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Kiryuin, Satsuki


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Kiryuin, Satsuki

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• Name:  Kiryuin, Satsuki
• Nickname / Alias: The Lance of Longinus
• Title: Sannin
• Age: Twenty-Seven
• Gender: Female
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 5'5"
• Weight: 125
• Body type: Built / Athletic / Lean
• Eye colour: [colour] Black
• Hair colour & style: Black / Long / Straight
• General Appearance:
• Markings: N/A

• Persona: Satsuki is an incredibly serious, stern individual who values authority above all else. She has an incredibly analytical mind perfectly fit for combat and war strategy which she attributes to her countless days spent playing Shogi with her father. She is a firm believer that the word of a higher up is law and should be obeyed above all else, no matter the extent of the request. Satsuki also has a fearless demeanor and speaks in a constant authoritative, serious tone to those around her.

Satsuki despises disorderly people. She can't stand any sort of imbalance, actually. A dirty room for example, drives her crazy. It's almost a weakness of hers. She also cannot fathom the idea of wearing shinobi armor. Instead, she wears an outfit that has been handed down to the women of her family for generations.

• Motto: "Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world."

• Likes:
- Coffee
- Meditating
- Reading
- Eating
- Training

• Dislikes:
- Disorder
- Official shinobi attire
- Sleeping
- Disrespect
- Ignorance

• Special Characteristics:

    Name: Increased Movement Speed
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user moves so quickly they appear to be a blur to the untrained eye. The are able to move with speed most ninja can only dream of attaining. The user gains +20 Speed.

     - Name: Increased Strength
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Description: Through intensive training and physical conditioning, the user has become stronger than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Strength.

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements: Wind / Fire / Lightning

  • • Primary: Wind
  • • Secondary: Fire
  • • Tertiary: Lightning

• Specialty

  • • Main: Bukijutsu
  • • Dominant: Genjutsu
  • • Dominant: Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary: Iryo Ninjutsu

• Clan: n/a
• Bijuu: n/a

• Strength: 80 (+20 SC)
• Speed: 210 (+20 SC)
• Durability: 10
• Chakra: 70

• Village: Hyou No Kuni
• Parents: Kiryuin, Omo (Father) / Shusets, Aika
• Siblings: n/a
• Mentor & Idols: Omo, Kiryuin
• History:

Satsuki Kiryuin was a single child born to a family with a history of distinguished swordswomen and war strategists. Her father, Omo Kiryuin, was a simple merchant man who owned a general goods store for the entirety of his working life. Her mother, Aika Shusets, was a housewife ever since Satsuki had been born, busying  herself with taking care of the household. Along with her mother and father, Satsuki also lived with her grandmother, a retired swordswoman from an era long-since forgotten.

Growing up, Satsuki had very little freedom. Since her birth, her future as a proud master of the sword had already been decided, much to her mother's chagrin. While Aika didn't approve, she knew that a war with history was a losing battle. Satsuki had the blood of warriors coursing through her veins and they'd manifest themselves sooner or later regardless of the efforts she would put in. As such, from the moment Satsuki was old enough to hold a blade, her grandmother had begun training her endlessly. Their routine was grueling and merciless, only stopping for dinner and for the arrival of her father from the general goods store he managed.

Other than training her body, Satsuki was also subject to molding her mind to that of an experienced battle veteran under the leadership of her father. As soon as he'd arrive home from his work day, Satsuki had to play her father in a game of shogi, followed by tutoring on war strategies. The men in her father's side of the family had always been top shelf strategists, but seeing as how Omo and his wife had been cursed with a single child, it became imperative that Satsuki master both the blade and battle strategy.

Due to the constant training and pressures placed upon her shoulders, Satsuki developed an incredibly serious attitude with a fearful respect of authority. She never had the chance to go out and play with the other children and even in the academy she never made any friends. Her severe lack of social skills led to absolute minimal interaction. Her stellar grades, coupled with her closed and serious demeanor, led to many of her classmates spiting her. This didn't bother her, seeing as how her entire life so far had revolved solely around training and making the Kiryuin family name proud and respectable just as her ancestors did before her.

