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The Accursed Brothers [Private, Itami]


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The Accursed Brothers [Private, Itami]

Post by Kenshin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:09 pm

A small smile would be on the usually blank face of Shin as he walked through the village of Jokigakure, usually the days of the village's Anbu Commander was filled with nothing but news of death and threats towards the village, but today, today had actually been pretty good. None of his operatives had been killed or had their covers compromised, and he had not received any reports about any threats towards the village, it had been...relaxing, and for somebody like Shin, who had been in Anbu for almost his entire shinobi career, relaxation was something that he had seldom felt. On days like this there was only one thing that the redhead liked to do, and that was train, which explains why he was in the Biju Caverns, his favourite training grounds in Jokigakure simply because barely anybody actually knew that they existed in the first place, and only a few of those that knew actually used them for any form of training. From what he had seen even the Jinchuriki of the village tended not to train themselves here, instead preferring to train out in the open where anybody could see them, something that Shin personally found to be more than a little stupid since the Biju caverns had been built specifically for the Jinchuriki to train in their Biju related skills without the fear of outsiders finding out their identities.

Whenever he had days like this, which was not very often, Shin would usually devote that entire day towards training, usually doing so for hours upon end until he was barely able to stand, all to ensure that he did not get rusty. The reason for this was simple, the position of Anbu Commander was a very daunting one, and if he showed even the slightest hint of weakness while on the job then there was a very good possibility that he would be replaced by somebody who did not. He had known that back when he was an Anbu Captain and he understood that it went doubly for him now that he was the Commander of the village’s black ops, for the good of Jokigakure weakness from the one in his position simply could not be tolerated. He understood that Katso would never simply replace him like that, as the man valued his skills as a weapon far too much, but if the time ever came that Shin felt he was not worthy of the position he would gladly step down and hand the title to somebody who could handle it...but that had not come yet, and if he had any say in the matter it would not be coming anytime soon.  

It did not take long for Shin to find the secret entrance to the training grounds, it looked like nothing more than one of the various caves that was scattered throughout the Land of Steam, but this one was different, as it lead to one of the most secret training grounds the village had. The redhead walked through the deep and dark cave with a small smirk on his face, many people would get lost when walking through the veritable maze of caves that he was making his way deeper and deeper into, but he knew these caves almost as well as he knew the back of his hand. As Shin walked deeper and deeper into the caves his eyes began to pick up a small light in the distance, something that only caused hi small smirk to widen a little as he walked towards it. When he walked into the illuminated area he had to give his left eye a moment to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, but when his eye finally adjusted itself to the lighting of the area he could only give a small smile at the grand cavern that was stretched out before him.

The Uzumaki clan head walked until he was standing right in the middle of the brightly illuminated cavern and gave a small sigh of content, he loved spending his time training in the Biju caverns, and he had done it so often and for so long the place had almost become like a second home to him. The cavern itself was filled with steaming pools of water that connected with the various geysers in the terrain above the large cavern, and as such was a great place to soak and unwind after a long day of work and training. As he looked around the Cavern he noted that there was nobody else there, something that pleased him, as while he did not mind having company while he trained there were very few who could survive him going all out, and as such he usually had to tone his training down a bit. Who knows though, maybe somebody else would stumble in here soon.

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Re: The Accursed Brothers [Private, Itami]

Post by Itami on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:39 am

Blissful. Quiet. Peaceful. These were some of many words which could describe the life Itami led during these war-less days. The black haired man, reminiscing on the troubled and darkened times he lived only 5 or so years ago, cloud gazing from his bedroom window. Recalling the time he stared into the moon, sulking over a lost friend, a lost love, beginning his trudge into the murky, dense arms of darkness. A comparison of his past and present self would be like night and day, as the present welcomed the healing sun into his home.

He was different now. Older, stronger, living with the sins he committed as a youth. Though being a youth is no excuse in this world they lived in. Especially the youthful quest for power, extending his arm out to view the body he now had, being an audience to the succession of that quest. A spiteful attempt at power, for a spiteful and unbearable hatred towards the inferior. His body and memories being the bearing fruit in that ideology, to forever live with. Rubbing his hand against the desk before him, he would assume the touch to be cold yet smooth from the blowing breeze outside. Though that instant knowing he sacrificed long ago, for a grasp at an invisible rope, plummeting below to unanswered questions, and regret. Peering at his hand, the sun etching out to shower it within all its glory, the man would be broken from his trance at the screech of flocking birds.

