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Kobayashi, Izumi WIP


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Kobayashi, Izumi WIP

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• Name:  Kobayashi, Izumi
• Nickname / Alias: Satan's Chosen Son
• Title: N/A
• Age: Thirteen
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 5'5"
• Weight: 105lbs
• Body type: Slender
• Eye colour: Dark-Blue // Red w/ The Devil's Eyes
• Hair colour & style: Black // Long
• General Appearance:
• Markings: n/a

• Persona: Izumi is incredibly childish, so much so that others would be quick to doubt his already childish age of 13. He's a prankster at heart and believes nobody is above a good prank. He can spend hours plotting the best way to prank someone and have the audacity to pull it off, whether it be on a superior or otherwise. He loves to laugh and smile despite his horrible upbringing and the absolutely insane power he holds within his eyes.

Despite wielding a monstrous doujutsu, he uses his eyes' abilities for more... personal matters. He often spends times using his x-ray vision and binocular-like eyes to spy on bath houses during their peak activity. He uses his powerful hearing to gather as much gossip as possible. Due to his automatic access to village affairs and the personal lives of others, Izumi is actually incredibly knowledgeable despite his appearance and demeanor.

Izumi has a very strong sense of justice for his age. Despite the fact that he loves having fun and pranking people, he won't hesitate to utilize his abilities to punish others or protect his friends. He places high value on friendship, particularly on his relationship with fellow squad mate Akashi who he views as a big brother. Due to his close relationship with Akashi, the older shinobi ends up being the target of most of Izumi's nefarious pranks.

• Motto: "What'd ya bring me?"

• Likes:
- Pranking
- Hide N' Seek
- Gifts
- Food
- Perving
- Friends

• Dislikes:
- Sticklers
- Injustice
- Tea
- Coffee
- Constant seriousness

• Special Characteristics:

  • The Devil's Eyes:
    Satan's Genjutsu: When the wielder of this Doujutsu casts genjutsu, the power and speed of the genjutsu are increased by +2. Genjutsu cast by the user has the ability to fool both the Sharingan and the Byakugan, making them incapable of using their doujutsu to break out of genjutsu cast by the user. The user has the ability to cast Genjutsu via eye contact, similar to the Sharingan. The user also has the ability to see through Genjutsu, similar to the Sharingan and Byakugan. The cost to break out of Genjutsu cast by someone with this doujutsu is equal to two times the required amount.

    Satan's Perception: This doujutsu's perceptual abilities rival that of the Sharingan. It seems as if the user fights with +15 speed at D-rank, +30 speed at C-rank, +45 speed at B-rank, +60 speed at A rank, +75 speed at S-rank, and +90 speed at SS-rank.

    Satan's Senses: This doujutsu grants the user heightened visual senses that rival the Byakugan, as well as heightened audio and chakra tracking senses. The user can also notice even the smallest change in someone's chakra. The user can see through walls and hear sounds from incredibly long distances if they focus. At D-rank, the user is able to see, hear, and track chakra from 300 meters away. At C-rank, the user is able to see, hear, and track chakra from 400 meters away. So on and so forth until S-rank, where the user is capable of seeing and hearing from up to 2kms away. The user can also read the minds and emotions of others.

    Counter Doujutsu: This doujutsu grants the user the ability to negate the abilities of an opponent's doujutsu for the duration of a thread via physical contact or eye contact.

    Life Force Manipulation: This doujutsu grants the user the ability to completely heal someone who is near death by manipulating their life force with a part of his own.

    The user's skill with the doujutsu increases linearly with their own rank

• Rank: D // Genin
• Elements: Raiton

  • • Main: Raiton
  • • Dominant: --
  • • Dominant: --

  • • Secondary: --
  • • Secondary: --

• Specialty: Genjutsu // Ninjutsu

  • • Main: Genjutsu
  • • Dominant: Ninjutsu
  • • Dominant: --
  • • Secondary: --
  • • Secondary: --

• Clan: --
• Bijuu: No


• Strength: 10
• Speed: 20 (+15 SC)
• Durability: 10
• Chakra: 30

[b">• Village: [no need to explain]
• Parents: Ozo Kobayashi (Father, Deceased) // Aya Okoramo (Mother, Deceased)
• Siblings: n/a
• Mentor & Idols: Masamune, Akashi
• History:

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