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Masume Enkotashi


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Masume Enkotashi

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• Name:  Masume Enkotashi
• Nickname / Alias: Enko
• Title: Cursed child
• Age: 22
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Greysexual

• Height: 6’3
• Weight: 182lbs
• Body type: Muscular, Lean
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style: Black; Neck length with a bang between his eyes and a bang framing each side of his face.
• General Appearance:
Initial jinchuriki form:

His pupils turn orange and the sclerae turn black. His skin turns red with two yellow lines, that start as one at his hairline, running down his face. His nails and canine teeth grow longer and sharper. Masume's hair also turns blonde and grows to chest length. He maintains this appearance in the version 1 cloak.
• Markings: Tattoo on left arm

• Persona: Masume is a strange mixture of innocence and experience—on the one hand, he is a strong and dedicated fighter who is not easily fooled into trusting others, but on the other hand, he displays a child's guileless. He's torn up almost to the point of tears when his only friend dies. It's only through that friend's that he finds the courage to seek his own place in life. Having grown up in seclusion, Masume finds the outside world to be a somewhat bewildering place. The crowds in Kazan are much bigger than what he's comfortable with, leading him to walk the roofs to get to where he's going. The center of this new world is undoubtedly Raiki, the tailed beast sealed inside of him, who threatens to take over his body should he ever show weakness in the face of danger. Masume is often at odds with Rai's rude behavior, despite this Raiki is his biggest motivator, even more than Kenji. Due to his harsh childhood Masume has no tolerance for bulling or the belittlement of others. While he can take jabs at his own person in stride, Masume will definitely become aggressive when he perceives anyone he calls "friend" to be insulted or treated badly.

Having spent a lot of time alone he's grown to enjoy it. While there are many sounds that annoy him, Masume fully enjoys the sounds of nature. Being a man of few words his frigid facial expression tends to scare off and/or intimidate others. Although he's probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Also the kindest, Masume constantly gives of himself to others. Despite his lean frame Masume has a bottomless stomach, no food is too good for him. During his unattended time Masume learned about and befriended many animal and plants. Calling him astue would be modest as the male is abreast of myriad knowledge.
• Motto: “Wisdom, Liberty, Morality.”

• Likes: Nature/Animals/Food/Being alone/Silence

• Dislikes: Injustice/Laziness/Noise/Bullies/Killing

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Negative Emotion Sensing
    Rank: A
    Requirements: Nine Tailed Bijuu
    Type: Emotions
    Description: This Special Characteristic can only be used by the jinchuriki of the the Nine tailed Beast. It allows for the Jinchuriki to sense any Negative emotions coming from another character. This is not like mind reading so it does not convey what the negative emotion is about just that it exist. (Free SC for the Jinchuriki)
    Open to the public: No
  • Name: Increased Strength
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: Through intensive training and physical conditioning, the user has become stronger than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Strength.
  • Name: Increased Spiritual Force
    Rank:  C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: The user has trained their chakra circulatory system extensively, and is now able to mould their chakra to greater effect, producing more powerful jutsu than the average shinobi. They are able to expend chakra faster and with more force than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Chakra.

• Rank: Chunin
• Elements:

  • • Main: Wind
  • • Secondary: Earth
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty:

  • • Main: Taijutsu
  • • Secondary: Fuuinjutsu
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan: None
• Bijuu: Nine tailed wolf


• Strength: 30
• Speed: 40
• Durability: 40
• Chakra: 30

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Unnamed mother - Unknown
Kenji - Father - Alive
• Siblings: Unknown
• Mentor & Idols: Kenji
• History: Born in a small community on the outskirts of Kazangakure to a Senju mother and a clanless father, Kenji. Masume was treated badly by the neighbors because they had heard about the Senju clan's attack on Iceburg. Being a tiny ninjaless community traumatized by ninja wars and bijuu, they sought to make him feel bad about himself so that he'd never learn to use his clan abilities. While he did not inherit abilities from his mother, who had never been a shinobi, therefore the neighbors didn't know that she was capable of using her clan element. They also didn't know much about his father's parents when they moved to the village, so when his mother ran off (to be with another man) they assumed that the boy inherited mokuton from his father and the mother couldn't bare to near them any longer. Even though Kenji's family had originated in this small community. Kenji's father was four at the time of the three clan massacre in 1021, therefore being spared along with Masume's mother's parents. Being orphans his grandparents were allowed into this community because they didn't appear to be shinobi (because they weren't). The current residents don't know this because the history of their community had been lost while they were fleeing from bijuu and ninja villages.

It all began one spring afternoon, Masume was begging for an apple, which they had none of. They weren't very wealthy so he'd have to wait until the next time his father went into town. But as a child of only four years he threw a tantrum, in order to get him to shut up Masume's mother grew a tree. Unbeknownst to them a member of the community had taken witness and went to report the child, as the person had not seen his mother there with him. The prospective leader wanted to banish the family but the interim leader said no, causing a total uproar in the community. The prospective leader refused to change his mind so the neighbors did the only thing they could, they tormented and abused the boy. Kenji taught Masume to ignore their hateful comments and name calling. When he was five, Masume was badly beaten up by some of the other kids in the community. He told his father he had fallen down some stairs, but Kenji knew better. Shortly after he enrolled his son in the ninja academy in Kazan, even if he didn't want to become a ninja the boy would learn to protect himself. Masume was secretly excited to join, he had seen older kids and even some his age proudly wearing their village headbands while practicing their taijutsu during the times he went into town with his father.

