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Hyozankure - Hideki Yuki


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Hyozankure - Hideki Yuki

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• Name: Yuki Hideki
• Nickname / Alias: Enti
• Title: Frost Walker
• Age: Thirty Two
• Gender: [♂]
• Sexuality: [bisexual]

• height ;; [Five feet and eleven inches]
• weight ;; [one hundred sixty four]
• body type ;; [Samurai Build]
• eye colour ;; [Brown]
• hair colour & style ;; [White with a pony tail]
• appearance ;; [Picture Above]
• markings ;; [anything else]

• Persona: [[With low value in himself and inexplicably high standards set for himself, Kouzai is hunter and prey, darkness and light, a crow with broken wings that beats himself up for not being able to match a falcon in the skies. Living in imperfect balance between good and evil, choking in a sea of gray shades, Kouzai somehow finds enough strength to not only keep on walking but to laugh, to joke, to play and to train...though in many ways he does all of it in ways that are unconventional to the world around him. Whether through madness of deception Kouzai speaks in riddles, cryptic and inappropriately referring from anything ranging to blood, death, gore, mortality, ethics/morals to more light hearten subjects such as camaraderie, friendship, loyalty, duty, honor and courage.

Quite often he blends both, leading to much enjoyment at the expense of confusion of those around him. Lunacy or otherwise, his personality tends to lend him to be sort of a spymaster, utterly obsessed on the accoutrement of knowledge regardless of quality or worth, he also roams the village while making his home in a variety of cramped safe-houses that are renovated out of abandoned structures to suit his own purposes, often stashing various intelligence he has personally acquired which he keeps in a strange arrangement to make outsides who might uncover such to be hopelessly confused by the haphazard order they are kept in. While Kouzai can appear to be strange, creepy, unhinged, manipulative and a loner, Kouzai in fact deep down desires a close relationship with someone since the passing of his foster father. He dedicates the entirety of his craft, the labors of his training and his absolute loyalty to the village and anyone who is an ally. The darker side is that all whom are enemies, all who turn their backs on the village, wish it harm, flee due to fear, they all will not perish but continue to suffer under his many sinister blades.

"Pain, suffering, all enables happiness in this life, it gives meaning to the fleeting instances of joy that we experience. Happiness without pain is hallow, void, utter emptiness. Pain without joy? The fate of our enemies...Kekeke."

Highly intelligent, very hardened to pain and trauma, Toyohisa Kouzai is a near-pitiless agent who's sole ethics are malleable to meet the demands of his village and by definition, family. His quirks often alienate him from society but with some nurturing, he could make a fierce and terrifying agent of shadows that other villages might fear...or he will be reduced to a gibbering mad idiot dog of incomprehensible logic to be put down.]
• Motto: [What was that]

• likes ;; [Cold, Rain, Honey Tea, Ham, Blacksmithing]
• dislikes ;; [Heat, Sunny Days, Coffee, Vegetables, Gardening]

[size=14]• Special Characteristics:

  • -Name: White Walkers (Clan)
    Rank: S-rank
    Requirements: Yuki DNA
    Type: Physical
    Description: Members of the Yuki Clan are much faster than other shinobi, most people believe this to be due to their unique DNA or even their Ice Release, and those people would be partially correct as this speed stems from their DNA, but is not connected to their Ice Release. When Yuki move rather than simply seeing a blur like with most Shinobi who move at that speed, people see what appears to be a white streak blitzing through the area at high speed (Purely Cosmetic difference), thus resulting in people giving them the title 'White Walkers'. Those with Yuki DNA gain +80 speed
    Open to the public: Those with Yuki DNA only

  • - Name: Elemental talents - Ice
    Rank: C
    Type: Chakra
    Description: The user has natural talents with their dominate element, attacks with that element do one rank more damage the other jutsu of the same rank. Only C rank and lower. (only applies to dominate element)

  • Name: Minor Raiton Resistance
    Rank: C
    Requirements: Cannot have minor Futon Resistance
    Type: Physical
    Description: Provides the user with minor resistance to raiton techniques. Only C rank and lower. Only affects his body, not his jutsu's.
    Link to data sheet: (Credit to .ShinShin Kaguya For the idea)
    Open to the public: No (must ask permission to use)

• Rank: A
• Elements:

  • • Primary:Wind - Hyouton
  • • Dominant:Water
  • • Dominant:

  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty: [What type of jutsu you are skilled in]

  • • Primary: Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary:Kenjutsu
  • • Secondary:Fuuinjutsu
  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Clan: [Yuki].
• Bijuu: No

A-Rank: 280 total stats

• Strength: 40
• Speed: 40 +80 from White Walkers = 120
• Durability: 60
• Chakra: 140

• village ;; [Hyozankure]
• parents ;; [Mother: Koun Yuki - Alive, Satoshi Yuki - Dead]
• siblings ;; [None]
• mentor & idols ;; [None]
A storm is born

Tashiro Yuki was born in the Ice Country high in the mountains where the snow fell like it was rain. Both of his parents came from the Yuki Clan. His mother Kuon was known for her beauty. She had the brightest eyes of any clan member in the past. His father Satoshi was one of the oldest and wisest members left in the clan. During the time of hunting those with a Kekkei Genkai, Satoshi took his family high up in the mountains to escape the dangerous hunt. He would rather face the weather than a group of murderous ninjas.

