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Get Off of Me You Stupid Mutt (P, Training, Complete)

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Get Off of Me You Stupid Mutt (P, Training, Complete)

Post by Garnet Rose on Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:46 pm

Garnet would be the first to admit that becoming the Hyozankage hadn’t been too kind to his mental health. Ignoring all of the carnage he had to wade through in order to get to the top and claim his position at the head of the Hidden Iceberg, he frankly was having a bit of anxiety issues mostly caused by the position as well. Sure, he could put off the trade issues as something that couldn’t be fixed by worrying over and simply dealt with over time. Perhaps the reconstruction of the village council due to many of them having perished in the attacks wasn’t something he could really do much about. But if there was one thing he knew that only he could stress about, it was himself.

Garnet knew that he had a semi decent repertoire of jutsu under his belt. After all, if he hadn’t at this point he would be a very, very dead man. However, every day he couldn’t help but have the sentiment that it wasn’t enough. That no matter what he did or how high he might believe himself to be at the top of the ninja world there were people out there equal to if not immensely stronger than him in not in power than in skill. That alone was enough to cause him worry. How could he protect his village if he couldn’t even protect himself? It was one thing for the Kage to work alongside the village, but they were supposed to be the one that was relied upon when the gates of hell opened and guardians were called to defend what was theirs. He couldn’t afford to be a weak ruler, both in policy and in strength.

This branch of thinking is what caused him to set up a giant study in the small mansion that he had afforded himself after obtaining the rank of Hyozankage, which was conveniently close to his offices and often patrolled by lower rank nin due to the higher ones being assigned to the village borders. Of course, he tended to have at least one ANBU in the general area but that was besides the point. At the moment he was in his study, a large whiteboard containing the names of many techniques, both self created and made by others. The worst thing was, he expected himself to learn all of them.

“Urgh, how am I going to do this.” Garnet muttered under his breath. Creating a list of techniques he wanted to learn was a great idea, however in hindsight he wished that he hadn’t been so ambitious because at this point he already had over thirty different techniques to learn. That was only counting the ones written on the board, he had quit after going through all the manuscripts on simply two elements. Even so, he couldn’t just say it was too hard and just not do it, he couldn’t afford that luxury for himself. No, today he would train till he dropped and learn as much as possible. Some may say that the one stance practiced a thousand times is stronger than the thousand practice once, which was true, however the world of ninja demanded versatility and Garnet refused to become a one trick pony due to lack of technique to draw from.

Grabbing a few of his manuscripts which he had drawn the techniques from and requipping them into the space he could draw from if he needed a reference later he stepped out of his study and from there his house, locking the door behind him before taking to the rooftops. A few villagers were lucky enough to see the red blur as he dashed past, rose petals trailing behind him as he blitzed off to a nearby training ground in order to get some good practice in.

A few minutes later he arrived, kicking up a bit of dust and snow as he stopped suddenly. Giving himself a bit to take in his surroundings, he noted with pleasure the lake a few meters to his left, as that would be a good source to draw upon for water techniques. However, he would be doing himself a disservice if he chose willy nilly. Instead opting to go down the list, he picked the first which he could remember without even calling it back to his hand. While people often downplayed the usefulness of D rank techniques Garnet had to admit that it was quite useful to learn them from time to time. That was evident in his current three choices, those being the Body Flicker, Hiding in Water and Hidden Mist Technique. While these would normally work well anywhere two of those techniques were invaluable in Hyozan simply due to the abundance of water and fog which tended to appear due to their location. For him to have not learned it at this point was honestly quite laughable and he needed to remedy that rather shortly.

Garnet found that of the three the Body Flicker seemed the most simple to execute, so he opted towards doing that one first. Surging chakra around his body and feeling it purr in response like a well oiled engine or perhaps a tiger readying to pounce he formed the seal of confrontation, more for his own benefit than it being actually needed for the technique, before dashing forward in a whirl of snow and roses towards the other side of the field. Needless to say he rocketed forward at high speeds before eventually catching himself on a tree, causing it to crater upon impact. Mentally he made a note for himself to be careful when using the technique. At this rate he was going to be moving as fast as he would with the Chidori, he would have to make sure that doing so wouldn’t end up with a very dead Garnet. Even so, it was heartening to have him grasp the technique so quickly even though it was a very basic one. He moved on to the next technique.

After a mental coin toss Garnet had decided on the Hidden Mist technique, more for it fitting the jokingly made saying of “Village Hidden in the Spooky Ice” that he had heard recently through the rumor mill more than anything else. Hey, who was he to not indulge his whims? Going through the steps in his mind, just as he had done previously, he began to circulate chakra through his system again. This time however, he drew upon his core to change it’s nature, making it more fluid, kind yet ferocious if taken too lightly. That was what was water, or at least it’s essence in chakra. Once again he circulated this natured chakra throughout his body, making the seal of the half ram with his left hand while raising his right as he had seen others do it before. “Hidden Mist.” He muttered under his breath while emitting the chakra throughout his body, causing a heavy cover of chakra saturated mist to obscure his surroundings. It was nice for a bit in the way that it swallowed up the world and all of his surroundings, but after a few seconds he forced himself back to work.

“Face the wind!” He yelled out of habit before swinging forward, the Wind Wall rocketed forward and forcing the fog out of the area allowing him to see once again. He mentally congratulated himself on the invention of that one, it was rather useful for situations like this. Letting it blow one for a few more seconds he dismissed it as well, now leaving the clearing barren of any signs of his techniques save for the crater in the tree. Ah well, the entire place would probably be absolutely trashed by the time that he was done anyway. There was a reason why he employed genin on d ranks after all.

Moving on to his final technique under the rank of D, Garnet allowed himself a few moments to stretch before beginning the Hiding in Water Technique. Once again a rather simple premise, at least in concept, this allowed a ninja to perfectly blend themselves into water by emitting water natured chakra before sinking down, masking their presence unless a sensory ninja was actively looking for them. Grateful for the presence of the nearby lake Garnet soon found himself standing on the surface of the lake before taking a deep breath and sinking below the surface, circulating water chakra throughout his body while holding the tiger seal.

As he sank below the surface Garnet opened his eyes, seeing the world through the slight blur that was everything below the surface. Nothing in the lake, as he had suspected, however there was quite a bit of interesting looking rocks and plants floating around. Eventually both him and his lungs decided he had enough and he broke for the surface, taking a big gulp of fresh and air wiping the water out of his eyes before emitting an intense heat from within in order to resist hypothermia, feeling himself dry off in mere moments. While a certain fuzzbutt might be a pain in the butt, it was certainly helpful to have him around from time to time.

“I heard that.” A voice sounded from nowhere and Garnet jumped backwards, immediately his armor and claws upon him in a flash of light. He scanned his surroundings but found nothing to be the source of it. A hearty chuckle sounded again and Garnet’s eyes narrowed. “You think that skimpy outfit you call armor could protect you from me? Please, no wonder people are mistaking you for a girl every now and then.” Now Garnet had a rather good idea who it was at this point, both from the tone and the information he knew. What a pleasant surprise. He closed his eyes.


Instead of looking at the back of his eyelids Garnet found himself once again in that coliseum, however with a notably few differences. The first being how the emperor's box, where he was currently standing, was much more lavishly decorated with banners and golden regalia adorning it. However he also noted that down in the arena, where the seven tailed sphinx himself glared at him, the iron net that kept the beast from pouncing upwards and ripping his throat out was glowing a malevolent red. He grew concerned.

“What’s this?” Garnet asked, not bothering to do with any pretense of camaraderie. They both knew that they weren’t friends with each other, merely two people in a partnership that they couldn’t get out of even if they tried. To do so would certainly mean bad things for the both of them, so they shared information when they had to. However despite this partnership the bijuu had been silent for the better half of a year now, it was rather odd for him to decide to go ahead and break his silence. The sphinx opened its mouth and began to speak in it’s deep and regal voice.
“Good to see you too, you punk.” The cat growled, although it didn’t seem to be nearly as hostile as it was in the past. “Thought I might at least get a how do you do with the way you’ve been sucking up to those merchants.” If cats could smirk Pharaoh would certainly be doing it right now. “Heck, I'm surprised that you haven’t given head to get ahead yet.”

