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Black Out Series: The First of Many


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Black Out Series: The First of Many

Post by Setō on Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:12 pm

The day had started all but normal, even before the royal blue spheres in his sockets caught sight of the first rays of light and kissed the brazened caramel tonality of his skin did he know. Normally he was one to sleep unnaturally still, not so in a single line with hands and feet at attention, rather once in a comfortable position whatever form or place that it came in the youth would become transfixed. Often this act of sleeping was done during the daytime in a location with plenty of access to sunlight, how without being found out for being in some forbidden or unnatural location one may be asking, rest assured, for not being caught had become something of a specialty of the young Setōshi Sōichirō since he began developing somewhat of a knack for the Art of Fūinjutsu. Even at midday atop the back of a giant oddly shaped yet still  fluffy white cloud did the boy display his talents, characterized by the carving into the metal of the hilt of the kanji for Sight ( 視界, Shikai) his one and only kunai lay resting in his dominant right hand. With some addition of the unique chakra that he had not quite yet come to realize how powerful it truly was he performed simple party tricks by projecting a field of this Tōton | Light Release chakra around himself, whilst he saw the world for what it truly was, a ride through the clouds atop a giant air ship filled with other passengers, with the rest of the world looking in they only saw what Setōshi wanted them to see. Exerting just a fraction of his shape manipulation prowess throughout his chakra not only did he create the effects of a cloud around the vessel riding the airwaves, upon having grown closer and within normal viewing parameters the cloud had taken on the form of a beast with three heads and four tails and and four wings. An amalgamation of some divine inspired creation some might say, as for two guards keeping watch atop their towers at the airship dock they thought differently.

"Uhh… Kirimoto… You uhh… You seeing this right?" - Questioned the guard of the East facing tower.

"Well I'll be damned…" - Retorted the guard of the West facing tower.

"The Four Tailed Dragon" - They said in tandem with one another in a grave sounding voice.

The two men exchanged a look from across their towers, both paralyzed with fear and in complete shock at the sight of the cloud formation. The abilities of this beast of legend that they spoke of was known far and wide from an age when the only means of passing the story down was done orally, the light of the world was upon its wings and with a single ushering of them forward could rob it of that same light. In the eyes of the men this cloud formation was a bad omen, thus their reaction, but something occurred that they were not expecting. After touching the dock the cloud shaped chimera like dragon disappeared and in its place an airship now stood as if the two had been one in the same the entire, as if a trick of the light had gotten one over on these two experienced guards they rubbed their eyes bewildered by the sight of the ship and looked on in disbelief as passengers began to unload.

"Huh?.. You see that Kirimoto?.." - Rietsu asked rhetorically still in utter disbelief.

"What are ya talking about?" - Kirimoto questioned.

"The Kid! The damn kid on top of the ship! Wait... Where did he just go?.." - Rietsu said pointing out to where he had seen the boy.

"Boss will have our asses if he turns out to be holding…" - Kirimoto sarcastically added afterward.

"Don't even start. Let's go…" - Rietsu said, clearly to some degree annoyed by his partners lack of believing in him.

The men proceeded to leave their guarded posts in search of the human vessel that housed the Four Tailed Dragon before it was able to enter into Sukaigakure no Sato | Village Hidden in the Sky, the fifteen by five meter stretch of ramp that tethered the airship to the docking port quickly became filled by two parties closing in on one another from opposite ends. In the moment of their mingling with one another the men separated and began weaving in an out of the families and business personal alike, the two pair of eyes reminiscent that of a pair of hawk's quickly shifting their gaze between different forms of prey and as a result creating an air of uneasiness, their response only utter silence and an oscitant wide eyed blank faced expression on each of the passengers faces. This uneasiness eventually struck a wrong note with one of the guards so much so that he spoke up about it after meeting up with his fellow guardsmen just short from where what appeared to be the captain of the ship waving farewell to those that were previously aboard.

"Kirimoto... Did, did anything seem off about any of the passengers to you?" - Rietsu questioned with full uneasiness in effect.