Taking the open skies for themselves, they would use their given talents to do what they were born to do. Fly. The wings they were born with. Was Itami right for forsaking these wings given to him from birth, at the reason of controlling all of the skies? This thought rested in his mind for a moment, though flocking away as the birds would continue off to the bijuu caverns. An area not known by many it seems. The unwelcoming entrance to the caverns showed its abandonment. Itami would slowly rise from his position, knowing what his sporadic thoughts were suggesting. A small visit it seemed was in order. Darting around his room, the charcoal eyes of a tranquil man, he would reach for his bearings. Donning upon himself a black coat, a black mesh to be underneath the coat. With white crossbones on the left breast plate of this coat, at the end of this jacket would be black gloves. The distant man would wear black pants, with scattered pouches throughout the pants. Being designated with a white X slanted along the front left side of the pants, he would have on black sandals. A pouch on his backside. He was now ready to move.

Leaving his empty home, the man recalled having a full home once, a whole family. Though he now lived alone, his age getting the best of him to go about his own way within his own household. Itami would walk the streets of Joki, gaining waves and looks of praise from every corner. He would meet these encounters with a cool respect, nodding his head and being reserved as he continued towards his destination. The reputation of a Sannin getting the best of him. “A Sannin.” He would think to himself, pondering the meaning behind such a title as he waded through the lively streets. The title of one of the strongest within a village. Though he no longer had a hidden aliases anymore. No longer one of the shadows which upheld the dark espionage of the village. One of the Anbu, his marking still present underneath his clothing. He chose to hold onto that marking, reminding him of the past Itami he once was, with the ideology and thought patterns of a madman. Consumed by his overpowering Chakra, lost with seemingly no way of return. Through the continued darkness the Anbu held for him, he sunk deeper and deeper, unable to emerge from the blackened sea of hate. Though, there was a single light which was able to rescue him from the evils of this world. Able to aide him to resurface, and learn from his mistakes.

After such a time in his life, he was called to be a Sannin, having to leave behind the life he never lived outside of. Leave behind the light which was able to bring him back to his senses. It was a difficult shift in lifestyle, rather than being on the front lines and being the driving force of darkness, he was relinquished of those clutches, and allowed to live a free life away from those times. Still, a life he's getting used to. As a Sannin, he had more leisure time, though sent on high level missions from time to time, compared to the Anbu and its secrecy it was light work. It was a time of redemption, forsaking himself, and allowing himself to rekindle the link to reality. Itami was able to obtain hobbies, acquire favorite taste in food and games. Allowed to get away from the life he had always known, something he desperately needed raised from a small child to lead a life of pain. Though it was an awkward place in his life, it was the most serene and rewarding time.

Even so, the man had only wished his dear friend could feel the same relief. Still trapped within that gruesome world, Itami would support him to the best of his abilities, now switching roles, becoming this friends new light. Through a bond filled with troublesome events, lost, and conflicting views, it only strengthened them for the long time, the bond they shared needing to stay together. Itami would enter the bijuu caverns, his thoughts leading him to his destination. Making every correct turn to the isolated area. He would feel the darkness he now had to console coming close. He knew it would be here, like usual. That was one of the knowings of a close friend.

Itami would embrace the bijuu caverns. The steaming waters would be a calming sound to Itami, another area which he could take in full and wide. The ongoing geysers, dancing with the steaming waters within the air to create a tone of sound which brought relief to many souls. He would look towards his dear friend Shin, already present in this area he loved to return to. His face unseeable, the red hair the man before him had being the main thing visible. Ever since those years ago, the two never stayed out of contact, as if this was to be an awkward long time meeting. No, they were close friends, still keeping in touch, even going on missions with one another. Of course, from time to time Itami would help Shin with missions pertaining the Anbu, its importance being to the highest caliber, needing utter success. They would also spend time together when the Anbu Commander was available, always being a busy soul these days.

Itami, the youthful Sannin would stare at the figure of Shin. His hands still by sides as he took in the atmosphere around him. Itami wasn't one to begin the conversations between them usually Shin being the more outgoing force which prompted Itami to talk. His thoughts also going to the calming airs would make him too busy to care to initiate conversation. Fully aware that Shin would know he being there, Itami being comfortable with the current scenerio.

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Re: The Accursed Brothers [Private, Itami]

Post by Kenshin on Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:23 am

It had been close to an hour since Shin had arrived in the Biju Caverns,but what had Shin done during that hour you ask, well firstly he had done some pretty intense Ninjutsu training. Training that had left large portions of earth all around the caverns cracked and upturned, and if one were to look over at the far end of the cavern they would see that one of the larger pools of heated water had actually been frozen solid. But he had only done training for the first portion of the hour, the rest of it had actually been spent doing something that the young man had not done in quite some time, reading, sure he read mission reports and classified documents each and every day, but he honestly could not even remember the last time he just sat down and read a book simply for the joy of it. It was a tale of fantasy and fiction, as he simply wished to escape from the shackles of reality for a time and immerse himself in the world found within the pages of the simple, leatherbound book. The cover of the book was very simple, no images, no text, simply a decent sized book bound in brown leath, something that made it look like more of a journal than anything else, but that despite it looking to be a journal it was indeed a book and thus a tale of fiction, not reality.

