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On Wings of Evil p.1 [Travel]

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On Wings of Evil p.1 [Travel]

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:32 am

There he was. At the gates of Hello out looking the world that he was about to explore in its entirety. But first he had to visit home. To the sky he took, on wings of black as a smile grew on his face. Behind him sat a small fiery bird, one he had taught much these six years and yet it seemed like an eternity. He and his new companion would light the skies crimson, and nostalgia filled his minds. Both he and the single entity that clung on to hope wondered what was waiting for them in the village of the sky. Was it a bitter reunion or something much much...more fun. Only time would tell as a set of boosters ignited behind him and sent him further into the sky, his eyes drifting to a close as he simply soared. On wings of evil he would make his presence known, to two individuals who knew him best. Maybe it was on this day that all ties would be broken and at long last- the chaos that the monster wanted would soon ensue. Until then he pondered on if they would even show, anyone would want to investigate the alleged chakra of their family member. One who had supposedly died saving their home, why was he still alive? These were the games he was going to play against "his" family. Would they have known or by the time he had achieved his goal would it be too late? So many questions...but only one answer satisfied this sadistic man.

[Exit, Instant travel to borders of Sukai]

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