"Unless you're talking about only having thirty-three of them then yea!.. The airships only permit up to twenty-five on board passengers excluding the crew... " - Kirimoto provided the statistics he gained prior to coming aboard.

"No not that!!! It's like... I don't know... Like, the people were not even aware that we were there, only.. Only that we were looking at them.." - Rietsu's voice cracking as he tried making his point clearer in a more flustered state.


"Ahh shut your pussy footing and go get me the passenger list from the captain!..  And while you're at it bring him over here, we have some safety guidelines to go over..." - Kirimoto commanded of his lower ranked partner whilst driving his foot into the metallic deck of the ship.

With their backs facing the direction from which they came and neither men having had looked once more in that direction they missed  a subtle light show after the passengers reached about the twenty meter mark, at this distance each of their presences ceased to exist and one by one ended with a streak of grey light shooting skyward. Having actually been aware of this light phenomenon Rietsu would have been saved from the shock that was in the act of being set in. Upon doing what he was told he closed the distance between himself and the captain, who remained transfixed in the same position that he had previously been in. Words failed to achieve what the Sukaigakure guard asked of the airship's captain and with already being in a flustered state Rietsu tried a more aggressive approach, attempting to grab the man's seen sent the guard tumbling to the floor.  One failed act followed after the other as Rietsu sat in even more disbelief than before at the fact that he had just fallen through what was thought to be the captain of the airship. The appearance nor actions of the waving man were hindered by the fall of the guard, this prompting him to reach out with his bare hand and in return learn that the appearance of the captain was nothing more than an illusion. In truth, this was just another trick of the light performed by application of another deal in the arsenal of the rising Fūinjutsu prodigy,  Setōshi Sōichirō.

"KIRIMOTO HE'S HERE!!! THE KID!!!" - Rietsu said pointing once more to the roof of the airship.

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Re: Black Out Series: The First of Many

Post by Setō on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:49 pm

Pt. 2

And just like that, the lowly ranked shinobi had started en route for a successful hunting game of cat and mouse between himself and the two individuals tasked with ensuring the safety of the village by standing guard at its most accessible port, the sky. Step one of three to any successful capture was the art of the distraction, by drawing in the attention of the target the second step of diversion can be implemented, but by the current set up of the individuals across the board it would appear that Setōshi wasn't quite ready to divert their attention Truth be told, he was having a bit too much fun at the moment at the guard's expense, if such little tricks meant for children could work on the likes of them then what else was held in store for the youth within the interior of Sukaigakure no Sato. Little games played as such commonly distracted the youth's mind from the harsh reality of the severity of the situations that he rarely placed himself in yet often found himself in, whilst never wanting to be caught toying with his opponents mind in order to learn more about his target's psyche helped pass the time and were well worth it whether it be through creating disturbing mental pictures or visual representations of entities foreign to this dimensional plain. All in all, in order to find out just what makes a person tick, blow up, go off the deep end and do something completely outside the realms of what they thought conceivable for themselves. That was the boy's end result and from the roots of his very development did it stem, the circumstances of his birth were unmatched at the current time and because of so Setōshi found himself finding more about himself in the way people reacted to him and his actions, how they feared him had become a favorite test when applied to combat situations as such.

Although a depiction of the grey haired jinchūriki had been erected at the spot atop the roof of the airship just prior to being pointed out by the fallen guardsmen, this was by all means not him in a physical sense, in truth, just another trick of the light and testament to the level of control that he has over his chakra to precisely apply shape manipulation and acquire the attention to detail that brought the three dimensional hologram to fruition. A product of his own design, the Tōton: Horoguramu no Jutsu| Light Release: Hologram Technique had become a versatile asset to his arsenal of Fūinjutsu that had long since been committed to memory. From a god's eye view it would have been noticed that during the time that the guards spent distracted by the passenger holograms the cogs of a plan in the works steadily turned within Setōshi's mind, the variables were ever present when dealing with such things, but if there was even the slightest route for success he would take the challenge. Upon one side of the hilt of the kunai that he had awoken with in his hand was the kanji for Sight ( 視界, Shikai), but upon the opposite was the kanji for Projection( 投影, Tōei), dually serving its castor for a purpose unknown until the guardsmen Kirimoto sprund into action in reaction to his companion's shout.  