“Shut up.” His voice carried power and the net surrounding the arena sparked with electricity, threatening to unless their full voltage at the flaring of his anger. The bijuu snorted dismissively. “Don’t pull that power game with me, we both know how that would end up in the end.” The cat raised it’s paw and licked it for a few seconds. “On to business then, I was going to wait as long as possible to tell you but it seems that your seal had some other ideas. Currently it seems that the rest of my power is being siphoned into your system as per how that accursed artifact had been engineered. As such you may be experiencing, shall we say? Yes, fun side effects. Some of which may include flooding of my own chakras at inopportune times, such as rather soon based on how this is going for your little net, along with perhaps some biological ones after transformation. Yeah, your little shrinking phase? It ain’t natural, that’s for sure.” The sphinx seemed to enjoy the confusion and anguish on Garnet’s face. “Sorry kid, not much I can do for you here. All jokes aside, you better prepare yourself. I'm not dying because my idiot host can’t control my power and ends up going berserk.” The cat turned around before pulling a ball out of yarn from seemingly nowhere and beginning to play with it. “You’ll probably want to use that transformation thing when you’re done, but I’m not sure how effective it’ll be after a while. Have fun dipstick.” With that last scathing remark Garnet was ejected from his own mind and back into reality to some startling realizations.

First of all, while he had been in his passive aggressive chat with his tenant his body had apparently decided that around that time would be a good time to release that excess amount of chakra into what he knew was the full bodied version of his chakra cloak. Indeed, he had been able to do this for a while now, but what he didn’t expect was what happened after. Slowly Garnet became aware of a burning sensation deep within him, from his very core where all of the seven tails chakra originated. This time, it was different. Consolidated, more powerful, like it somehow had a different setting with much more potency than it had been previously. More alarming to him at the moment however, was his lack of ability to turn it off. Grunting in pain Garnet could do nothing but watch as his cloak began to bubble violently before condensing onto him, causing a pain filled yowl to escape from his throat involuntarily as his skin began to burn and flake away to show nothing but red and black skin underneath. Not that he could see of course, at the moment he was rather preoccupied. He grunted as he felt the bones in his body shift and move in rather unnatural ways, forcing him to his knees as the last of the cloak took hold. As it completely closed around his face Garnet felt a limb burst out from him and instinctively understood it to be a tail, having been used to having one due to his Caffeine Armor, which wriggled around due to his current state of discomfort.

After a few more minutes of pain it was over and Garnet lay panting on the ground still cloaked in the chakra of the beast, feeling a slight drain on his body due to it but still with enough strength to move around. After a few experiments he found that while he could stand up while in this state it was much easier for him to stay on all fours, if the speed increase was anything to show. Perhaps even his bone structure changed in this state to match his beast within? Padding over with slightly awkward movements as he wasn’t used to moving on all fours Garnet eventually found his way over to the lake, balking slightly at what met him. Instead of Garnet he found himself looking at a black and red beast of pure chakra, blank white eyes and a gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth leading to the same white expanse when he tried opening it. Looking at the rest of his visage led him to see that he was of a similar state on the rest of his body, which seemed to be of a feline shape reminiscent of Pharaoh.

Deciding to experiment Garnet spent a few minutes running around, finding himself to be naturally faster than he was normally along with a general increase to his other strengths, the destruction of a few trees showing that very quickly. After a few moments focus he showed that similarly to his previous incarnation of the cloak he could extend his chakra coated limbs for a considerable distance, which he was sure would come in handy during a fight. Knowing that while this was an important thing to investigate he had still came to this place on this very day to train Garnet decided that now would be a good time to observe the changes of his transformation back.

After a few moments worth of attempts Garnet found the procedures to leave this state to be very similar to the first form of his cloak, which he now referred to mentally as the first version, pushing it back into his body with a thought and small burst of chakra. Immediately he found the changes to revert, feeling discomfort but much less pain than he had the first time. Eventually all of the chakra had either dissipated into roses or was absorbed back into his body and Garnet was back into his human state. However, he wasn’t quite as he had been before.

Pharaoh had warned him of sides effects from using his chakra now, but Garnet had assumed that he had been overplaying it. Garnet had a rather large access to information due to his status and as such had learned that sometimes Jinchuriki tended to suffer from side effects due to their sealing, which often added up to appearance changes or permanent marking which distinguished them from others. What he hadn’t expected however, was what he had. While he had already been affected admittedly by the presence of a tailed beast within him, his blue strands which had been quickly changed to blue through the use of medical techniques and golden eyes being a sign of that, he had expected it to end at that. Sure, the skin thing was new, but he assumed that would be the end of it. But really, of all things did it have to be fur? God, people were really going to talk.

What Garnet meant by that was that upon the full release of his transformation he had noticed that his limbs appeared to be...different. While he was rather pale by nature and had become more so over the years what he was perceiving all over his body was white fur, almost bluish in some areas. Touching his arms sent a sensation of slight fluffiness, confirming that it was in fact quite real and not just his imagination. Checking his arms, legs, even his face confirmed that his entire body was covered in a light fur, almost as though he were an animal himself. He groaned. Now, this was going to be a true pain in the butt. How could he draw upon the powers of his resident fuzzbutt if every time he turned into one himself? What was he, a sheep?

“I heard that.” The voice of Pharaoh echoed from seemingly nowhere. “I’ll have you know that I am not fuzzy in any way shape or form, I just happen to keep myself clean.” He heard a harumph as though it was trying to retain it’s own dignity. He would have found it hilarious if not for his own situation. “If you actually calmed down a bit you would realize that you could just get rid of this fur like you do with all of those blue strands you get. It’ll only be a stopgap measure, but it’s better than nothing in your case.” The beast was right, for once, in this case. Mentally nodding Garnet formed the signs for the True Transformation Technique, feeling a slight buzz throughout his body as it changed on a cellular level with the aid of chakra. A few moments later he ran his hands over his limbs, admittedly a bit giddy about the lack of fur. Sure, he was being overdramatic over just a bit of fur, but in all honesty Garnet wasn’t all on board about sharing a body with his bijuu like some of the one’s in the stories were. He knew that he would have to eventually, that is if he wanted to survive, but it didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. Especially if he became a walking fur coat every time he dug into these deeper new reserves.

Determined to put all of this confusion and nastiness behind him Garnet forcibly pushed these thoughts out of his minds before calling back his list instead, giving himself a few moments to remember everything he could think of. Alright, he could start with that. Organizing them mentally he eventually decided that he would begin with the jutsu which were unaffiliated with any element before moving on to the element related types. Yes, that sounded perfectly reasonable. Now, which to do first?

A few moments pause gave Garnet all the time he needed to pick the Genjutsu Release, due to its value for any ninja. Really, it was quite embarrassing that he was yet to learn it even though he himself was well versed in a variety of his own self made genjutsu. Granted, there weren’t many illusionists in the rebellion, so he had never truly had a need for it at the moment. Now however, he could afford no such luxury. Going through it’s instructions Garnet decided that even though he wasn’t under the effects of a technique it would still be wise for him to at least make an effort of going through the movements.

Giving himself a few moments to go through the instructions again Garnet stood straight before closing his eyes. Feeling his chakra flow throughout him he made the sign of the ram before fluctuating his chakra, disturbing it’s flow and causing it to burst from him briefly in a shower of roses. “Release!” He yelled, releasing himself from the non existent genjutsu that had been afflicting him at the given moment. Feeling a little bit silly due to his current circumstances he decided that it would be a good moment to continue onwards instead of dwelling on the current moment. Knowing himself he would end up becoming too distracted and embarrassed to continue onwards. Only by moving forward would he become stronger. Dallying too long in inconsequential things would only lead to his downfall, he had seen better men than him fall to the ground forever for things much lesser. He would not make the same mistakes.