All the while Kenji was working and Masume was at school, his mother had been going to Kazan to meet a man. He was edgy and free, having grown tired of her quaint life he was exactly what she needed. He informed her that he wouldn't be staying in Kazan for much longer and she needed to make a choice. As much as she hated to leave her son, she feared that the child would drive her new man away. Besides Kenji was a more than capable father, having convinced herself she it was best not to bring Masume she disappeared with the man. Masume never understood why his mother had left but Kenji convinced the boy that they'd meet again someday. Determined to show his mother how much he'd grown and how strong he'd become Masume devoted himself to training. Just five short years later Masume was promoted to genin.

During one of his many trips through the wilderness, Masume went unusually close to King Heat. While exploring the volcano Masume came face to face with one of the great beasts. The most powerful in fact, the boy thought for sure that he would be killed but the beast simply ignored him. Of course he thought that this was extremely strange behavior, especially after being told how vicious and blood thirsty they all were. The boy's curiosity got the better of him causing him to attempt befriending the animal. Once he'd accepted that he wouldn't get a rise from the wold Masume began training as he had originally planned. The beast could see the boy had potential but lacked conviction and "accidentally" fell into giving him tips. The jealous kids from the community, who weren't allowed to join the academy and followed Masume every time he went to train also followed him this day. Though due to their untrained bodies it took a while for them to catch up. They couldn't believe their eyes once they'd procured a safe hiding spot; a giant red wolf laid behind Masume as he fought.. himself!? If it wasn't for the odd heat that shouldn't have been there since the volcano is dormant the kids would've spied more.

By they time they'd gotten back to the community it was late and their parents were worried. The first thing out of their mouths was how they saw a bijuu, the neighbors quickly decided to hunt it down. They figured they would kill the beast before the Kazan ninja came to seal it, killing Masume in the process would just be a bonus. Gathering what weapons they had, the neighbors trekked up the volcano; Of course by the time they got there it was pitch black and Masume was preparing to leave. The beast, being able to sense their ill will, fled. The boy tried to reason with the neighbors so they wouldn't go after it but they began to surround him, it was then that he realized they planned to kill him and blame it on the beast. Masume was more angry than scared but he would never raise his hand to his comrades. The bijuu wasn't completely evil so it chose to protect Masume, not to mention it had been secretly watching him during his other training and had grown attached.

The bijuu had come back just in time to block the neighbors' attacks, growling at them and swinging its' tails it was going to kill them all but Masume wouldn't let it. "You fool!" It spoke, shocking everyone present. Now determined to annihilate them all, including Masume, it began releasing it's lava, luckily some Kazan anbu showed up. One created an earth wall around the neighbors while another tried to fight back the lava with water; A third hid his presence while preparing the sealing technique. As they fought it was impossible for Masume to get from under the beast, all the moving also hid him from the third anbu, who had completed the jutsu and went to place the seal. Should it land on the bijuu the beast would be trapped in a sealing gord, summoned by the first anbu with the thirds approval. In the event that the seal is placed on a human that human has to form a flat  dragon seal with their thumbs, separate but pointing at the user. The anbu flying through the air having no control of where his body would go if he got hit, was slapped away by one of the beast's tails. As he fell his palm came in contact with Masume's left arm.

The bones of the anbu's legs had perforated the skin when he landed, they didn't have enough time for him to heal himself and try to seal the beast again. Noticing that Masume had the seal on his arm and was looking at the fallen warrior, the anbu formed the seal hoping that Masume would copy him. Paralyzed by fear the boy sat there frozen; The wolf had taken care of the other anbu, sensing that the third anbu was still alive his attention was diverted from the neighbors. He thought it best to eliminate the real threats first, raising a paw his claws sliced through the anbu. Masume shut his eyes, knowing that he was the only one that could stop it now, he put his hands together conjuring all the chakra he could muster. Suddenly the beast was gone, only Masume remained, unconscious, surrounded by a pool of lava. His father, who had gotten the anbu, rushed over scooping his son into his arms. The boy's skin felt like it was on fire, Kenji rushed him to the hospital.

No matter what they did the doctors couldn't wake the boy. They assured Kenji that he would wake once his body adjusted to the bijuu. Masume slept for two days and three nights, on the third day he awoke good as new, he was released later that afternoon. On the way home the boy and his father stopped at a small restaurant for dinner, it held only a handful of people but the food was exquisite. The erstwhile customers gone Kenji locked the doors and turned of the lights, confusing Masume. He followed his father up a flight of stairs in the back of the restaurant that lead to a small apartment which Kenji explained was now theirs. Since removing the wolf from Masume would kill him the Kazankage compensated with this business and home. The follwing five years had been great for the restaurant but Masume's training had become somewhat stagnant, he had to train one hundred times harder than his peers. The once advantageous wolf was pissed and brooding, it had become unpropitious except in confrontations. Regardless Masume was able to reach chunin.

During one of the most important missions of his career, Masume was provoked by an enemy. The nine-tails knew the antagonist struck a nerve and was determined to break free. Kota, his best friend and teammate, tried to allay Masume but the bijuu's influence was too great. The assailant engendered the initial jinchuriki form, being the closest to him Kota was struck first Masume went after the adversary next. The third member of their team tried to heal Kota but couldn't do it alone, he had to wrest Masume away. Masume harked back seeing Kota's bloody dying body, he tried his best to help his friend however it was futile. Kota's swan song absolved Masume's obligation to serve Kazangakure. Allocating himself from the village for five years, soul searching, until some of Father's sycophants recalled him to active duty. It's been two years since then, Masume now assays to surmount his fiend.

• Roleplay Sample: Nah b.

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