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Secret Sword Bakuzan


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Secret Sword Bakuzan

Post by NMH on Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:44 pm

Name ;; Secret Sword Bakuzan
   • Rank ;; S
   • Price ;; S-Rank Gear Token
   • Material ;; Molybdenum, Primal Icestone (1 Material To Be Added)
   • Power ;; 2 (5 Total / 2)
   • Durability ;; 4 (8 Total / 2)
   • Description/Abilities;; This is the legendary blade of the Kiryuin household. It has been passed down to the best Kiryuin swordswoman for generations and currently resides with Satsuki Kiryuin. Legend says that this blade absorbs the soul and chakra of its past masters once they pass away, strengthening the blade each time. The blade is approximately 44" long and the blade is pure-black. The hilt is a dark-grey color with white bandages wrapped around it. The sheath is snow-white. The blade functions with a speed and strength equivalent to the speed and strength of the user.


• Name ;; A Sword By Any Other Name
• Rank ;; S-Rank
• Requirements;; Bukijutsu (main spec), Secret Sword Bakuzan, Kiryuin offspring.
• Description/Abilities;; This is a passive ability of Secret Sword Bakuzan which grants the blade unparalleled cutting ability in the correct hands. Due to the sword's unique ability to absorb the soul and chakra of it's deceased masters, the power of the user is dramatically affected when in the hands of a Kiryuin offspring. The blade enhances the strength and speed of the wielder by two times and the blade's strength and speed are equal to the user's strength and speed. To activate this, the user must channel an insignificant amount of chakra into the handle of the blade to "confirm their worthiness" to the souls within the blade. Once confirmed, the effects of the ability are applied for x-amount of posts up to 5. The cooldown period is equal to the same amount of posts it was active.

• Name ;; A Woman's Contradiction
• Rank ;; A-Rank
• Requirements;; Bukijutsu (main spec), Secret Sword Bakuzan
• Description/Abilities ;; By utilizing a small amount of chakra, Kiryuin can cause Bakuzan to create afterimages and foreimages of the blade during a swing, making it difficult for an opponent to discern the exact position of the blade. The moment from when the blade is seen and is actually struck is about one total second. This causes an opponent to mistime their block/parry/counter-attack as they would believe the blade is striking earlier/later than it actually will.

• Name ;; Insatiable
• Rank ;; A-Rank
• Requirements;; Bukijutsu (main spec), Secret Sword Bakuzan
• Description/Abilities;; Utilizing a small portion of her own chakra, Satsuki can control the length of Bakuzan up to 40 feet. The blade feels exactly as it did when it was its original size when in the hands of a Kiryuin. The blade reverts to its original size if it enters the hands of anyone that isn't of Kiryuin descent.This uses chakra for every post it remains a size greater/lesser than its regular size (44").

• Name ;; Screams of the Kiryuin
• Rank ;; A-Rank
• Requirements;; Secret Sword Bakuzan, Kiryuin family member
• Description/Abilities;; This is a passive ability of Secret Sword Bakuzan. When unsheathed, the souls of the Kiryuin swordswomen within Bakuzan shriek in absolute terror, haunting the opponent. This may cause confusion, annoyance, and impairs their ability to fully analyze their surroundings as their hearing is occupied with the screams of terror. The Kiryuin wielding the blade cannot hear the screams and can silence them with the command "Silence!" The power of this ability is 4 and it's grip is 4.

• Name ;; Lend Me Your Strength
• Rank ;; A-Rank
• Requirements;; Secret Sword Bakuzan, Kiryuin family member
• Description/Abilities;; With this ability, Satsuki can call on the power of her deceased ancestors stored within the blade. This increases her strength, speed, and chakra by 30. However, once the 4 posts have elapsed, Satsuki must pay her ancestors back for her sacrifice, decreasing her speed, strength, and chakra by 15 for a total of 5 posts. This ability can be cancelled at any time, decreasing the payback length (if used for 1 post, payback length is 2 post, for example).

   • Appearance ;;

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Re: Secret Sword Bakuzan

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