Dragging himself from the morbidity that was his thoughts Garnet mentally checked his list to find the next technique, which he remembered to be the Fire Release: Fireball Technique. A really staple, that one was, what with how all the fire affiliated ninjas liked to throw it around as though it were some sort of fireworks show. Supposedly that was twice as true with the Uchiha, but he wouldn’t know as the only Uchiha he had ever met of note would be Indra. And in his case he was afraid the man was very, very dead before he could even see any of his techniques. Truly it was a shame that he had been so shy in the past, there was a lost opportunity there which he had failed to take advantage of.

The whole idea of the technique was that one would generate a large amount of chakra within their core before changing it to the nature of fire, forcing it into the throat where it would then be expelled from the body in a powerful blast. Frankly it sounded simple enough, merely an expulsion of natured chakra rather than sculpting it into a certain form for usage. Although, he supposed, it might take minimal effort to have it retain it’s ball shape as it travelled across it’s range. Perhaps it was in that the challenge of the technique lay? To be quite frank nothing would be done at the moment by simply theorizing on the technique, so Garnet got himself to work.

Moving himself again so he was facing the lake in order to not cause the mass destruction of the countryside around him, Garnet closed his eyes once again to visualize his chakra system. There, within him once again, was the core of his chakra. Once again, he drew upon it for his usage. This time, however, he began to mold it into something fiercer. Free willed, unrepentant, a force ready to consume everything and anything that didn’t pay it proper heed. That was fire, which he would now use. That, or perhaps have it blow in his face due to some unforeseen complication. One of the two, really. That was how ninjutsu tended to work most of the time.

Drawing that fierce and fiery chakra into his throat, Garnet formed the seal of the horse and the tiger before he felt his chakra began to ignite, a fierce ball of heat which he remembered at the last moment to mold into a ball before he roared, the name of his technique leaving his lips as a great ball of fire escaped his lips before travelled to the other side of the lake before finally dissipating. Well, Garnet had to admit that was just a little bit satisfying. Only a little though, he wasn’t a pyromaniac after all. Maybe a bit of a psychopath on his off days thanks to the experience that was life, but not a pyro. Arson wasn’t exactly on his list of top things to do on the weekend.

Garnet briefly considered consulting a psychiatrist on which he was beginning to view as a problem with his attention span on any given subject. Was it possibly that he had some sort of attention disorder? He really hoped not, mentally making a quick prayer that it was just bad habits before moving downward on his list again. His fire techniques now fully dealt with, Garnet moved on to the next objective on his list. Water techniques once again it seemed, which partially had to do with most of the techniques he had found in that awful hour long cataloging session last night having been from that branch of techniques. He briefly bemoaned that fact that those techniques were only a portion of what he had planned to do in the long run, as his plans involved learning every single technique he could from the library. Who knew how many would be on that list? Then again, “Five Hundred Jutsu Garnet” didn’t sound like a bad name. It would probably be a grueling thing to reach in practice, but he would see how it went. There he went again, once again proving the point he was thinking on just a few seconds later. Back to the task at hand. Which would he begin with?

Leaning against a nearby tree to weigh the pros and cons of certain techniques he eventually decided to attempt the Water Release: Violent Water Wave first. While in reality he didn’t have much reason to, the idea of a low powered jutsu used to gain distance between oneself and the enemy was rather appealing and he didn’t have much reason to pass it up. That, and it seemed to include some form of an explosion in it. As childish as it might sound, explosions were cool. Anyone who thought otherwise was either a stick in the mud or someone who lost a limb to one. Okay, maybe explosions weren’t all that great after all.

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Re: Get Off of Me You Stupid Mutt (P, Training, Complete)

Post by Garnet Rose on Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:47 pm

Finding the procedures of the technique rather similar to the Fire Release: Fireball Technique was not much of a surprise given it’s low ranking. However, this technique seemed to sacrifice it’s speed in exchange for power, which made sense as it was made to be fired at close range where it would be much more difficult to dodge. Rather smart, if he did say so himself. Also quite simple in practice, which would make it’s learning and execution that much faster.

Once again facing the lake so that he wouldn’t make a giant mud puddle Garnet drew upon his reserves. Once again he felt them roiling up, ready to go as he pulled on his energy. From his core water natured chakra spawned and condensed, racing up to his throat to prime him for his mouth. He made a quick chain of signs and breathed in. Steady now Garnet

“Water Release: Violent Water Wave!” He yelled out before unleashing the condensed chakra, a powerful jet of water rocketing out from inside of him. He smiled at it’s pressure, while it was slow it would indeed be able to knock out any poor chumps who decided to go a knocking on his doorstep for whatever reason. You’d think that wouldn’t happen as much, but it still did anyway. Seemed people didn’t understand that he was the village leader for a reason, no matter how much his appearance changed. Looks were deceiving, especially in Garnet’s case. Especially since with the way he was going he was going to end up a freaking furry. Stupid seven tailed sphinx and his weird chakra. Why couldn’t he get a normal beast with normal bloodthirsty attitude?

While Garnet would normally have decided to continue onwards with his training he found himself suddenly interrupted by a sound. Now, this was no ordinary sound. Not the sound of the birds singing their song in the trees. Not the chattering of squirrels over nuts and territory. Not the growl of a predator at an intruder. Heck, it wasn’t even the shift of chain mail on a spying ninja. No, this was the sound of his stomach rumbling. Loudly, in fact. Garnet flushed in embaressment despite nobody being around him. He hadn’t really felt it but he supposed that he might have worked up a mild appetite with the exercise he had done so far in the day. Perhaps it was time to call it for lunch?

A few seconds of weighing the pros and cons ended up with a decision of pro lunch, the deciding factor being the amount of energy he would have within him. Sure, he might be losing a bit of time to work with, but it was better that he have full energy to work on instead. Admittedly he would be unable to work outside as long as he wished, but he was sure that he might be able to get just a smidgen of his work done while he was doing paperwork. Surely that couldn't be too difficult?

Walking through the streets saw him getting mixed results, which caused him to groan a bit at the site. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the attention, in fact he found it to be rather flattering, but after a while it could be the slightest bit grating. The kids waving were cute and all but after the fifth one Garnet couldn’t help but be the slightest bit annoyed. It was either fawning eyes or open hostility with crowds, when it came to Garnet. Of course, this probably had to do with his rather, let’s say militaristic dealings with those who had turned traitor in the rebellion earlier that year. Ah well, all Garnet wanted was to be part of the crowd instead of stared at by it at the moment.

A few minutes later Garnet ducked into an alley before another figure came out a few seconds later, looking completely unlike the one who had just left. Instead of spiky long red hair this one had shoulder length gray hair swept to one side along with eyes of the same color and pale skin, though not nearly as pale as Garnet’s. He was clothed in a simple gray and black shirt with a rather floppy looking collar and simply black pants, followed by metal boots. A civilian, if not perhaps a rather punk looking one.

This of course, was in effect one big lie and illusion. Beneath the effects of the Transformation technique, the temporary one mind you, Garnet strode towards one of his favorite places to eat. The Frozen Hearth was a rather nice establishment, not too dressy yet not too grungy so that while Garnet’s fake identity wouldn’t stick out too much he wouldn’t be wallowing in filth. He had at least a small amount of standards after all.

Walking in Garnet soon found himself seated at a single booth, sipping a glass of sparkling water while browsing the menu. One thing he had always appreciated about the establishment was it’s quick and efficient service, always a boon for someone like him who tended to be stressed for time more often than not. Eventually he had decided on a meal, Tortellini with marinara with the soup of the day for the day and left himself to his own thoughts as his meal was prepared.