Satsuki's talents as a shinobi vastly surpassed those of her peers in the academy, but her lack of familiarity with other humans besides her family proved to be a significant knock against her once she graduated and was placed into a squad. Despite her overwhelming talents, she was consistently failing to communicate with her squad mates and often times projected a "holier than thou" demeanor as a result of her authoritative personality. Still, with the help of understanding teammates and sensei, she was able to overcome many of her social shortcomings.

It wasn't long before Satsuki ascended to the rank of Chunin seeing as how she far surpassed those around her in both combat ability and understanding of the battlefield. Her skill grew more and more each day, allowing her talents to shine bright. Her father and grandmother were exceptionally proud of her (although they'd never show it), while even her mother had come around to supporting her as a shinobi.

As a Chunin, Satsuki grew at an exponential rate due to her constant stream of precarious missions. Her leadership abilities thoroughly impressed her superiors, allowing her direct promotion to Jounin after about three years as a Chunin. It was around this time that the talent of Satsuki's peers began to catch up with her own. She was now surrounded by individuals who were as strong, or even stronger than she was. However, rather than breaking her resolve, it only strengthened her will. She began training and studying even harder than before, extending well into the nights and early mornings.

After a near decade at the rank of Jonin, Satsuki's resume was nigh unparalleled. She had done plenty for the growth and reputation of her village, her name ringing through the shinobi world as one to be respected. She even earned herself a nickname, "The Lance of Longinus," for her ability with a blade that was rumored to be too much for even the gods to handle. On her birthday of her tenth year as a Jonin, Satsuki ascended to the rank of Sannin -- an honor only held by two others within Hyou No Kuni. It was an absolute honor for both Satsuki and her family, but her resolve would not stop there. Her goal was to be at the top -- to surpass all who have passed and all who currently reside among the living. She wanted the name "Satsuki Kiryuin" to live forever in the same types of books her father had read to her long ago.

• Roleplay Sample: The serene waterfall, chirping birds, and abundant greenery all painted a stock photo-esque image of nature's beauty. It a perfect spot for Mokuro to camp out and rest for the rest of the night. Without hesitation, the man of twenty-nine years plunged into the lengthy river and began bathing. He washed away the dirt of his daily travels and recollected his memories of the last few days. What exactly am I doing? he thought. It was times like these when Mokuro would participate in acts of self reflection, often reminiscing about his younger days training under Master Fuu. The longer he thought about it, the larger his grin grew. He had only fond memories of Fuu. He had taught him almost everything he knew when it came to being a man, after all.


Mokuro's peace time was quickly interrupted by an unknown intruder. "Who's there?" he squawked. He got no response. The well-seasoned master of Taijutsu stood in silence before quietly activating his Byakugan. Immediately, four bodies were identified. Hopping out of the river in crude display, Mokuro entered his Gentle Fist stance. "Come out!" he yelled. The entire scene was quite ridiculous -- a man with the Byakugan ready to fight with no clothes on. The hidden shinobi could do nothing but laugh. Taking Mokuro for a fool, they attacked him head on.

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Re: Kiryuin, Satsuki

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Hiya Mokuro!

I'm afraid that at the moment there are no Sannin positions available in Hyozangakure due to them all being filled. References as to which are currently open can be found Here.

Also, if you continue planning on creating a Hyozangakure affiliated character, you will want to familiarize yourself with the official Hyozangakure Timeskip Thread, found Here. This is heavily suggested as otherwise your characters history will likely be heavily out of place with the current plot and likely lead to a lot of headache both in and out of character. Feel free to PM me with any questions, as always.
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Re: Kiryuin, Satsuki

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Approved! Welcome to Crisis!

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Re: Kiryuin, Satsuki

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