What was the name of this book you ask, well, it was known simply as ‘A Samurai’s Tale’. As the name implied, the main character of the book was a Samurai named Tsuji, Tsuji was a humble and kind man who was fast approaching his fiftieth birthday. He lived only to serve his lord, the honourable Feudal Lord Akihiko Waraji, he had no wife or children, and he had no other family worth speaking of, but he saw his lord's house as his family, and like a true samurai was more than willing to lay down his life for the good of their household. Here was where the book started taking a rather dark turn, for you see, there was a new group emerging, and unlike the Samurai this group had no honour, no loyalty to anyone but themselves, what was the name of this new group you may ask, but I think you already know the answer, this new group had taken to calling themselves ninja. They were mercenaries, spies and assassins all, not one of the people within the group would have any hesitation in taking a life, if the price was right a Ninja would be more than willing to kill their own friends or family, or at least that is how the tales went when they reached the ears of Tsuji. Naturally Tsuji, who was fearing for the life of his lord and the members of his lord's house, began to take his duties to a whole new level, something that was quickly noticed by Akihito himself.

When asked why he had begun to devote himself so much harder Tsuji voiced his concerns, and upon hearing of the man's fears Akihito did what he could to allay such worries from the mind of the grizzled Samurai. Eventually the two of them reached a compromise, Tsuji would stop pushing himself so hard, but in exchange Tsuyoshi Waraji, the youngest son of Akihito at the tender age of 15, would be taught how to properly wield and use weapons, he would not become a Samurai as he was still the son of a Lord, but he would be able to defend himself and his family should the worst happen. That was the point Shin was up to now, Tsuyoshi had just arrived at Tsuji’s house for his first lesson.

‘Tsuji stared at the young lord with a small smile on his face, he could see the pure determination in the boy's eyes, he wished to prove himself to both the grizzled Samurai and his father, and that was something that the older man could certainly admire. “Young Lord, please follow me” Tsuji would say as he stood at his full height of 6’2, his extremely tall and muscular form towering over the relatively small and scrawny form of Tsuyoshi, it was clear that he had never trained a day in his life, but why should he have, he was the son of a lord, and was protected each and every day by an army of Samurai just like him. “Lead the way Tsuji” Tsuyoshi would say with a slightly nervous smile on his face, following the much larger man through his humble house and towards what looked to be a small staircase, something that actually intrigued the young lord as he had never been within the abode of Tsuji before, and as such everything was new and exciting. The Samurai’s house was nothing compared to the palace that he had grown up in, in fact he would be willing to wager that his room was bigger than the old man's whole house, but the young lord also knew that despite that the man was happy and wanted for nothing more than what he already had.

Once they had reached the bottom of the staircase Tsuji walked into the large, underground Dojo that had been revealed, this room had taken him years to created, using nothing more than a pickaxe, a shovel and his blood, sweat and tears he had created an area for him to better hone his skills. The Dojo was definitely not the biggest or the fanciest one that Tsuyoshi had ever seen, but he could tell that this was where he was going to truly become a man, and hopefully step out of the massive shadow that his father cast down on the earth. “This is where we shall train young lord, down here there will be no titles, no birthright and no privilege, simply you learning all that I teach you” the grizzled old man would say, looking into the eyes of Tsuyoshi as he did so, making sure that he had no objections to such an arrangement, and thankfully the only thing he saw was a fierce determination “I shall teach you in the same manner that my master taught me” the balding samurai would say as he walked to the far wall of the room, grabbing two simple wooden Bo staff’s from one of the various weapon racks on the wall. With no warning Tsuji threw one of the staff’s towards Tsuyoshi, who fumbled with the wooden construct for a few seconds before finally managing to grab ahold of it.