So far he had made a semi decent amount of progress. All the D-Rank techniques currently on his list were over and done with, which was already a plus. Of the C-Rank techniques, he had performed three and was likely to begin on a couple more by the time that he was finished here. Along with this he had discovered a special new power, one which would end up being a definitely boon in the foreseeable future if he were correct. That is, if he could learn to control the transformation afterward. Perhaps he could craft something to stave off such ill effects? He considered it for a moment. His Caffeine suit had been built to enhance his speed and lethality, while other schematics he had drawn up were made in order to enhance very niche areas. Perhaps if he were to create a special item, one that could be worn with any other armor he was wearing at the time? Maybe something such as a mask. Ooh, now that showed promise. The question was, how was he going to make it get rid of his condition after transforming?

He pondered on this idea. Eventually coming to the conclusion that he was going to have to consult one of his advisers on the viability of fuinjutsu on this one, as he wasn’t quite sure injecting himself with chemicals in the face would be healthy in the long term. Of course, items affected with ninjutsu could also do the job if done right but at the moment he wasn’t up to thinking on the finer points of it. After a few moments of thinking his food arrived and he thanked his waiter before digging in.

About partway into his meal Garnet was feeling rather pleased with himself. The soup had been delectable and consumed almost instantly and the tortellini went just as well, the clam sauce drizzled over it adding just the right flavor. He let out a little sigh of content and closed his eyes. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment. A loud bang sounded away and he found conversation in the restaurant grow silent. Perhaps not, it seemed.

Having been drawn from his food coma Garnet soon realized that while he had been busy admiring the finer things in life, also known as the flavor of his food, the establishment was currently in fact being robbed by a trio of bozos. He wouldn’t even bother giving them an appearance, as they all looked the same in their rough and rough appearance. What he did notice however, was the fishing logo that they all wore on the back. Well, he knew who to blame for this. The rebellion might be over, but merchants were still giving him a hell of a hard time with privately hired thugs to harass establishments which employed people who had been on his side during the rebellion. More often than not they were dispatched shortly, but it always ended up being a headache cleaning up the mess. Which meant that they did their job, in a sense.

Rising up to his feet Garnet dropped his glamour, causing some people to start as the gray haired teen was replaced by the almost elfin looking appearance locals knew to be the Hyozankage, who promptly let out a sharp whistle for one of his ANBU that he was sure to be in the vicinity to come over for clean up duty. Collecting himself he strode from his booth to the bar where currently the bartender was having his throat squeezed by bozo number one. Well, that wouldn’t do.

Opting not to go full psychopath in a restaurant filled with civilians Garnet instead settled for breaking three bones in the man’s arm, causing him to let go with a cry of alarm before he was smacked to the ground by a devastating blow to the spine. The other two were suddenly brought down by a seemingly invisible force, which upon inspection could be seen as the flats of six almost transparent blades floating around him. Kicking their prone bodies to make sure they were down Garnet released his technique, bored with the anticlimactic results he had been given. Really, he’d have thought they might have sent some real challenges his way by now.

Dropping the pay for his meal on the counter in front of the still stunned bartender Garnet promptly made his way out, mood rather spoiled at the moment. Dragging the three would be bandits with him he threw them out onto the street, hearing a familiar whoosh as the ANBU agent he signaled promptly vanished them away for interrogation. Magnificent people, they truly were. It was a shame they couldn’t do their operations more openly. Then again some things they did were admittedly a bit morally dubious, so perhaps not.

A few minutes later Garnet found himself once again in the same training grounds, having not opted to switch out the area of training so that he might consolidate any damage he might invoke on the surroundings to just one area. He knew from experience just how annoying it was to restore places from such savagery, after all. That was one of the downsides of ninja activities, along with why he had been striving so hard to regain some semblance of peace within his walls. As long as he ruled Garnet knew he would always feel a stab of guilt every time he saw the broken ruins of what something great once was thanks to the applications of ninja techniques. Maybe in certain times it was for the greater good, but it was an echoing reminder of just how brutal the ninja arts could be on the world as a whole.

Garnet gave himself a few seconds to stretch out again, extending his arms to his toes as he considered his next move. He would be training again in his techniques, obviously, but which ones? He began to stretch his quads next. He knew he would be doing the C-Ranks, which at this point only consisted of a select few, but which did he want to do first? He sat on the ground and tucked in his feet, feeling the slight strain as his torso met the ground while still in that position. Ooh, yeah eating food then stretching maybe wasn’t the best idea.

Rising up Garnet decided to put himself back in action, having decided the next technique. This one would be the Water Clone Technique. While it did admittedly sound quite boring, as there were other more powerful variations for the technique, the usage that he was going to be utilizing it for shortly made it more than worth it. He formed his hands together and with his mind's eyes looked into his body.

The whole idea of the Water Clone Technique was to make a fake version of oneself with only water affiliated chakra. Thus, it took chakra circulated from the entire body and emitted outwards to work. As such, Garnet followed the steps and soon enough began to draw chakra from his entire body as he went through his hand seals. A burst of chakra later and from the nearby pool of water a portion of it rose to become a copy of him. Huh, how neat. In all honesty, he had expected for him to have just a little bit more difficulty with it. Perhaps he was getting himself on a roll? That, or it was simply because it was a c rank. Probably the latter more than the former in all honesty.

Moving onwards to the Water Release: Gunshot Technique, Garnet considered it’s inner workings for a few seconds. The whole idea of this technique, unlike the previous few he had been working on, was to make a more subtle technique generated from somewhere a little less obvious than the mouth. In this case, it was fired off from the pointer finger. Okay, maybe that was a little obvious as well, but who ever really expected the person pointing a finger gun at them to fire off regular bullets? Well, maybe a ninja, but that wasn’t the point. Urgh, he was tired of arguing with himself.

Moving himself so that he was still facing the lake once again Garnet called upon the chakra within him from his core, changing its nature before guiding it along his paths. Feeling it flow through his body until it eventually found itself within the chakra pathways in his hands Garnet began to compress until it was a tightly wadded ball of destruction ready to be released. He raised his hand, aimed into the distance and closed one eye before letting go on the compression on one end. Immediately the force exploded outwards, a veritable ball of water exploding from seemingly nowhere before rocketing into the surface of the lake with a satisfying crash. He nodded in satisfaction at the fountain of water that rose as a result and mentally had a thought of perhaps freezing one of those one day. It would certainly do well as a photograph. Perhaps he could even get somebody to paint it? Ooh, yes. That would be splendid indeed.

Done admiring his handiwork for the moment Garnet crossed the Gunshot technique off of his mental list before moving onward to what he had remaining for himself. The sun was still high in the sky and he could surely manage to sneak a few more in before he had to run into the offices and call it a night. Perhaps two, maybe three more techniques. That sounded reasonable enough, better get to work now before he lost even more time.

This next one he would be doing would be the Water Release: Water Prison techniques. Favored by both assassins and kidnappers alike it allowed a person to be captured within a sphere of water, forcing them to flounder within said bubble until they passed out or expired making an easy mark. Of course, this all depended on the user being able to maintain their bubble the entire time. Rather annoying, but he supposed that it was a worthy trade off. Perhaps he might improve upon it in the future?

Drawing water natured chakra from his core to his hand again, this time Garnet made sure to balance it throughout the entire palm. This technique required much more melding and shaping than the previous one, messing up would simply lead to a misshapen construct of water that wouldn’t be much good for anything in a fight. No, instead he had to guide it slowly. Shaping the chakra beneath his skin to almost round, ready to take the shape it was to create upon erupting from him. Yes, just like so. Now, time for the application.

Forming a hand seal with his other hand, he roared out the name of his technique before flaring the chakra in his other hand, a sphere of water appearing to trap the clone which he had almost forgotten about earlier. The clone showed no emotion, not really reacting to the chakra infused waters which was exactly the same to the one’s it was created with, merely dispelling after hanging in it for a good few seconds. Huh, he had expected it to remain longer. Perhaps a side effect of his two jutsu interacting with each other?

