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Reverse Four Symbols Seal [Canon]


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Reverse Four Symbols Seal [Canon]

Post by Kenshin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:16 pm

Name ;; Reverse Four Symbols Seal
Rank ;; SS-rank
Type ;; Fuinjutsu
Element ;; N/A
Range ;; 1 meter in all directions for every point in users chakra stat
Power ;; -
Speed ;; 5
Cool Down;; Once Per Thread
Description ;; The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing is a stronger version of the Four Symbols Seal. Once the user has learnt how to place this seal they are able to apply it onto anybody by simply placing a hand upon their chests. Once this is done the seal can be activated at will by the person it has been placed upon, or by the person who has placed the seal, it will also activate automatically upon the death of the person it has been placed upon. Once activated, either at will or upon death, the seal will release four symbols from the user's body that then forms a black sphere around them for a single post.

Anything and everything that is caught within the sphere after that one post, including PC’s, land, buildings, etc etc, is compressed and sealed within the user's body or corpse. If the seal was activated upon the death of the person it was applied to the seal will also seal away the corpse, ensuring that their body cannot be recovered by the enemy. If the seal was activated while the user is still alive there will be severe consequences, due to the nature of the seal and forced activation the user is left unable to use any form of chakra for the rest of that topic. Everything that is sealed away by this seal, including PC’s, ceases to exist, as the seal itself simply fades away after it’s effects have been activated and thus everything within is erased from existence.
Requirements ;; Must Know Four Symbols Seal, Fuinjutsu as Main Spec
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Re: Reverse Four Symbols Seal [Canon]

Post by Gonshiro Sasagawa on Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:26 pm

i hate you for bringing this to the site.


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