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Uchiha Shutara

Post by Shutara Retsu on Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:05 pm

• Name:  Shutara Retsu no Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: The Mask
• Title: The Burning Cloud
• Age:  22
• Gender:
• Sexuality: [heterosexual]

• Height: [6ft 1]
• Weight: [135 lbs]
• Body type: [ Toned, Samurai like]
• Eye colour: [black]
• Hair colour & style:[Black, Short]
• General Appearance:

Uchiha Shutara may well be viewed as  the very definition of  blandness. It is a matter of opinion if one were to consider him a lady killer. This one cares not for such things, or so it may see,. There is now a certain degree of normality, a pinch of ordinary and as far as looks are concerned the man appears to be average at best. So what has changed this time round, compared to the usual arrogance of a Uchiha? The Shinobi is seen to be more conservated in appearance, despite possessing certain unique traits onto himself. His eyes are black in color like your typical Uchiha, with a look of malicious innocence within them. Shutara stands at six foot one inches tall, boosting an average frame or body mass, albeit a toned one worthy of a Shinobi. He has no piercings, though he may well grow his hair and have it as a pony tail in the future. Or he could go for a wild look, but at present he had struck a perfect balance between the neatness of the gentleman and the rashness of a temperamental creature. Whatever said creature may be. Shutara has short black hair, and depending on the mood, it may be sported in the usual spiky hairstyle.

In terms of clothing or attire if you will, Shutara sports a mixture of black and grey Shinobi attire. He wears a black hodded top with long sleeves covering up his arms. He also wears a pair of grey fingerless gloves on his hands. And between the long sleeved hoodie and his gloves, his entire arms are covered up by his attire. A grey flack jacket is usually sported over his hoodie top. And beneath this flack jacket is the hoodie and underneath his hoodie top is a short sleeved fishnet topc. The flack jacket also covers up portions of his shoulders, although not quite an armor plate. The hoodie top also extends down to his thighs, with the material folding over itself to create a split. What this does it prevent the garment from obstructing Retsu's movements. As such parting his legs and the like is as easy as breathing. Or better yet it would come as easy as walking around  in his birthday suit. His black pants are somewhat baggie. Shutara also wears grey leg warmers on his legs that covers up a portion of his black shinobi sandals. A grey and black Anbu like mask is often sported by the man that is Shutara. In essence he wears nothing fancy except for the normal Shinobi gear.

At times of causual wear, the man is sometimes seen sporting a normal black t-shirt with black pants and black sandals. At these times he sports no gloves or leg warmers, unless he deems them a necessity. He also sports a long dark green overcoat with black and red patterns all over it. He is a fan of weaponry, and may often be seen carrying a sword and the like.

• Markings: [Beautiful Smile]

• Persona:

Shutara can be a very cunning and calculative person at times. He is also very perceptive, often picking upon things very quickly.  A sensitive person, which at times can be too sensitive. This is in relations to his comrades and what have you. The man can also be extremely thorough as well whenever he does something. Shutara Retsu as he is often called is also the responsible type that you can rely on to follow through. This ranges from following orders, even disobeying them when necessary or promoting tradition in a sense. The Shinobi works very hard to accomplish whatever task is given to him. There is no mountain that he can't climb, that's the way he is. Shutara can also be very obnoxious and at times demonstrate a definite lack of manners. The Shinobi however tends to set out clear goals for himself, mainly for those things that he'd like to accomplish. Once this is done, he generally thinks up ways in which to achieve these goals, which is generally by any means necessary. The man will even look to compromise in some situations, but not very often. He is also loyal to those around him and expects to be shown loyalty when necessary. Another aspect to Shutara's personality is that he can be quite merciless too. The Shinobi can be seen as unstable, often grinning, seeming to take pleasure is battle.

Shutara is a shameless tease, some will describe him as a troll that holds nothing in high regards apart from the things that affects him. As said before he is very perceptive of everything around him. He finds it quite easy to make an assessment of those around him. What makes him truly remarkable is that he is very determined, realistic, and original in his ideas. And can easily turn a theory into a plan that works well for his peers. Shutara is also very opened to the suggestion of his peers and is willing to heed their warnings. He also takes nothing for granted and can find it a little difficult to trust people. Shutara Retsu is also not the type to sit back, he is very action orientated in his ways. Apart from his relaxed nature, the man can be very assertive and outspoken. The Uchiha is all about balance and discipline too. Prepared to be as patient as ever in order to get what he wants. The Shinobi has a rather perverted mind, not to mention his love for women. Shutara can and will appreciate a fine body any time of the day. He can be as defiant as they come depending on the situation at hand. Some may go as far as saying he has dual personality. The calmness and patience of a Nara, and the brutal, merciless and brashness of a Inuzuka. He has perfect balance, using what is suppose to be his weakness as an advantage.
When its all said and done, he is not adverse to comedy and ending up in comical situations.