Letting the technique collapse into itself with a loud splash, Garnet prepared for the last technique he would be performing in the training grounds for the day. The Water Release: Starch Syrup Capture Field. Urgh, what a mouth full. Was there some committee out there for jutsu name regulation? There better be, because Garnet didn’t want to yell out those monsters every time he used a technique. Ah well, he supposed the technique would still be worth it in the end. The others so far had proved to be as much the same, after all.

This one he decided would have to be performed on dry land, as the whole idea was that it was to be used on the aforementioned terrain to trap the opponent. While he didn’t quite understand how it was managed the whole idea was to draw out the sticky properties of water in order to make an area covered in a syrup of sorts forcing the enemy to either avoid the area or being slowed, perhaps even completely immobilized if they weren’t strong enough. Once again, it seemed he was learning more techniques suited to capturing others. Perhaps this was going to be a trend? What did he know, maybe it was just coincidence.

Kneading chakra within him Garnet began to change it’s nature to that of water, subtly influencing it so that it reflected more on it’s stickiness, feeling it change ever so slightly at the suggestions he placed with it. Good, now for the actual technique. Forming the handsigns and drawing the chakra up to his throat again Garnet chose to forego the name of the technique due to it’s ridiculous length, which he supposed still made him look rather silly as he let forth the rather viscous fluids. Well, seems that was a wrap. Taking one last look at his surroundings Garnet let out a yawn before returning to his office for that day’s paperwork.

A few hours later saw Garnet silently moaning at the mountain of paperwork that had built up on his desk. Gods, he had forgotten what day it was. Around this time of week was when the ships from the farther ports came in and along with those ships came official complaints. Lots and lots of complaints. Guess who had to deal with them most of the time?

Garnet wondered mentally how his secretaries dealt with it, if this mountainous pile was the papers that had been deemed to reach his table. He really ought to look into it in the future, however at the moment he had to go through these forms. Most seemed to be the usual, requests for certain ordinances to be made or repealed due to x reason and y proof, although he noted that many of these complaints centered around trade with one of the medium sized towns within the borders of Iceberg, more specifically the fish markets. Now, how could that be so popular? It wasn’t as though they had anything to offer, in fact the town these days were more of a liability than not due to it being common knowledge that there were still sympathizers with the rebellion dwelling within there. Suddenly he had a bit of an epiphany.

Setting aside all complaints and such relating to that town aside into a pile he filed them away into one of his storage cabinets, labelling it under the town name with the label “fish fight”. It was a childish name, but if he was correct then it would indeed be the fisherman who were causing these scuffles to break out in his village to intimidate his local government. It was a long shot and could probably just be his imagination but there was a few solid links in the evidence he would need to have investigated. Perhaps he would have his intelligence department investigate it before setting one of his ANBU on the job. Yes, that sounded like it would do quite nicely. Of course, that all depended on him not being bogged so far down with paperwork that he wasn’t able to assign said duties in the first place. God, he should really consider hiring some more assistants to help him out in the day to day runnings of the village. Then again, there were very few people who he could trust with information that sensitive and from that group an even smaller amount who could be bothered to deal with it. No, it seemed that he would have to deal with it himself for now. Unless...there wasn’t just him in the picture. Maybe it was time to use the True Clone Technique?

No, he thought. That in itself was a dangerous technique. The idea of creating another clone was advantageous, but also dangerous. Essentially that other him would function just like himself, but also as another person. How could he make it so that people wouldn’t suspect who that other clone was? He had his ideas, but he couldn’t test them for the foreseeable future without consequence. Maybe if he had some equipment to work with. Suddenly his thoughts panged back to his previous idea on his mask and a plot began to form. A rather ingenious one, if he said so himself, but that was for then. Now, it was time for wrapping up the day.

Signing a few more forms allowing for the continued production in a nearby coal mine and minor restrictions in the blubber trade due to a decline in whale population off the coast he called it a night, putting away his papers before securing the room and leaving through his window, as he tended to do on habit. The full moon greeted him and he felt a wave of deja vu, seeing himself in his mind's eye as the bright eyed yet timid boy clad in red all those years ago. Those had been happy times, he thought. While it wasn’t exactly the worst time for him at the moment, it was much preferable to back during the war, he couldn’t help but yearn for the innocence that he had kept within his heart. He had killed but back then it had been with the justification that it was for the safety of the village. What was his reasoning if that village then turned its back on their very own guardians? The question still troubled him to this day and to be honest he could not answer, instead drowning out the sound of his mind with that of the rushing wind as he sprinted off to his home.

Walking into his house he couldn’t help but feel a pang of loneliness, being once again reminded of his lack of companions at the given moment. It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried to make any significant ties, per say, so much as those he had attempted to make had all perished back during those dark days. It was a bit difficult for him to make any new ones after, both from the isolation of being put on a pedestal by the public and quite frankly his own personal issues. He turned on the light, slipping out of his shoes and locking the door behind him. He felt a slight coolness on his feet but other than that was still rather toasty, the house doing well to keep its heat in thanks to the insulation within it’s walls. It had costed him a pretty penny, even with the business deals he tended to get as his position dictated, but it in the end was quite worth it. Not quite feeling much hunger at the moment he poured himself a small bowl of cereal, consuming it quickly before moving towards his study for some last minute edits before bed. Crossing off the names of all the techniques he had learned that day Garnet was pleased to see the amount he had already covered but decided after a moment of indecision that he wouldn’t add any more until he was done with the current list unless it were absolutely needed. There was no need to make him feel as though he were more overwhelmed than he already was. He’d seen people lose their minds over less. Brushing his teeth so as to not wake up with a case of dragon breath he changed into his sleepwear before sliding into the covers of his king sized bed before exhaustion set in. Working hard sure was a good way to facilitate instant sleep, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately for Garnet, his sleep would not be pleasant. That first hour of blessed, undisturbed sleep was nice but he would not be so lucky as to get through the entire night without any dreams. As usual, it wouldn’t be a pleasant one.

Once again, as he had many nights before, Garnet found himself alone in a village on fire. Signs were burned away, streets empty but for fire and smoke and in the distance he could hear the screams. All of the screams from those who had died by his hand, coming back to haunt him in one large rush of the dead. His breath became ragged, panic beginning to set in as he ran through the village only to realize with dread that it was his own village set ablaze, just as it had been before.

Then they came. Rising from the ground, other from the ruins, even from thin air they came shambling at him. Some were naught more than a rotten corpse while others were almost just how they were before death. Many bore the marks of five large tear marks across their flesh, the carnage all too obviously of his creations. Others he could see smoldering or with flesh inlaid with frost. All these corpses, all on him.

Like an army of the undead they continued on at him. In a panic Garnet began to unleash his jutsu but try as he might he couldn’t make a dent in it. Burn them with fire and they would rise from the ashes still in their horrific state. Freeze them out and they thawed almost instantly. Yet all they did was continue shambling forward as their arms reaching out, their mouths moving but not making any words as though trying to blame him yet not being able to. In a desperate measure Garnet called upon the power of his tenant, feeling himself surrounded by the almost comfortingly familiar aura of the seven tails chakra compared to the feel of dread surrounding him. Letting out a roar of rage and power the dream broke around him and Garnet awoke from his nightmare.

Once again upon waking up Garnet could tell that something was wrong again. While he couldn’t see it at the moment he felt the lingering aftereffects of an enhancing technique, which only could mean one thing. He looked down at his chest, unsurprisingly finding it covered in a layer of fur. Yep, it seemed that once again he had drawn on the powers of the seven tails in his sleep. Perhaps that meant that he was getting so used to it that it was becoming his instinct? He would have investigated further if it weren’t for the animal curled up on his legs.

