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Kozai Kadachi


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Kozai Kadachi

Post by Kozan on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:52 pm

• Name: Kozai Kadachi
• Nickname / Alias: -
• Title: -
• Age: 15
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Bisexual

• Height: 5'1"
• Weight: [in pounds] 105 lbs
• Body type: [build] Slight
• Eye colour: [colour] Red
• Hair colour & style: Peach-red
• General Appearance:
• Markings: Knotted scar on her left side

• Persona: To put it simply, Kozai is a coward. Not the kind of coward that actively uses other people or who puts blame on others, but merely one that runs away from trouble and responsibility. Her personality is weak and cannot handle much pressure. She always tells herself to be brave, but when the time comes, she can never really handle it.
Thus saying, this makes her nearly useless in combat. On paper, she would be a pretty good combatant, having a good grasp of tactics and strategy, but her timidity makes it so that she's never really able to apply any of these proficiencies. For the most part, she feels that action on her part only serves to make things worse, as much as she would like it not to.
Outside of this, she's a mostly serious person who is fully aware of her flaws.
• Motto: "Nobody should be abandoned."

• Likes:
- Being around other people
- Cats
- Small oranges
- Cake
- The color yellow

• Dislikes: [five needed]

- Loneliness
- Wide open spaces
- Really hot places
- Cold food that's supposed to be hot
- Putting spicy flavoring on things that aren't supposed to be spicy, i.e. ice cream

• Special Characteristics:

  • -
    Name: Basic Chakra control
    Rank: C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: You are able to manipulate chakra more efficiently than the average Shinobi. The user’s jutsu, C-Rank and below, cost less chakra.

    Name: Increased Spiritual Force
    Rank: C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: The user has trained their chakra circulatory system extensively, and is now able to mould their chakra to greater effect, producing more powerful jutsu than the average shinobi. They are able to expend chakra faster and with more force than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Chakra.

D - Genin
C - Chunnin
B - Special Jounin
A - Jounin, ANBU
S - Sannin
SS - Kage
• Rank:C
• Elements:[same as below]

  • • Main: Lightning
  • • Dominant: Water
  • • Dominant:

  • • Secondary:
  • • Secondary:

• Specialty: [What type of jutsu you are skilled in]

  • • Main: Ninjutsu
  • • Dominant: Fuuinjutsu
  • • Dominant:
  • • Secondary:
  • • Secondary:

• Clan: -
• Bijuu: 8-tails

E-Rank: 10 total stats
D-Rank: 70 total stats
C-Rank: 140 total stats
B-Rank: 210 total stats
A-Rank: 280 total stats
S-Rank: 350 total stats
SS-Rank: 420 total stats

• Strength: 30
• Speed: 40
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 40

[b">• Village: Jokigakure
• Parents: Kurea Kadachi (mother), Rai Kadachi (father), both dead
• Siblings: -
• Mentor & Idols: -
• History: Originally, Kozai's life was your average sob story shinobi's life. Dead parents, sent to an orphanage, then to the ninja academy. Especially for a poor orphan girl, the alternatives to becoming a shinobi were bone-chilling. But surely, you've heard all this before. How the little one defied expectations to become a genin, so on and so forth. Let's get to the interesting stuff, the stuff that makes Kozai different from many other people.
As mentioned before, Kozai is a weak person. However, the people who put her in charge of a small group of genin when she reached chunin did not realize this. As such, everything went fine until they were deployed into the field. Kozai was a good teacher and leader when not under pressure, but the second her team started sustaining injuries and casualties, her psyche started to collapse.
It wasn't the first time a ninja had gone AWOL, but it was probably one of the more treasonous and irresponsible cases. There was no way (at least, so she thought) that she could face her village and what remained of her team. So she chose to simply run away, like the coward she really was.

• Roleplay Sample:

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Re: Kozai Kadachi

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