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Invoking the Elements


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Invoking the Elements

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:02 pm

Name: Invoking the Elements
Rank: A
Location: Village of Choice
Requirements: 1-2, no more than 4.
Reward: 2 Unique Materials from Designated Village
Description: You must travel to your designated village, a village chosen by the roleplayers participating in the mission, and gather the Unique Materials located there. Bring them back to the Kage of your home village as proof of your mission success, and forfeit 1 Material each to the Kage in an effort to help study and collect foreign materials from distant lands.
Redoable?: This mission can only be done twice by any one character. The first time, 1 Material from each participant is forfeited into the ownership of their homeland Kage, and the second time, each participant may keep both materials. In addition to this, the first time this mission is done, the participants will be rewarded with 2,500 Ryo each; the second time grants 3,000 as well as both materials.

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