Further inspection found the beast to be as black as night, bright blue eyes staring right back at him with intelligence flashing in it’s eye. It was about the size of a large dog and as such it’s weight was rather staggering to the point that he was unsure that he could move without hurting it. How was it that such an animal had gotten into his private quarters undetected?

“That’s up for debate.” A husky voice sounded from within his head. He looked around and prepared to jump out of his bed in case there was an intruder. To his surprise nobody appeared but instead the beast spoke. “Down here, little lamb.” Slowly the gears began to turn as he realized that the only being that could be talking would be the wolf beneath him, which brought up a whole new slew of possibilities. But who was this lamb?

“Are you...talking to me?” Garnet asked, noting his voice at the moment was a little higher than usual. Was he perhaps hoarse or was this yet again another annoying side effect? He really ought to start keeping a log of these changes otherwise one day when he reverted himself back he might forget one of them. Yes, that was a good plan.

“Of course. Who else could I be talking to?” Not giving the Wolf a response for the moment Garnet instead made to slowly move towards his mirror. Perhaps the Wolf was right about him looking at a lamb, because at the moment it might be a bit hard to tell the difference. Unlike the thin layer of fur that had covered him the day before this was much thicker, his hair apparently matching the color so it almost looked like a mane of sorts. While he couldn’t say that he looked just like a lamb as the Wolf had said, the fur being a bit too wild for that, he had to admit that the beast wasn’t too far off the mark.

“I don’t suppose you could explain how you got here.” A valid question, really, considering that the security of his own home was in turn the security of a large part of the village’s infrastructure. The Wolf snorted as though disbelieving. “You don’t remember?” It questioned. “You were one and then you were two. Just a few hours ago, in the dead of night.” It seemed rather haughty about this and Garnet decided that he was going to need to play along with it’s cryptic wording. This thing seemed to believe that they were somehow the same person? How was that possible? The gears in his head began to hit overdrive and suddenly it clicked. Of course it had to be his luck thinking about the true clone technique and then have a nightmare about facing an army with no allies. Not only had he turned into a furball again but he had also created a new, fully sapient life. He couldn’t just take it back.

Briefly he wondered how this clone had developed this personality, as often clones were shown to be completely unresponsive or otherwise exactly the same to the user. Was it perhaps that he had done the technique while transformed and that was the reason for both it’s “corruption” in the sense along with it’s form? To be quite frank it seemed much more plausible than him turning into a dog and using it in his sleep, he surely would have woken up by then. Then again he had slept through all of that already so he wasn’t too sure about that. Deciding that it was his responsibility from now on to take care of this new addition he decided to play it’s game for a while. “Of course I remember…” He stalled quietly, biding for time under the mask of thought. This thing seemed to have a liking towards titles. Perhaps he would indulge it? “Dear Wolf.” It seemed that Wolf liked it’s name based on the fact that his tail began to wag and jumped off the bed to follow him. He had to admit that it was pretty intimidating but at the same time he began to warm up to the idea of the animal. He had to admit that it was sudden and would probably add quite a bit of hassle to his next few days but if he played his cards right...well, he might just have his own ninja companion. Well, technically it was just another him with a wolf body but he wasn’t going to think on it too hard. Not looking at a gift horse and all.

Padding into his kitchen he noted that for all of it’s initially intimidating demeanor Wolf seemed to be like an excited puppy, bounding around Garnet’s legs while yipping on and on to “Lamb” about it’s new name and how it was so excited that it would have a friend to hunt and chase with? So it seemed that Wolf would refer to him as such, even though it was impossible for him being a clone of Garnet to not know his name. Or did he? Suddenly he had a doubt to that, otherwise Wolf would have known better than calling him Lamb and instead by his true name.

Cooking up a small breakfast of eggs and bacon Garnet cooked an extra few strips before setting them on a separate plate, laughing at his new companion as he wolfed it down, pun very much intended. Seemed he would have to get some “pet accessories” for his new pal if he wanted an easier lifestyle with him. Finishing his own breakfast in silence he almost headed out the door before he had an idea. Turning on the sink and making a quick few hand seals a clone made of water slowly appeared, standing before him in a copy of his current furry state. “You know what to do. Just the prototype, not the finished thing yet. That I’ll spend more time on later, right now I want it done quickly.” The clone nodded and quickly sped off to his workshop deeper within his modest mansion. He turned to Wolf, who was looking at him with curiosity. “What was that, Lamb?”

“All in time, Dear Wolf.” He responded in an offhanded way, the statement coming off as a bit more mysterious due to the odd echo still present in his voice. “Watch.” Forming the seals to the True Transformation Technique Garnet felt the hais all over his body slowing retracting back into him, a tingling making itself present as he literally felt the pigment returning to his body ever so slightly so the snow white Lamb was replaced by Garnet Rose, although admittedly in the grand scheme of things they were still quite the shade of white. It just happened to be that this form has less fur and a tiny bit more color. “I'm afraid that I cannot step outside as you know me, dear Wolf.” He tried to convince him with his tone. “This will be how I shall appear outside.”

At that moment his clone turned around the corner bearing two wooden masks, each already colored and set both due to the readiness of his materials and also his own personal speed. He watched with slight amusement as the clone walked to one of the bathrooms before a faint sploosh was heard, presumably dispelling itself in the bathroom, before he picked them up. One, a black pointed mask with a white swirl depicting a wolf. The other a much wider white mask with two extensions resembling floppy ears with a black swirl in the middle. Taking the white mask with his hands he slowly secured the mask onto Wolf’s face so that it would not fall off. “A present, Dear Wolf.” Garnet said before taking his own black mask, fastening it to his own face so that all that could be seen of his face were his own yellow blue eyes staring through the holes. Wolf nuzzled his leg in affection. “Thank you, Little Lamb.”
Garnet nodded before walking out the door, immediately adjusting his mask so that it was high enough that it was no longer covering his face but not to the point where it was just sitting on top of his head. However all of a sudden that became the least of his issues, smelling once again for the second time in less than twelve hours a very unpleasant smell. That of burning. Cursing under his breath he picked up Wolf suddenly before placing him on his back, trusting the animal to hold on as he suddenly rocketed towards where the smoke trail was. A million different bad scenarios unfolding before him, Garnet surveyed the damage.

The fire was currently raging on the outskirts of the village, originating from a large warehouse which after quick inspection was found to be labeled with one of the markers of a popular local fish traders. “Goddamit.” Garnet cursed under his breath. “Should have followed that hunch.” In front of that burning warehouse was a single man dressed in black with materials he noted to be very fire retardant, all covered in soot. If that wasn’t incriminating evidence he didn’t know what it was. Noting the man’s current reluctance to flee, he turned to his companion. “What do all stories have in common, dear Wolf?” He slid his mask back on before deciding after a moment to flare his jinchuriki chakra, the effect causing both a wave of fear to run through the arsonist and for his appearance to revert back to how it had been. “They end.” Apparently Wolf was good at one liners. Good to know, really. They always brought either a spot of humor or a pinch of epicness to a bad situation. Garnet began to take a few steps, the arsonist doing do as well while raising his hands. Wolf padded behind him at a noticeably slower pace due to his current state not being much stronger than a normal dog. He would see how much that would be an advantage to this man in a few seconds. Trying for one last line, he tested the waters.

“The weft and weave of fate guides-”

“The hunt is back on!”

Ooh, he liked that one. Wolf was a savage one, that was for sure. Suddenly the fuzzball that was Garnet had become a mechanized fuzzball, barely giving the arsonist any time to make hand seals before he pounced, removing said hands before raking his chest with his claws. He watched the man’s eyes dilate both from fear and from the chemicals quickly working their way through his system. From the corner of his eye he saw Wolf bounding forward and chose to indulge him, holding the squirming man still as he yelled in horror until Wolf came close enough to snap his jaws around his throat. No matter how strong of a ninja one thought they were, teeth on flesh would always be a painful way to die. “No match for me!” Wolf boasted as he shook the blood out of his fur from where he had been sprayed. Garnet, or Lamb at this current point as he was carrying himself at this point merely indulged this fantasy. “Few are, Dear Wolf.”

