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Bau Yuki(FIN)


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Bau Yuki(FIN)

Post by Bau on Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:40 pm

• Name:  Bau Yuki
• Nickname / Alias: God-Killing Archer
• Title: [special title?]
• Age: 26
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Bisexual

• Height: 6’1”
• Weight: 135
• Body type: While not massively built, his thinner frame hides a surprising amount of muscle behind it. It’s built, with the low body fat making him look more built then he is.
• Eye colour: His eyes are amber colored; almost golden.
• Hair colour & style: His hair is an abnormal green, with his hair usually being long enough to go down past his eyes. He always wears his hair down, only cutting it if it gets in the way. However, as long as it doesn’t actually block his eyes, he usually stops it at the nape of his neck.
• General Appearance:
• Markings: While not exactly markings, if one doesn’t identify him by his hair; one could identify him by his elongated canines. He’s a unique breed of genetics. Not to mention, he does have a tattoo. It goes down his back and indicates a bird of prey flying in to catch a mouse.

• Persona:
"Just because I have speed; it doesn't mean I don't pack a mean right hook."

He's a sardonic individual at heart. He's deeply cynical about things, and doesn't understand why anyone would hold back ever. Chances are you'd die, and no one would be happy with the outcome. He holds the fact close. He will never hold back on anyone, not even for the sake of training. He knows how dangerous being a ninja is; and on top of that, he's an outcast to one of the most dangerous ninja clans in the world.

His sardonic nature has gotten him into trouble before, nothing he couldn't deal with. However, due to his entire nature, he's quite cautious when he does certain things. Especially when said things will effectively be in front of tons of people, since he has slight bias against large groups of people. Larger groups can catch him easier, as he doesn't exactly hid himself well. He tries, but his entire look doesn't exactly scream subtle.

• Motto: “Just because I have the speed to run away, doesn’t mean I should.”

• Likes: Cigarettes
Staying away from the fight
Practicing his aim
Preforming tricks with his knife
• Dislikes: People Escaping from him
People who can't let up
Being treated like an animal
People who won't let his green hair go
People who refuse to think in situations that are considered Dire.

• Special Characteristics:

  • -  Name:  White Walkers
    Rank: S-rank
    Requirements: Yuki DNA
    Type: Physical
    Description: Members of the Yuki Clan are much faster than other shinobi, most people believe this to be due to their unique DNA or even their Ice Release, and those people would be partially correct as this speed stems from their DNA, but is not connected to their Ice Release. When Yuki move rather than simply seeing a blur like with most Shinobi who move at that speed, people see what appears to be a white streak blitzing through the area at high speed (Purely Cosmetic difference), thus reulting in people giving them the title 'White Walkers'. Those with Yuki DNA gain +80 speed
    Open to the public: Those with Yuki DNA only

    Name: Increased Movement Speed
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user moves so quickly they appear to be a blur to the untrained eye. The are able to move with speed most ninja can only dream of attaining. The user gains +20 Speed.

    Name: Increased Spiritual Force
    Rank:  C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: The user has trained their chakra circulatory system extensively, and is now able to mould their chakra to greater effect, producing more powerful jutsu than the average shinobi. They are able to expend chakra faster and with more force than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Chakra.

• Rank: S
• Elements:[same as below]

  • • Primary: Ice
  • • Secondary: Wind
  • • Secondary: Water

  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty: [What type of jutsu you are skilled in]

  • • Primary: Bukijutsu
  • • Secondary: Taijutsu
  • • Secondary: Ninjutsu
  • • Tertiary: Iryou
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan: Yuki
• Bijuu: No

E-Rank: 10 total stats
D-Rank: 70 total stats
C-Rank: 140 total stats
B-Rank: 210 total stats
A-Rank: 280 total stats
S-Rank: 350 total stats
SS-Rank: 420 total stats

• Strength: 70
• Speed: 200
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 50

• Village: Kazan
• Parents: Mother: Dead/Father:Dead
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: Himself.
• History: Not many are sure where the Green-Haired archer came from. He can tell you, but figures it pointless. He has no one who he's still connected to family-wise, and his nature makes him very few friends. Such is the nature of a man like Bau; who's been hurt more then once and thereby lacks the ability to properly trust people. Now, to get the question out of the way, his green hair has come from a family line of people who have genetically modified themselves, and he's the end result. It's almost like he's a longitudinal  study of what genetics can produce.

As far as he's concerned, he was a fairly...average kid. Sure, some longer teeth and some fancy hair, but he wasn't so different from the others. He looked different, and was only somewhat good at using a bow at eight. He had hunted with his father whenever they could, so he was used to taking the life of animals. This made him a tiny bit above in the ruthless department compared to most kids. His ruthlessness went about drawing attention. This attention made him want to get stronger. He got better with the bow, and by ten, he was considered a prodigy. A scary prodigy, a terrifying prodigy but one who doesn't actually know much that isn't hard work. He practiced for years.

When he was 10, he became a genin, and he was efficiency incarnate. Doing missions that should take three hours in an hour. He was racking up missions faster than most. It was as though he didn't sleep, since he'd take missions at every hour, sometimes more then once. The truth was he slept at incredibly strange times, since he wasn't one to waste time. He slept just enough for each missions, and then went out on another one, it was a cycle that should've destroyed his body, if it weren't so carefully calculated. It's not like he wasn't eating. He ate at exact times of the day to keep going.

