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Sameonna Hoshigaki


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Sameonna Hoshigaki

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Water Dragon
Sector 2 Cpt.
14 Yrs


• Height: 4' 10"
• Weight: 95 Lbs
• Body Type: Slender, toned.
• Eye Colour: Bright Yellow/Gold
• Hair Colour & Style: Sameonna's hair is a classic thrown up blonde ponytail with bangs which frame her face. The length of her hair hovers just beyond her shoulderblades and is about 4 feet total in length.
• General Appearance:
General Appearance:
• Markings: Sameonna has the Water Kanji tattooed on the back of her neck.


• Persona: Sameonna now appears to be indifferent, caring only for a few things around her. She spends a considerable amount of time practicing her perfect art of the Silent Killing Homocide technique, which requires absolute mastery of the Ninjutsu art. Nexus, a "father" of hers, claims that Sameonna is a prodigy at the art of murder, as she has a habit of chopping off her victim's limbs or torturing them to the point where they want to suffer in an eternity of misery and pain, rather than escape and live. This shows the darker side to Xarias` personality, and a sign of things to come.

Sameonna completely understands the meaning of life, and how close the bridge to death is. However, the matter is simply if her targets and enemies choose to walk across it. Currently, she has no moral value or qualms to her actions, and she will always repeat multiple things such as. "I know what death is like, and I have come to value life, the question is however.. Do you.." She believes that if every human on the planet wishes to truly respect the gift that God has given them, that their innocence and true person be tested in order to survive. If they evidentally escape the trap after doing what was needed, she will acknowledge them among the few who truly value life, those who fail however - She believes deserve to die.

Personality Breakdown:

* Expressively Haughty (e.g., acts in an arrogant, supercilious, pompous, and disdainful manner, flouting conventional rules of shared social living, viewing them as naive or inapplicable to self; reveals a careless disregard for personal integrity and a self-important indifference to the rights of others).

* Admirable Self-Image (e.g., believes self to be meritorious, special, if not unique, deserving of great admiration, and acting in a grandiose or self-assured manner, often without commensurate achievements; has a sense of high self-worth, despite being seen by others as egotistic, inconsiderate, and arrogant).

* Contrived Object-Relations (e.g., internalized representations are composed far more than usual of illusory and changing memories of past relationships; unacceptable drives and conflicts are readily refashioned as the need arises, as are others often simulated and pretentious).

* Insouciant Mood-Temperament (e.g., manifests a general air of nonchalance, imperturbability, and feigned tranquility; appears coolly unimpressionable or buoyantly optimistic, except when narcissistic confidence is shaken, at which time either rage, shame, or emptiness is briefly displayed).

* Expressively Disciplined (e.g., maintains a regulated, highly structured and strictly-organized life; perfectionism interferes with decision-making and task completion).

* Interpersonally Respectful (e.g., exhibits unusual adherence to social conventions and proprieties, as well as being scrupulous and overconscientious about matters of morality and ethics; prefers polite, formal and correct personal relationships, usually insisting that subordinates adhere to personally established rules and methods).

* Constricted Cognitive Style (e.g., constructs world in terms of rules, regulations, schedules and hierarchies; is rigid, stubborn, and indecisive and notably upset by unfamiliar or novel ideas and customs).

* Concealed Object-Relations (e.g., only those internalized representations, with their associated inner affects and attitudes that can be socially approved, are allowed conscious awareness or behavioral expression; as a result, actions and memories are highly regulated, forbidden impulses sequestered and tightly bound, personal and social conflicts defensively denied, kept from awareness, maintained under stringent control).

* Reaction Formation Regulatory Mechanism (e.g., repeatedly presents positive thoughts and socially commendable behaviors that are diametrically opposite one's deeper contrary and forbidden feelings; displays reasonableness and maturity when faced with circumstances that evoke anger or dismay in others).

* Compartmentalized Morphologic Organization (e.g., morphologic structures are rigidly organized in a tightly consolidated system that is clearly partitioned into numerous, distinct and segregated constellations of drive, memory, and cognition, with few open channels to permit interplay among these components).

* Solemn Mood-Temperament (e.g., is unrelaxed, tense, joyless and grim; restrains warm feelings and keeps most emotions under tight control).

* Inter-personally Abrasive (e.g., reveals satisfaction in intimidating, coercing and humiliating others; regularly expresses verbally abusive and derisive social commentary, as well as exhibiting vicious, if not physically brutal behavior).

* Combative Self-Image (e.g., is proud to characterize self as assertively competitive, as well as vigorously energetic and militantly hardheaded; values aspects of self that present pugnacious, domineering and power-oriented image).

* Pernicious Object-Relations (e.g., internalized representations of the past are distinguished by early relationships that have generated strongly driven aggressive energies and malicious attitudes, as well as by a contrasting paucity of sentimental memories, tender affects, internal conflicts, shame or guilt feelings).

* Isolation Regulatory Mechanism (e.g., can be cold-blooded and remarkably detached from an awareness of the impact of own destructive acts; views objects of violation impersonally, as symbols of devalued groups devoid of human sensibilities).

• Motto: "Always come prepared."

• Likes: Training, developing strategies, sparring, studying human anatomy, studying history.

• Dislikes: Ignorance, foolishness, vegetables, ramen, fire (and the Fire element).