Wolf trotted back to Lamb’s side and at this point he had realized that if any had seen the seen it certainly would have been a bit spooky. Yet despite all this, the only thing around them was the crackling flames and a single mangled body, unfortunately too damaged for him to bring in for examination. However, currently he had more pressing matters in the form of the burning warehouse. While he could just leave it to the fire company he could already hear charging in the distance, Lamb decided to take initiative, standing close to Wolf so that he wouldn’t be negatively affected before calling once again on that beastly chakra, feeling it surge within him before the air around him began to drop in temperature drastically. Picking up Wolf to share body heat Lamb looked around at the world now filled with ice, where once there were flame there was nothing but ice. “A frozen flame bears no heat.” Slowly the ice began to melt around them, signalling the early cancellation of the technique. Not waiting for the technique to end Lamb began to walk forward, the ice turning back to its gaseous state around his presence as he proceeded to disappear into the shadows. He would leave the departments to make an official report, if they couldn’t tell who had taken care of the problem with the telltale markings then the only thing that would happen was that Garnet would have to do some updates to the training on his corps. Speaking of Garnet, it was him who came out of the other end of the dark expanse hidden from the morning sun, his mask turned up again as though their short assault had never happened. “I wonder how he saw me.” He wondered to Wolf, setting a languid pace towards the training grounds once again. “Ashes on wool.” He wasn’t sure whether to agree with Wolf or be slightly concerned at that and instead kept silent.

A few quiet minutes later he found himself at the training grounds again with Wolf in tow, who sniffed around before settling himself to lay in the rays of the sun by a nearby tree. Well, at least he wouldn’t be getting in his way for a while. Watching the beast for a while and noting the contrast between his fur and the beams of light that struck it he eventually turned back to his task and began, his next set of techniques having been decided the night before in his study before he had retired. Funny how long ago that had already felt like despite it being less than a day ago. Time was a fleeting thing, this was certain.

The jutsu which would start him off for this day was not perhaps the flashiest one, but certainly a very useful one. While not often seen in the general population the Chakra Suppression Technique was an excellent technique to be used by spies, or perhaps by ninja who wished to hide their presence from others who were susceptible to the ebb and flow of chakra. It was quite easy to tell a ninja apart from a crowd solely by their presence of chakra, which made this technique all the more valuable when trying to blend in or escaping for whatever reason. The fact that he had yet to learn it spoke volumes about how he had been spending his time, but he supposed that he could halfway justify it with how he had been running the village. After all he couldn’t say that it would be running how it was at the moment if he had taken the time he was now at that point in time to train although he had to admit it wasn’t perfect. The fire just that morning had proven it. Ah well, it was certainly a far cry better than how it had been before. Although it would certainly be better if the ones who had been trying and failing to set off these attacks were...dealt with, so to speak. It seemed he would need to organize a mission to have it done. Mayhaps he could even do it himself, at this point it seemed that he had his own personal vendetta to cover. Considering he already had people working on the case he supposed he would get information on them soon.

The anticipation for his own personal retribution lingered in his mind, but for now he had to focus. If he wanted to deal with these ones as he intended, what he was doing at the moment was sure to help him. Focusing within him he once again felt every single one of his chakra pathways, the way that they flowed freely throughout his body. It was how it would be naturally, but for this to work he would need to make it flow differently. Gradually he began to compress his flow, shrinking it to the point where he himself could feel the difference, the dampener currently put on it making his pathways appear in his mind's eye as they would be to any other academy student. Observing himself internally for a minute he eventually released his bindings, feeling it surge back into his body with a rush of power. He seemed to have that one down, good to know for future reference in case he ever needed to.

Turning his attention to Wolf, who he noted with some amusement was now batting at a leaf on the ground next to him, began the next technique. This one, while once again devoted to no element, was one of quite versatile usage in both its use as an offensive technique or defensive technique. The Needle Jizo, or as he thought in his mind with a chuckle, the Human Pinecone Technique. To be quite honest it made more sense, those spiky things probably hurt just as much if you stepped on them barehanded. It was an exaggeration, but the point was made. Excuse him for being slightly dramatic in his thought, he needed some way to distract himself from being sunk into monotony.

The whole premise of this technique was that the use would use their chakra to enhance the hairs in their scalp, causing them to rapidly lengthen hair follicles before hardening them, making them a viable defense against enemy attackers. A rather odd technique, in all honesty, but he was sure that it had some sort of niche use he wasn’t thinking of. Perhaps for people who were vulnerable from attacks coming from above? That might be a reason but Garnet felt that he wasn’t grasping the full picture just yet. In time, perhaps, but for now it sort of felt like he was just attempting it to say he had done so. Ah well, just the fact that he was interested in the concept at least meant he would probably be paying the slightest bit more attention to detail as he practiced. The more the better, in this case.

Breathing in deeply Garnet began to once again summon chakra forth from his core, moving it up slowly throughout the body. Feeling a slight tingle as it passed his eyes and up towards his scalp he almost swore he felt a slight buzz in the air around him, perhaps a side effect of chakra being concentrated around the area where his brain resided. Feeling it settle in its proper position Garnet maneuvered it a tiny bit so that it could evenly distribute into every receptor before beginning. “Ninja Art: Needle Jizo!” He yelled out, forcing the chakra to explode outwards. Suddenly he found himself in a sea of red sharpened spines with hints of blue every now and then, which he found after a few seconds to be attached to his own forehead. Touching one apprehensively brought a pinch and he shook his hand out to dilute the pain. Yikes, that was kind of sharp. Shaking his head back and forth and feeling the heavy weight it added to him he eventually cancelled the technique, the hair disappearing back into his body within moments. “Huh. Thought you would have needed shears.” That was Wolf, making a pun at his own expense. Garnet cringed a little on the inside while giving him an offhanded response. “I can handle my own grooming, Dear Wolf.”

Putting the terrible joke out of mind he instead focused on the next set of techniques to learn, having at this point cleared out all of the B ranked techniques with no element that he had listed for himself to learn. This left the fire set and the water set. Now, which should he do first? He eventually decided to begin with fire once again, deciding that if he was going to do this he might as well at least attempt to follow a set routine in it. Shrugging at his own musings he eventually settled himself down for the next few techniques. These ones were going to start needed a bit more effort coaxed into them.

Of the Fire Techniques he had discovered at the moment he was trying to learn two techniques. Said techniques were the Fire Style: Hiding in Ash and Dust, along with the Fire Style: Burning Ash. While the former seemed quite useless in a land of perpetual winter it was surprising how often people would set a fire just to spite you, as he had seen just this morning, along with it likely being a godsend to any fire element practitioners. He himself being a user of all five of the base elements would not pass up that advantage to hide in his own techniques. As for the Burning Ash technique, it sounded like a rather good engagement tool. Run in, activate the technique before hiding within it and taking out the enemy one by one. A basic yet rather brutal plan, he mused. One he would certainly test out on a later date. Perhaps it would be “execution day” soon? He was feeling a little stressed as of late and to be frank it would do Wolf good to participate seeing as he hadn’t been alive for more than a day yet already showed Garnet’s own hidden bloodthirsty nature. That could be used to his own advantage, in time. A hunter was always an asset after all.