He can be very light hearted at times, reflecting on his persona. A man that is most difficult to pin down, a true enigma among the people. Taking after his father, the man is an excellent strategist, can be quite lazy at times too, but takes pride in carrying out his duties.

• Motto: Screw it all.

• Likes:

Peace and Quiet

• Dislikes:

Ugly People
Too much Rain
Cock Roaches
Being Hungry

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Increased Movement Speed
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user moves so quickly they appear to be a blur to the untrained eye. The are able to move with speed most ninja can only dream of attaining. The user gains +20 Speed.

  • Name: Increased Hand Control
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is able to weave handseals much faster than the average shinobi. Their hand movements are barely visible to the untrained eye and with far greater dexterity. Complex seal sequences are more easily memorized, and even the most complex of jutsu can be performed with relative ease. The user gains +20 speed.

• Rank: A-rank- Jounin
• Elements:Fire-Katon, Water-Suiton, Lightning-Raiton
• Specialty:

  • Primary-Ninjutsu
  • Secondary-Genjutsu
  • Secondary-Bukijutsu/Kenjutsu

• Clan: Uchiha, Dojutsu and also specializes in arrogance.
• Bijuu: No, but can I have one?

• Strength: 40
• Speed: 100
• Durability:40
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Hyozangakure (That cold ass village)
• Parents: Alive
• Siblings: Two older brothers and one younger sister
• Mentor & Idols: Family
• History:

The night was dark with the moon acting as the ruling light. It was a full moon on this night, the air was still, but a certain chill lingered within in. Below the canopy of the heavens, the stars looked on and aligned themselves with grace. The darkness of the night indulged in the affairs of men. Mirroring their hearts desires, taking no sides. Since the representative of ying and yang, good and evil was a spectator. The darkness in the assailant's heart had a reach much further than the defender. Its reach was like the never ending skies, and if one wasn't careful then their life would end. The light on the other hand was like the light of the full moon. It played a central role, managing to keep the darkness at bay with the help of the starts. The stillness in the air was interrupted by a icy breeze that brushed against the body. A wicked caress like the embrace of a serpent without warm. A constricting feeling on the soul that didn't want to let go of anything within its grasp.

The creatures of the night was out in full force, they seemed interested in what was unfolding before them all now. Snakes slithered in the grass, moving swiftly through the leaves that littered the ground. The night's owl shifted its gaze searching for prey. Meanwhile the wolf pack moved throughout the plains with cunning jest. Despite all of this going on, something else was happening. A certain something that was of outmost importance indeed. Below the canopy of the heavens, metal clanged against each other. The aforementioned metal being Kunai blades and Shurikens. A pair of Katana's danced through the air swiftly as if attempting to cut the clouds in the heavens. Equally though, a pair of Katana matched these blades without fault. The wolves howled as the owl flew from its branch, its flight as silent as the night should be. Its talons outstretched before grabbing hold and snatching away the mouse that scurried across the floor. The wolves on the other hand celebrated their kill before moving to devouring flesh and quench their thirst with blood. Still though, a battle was ongoing. Hand seals were formed expertly and in a swift manner.

"Katon! Gyokyaku no Jutsu!". Chakra was gathered chest puffed out before a ball of flames was released with great intensity. The flaming ball raced across the ground, burning up the pavement leaving the earth scorched. In reponse though, digits intertwined, danced and shaped themselves with purpose. "Suiton! Suiryudan!". Water materialized in the shape of a dragon, its gaping jaws swallowed up the ball of fire, causing steam to rise up in the area. There was a forest behind the combatant that released the ball of fire. This combatant being the assailant and the wicked one in all this. And standing in his way was the protector, a man seeking to shield his family from all calamities.

Behind such a man stood a tall structure, a home, a tower of sorts that housed something most precious to him. As the battled raged on, inside the tower a woman most beautiful, albeit looking the worse for wear was laying down. Her dark brown hair sitting loose on her shoulders. Sweat dripped from her forhead, she was almost there. Her fangs beared as she screamed out in pain, a medic on hand giving her instructions. The mother to be was most defiant, courageous, loud and obnoxious. But her sheer beauty allowed her to get away with verbal murder at times. Blood soaked the sheets, placenta, waters and all the ugly things of child birth came forth. In the midst of it all and with one final push, a baby cried out. Its echo was music to its mother's ears. However this cry meant something totally different to the man playing the role of the guardian. The sound of the newborn crying gave the man chills that ran up his spine. He now had something to protect. And with all the calamity taking place in the world, he had but one mission.