“Be ready young lord, for I will not be going easy on you” the Samurai would say, as he got into his stance, with Tsuyoshi trying and failing to get into one of his own.’ The more Shin read the more immersed he got into the story, it was clear to anyone reading that Tsuji completely destroyed the young lord in combat, but as he later explained to Lord Akihito he had only done do because he needed to break him down before he could build him back up. Over the course of a few years in the book Tsuyoshi began to master each of the weapons that Tsuji taught him to use, and his skill in fighting began to increase dramatically, at times even managing to best his samurai teacher. Each and every time that Tsuyoshi managed to master a weapon to the point that he could best Tsuji whilst using it Tsuji would inform lord Akihito, who would then use his considerable wealth to commision some of the greatest weapons ever forged for his son, each one forged by a true master of the art of smithing. The very first weapon he managed to master was the Bo staff, which was only fitting as it was the first weapon the young lord had ever managed to wield, and within a week of his defeat of Tsuji his new weapon had arrived at the palace. It was an intricately decorated steel Bo that was 1.9 meters in length, making it just a little longer than a standard Bo staff, it was a brilliant silver colour with an intricate black dragon climbing along the length of the staff, something that was meant to symbolise his strength and determination.

The next weapon that he had managed to defeat Tsuji with was a Kanabo (A studded or spiked club), something that surprised the bulky samurai quite a bit as the Kanabo was basically the complete opposite of a Bo, where a Bo required fluidity and grace a Kanabo used nothing but brute strength, and yet the much smaller and weaker man had managed to defeat the stronger one using nothing but his wits and quick thinking...well that and his superior speed. When his Kanabo arrived the very first thing that he noticed was that it was smaller than what he was used to, not by much but it was still quite noticable, the grip of the Kanabo was completely covered in silky white ribbon along with rings of pure gold, the Kanabo itself was pitch black and was covered in dark spikes, all in all it was a rather terrifying looking weapon, and the not so young lord was able to see why Oni were said to wield these weapons.

By this point in the book Shin had gotten a little sick of it, and after skipping ahead of couple of pages to check if anything changed he closed it with a sigh, it had started off interesting, it seemed to posses a good story along with solid characters who the audience managed to relate to because of their flaws. But like so many other stories it seemed that the writer grew far too focussed on giving Tsuyoshi more and more power, as even by the point that he has skipped to, which was 7 pages after, the writer was STILL going on about how much the young lord had managed to master in such a short time. It truly was a shame ‘Why do people have to focus on power so much more than the story?’ Shin would think to himself with a small frown on his face, digging into his pants pocket and pulling out a small package, as he placed the book back into one of the small pouches he had attached to his hip he would open the package and pull out one of the small, cylindrical objects stored within, what was the object you ask, well, it was a cigarette. The head of the Uzumaki knew that such a habit was not good for his health, but they helped keep his constantly high levels of stress in check, and besides, he was far more likely to be killed out in the field than he was to be killed by his bad little habit.

Shin would place the cigarette in the corner of his mouth and pull a small box of matches out from the same pocket in which he had stored the pack of cigarettes in the first place, with practiced ease he would pull one of the matches out and strike the flame, and using the small flame he would ignite the small cancer stick in his mouth. Shin would inhale the toxic smoke with a small, relaxed smile on his face, of course it was not toxic enough to kill him outright, but a few decades from now….well he would probably have been dead for a long time by that point, but still, on the off chance that he was still alive, his habit would probably have caught up with him, probably. At this point, right as Shin slipped the box of matches and the pack of cigarettes back into his pocket, he would hear the familiar sound of feet hitting the ground as someone approached the entrance of the cavern. The redhead would inhale, allowing the smoke from the cancerous cylinder to fill his lungs with it’s toxins before finally exhaling through his nose, blowing the smoke out as he did so, the smell of the smoke temporarily overriding his sense of smell as he did so. As the sound of footfalls grew closer to the entrance Shin would move, standing near the center of the cavern with his back facing the one and only door

As the footfalls stopped Shin would glance back over his shoulder, a true smile coming to his face as he saw his long time friend, and brother in all but blood, Itami, standing there at the entrance to the caverns, or course it was him, the two of them were the only ones who trained here regularly. As usual Shin would be the one to approach his friend, the two of them both understood well that he had always been the one to initiate the conversation “Itami, it is good to see you my friend, how are you today?” he would ask with a rather easygoing smile on his face. The combination of the cigarette burning slowly in the corner of his mouth, and his best friend standing in front of him making it a lot easier for him to smile, sure they saw each other all the time, but it had been close to three days since Shin had last met up with the Uyeno, and even that had been about a mission he needed him to undertake. Sometimes...a lot of the time actually, he wished that the two of them could just go back to the good old days and stay there, back to a simpler time...back to a time when Lumina was alive to brighten their days with her smile. But that would never happen, and he had accepted that very simple fact a long time ago, the world was a cruel and dark place, but he was glad that he still had his best help keep the small bit of light within his dark heart he knew that if Itami was gone there would be nothing stopping the darkness within from devouring everything.

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Re: The Accursed Brothers [Private, Itami]

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