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Name: Swimming
Rank: C
Requirements: N/A
Type: Physical
Description:Some people are born with a natural ability to just swim, so while they are in water, they move faster naturally. +20 Speed.
Open to the public: Yes

Name: Improved Swimming
Rank: B
Requirements: Swimming
Type: Physical
Description: On top of a Natural born Affinity for swimming, training is stacked on top giving a +40 to speed.
Open to the public: Yes

Name: Advanced Swimming
Rank: A
Requirements: Improved Swimming
Type: Physical
Description: Those with the training and Natural Born affinity for swimming took their stuff to the next level, this grants a +60 speed.
Open to the public: Yes

Name: Olympic Swimming
Rank: S
Requirements: Advanced Swimming
Type: Physical
Description: This means you are one of the best swimmers in the world, you are at home when you are surrounded by water, + 80 Speed.
Open to the public: Yes


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Re: Swimming

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