A storm is Brewing

Hideki begun his ninja training at a very young age. At the age of five, His father was already instructing him on how to toss shurikens, senbons, and kunais. He started him off with the easiest thing wanting him to be able to protect himself if they were found on top of the mountain. His father always put his family's safety first. Dropping most morals when teaching his son. He created a vigorous training schedule for Hideki. There was nothing, but free time on the mountain. Every second of his life was full. When he wasn't training with his father. His mother taught him other skills in life. How to cook, play the flute, tracking the enemy, ways of gathering and remembering intel. His mother was a master of gaining intel sometime using her beauty to go deep behind enemy lines.

By the Age of ten, Hideki begun to show great pride as being a member of the Yuki Clan. His ability with Ice was double that when his father was Ten. The snow was second nature to him being able to track animals easily through the snow. It was how him and his father hunted for through family. Climbing down the mountain looking for un-excepting deer, hogs, or bears. Any meat was important for storage in the mountains.

Before Hideki's eleventh birthday, A horrible thing happen that would change his life forever. Two missing-nin made there way to the top of the quiet snow top mountain. He watched his mother die right in front of him while his father sacrificed his life to give him time to escape. His father never cut ties with his best friend Kenta who was Jounin of the Ice country. It was that day that his hatred for Missing-nin blossom.

Hideki reached the village at age eleven being the youngest Genin among the village. He was rather quiet his first couple of years. The only time others heard him speak when speaking to his superiors. However, He never turned them down when asked to spar or train. He dedicated majority of his time trying to better himself. If he would have been stronger he could have protected his family. He was never going to let others take away things he consider precious again.

A storm is on the Horizon

The age of thirteen was his best year since his parents were murdered. He became the youngest Chunin of the village. He even gained the attention of the age and ANBU leaders. It was the first time he used Ice release in front of the Village. He had been able to keep the secrets of his background to himself. To keep a closer watch on Hideki and the secrets of the Kekkei Genkai, The kage appointed him into the ANBU. It was a great honor and place for him to hone in his true skills over the next couple of years. He could use his clan abilities to his full potential without hiding them.

Kenshin was checking to see if I could be the ANBU captain, here is another RP sample in case

A storm of Redemption

Hideki stayed in the shadows for eight years picking up the nickname Enki among the ANBU members and village. The nickname came from his fierce control of the elements. He was a dangerous storm that could freeze or drown his enemies. It wasn't until he was twenty-one that he took his first step in the direction of achieving his goal in becoming the leader of the Undertaker Squad. He was appointed into the Hunter-Nin Corps with the status of Jounin. He took the hunting of missing-ninjas completely serious. With each kill and mark-out in the Bingo Book, He felt like he was making up for not being strong enough to protect his parents.

Enki racked up a nice number over the last six years. He took out thirty-six missing nins that belonged on the Bingo list. When he wasn't hunting down missing nins, He could be found around the training grounds. Being apart of the ANBU didn't allow him to have a team. However, He did enjoy training the young genins of the village. He considered them a weakness that he wanted to make stronger. The village was only as strong as its weakest link

• Roleplay Sample: The winds whipped around the Sanro, the three heads were surly howling in today. The loss that filled the air was palpable, through no tears were shed. The icy wind shed enough tears for everyone. The Land of Iron had lost one of its great Samurai, and those who knew it gathered, while the remainder sat in silence, pay respect and homage to him and his skill. It was short and brief, only mentioning two important exploits of the Samurai. Kouzai was here to pay respect along with his master. His master sat upfront, an honored guest at a funeral was no easy task. He knew the man, but the details, Kouzai didn't know. Trudging back down the mountain, it was even colder, the wind finding every small way into your body it could, as it blew up the mountain. Bitter and sad some might say, Kouzai just found it annoying, he never liked coming up here, it was either for a funeral, or for training. Each of the Sanro, wolves, held a specific purpose in Land of Iron, a cultural and traditional route that was followed to the extreme. Kouzai was not allowed to wait for his master, as final respect were paid by those who were higher up than he.

He was to meet his master at another point along the wolves, he had hoped to learn more from his Master to truly know the ways, and deal with his family once and for all. Kouzai wanted to become a Samurai perhaps the same as some want to become Shinobi, strength, power, respect and prestige. Though Kouzai knew the basic's, he wanted to expand his abilities, to reshape them into something profound. His master was perhaps a living legend in Iron, he had various titles and epitaphs. The one that Kouzai was drawn too was the "Leviathan's Fang". Named after his legendary sword, it was said his swings could create tidal waves and level cities. Kouzai wasn't sure if that was true, but he knew that this man's sword was created by one of the legendary Blacksmiths, it was pristine, perfectly balanced, sharp enough to never be sharpen. Yes, the legendary sword.

As he came upon the mountain training grounds, he bundled up a bit, to fight back against the cold and waited the arrival of his master.]

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Re: Hyozankure - Hideki Yuki

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