It's guessed he did around 150 missions in the first year as a genin. This would gather as much attention as anyone, since the young boy, at 10, was doing a terrifying amount of missions with terrifying efficiency. When the chunnin exams happened, he got to the semi-finals with a boy named Noet.  Bau was taken out by his opponent, who had kept the range game in his favor instead of Bau's. As Bau watched Noet deal with the last guy, he had to admit. He was impressed by the guy, he was strong. Not that it mattered, as Bau was risen to a chunnin anyone and swiftly forgot most about the man named Noet.

While he was a chunnin, it was largely uninteresting. He did missions and went through the motions. He was a chunnin for roughly four years,  and became a jounin after doing solid work for the entire time, without a failed mission.  When he became a jounin, he started taking missions involving hunting people. At 15, he was quite good at hunting people, and for 6 of the following years, he treated it much like hunting animals.

There was an important event when he was 22. It was the hunt of a lifetime.

Bau was hunting an ex-hunter ninja. He had been entrusted with finishing it in one shot and ending the problem forever. So, that was the plan. At least, that was the plan until the arrow that went into the mans chest didn't kill him. Or the second one. Or the third one. It was at the fourth one that the man had gotten close enough to attempt to catch Bau.  Thankfully, Bau is rather fast, a good bit faster then basically any other ninja.

There were a select few that were faster, and most of those people blew him out of the water anyhow. So, he took confidence in his speed and it proved proper, as he was dodging back and able to pierce the legs of the ex-hunter ninja. The ex-hunter ninja decided to rat out his friends for reasons Bau still doesn't understand. However, Bau now knew exactly where his new targets were. Off the record, of course. He wasn't going to admit that the hunter ninja was a rat.

He went back to the village with the still-alive hunter ninja to hand him in, and went home that night.

He had a nice nights sleep, and when he woke up, he was ready. As he got to the door, he put on his black hat and coat, a trademark of what he wore to every assassination. It was put on in such a flourish that one would think he's trying to piss someone off; and for once he wasn't.

He took his time walking to the hideout, situated in an old sauna that used to be ran by an old couple. He noticed two guards, so he took care of them first, leaving the front unguarded. Not that they had any control over it, Bau was a monster with the goal to take care of the people here. Originally, he was going to go through with an intense show of force, but then he heard yelling from inside, and stopped. He put his ear to the wall.

"A buddy of ours went missing, and you just happen to come around? You think we buy that. What? You're the daug-"

A thud against the wall could be heard as well as fighting. Bau stood his ground, not moving in yet. He heard a few more thuds before a thud that sounded lighter was heard, and then the untangling of a belt. The struggles of a woman as her wrists were bound behind her. If there was every a time to move... it was now. Bau kicked open the door, nailing two of the people in the place with a swift death.  He then took two others out, before throwing his bow to the wall, and closing the door behind him. They held the girl with a knife at her throat.

"We'll kill her. It's simple. You back off and we can part ways just fine. You wouldn't hurt an innocent."

Clearly they had either misheard stories about Bau, or simply just didn't know of him. Bau bowed, taking his hat off and holding it to his chest, before standing back straight and placing his hat back on.

"I'd much rather not have to go full speed, so if you'd please just sit down and give the lady over to me, I can arrange for your swift arrests. Unless you'd rather die, then I can afford to do that to. It's not like I'm here on record. I could kill all of you, including the girl, and walk away just fine. However, I'm not a piece of shit." Bau spoke, as calm as day. He leaned against the wall, counting that it was, at this point, four on one. Five if you counted the girl.

These odds weren't in his favor, but it's not like they needed to be. He was quite fine with these odds. Bau, the green-haired bastard, was going to earn his name this day. He dug one of his butterfly knives out of his pockets and starting doing tricks with it, waiting for them to make their choice. They held the girl a little closer and nicked her neck with a knife. Bau sighed, took his hat off, and placed it on the ground. He then took his coat off, and placed it over his hat.

He launched at a speed they clearly weren't expecting, and by the time the guy holding the girl was dead, the rest were finally reacting. Not that it helped. Each of their throats were cut in record time, and he went to crouch by the girl.

"You're the, well, new owner of this place I guess? You know how to properly set the sauna, cause that'd sure be nice currently."

The girl was aghast. This man had taken out 10, if not more, people and saved her... and he was just wanting a free sauna treatment in return? That... was surprising to say the least. It was the least she could do, as she went and got it prepared. The night ended as he sat in the Sauna and took a nap in the same building. When he got up, he felt relaxed and ready to take on the day.

That was a fairly average day in Bau's life, all things considered.

It's been years since that event, and he became a sannin in that time after being recognized for his skills in the art of hunting and his skill with the bow.

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Re: Bau Yuki(FIN)

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Approved, although please keep in mind that advanced elements do not count as Primary, Dominant or Secondary Elements. "Elements are also ranked by Main, Dominant and Secondary just like Specialities. In order to learn an Advanced Release, at least one of its Base elements must be Main or Dominant." That is direct from the Specialties and Element Rules.

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