• Special Characteristics: // Godlike Spiritual Stamina // Godlike Spiritual Force // Sharkskin // Rending Scales // Pinnacle Embodiment: Chakra //

• Rank: Sannin (Sector 2 Squad Captain)
• Elements:

• Main: Water (Mastered)
• Dominant: N/A
• Dominant: N/A

• Secondary: Lightning
• Secondary: Wind

• Specialty:

• Main: Ninjutsu (Mastered)
• Dominant: N/A
• Dominant: N/A
• Secondary: Taijutsu
• Secondary: Fuinjutsu

• Clan: Hoshigaki (Clan Head)
• Bijuu: N/A


Yellow: Godlike Spiritual Force
Red: Godlike Spiritual Stamina
Cyan: Pinnacle Embodiment: Chakra
Orange: Hoshigaki Mutation
Silver: Hyozangakure Headband

Character Statistics
Strength: 35 [+10]
Speed:  115 [+80], [+10]
Durability: 125 [+100]
Chakra: 816 [+80], [+80], [+80], [+130]

Base Character Statistics:

Strength: 25
Speed:  25
Durability: 25
Chakra: 446

Bijuu: N/A

Ryo: 16,000

Jutsu Unlocked






E-Rank: All Basic Academics.

Summonings: N/A

Items (on hand):
Hyozangakure Headband (Custom, Wearing)
20 Shuriken
14 Kunai
8 Smoke Bombs
2 Scrolls

Items (in storage):  

1 S-Rank Gear Token
1 Hoshigaki Lumen
1 SS-Rank Jutsu Token
1 S-Rank Jutsu Tokens
34 A-Rank Jutsu Tokens


• Village: Hyozangakure
• Parents: Viviane Hoshigaki, Nexus Hoshigaki
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: Kisame Hoshigaki
• History:

Wisdom Bares Beauty: Although life in the darkness  beneath most of the world was bland and predictable to say the least,  the ruins of what was once a great village lay waste beneath the  leagues of the ocean. Along the ocean floor, however, unique air  pockets rivited throughout deep mountanous structures lead to a  more private and secluded story.

The life of a new Hoshigaki clan  member would be born - this one, being alittle more unique in the  aspect of appearance; and chakra control. Sameonna, they called her.  She would soon take the nickname of her mother, "Viviane" - revered  in the Hyozangakure Village as the most powerful female militant.  Lorelai, Sameonna's mother, had high hopes for her daughter; and  could tell even as the labor pains ended that Sameonna's life was  going to be a surprising and fulfilling one.

Throughout her time spent as a toddler, Viviane would take great  caution to her daughter often babying her to the point where even a  simple poke resulting in an almost minute injury would be enough to  send her into a medical frenzy. For this, however, Sameonna suffered  physically. Although she would be active enough to move, she  couldn't possibly defend herself should she follow in her mothers  footsteps.

By the time Sameonna was prepared to enroll into the  academy, she had already learned how to meditate and regulate her  chakra levels to a tee, to the degree of a genin. Although, Viviane wanted her daughter to learn the way she had before she set off on  her own journey, thus never teaching her jutsu.

A Young Academic: Two years later, Sameonna is progressing quite nicely in the Academy, and she is more than  excited to learn jutsu soon. Throughout her two year journey, her  classmates and teachers alike think of her at an intellectual, always  speaking properly and politely, using proper manners at all times,  demonstrating the control she has over her chakra levels for  classmates and assisting them in doing so, and things of the like. Her  mother, extremely proud of course. Currently, she is using her  intelligence to develop more prestigious achievements, achievements  only her mother would expect. Achievements she'd gain for her  mothers affection at any cost.

For now, she trains constantly and works hard. When she isn't  training her body physically, she is training it mentally, often being  found meditating deep underwater on the ocean floors. It is said that  a unique sound can be heard throughout the area and can be heard  underwater that seems to come from Sameonna's meditative state. It  is very sirene, and fish of all kinds dance around her body like an  underwater hurricane of rainbows.

When interrupted however, the  music stops and she becomes very angry for some reason. This anger  could last for several minutes or several days. It varies depending on  how deep into meditation she is at the time. During meditation, it  seems she practices handseals at rapid speeds. The reason for this is  unknown. Recently however, Sameonna has taken up classes in Lian  Bing Qi– the art of practicing and mastering short-ranged  melee weaponry such as shortswords, sai, or daggers. She prefers to  train with double sai.

An Unexpected Uprising: Shortly after Sameonna's graduation from the academy and her promotion to the rank of Genin, she was drafted by the Hyozangakure National Ninjutsu Committee in an attempt to train her in her most proficient level of combat; Water Ninjutsu. Sameonna would then spend the next six years hidden in a tucked away facility deep under the cavernous icey tundras of Hyozangakure's inner mainland.

Although allowed to leave at any time, as many had chosen to do so due to the extreme difficulty and ideals of the training sessions before them, Sameonna perservered and devoted herself to becoming the worlds most renowned Water-using Kunoichi. After her period had ended, she was then given an invitation to become a Hunter for Hyozangakure's ANBU Division, however, after confronting the previous Captain, the two engaged in combat - as Sameonna fiercely remarked that she would never follow orders given to her by someone weaker than she was. Proving her theory right, the Captain was defeated, and eventually removed from his position.

Sameonna accordingly declined the offer for her to become a Hunter, and instead met the Kage; whom had been impressed by her combative capabilities as well as the strategically oriented mindset Sameonna had displayed over her triumph of the Captain. She was awarded with the rank of Sannin, a defender of Hyozangakure; and she was revered as Shimesu-Ryu, hailed with the moniker of the Water Dragon due to her absolute skill with the technique.

• Roleplay Sample: Nawhs.

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Re: Sameonna Hoshigaki

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Character Information:

Character Statistics
Strength: 35 [+10]
Speed: 115 [+80], [+10]
Durability: 125 [+100]
Chakra: 816 [+80], [+80], [+80], [+130]

Character Title: Sannin
Character Rank: SS
Character Village: Hyozangakure
Character Specializations: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu
Character Elemental Affinities: Water, Lightning, Wind


Combat Style: Water Ninjutsu

Ninja Title:
The Water Dragon

Ninja Rank: SS-Rank

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