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I get bored so yeah

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I get bored so yeah

Post by Zed Is Not Dead on Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:02 pm

So I got bored and decided to design a template for character creation, I originally was going to fill it out with information from a past character of mine but I decided against it as I gave up Role playing, buuuuuuuuut doesn't mean you guys can't enjoy the cosmetic look of it. So here you go.

Name Here
Alias Here
Title Here
Age Here
Gender Here
Sexuality Here
Rank Here


• Height: [in feet & inches]
• Weight: [in pounds]
• Body type: [build]
• Eye colour: [colour]
• Hair colour & style:[colour and style]
• General Appearance: [paragraph needed or picture in spoilers]
• Markings: [anything else]


• Persona: [two or three paragraphs are needed.]
• Motto: [no need to explain]

• Likes:[five needed]

• Dislikes: [five needed]


• Special Characteristics:

- [Each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance or by training. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. All Characters must start with the basic form of the SC they would like to start with. E-Rank (Academy) - 1 basic, Genin (D-Rank) - 1 basic, Chunin (C-Rank)- 2 basic, B-Rank - 2 (Sp. Jounin), A-Rank (Jounin/Anbu) - 2 basic, S-rank (Sannin)- 2 basic, SS-rank (Kage) - 2 basic

E - Academy Student
D - Genin
C - Chunin
B - Special Jounin
A - Jounin/ANBU
S - Sannin
SS - Kage
• Rank: [no need to explain]
• Elements:[same as below]

• Main:
• Dominant:
• Dominant:

• Secondary:
• Secondary:

• Specialty: [What type of jutsu you are skilled in]

• Main:
• Dominant:
• Dominant:
• Secondary:
• Secondary:

• Clan: [name of the clan and a small description, then link it to the clan page].
• Bijuu: possession of a bijuu (yes/no) and which one?

E-Rank: 10 total stats
D-Rank: 70 total stats
C-Rank: 140 total stats
B-Rank: 210 total stats
A-Rank: 280 total stats
S-Rank: 350 total stats
SS-Rank: 420 total stats

• Strength: How Strong you are!
• Speed: How Fast you are.
• Durability: How Durable you are.
• Chakra: The amount of chakra you have.


• Village: [no need to explain]
• Parents: [name, relation, alive/dead]
• Siblings: [same as above]
• Mentor & Idols: [same as above]
• History: [three paragraphs at least, higher ranks mean more.]

• Roleplay Sample: [For ranks from jounin and up, you must make an rp sample that shows you are worthy of this high spot. Genin and chuunin and judged by the way their app is put together]

If you like it then I might ask to form it into an optional template people can use. Note the head line image will be completely different, I again had intentions of using my old character then I got too lazy to change the image soooo yeah lol.


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Re: I get bored so yeah

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:07 pm

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Re: I get bored so yeah

Post by Garnet Rose on Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:49 pm

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Re: I get bored so yeah

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