kunai,he prepared for an attack,meanwhile the samurai laughed at him and they spoke You againest us? your one ninja against three hundred samurai,so prepare to die and a group of five of them charged at him,he waited till they were in front of him and began to block and swing,killing off each Samurai within seconds of the next,this was simple let them charge him in fives he thought,another set of five charged,these one were more skilled he could tell as he fought them,they were harder to kill and catch off guard,then as he turned ten more was already right there infront of him and he did all he could to keep them off him,as he won that small battle he would throw the kunai into the group of them and kills one,now the total he killed is twenty one,leaveing two hundred and seventy nine,seeing this twenty of them charge,and he takes a kunai with a bomb out his pocket and throws it,the samurai would move their head out of the way till it exploded in the middle of the group,now his total was at two hundred fifty nine,another twenty charges and kikato would charge at them after a moment and using fluid movement he begins to slice and dice the enemys,two thirty nine is left,twenty five think they can take him,and they charge at him,seeing how many there are he would draw a paper bomb from his pocket and when they meet he would begin to cut the first five down and the sixth one he would flip over her and slap a bomb on their back then while in the air he holds a hand sign and makes it blow up taking out the other twenty,while he had jumped in the air,three others would chrage thinking they could catch him off guard till he came spinning down with his blade cutting the helemt of one and he would spin till he hit the ground and as he hit the ground the blade would be pulled out and go into the back of another one,and then he would dodge the other two blades so that they kill each other and he jumps up from between the two blades,and looks at the other two hundred and one,now there is one standing out in front and he smiles and shouts to Kikato"Well your very skilled my name is Eutame Shichinin and you Kikato will die here!" Kikato would shake his head an say "i refuse to die" and when he says that fifty samurai charge at him,when they charge he would wait till the last second to use smoke bombs and then when they were blinded he would begin to cut each and everyone down,when the wind blows away the smoke they can see him finishing off the last of the samurai in the group and he would turn around,the rest of them Except Eutame Shichinin would charge at once,and Kikato would run back to his gourd real quick and sheeth his sword and turn around using the hand sign for Snake,and waited,once they were in range he began his jutsu "Magma Release:Quicklime Congeal" and with this attack he would make a sticky substance that make a river like body in front of him,he spewed each inch from his mouth and then he would wait,when the samurai was almost at him and there was about ten that didnt step in it,it hardened and the samurai began to freak as they couldnt move their feet,Kikato would draw his sword again and begin to dispatch of each and everyone,Kikato would be covered in blood,the ten left would look terrified as Kikato would then turn around and face them,he dropped his sword and began to weave hand signs and he said"Magma Release:Molten assult" and as he did Magma from the gourd began to flow out and around Kikato,wrapping his hands up to his elbows,and his feet up to his knees,as well as his forehead and down the sides of his face,hardening into his armor of magma,he would then charge at the last ten and begins to flip and kick,while swinging his elbows and fists,each hit would make a sizzle sound as skin began to burn,and while some would be crushed under the force of the hits allow some would burn to death,screamming in pain.

When He was done he looked over at the Head samurai and says"your turn" and then Eutame would begin to walk away yelling"I will get my Revenge Kikato RInku,i will never foreget your name or your face till i have my revenge!!" Seeing him run Kikato would turn around and head back home,he would take a few days to get back home but upon his arrival into the Kages chamber he would explain about Eutame getting away and he would be told it is ok and to go rest and shower up,he would nod and go to shower the blood off,and then goes out to let the Samurai know what happened,and she would say thats its ok we will get him eventually,so he would go home and begins to charge his chakra and sleep,then the next morning he would take a stroll around the village

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Re: {Jokigakure}[Kage] Frank Nathaniel Stein

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