This mission of his was codenamed "protect my family" at all cost no doubt. He was now motivated to do all that was in his powers to protect the life of his son. This man, the father was of the Uchiha and the mother also of the Uchiha. A strange mixture for a certain reason, being that they came from different worlds, but the heart cannot always help who or what it takes to. The fire within the father of the new born grew in intensity, carrying purpose. They collided with their target and in the end defeat was swift. A great deal of effort went into protecting his family and he was victorious. Not wanting to waste time however, the man quickly left the scene. The man accelerated into the tower and up the stairs. By now the medic had cleaned up his beautiful wife. The baby boy laying down by her side as the man burst through the doors. He came to a stop as tears welled up in his eyes. One could tell he was a proud father and his every effort into protecting his own was worth the trouble. The baby boy laid still and next to this baby boy was another child. A sibling, since they had given birth to twins. However, each sibling would no doubt have to tell their own story and so it was. With the birth of one Shutara as he was named. The father and mother took their new family home so that they may be better protected. Time went by and Shutara came of age, a young boy of seven years of age. By this time his parents began training him in their ways. During this time Shutara was given lessons in what it meant to be of the Uchiha.

In any case, as Shutara grew up he started learning more and more about the calamities that took hold of the world. And so like his parents, he too chose a path and made a decision to return the world to a functional state. His work may well prove to be most difficult, but he was no quitter at all. By the time Shutara was fourteen he had already mastered most of the Jutsus that his parents taught him. It consisted of rigorous training, especially by his mother. Where the old man was more refined, his mom was more beast like. Shutara however was a mixture of both, both in style and in persona too. In time the youngster was beginning to venture out, taking on missions that would no doubt help in returning things to normality. He took on an array of different tasks that would benefit the people. He was steadily growing in prominence among the people. He and his wolf pack was becoming more known among the people. He was thought to be fearless, a boy of great skill that wasn't afraid of working hard to achieve his goals. As for his rank and place in this world. Shutara's skill level had placed him above many others. His cunning and general intelligence made him a force to be reckoned with. That and he had the skills to back it all up too. Throughtout his time, Shutara met quite a few interesting people.

In his life time, the man met a certain individual along with his brother at the same time. Already armed with the three tomoe Sharingan. The stranger ended up being their adversary. Suffice to say the battle ended with the death of Shutara's twin brother. The experience was devastating and truly heart breaking for the servants of Hyozangakure. This event somewhat changed Shutara, while through cause and effect awakened a new power within in. He was now a Shinobi seeking revenge on this stranger and he eventually got it. Now for the man, its about improving relations with his distant relatives. Bridging the gap between himself and the Uchiha of a certain other village. His work continues.

• Roleplay Sample:

A most delicious tea was being brewed, steam rising up and the sweet aroma filling the room. Persons belonging to the same family and bloodline scurried about in the morning. The sun had risen over two hours ago, but it was still quite cold. This was the climate they lived in. And sunshine was often a rare occurence for all those involved. However, whenever the sun showed itself, Shutara always showed his appreciation. Snoor he did while sleeping away at home. The Shinobi almost paying no heed to the footsteps outside his door. A knock came, the door having be tapped twice. The person whom did it moved on, having decided to give up. The task of waking sleey head was passed on to another more annoying source.  One who specializes in annoyance, without fail. Shutara was one to sleep in a little, especially after a long night of doing nothing. In came the annoying little sister, tip toeing while on her mission. A mug filled with water was in her hands. This one had one very simple intention, and that was to wreak havoc. Without even faltering one bit, she opened the door to Shutara's quarters. She wasted no time in dumping the water all over his head.

Shutara woke suddenly sending his fist flying, although accidentally uppercutting himself. The force from the punch knocked him out cold, sending him into another slumber. Much to the annoyance of his younger sister, the man was once again asleep. She grew with anger with each passing moment. His left hand rose up with her palm opened and down it came. The hand of the Kunoichi clashed with the face of the one Shutara. Once again the man woke up, sitting up out of sheer surprise. His face stinging while his cheeks were red. "What the hell are you doing you whore of whatever you are?!?!?!". Shutara was furious, but it did the trick anyway. His younger sister in the mean time scampered off having accomplished her mission. Meanwhile in the other room, his family burst into laughter, having already imagined what took place. The Uchiha picked himself up, his arms reaching for the ceiling. A yawn followed while the man scratched the back of his head. A most exasperated sigh was released, for it was a new day for him. Wasting no time the man proceeded to brush his teeth, meanwhile scratching his left butt cheek once or twice. His morning wood soon subsided and luckily it did too. He could have easily ended up in a rather embarrassing situation.

Following his ritual of keeping fresh. The Shinobi got dressed and joined up with the rest of the family. Breakfast was served and away they went eating and filling their stomachs. The laughter was quite something, but it was overtaken by an overwhelming sadness within Shutara. For this was his birthday, which meant it was also the birthday of his brother that was killed. A most bittersweet moment, and looking around. The uchiha could see that his family was trying desperately not to think too much. All he could do now was honor his brother and make him proud. He was certain he was watching on from the pure lands.


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