"Hey kid! Stop your antics, you're coming in for questioning this instance!" - Kirimoto demanded right before springing into action by leaping up to where the boy appeared to be. Unfortunately, Like his fellow guardsmen Rietsu, Kirimoto too fell for the trick of the light of the and passed through the hologram of Setōshi, but the youth's fun did not stop there for as he passed through the hologram he seemingly disappeared from sight. Abnormal or even god-like eye prowess would have momentarily seen as during the moment the guard went through the hologram a kunai was seen having been driven into the steel of the roof, a key this was to the secret of the technique in the sense that it was in fact the very one that their suspect the grey haired boy was holding moments ago, but luck be not in his favor Rietsu did not and from what was becoming a trend he started to panic.

"Uhh… Rietsu… Rietsu, where are you?" - Rietsu questioned with a shakiness in his voice.

"I have no clue, I can't see shit! Little prick, we're definitely dealing with the jinchūriki of the Four Tailed Dragon…"

"HA HA ha Haha HA ha HA HA" - An unfamiliar voice erupted in a cynical laughter from somewhere deep within the ship.

"Those trapped in the dark, must play there part. Stand strong, stand tall, don't be nosy soldier or else you'll fall…" - It vocalized once again

The nature of the situation and sudden appearance of the laugh filled the air with a creepy feeling, one that drew the attention of Rietsu whose position on the deck of the airship was linear with the darkened entrance of the observation deck at the heart of the vessel, it was hear that the vocalized rhyme scheme seemed to originate. Although not out of respect to the instructions given, both men seemed petrified with their muscles frozen out of compete fear as to what might happen more. Scrambling to his feet, Rietsu conjured forth the help of a two clones of identical nature and charged the trenches guns blazing, in his wake a momentary silence before the screams of a tenor sounding grown man going soprano was heard. In the dark, Kirimoto sat frozen with fear at the unknown, his mind creating even more dangers than possibly present and with the warning given by the ominous voice he lay in conflict as to attempt to find and aid his partner.

*THUNK* *CRASH* *The sound of glassing breaking*

"RIETSU!!! Say something kid!" - Kirimoto called, yet no response was given.

"Damn it… Fuck it, I'm coming Rie–"

Not adhering to the words of the wise one that had spoken, this would be the last time that Kirimoto would be seen or heard from again after having gotten turned the wrong way in the pitch black environment created by the Fūinjutsu and fallen both off of the airship and off of the port of Sukaigakure no Sato | The Village Hidden in the Sky. All the while having been safely supported by exerting control over his chakra to keep him bound to the underside of the airship was Setōshi, yes the real one who after having knocked unconscious the guardsmen Rietsu in the captain's quarters made his exit outside in enough time to wave goodbye to Kirimoto as he plummeted to closer to the ground. Standing at five foot ten inches tall draped in a yellow dress shirt with accompanying hooded royal blue jacket and black cargo pants was the newest Genin within Sukagakure's military ranks, having packed lightly all he had to him was some ryo a few ninja tools and his steel toed combat boots. Unfortunate, far from it, less fortunate, maybe, but none of it mattered since where he was now was far better off than where he had came from and he would make sure to keep it that way. The nature of his upside down position sent his hair downward which unnaturally left it and his bangs that typically framed the sides of his face out of it, a luxury to those who aren't accustomed to constantly removing strands from peripherals and what not. Setōshi stood with his arms crossed partially to keep from his jacket from falling off of him and to express the attitude that he was having with the beast that was housed within him.

"See I told you, Four… Good and Bad exists in everyone, people.. Humans, aren't aligned to one specific nature at birth… The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, its what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are…" - Setōshi said aloud to no one but himself.

