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The Bird, The Ghost and a Journey [WIP]

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The Bird, The Ghost and a Journey [WIP]

Post by Ashura The Gluttonous on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:48 pm

Six years. Has it been that long? A voice had been echoing through the dark cave hiding in the abyss. Trapped for six years by the ghost of a man that had been watching over him for so long...


"Now now my pet bird you know that man no longer exists. So why call on him as if he did? Oh yeah....We are are one in the same now I guesss? I think you might be onto something." The dark figure slowly stepped into the burning light of the bird, eyes glaring into the fiery soul of the bird," But I guess me keeping you here isn't very friendly now is it?," the chains, binds and seals fell to the ground as the bird began to spread its wings to destroy the cave. Unlucky for that bijuu, the man had other plans. With only a fraction of the time, the male had jumped into the face of Tyrion punching not once...but twice before laughing," We've been at this for six years my friend. You still try and kill me, I beat you down and then we talk. So how about it? Are we on the talking phase yet? After I spent all this time teaching you a few handy skills to get your revenge on the floating village. Did you hear that it still sits in the sky despite your-," his voice cracked and contorted for a moment until a simple pat on his chest quelled it," Easy now tiger, your body is mine now. While you might be in here mentally, i'm calling the shots Mr. Ashura."

The fallen Kage.

Those six years the ghost of wars past sat in a crystal that kept the village floating. One of these days the three would return to the village simply to see if it had grown since then, or maybe to find a grave that never existed. Someone had surely been thinking of the dead brother, but that was for later. This was the now and he wanted to see something. Looking the bird in the eyes he smiled and patted the chakra based feathers for a moment," Have you ever wondered what revenge tasted like? Its really bitter and grows more with time. Before you know turns to bitter wine. You were even around during my time in the spot light, i'm sure you don't remember our battle but I do. Oh you blazed and burned but alas...I defeated you," The bird recalled only few warriors who had defeated him by themselves. One of black locks, but this man...was it? The bird settled down and breathed a few times before chuckling," A puny mortal..but your eyes show a grudge as old as the village itself. What is it you wish to obtain from chaos child?," the bird once large changed into a single human like entity.

The male chuckled and shook his head for a moment recollecting his many years," Chaos is the worlds most base form, simple and pure. Why do you think the world changes ever so. When it does, chaos is right behind. Why do you think when something such as war happens there is always such a drastic change to the world? At first it was clans...Now villages...maybe its time to return to the primal days? If a child clings to their fantasies will they ever grow?," he let the bird ponder on that before walking away, his hands scrapping along the wall as he whistled. To his left emerged a single woman and to his right? A child. The two were reborn as his but his plans weren't ready. If he was going to reveal himself he would do it in quite the spectacular way. But first? His home required a small visit.

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