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Desecration (Solo, P, Complete)

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Desecration (Solo, P, Complete)

Post by Garnet Rose on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:20 pm

“You know, this goes a bit beyond morally dubious.”

“Of course I know. After all, you and I are the same person.”

That was Garnet to his clone, the both of them currently in his sizable mansion. Currently they were residing in his own personal medical bay, which he had installed both for emergency purposes if for whatever reason he was holed up in there for whatever reason along with the fact that it could be used for some...let’s say controversial research that would be better left outside of the public's knowledge until it was completed. Today was one of those days he was using it for the latter. Oh, fun.

Before him, perfectly preserved through the use of technology and some clever usage of temperature chakra, was the body of Kozan Kaguya. Currently the deceased man appeared to have an expression of peace on his face, arms crossed and eyes closed as though he were a pharaoh sleeping in the tomb. He might have man a pun about that, but this he would treat with reverence. He might not have known the man well, but he had served dutifully during his time.

One of the most hushed up topics in the medical science community was the science of bloodlines. Genetic mutations within certain clans which caused them to develop special and unique abilities, often which lead to the benefit of the user. Now, while an outsider might assume that as such information on them would be shared freely in hopes of advancing the general publics knowledge on them the truth was far from it. Many clans were known for guarding their secrets jealously, flaunting them to outsiders but never acknowledging what made them tick, the intricacies behind it. It was frustrating to him for multiple reasons.

Truth to be told, Garnet could have cared less about them in the past. While not coming from a clan necessarily, his family had a little bit of history behind them although this was mostly for their deeds as treasure hunters. Not for some sort of odd quirk which made them powerful, no theirs was solely on merit. He had dismissed them as peacocks, unworthy of any close examination. But now that he was the leader, the one who stood at the top as the symbol of Iceberg, he saw things differently. In the clans he saw a resource, one incredibly powerful if used correctly but also incredibly volatile, in a sense. Approaching them directly for a collaboration would almost certainly be met with harsh rebuttal unless he already had proven results and grounded theory that would prove it to be in their benefit as well. But how was he to garner those prerequisites without being able to test anything in the first place? And herein lay the dilemma.

In front of his eyes was a fresh, dead body of the Kaguya clan. While he already had a vague grasp on how they operated, after gaining the memories of the man through his top secret In Memoriam technique he had to say he was surprised. A chakra mutation which caused the recipient to be able to create themselves an abnormal bone structure, making it useful for increasing the natural durability of a ninja. Wouldn’t that be useful? A squishy ninja harder to take down just due to them being genetically disposed against it, or a tanky one even more unbearably difficult to vanquish because of the same reason. Of course, that would only apply if they could even obtain it. Thus, the current proceedings.

The body of Kozan had been drained of its ten pints of blood, as would be standard in the process of preserving a corpse, however of those ten pints currently one was in a blood bag, ready for transference. Oh, this would be fun in the sense that it would not be fun whatsoever. While the current theory on the transplant of bloodlines were sketchy at best and completely unfounded at the worst, it was generally agreed upon that it would require some form of genetic material from the donor to work. While some might assume that it would be bone, as in this case the Kaguya clan’s techniques centered around them, Garnet doubted this. Otherwise they would probably be much more careful about leaving their bones around when they fought with them on the battlefield. So what else? An organ transplant seemed almost overkill in this case, so perhaps a blood transplant? While it was sketchy at best, it it worked the results would be revolutionary. Problem was, he needed a human test subject.

That left him, in this case. With a clone to monitor his condition while he was asleep, and Wolf upstairs in case anybody came along to his house for whatever reason, he was all set. While normally he would be okay with being awake for this, he wasn’t quite sure how the feeling of having your very biological make up edited would feel so he would opt to sit this one out. Signalling for his clone to give him a shot of anesthesia he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling the slightest prick in his arm as he did so.

As the sun set Garnet awoke, feeling a dull ache in his body as he slowly but surely rose from his bed. He noted that the body of Kozan, which had been on the table next to him, was now put away presumably back in the cold freezer it had been in before. Not even a hole where the needle had been, no doubt a result of his own superior constitution and the attendings of his clone. Said clone was currently at his side, helping him steady himself in the meantime.

“Looks to be a success, boss.” The clone said. “Considering that you aren’t having acute kidney failure and the like. Suppose we’ll see the results in the meantime.” The clone paused. “Although I doubt we’ll see any results this quickly. Probably would take a little time to activate. I suppose for now we’ll just wait and see what time brings us, right?” Garnet nodded to his clone, who smiled back at him before dispelling. Odd thing it was, talking to himself. Stretching his limbs rewarded him with a bit more feeling in his limbs as he exited the room to go feed Wolf. No point in holing himself up like a creeper. The world would continue, just as he would. No matter how terrible the things he would do, he could only move forwards. Not just for himself.

For the village.

(exit and end)

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Re: Desecration (Solo, P, Complete)

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