"Yes, I could have saved the guy from falling to his death, but just because I'm blessed with great power doesn't mean I have to exert an even greater responsibility… This is my life and I'm going to live it how I like!" - Emphasis of determination mixed with frustration were added onto his last statement, his overall state giving off the feeling that an escaped mental patient was on the loose. If this were only true…

Unique to himself among the even more unique group of individuals branded with the title of jinchūriki, was that the meeting place that the Four Tailed Dragon chose to communicate with its host was that of the natural world through the medium of his shadow, from the outside looking in those viewing him only saw him speaking to his shadow. Setōshi's eyes saw differently and on occasion drastically different, the greater the influence that the four tailed beast wanted to exert the more of its own humanoid appearance would show to him, thus typically an indicator of the severity of its message. It wasn't often that they communicated, although routinely the beast makes it its appointed duty to chastise him on actions and thoughts deemed unfit for that of a person who was truly good at heart.

Short as it may be the length of the Bijū's tenure within the body of Setōshi, the two appeared destined to teach each other something or two about not only each, but the world itself. For Setōshi the Four Tailed Dragon wanted at all costs to preserve the nature of his heart for it believed every heart to be born of true love and from it comes the nature of being good, although a positive trait to instill most of the time this is done in a forced manner through nitpicking and nagging at his actions which is where he finds the lesson he wants to teach the beast. Human beings aren't entirely good and aren't entirely bad either, but forcing any nature to come out is the wrong route to go. Trust in the free will of human beings, and allow nature to take its course. What the future held in store for the two was unknown, but a worthwhile read as the story of Setōshi Sōichirō unfolds.

"Wait... Why did I wake up on an airship?"

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Re: Black Out Series: The First of Many

Post by Setō on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:10 pm

Pt. 3

And just like that he realized, it had happened again… A loss of consciousness… Gaps in his memory… Only having had two prior throughout this lifetime, this instance made it the third time that Setōshi had suffered from a Blackout. What a series of unfortunate events that seemed to surround each of these phenomena, never did he awake in harm's way or injured by any means, but more often than not he awoke somewhere that he had not planned on making an appearance in and this act of being out of control of whatever actions that may have occurred is what left the boy in a frustrated state. Having arrived in Sukaigakure no Sato | The Village Hidden in the Sky had not been a plan of his, not that he had any plans for where he was supposed to be at this point in time, but still… The factor of the matter was that he was out of control at some point and that did not sit well with him. Although from the outside looking in he only conversed with himself, in truth there was someone on the other end, something deep within who tested at the strings of the relationship between the two.

"What do you mean, you brought me here? - Setōshi questioned what looked to be himself, but by the tone he used the questioned asked seemed more like a demand.

"Child of the Sōichirō, calm thy self. Anything done has been in your best favor, I would not do so else wise…" - A voice within his psyche spoke to his inner monologue, the outside world was deprived of such peaceful speech.

"You? What the… You… You know what, I'm not even surprised! You're always trying to sway me to do what you want, to do things the 'good' way… We have fucking talked about this!!!... My life is my own, no one is going to live it for me!!!" - Setōshi said with a flare of hands and gestures targeting his shadow, which in reality was his own personification of the Four Tailed demon Dragon that resided within.

"Calm thyself boy… I was not the one that let a man die today… That was entirely upon you, Yes, like yourself I could have intervened, but like you I did no such thing… Our faults are the same, good or bad… Don't turn this into something its not Setōshi…"

No sooner had the beasts words echoes within the realms of the boy's mind did a bubbling red substance begin to seep out from the pores across his body, without a true form the liquid flowed place around him creating shape out of a sinister chakra foreign to that of the Setōshi's own. As much as it hurt so too did it bring about feelings that he felt shouldn't even be in the same sentence, power. By the second he could feel it and he knew its source, but unlike of what he hoped, it did not come willingly but instead forced upon him and it was either he accepted it or allowed it to take over. And so he did, that sense of power fueled by the feeling of being hurt became the fuel behind his frustrations and continuously the construct of chakra around himself continued to grow before eventually taking on the outlining of a dragon with three heads and one tail accompanying its two sets of pairs of wings along its backside. If there had ever been a question to his status as a jinchūriki all doubts had been thrown out of the window, just outside the walls bordering the floating chunk of mass housing Sukaigakure no Sato | Village Hidden in the Sky was possibly its greatest threat that it could face in recent times. With the two guards disposed of for the time being who was arrive to see such a sight as was present? Sadly.. He was safe to assume no one, thus the sensations that he felt magnified considerably and the offspring of another ethereal tail like construct of chakra was just about completed.

