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A few ideas


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A few ideas

Post by Hideki on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:29 pm

Good Evening Everyone,

I was reading around the forum, and I noticed a few things I wanted to see if others noticed as well.

Endurance seems to be more about taking one hit (tanking as it put it) without taking much if any damage. Its more like a single use item you get, rather than a stat that effects gameplay at large. After reading it, that's how its purpose comes off.

With strength, each time you punch someone, or slash a sword, throw a weapon, its used to calculate the power, while endurance isn't calculated against that, but against the sum total of everything. (As noted before the "before injuries set in")

With Chakra, it doesn't make much sense, if someone can say, tank a B rank jutsu with little to no damage, does that mean C-E have absolutely no effect on them? (given the same set of variables).

Would it be possible to change endurance to something akin to durability, especially since durability would be considered in equal weight to chakra. Such as

If your durability is 30% or higher than opponents move, poison/effect (like burns, electrocution etc) take 5x times as long to affect you. It also reduces the total damage by 10% (so in reality it becomes something like 40% when said and done)

Further more, we could combine this with elemental knowledge, such as, if hit by a jutsu that is of an element you know, automatically add 10% durability to it (so 30% becomes 40%)

I think having a stat that equates to a one slot use, rather than something like chakra or speed, where you keep using it, over and over again makes it a little underwhelming. Which brings me to my other suggestion

(Yes I am aware you can dump in endurance, but it doesn't solve the "one hit before injuries" sets in)

Why not give a little boost to endurance based on your rank, something to offset it all

Genin - +10 to endurance
Chuunin - + 20
Etc or however you would like to work it.

Finally (slightly different note)

We have a set of villages, I see a topic of village exclusive things, I'd like to suggest village stat benefits

So, lets say in total, they give 30 points, some villages can spread it out, others can have it as a dump. Just a tidbit, they can only go in sets of 10 (or if you would like, a village special characteristic) Just to give some added flavor and diversity

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