"Bullshit!... And you know it!... You could have turned the light into a pillow, feathers, hell, a giant fucking gummy bear if you so wanted to, but you didn't!!! Yet, you feel the right to make use of my unconscious state to bring me here?... Fuck you!..." - Setōshi yelled in response, if he was not quiet enough surely someone would think something of the scene.

"Tsk tsk tsk… Poor child, have you not seen the blessings I've bestowed upon you? A new start, a new village… A new life!.. I digress… In time you'll come to support my decisions, for now… I must rest… Make the Village Hidden in the Sky your new home… And Setōshi" - The Four Tailed beast of legend spoke with a calm soothing timbre in hopes to ease the mind of the young boy.

And then, just like that, the universe seemed to send him a sign in the form of a positive omen. With being seemingly magnetized byway of his chakra to the underside of the airship nothing lay below him for thousands of kilometers, yet on the rise was that of another airship as it stayed at keep up with routine schedule that they all abide by when transporting passengers to and from the village. It was here that his mind dwindled down his frustrated state due to the sight of the guard who he had assumed to have fallen to his death after not having listened to the warning given by the boy. True as it may be that he let him fall the man fall to his death, it was not true that he relished in the fact of death. Each life was precious in his mind, but so to was each death when its time was due, thus he viewed the two equally if he did not have to cause either of them. The death of the guardsmen was not wanted nor did he attempt to aid in the process, in his mind it was just a tragically sad but true natural occurrence, thus when it came to seeing that he was passed out on the rooftop of the approaching airship the bubbling aura of liquid chakra seemed to absorb back into Setōshi's body. Silence had become the norm as neither party spoke for some time, but eventually, the host of the beast spoke up with apologies as the last of the foreign chakra disappeared from sight.


"Fine… I apologize, but that doesn't make me a good person and neither does him being alive… Shit happens, whether I can control it or not, but what I have the power to control I will…"

By the time of the arrival of the airship Setōshi had already made his way right side up and onto the bridge, his pace steady as he walked with the memory of what he had just left and the variables that he would be leaving behind. Each of the guardsmen had seen his face, but the question of the matter was if they would actually remember the lowly ranked genin who had taken out someone tasked with the first line of the village's protection. Surely the task was so great that it would be entrusted in the strongest of shinobi, but not always was the strongest also the wisest. A mindset he hoped not to have been taken up by the majority of the village, only time would tell… For now it would become the birth place of what will come to be known as his Festival of Lights, crossing the bridge was only the first step, passing by the unoccupied guard tower was phase two, if it were baseball he'd be rounding third whilst passing the gates entering ever closer into where the heart of the village was with each step, so to speak, home signified checkmate and the mischief mind of his went into work. Never was there the fear of being sought out while roaming in public thanks to the Tōton: Horoguramu no Jutsu| Light Release: Hologram Technique, with the snap of his finger or even as what happened now in real time the pulling over of his hood he could assume a new identity simply by a change of lighting creating the effect of a whole new person. When he wanted to be Setōshi was a calculated individual, with his competitive edge in the mix of that everything was a game to him, thus to be found out was to lose and he was not up for being found out unless it be by his own hand.

It would be some time before both guardsmen were found, the first being Kirimoto who after awakening from his plunge and landing up on top of the roof of the new airship, then falling off and unconscious and having to be woken by several concerned exiting passengers, could recall nothing past a certain blackness before being in the sky. Clearly as a result of his injuries, but Rietsu on the other hand remembered everything just clearly, and to be honest his story seemed plausible. Except up until the point that he explained what made him pass out. In his own words…

"A room full of dicks… Every size and shape… Every color and hue… Everything from the floor to the seating had a dick on it… A room full of dicks…"

[ E X I T ]


Tōton: Horoguramu no Jutsu| Light Release: Hologram Technique
Tōton: Teiden no Jutsu| Light Release: Blackout Technique
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Re: Black Out Series: The First of Many

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