Breaking from his dark thoughts to reality Garnet once again focused upon reality, this time starting out with the Fire Style: Burning Ash Technique to get the only offensive technique out of the way. Once again a breath angled technique, this one relied upon the user’s ability to mold their fire chakra so that instead of just gushing out a stream of fire it instead was emitted as a highly reactive gunpowder which while it might be used for hiding this in most cases would be an incredibly bad idea due to the fact that it was in fact a highly reactive explosive agent. Perhaps not the best thing to hide in during a combat situation unless you were absolutely sure of your opponent's ability to not use any fire related techniques. Either way, it was a useful supplementary attack if one wanted a secondary phase to their assault. Flowing his chakra up to his throat in a similar way to the Fireball Technique Garnet spent several minutes adjusting the consistency of the technique, eventually stopping which he felt it as almost murky and quite thick, while at the same time highly volatile as was it’s nature. Now all he needed was to execute it.

“Fire Release: Burning Ash!” He yelled out, spewing a great cloud of gunpowder over the lake. While some simply made contact with its surface and became inert most of it hung in a heavy cloud over it, denying vision for anyone who might be inside of it. He would give the first execution of the technique a b rating, as while he had gotten it off successfully he would need to work on his angling so that next time none would be wasted due to unnecessary contact with contradicting elements. Ah well, this next bit would be fun though. Forming the seal of the horse once again this time the chakra he drew upon was once again pure and undiluted fire chakra, shaping into a balled sphere at his command. Ooh, let the mayhem begin. A great ball of chakra exuding from his mouth he couldn’t help but marvel as it made contact with the smoke before it made the entirety of the lake glow read in a great sea of fire, the resulting sound as though a loud explosion had been let out. A wave of heat pushed towards him and Garnet couldn’t help but subconsciously lower the temperature around himself, the air chilling so as to prevent any hot air from damaging him or Wolf. Eventually deciding he had enough he quickly lowered the temperature in a further radius so as to prevent a wildfire from starting. “All sparks can kindle new flames.” He muttered to himself for his own justification for his continued use of chakra. Wolf didn’t seem to care as he was now stalking a squirrel on the other side of the clearing, apparently hungry for some food. He paid it no mind, best to let hunters do their hunting.

Putting his ever ravenous counterpart aside, Garnet had to continue his own personal regime for him to at least be done with the B-Rank levels of the fire rank techniques. The second and final of the fire techniques, which he was beginning to realize at this point were much less prevalent than their watery counterparts. Maybe it was due to the books he was looking into? Or was it perhaps the country it was published in? It was a well known fact that for whatever reason the country one was born in often affected what element was the one that was inherent to their nature. He himself had been a bit of a special case, but that was partially due to his parents not being inherently from Iceberg along with fuzzbutt messing with his chakra system around his sealing. Unfortunately, that meant he wouldn’t be able to glance nearly the amount of information of the subject from himself than from others. Then again he supposed that opened up a whole new avenue on how a second entity within oneself affected their coils. That actually sounded like a plausible thing to research, perhaps he would do that later. Alright then, techniques.

Fire Style: Hiding in Ash and Smoke Technique. In all honesty it was quite like the Fire Style: Burning Ash Technique both in effect and appearance save for a few key differences. For one, this one did not explode allowing for the user to hide in it without fear of being blown up by their own technique. For another, it happened to be that due to its composition it made detection absolutely impossible while within it, unless for whatever reason the opponent was of the Hyuuga Clan. Then again, he didn’t see why anyone would ever use stealth on them. Those cheaters saw through all disguises people threw at them anyway most of the time. Totally unfair. Either way it was useful to have such similar techniques as they could lead to confusion, such as creating two clouds and leaving the opponent unsure as to which one he had made to be the deadly one while creating his own trap. Along with this, it would likely make it even easier to execute due to its similarity to the previous technique. Conjuring up his chakra once again he made this one slightly thicker than the last time before removing its volatile nature, spewing it out as a thick inky cloud obscuring view. A flawless execution if he could say so himself. Now, time for the rest of his day.

A week and a half later Garnet was having a bit of his “me” time, if you caught his drift. No, not that kind you perverts. That and technically it was more of an us at this point. Over the short time of his existence he and Wolf had bonded together quite closely, which likely was partially due to the fact that they were originally one and the same person. It would be quite odd for him to not like himself, unless he was depressed. Last he checked he was yet to fall into that category, fortunately for him. Woe betide him when he finally did.

“Hurry Lamb,” His black companion urged him. “Faster.” Easy for him to say, he was currently riding on Garnet’s back all the way to the location which he had located after getting some of his information departments to do some digging along with the information they had gotten from the events leading up to the arson at the warehouse. The headquarters of a fishing market which was based in Iceberg, not trading to any major villages since the rebellion but known for having hired and supported rebels during their whole debacle. However, these were new times, with new people watching over the lands. If they thought that Garnet was going to let them harass and harm the people of his village without retaliation, they had another thing coming to them. His retaliation would be swift and brutal, he would make sure of it. Nobody would survive and those who were lucky enough to watch and live would have quite the story to tell. A tale and a warning to any future interlopers.

He growled unconsciously under his breath and his chakra flexed, Wolf chuckling darkly as he felt his mood shift. Lamb might be the calmer of the two, the creature new this, but he was also aware that the need for the hunt was strong within both of them. It just happened to be that the other was a little more subtle about it most of the time. This would be a splendid hunt.

Unlike most cliche people, Garnet did not plan on going about on his conquest in the dark of night. What a ridiculous idea that was, all he would find were janitors cleaning up shop. No, what he wanted were the owners and proprietors along with all of their security guards to feast his appetite upon. Lucky for him they had called a stockholders meeting today, which meant he got to eliminate them all in one batch. This would be...his words failed him for a moment before settling on one. Scrumptious.

Despite all of it’s surroundings being rather small he found this building to be quite modestly sized, boasting about five floors along with a great view of the surroundings with floor to ceiling windows on the top floor. He noted, with distaste, that the entire building seemed to lack any entrance save for the front along with an employees only in the back, which he had already sealed by melting it into a solid wall through the use of fire chakra. Now the only way out was through him.

Finding himself in front of the building he noted a few odd looks from some passerby, opting to put down what to most would appear to be an awkwardly large pet being carried by a man with odd fashion sense, opting instead to begin meshing himself into the form he wished to take on for this. He would not grace these scum with the presence of the Hyozankage, in all of his bloody and angered glory. Not see him tear down the entire building just by freezing it solid then returning it to normal so fast that the building shattered due to its own stability. No, the only things they would receive would be death of swift wings. They would be happy to give that to them. Sliding on his mask and assuring that Wolf’s was on as well he felt his body begin to shift and change, Garnet being replaced by Lamb’s white fur which looked slightly odd still covered in metal armor, only to be covered in jet black chakra as the full wrath of the seven tails as he appeared to be wrapped in a cloak of night. All an exaggeration, but it was still in the end worth it. The more scared they would be, the more satisfaction. He strode into the building.

Immediately he found himself confronted by three guards, seemingly a bit too surprised at the mechanized creature to reach for their swords just yet. Fools. “Mine?” Wolf asked questioningly. “Ours.” Lamb replied in a singsong voice, the echoes of their voices vibrating into their very skull. With that their lives ended, one letting out a yell as their throat was violently ripped out by a hungered Wolf, the other two letting out twin screams as their lower abdomens found themselves run through by twin swords. They hung in the air suspended by the blades, eyes dilating as their lives already began to run short. Just for one last moment they found themselves back to reality, cheeks grasped by a gentle hand wreathed in darkness. “Depart in peace.” With that last remark they were no more, the blades swinging upwards and partially bisecting the men vertically leaving them on the floor. It was unfortunate, but there were more to come for him to be sated. Any who opposed them would meet death, this would be a fact that they would uphold. As though in response to Lamb’s rising emotions a third tail began to form from the dark mass surrounding it’s visage, swishing around fluidly though with notably less force than the single tail which was currently overlapping Lamb’s metal one.

Not giving much note to this change Wolf and Lamb proceeded to move through the offices, carnage following as some rose to fight only to find themselves very dead within seconds whilst others ran and cowered in an attempt to escape. Some they let go, such as the ones who had immediately surrendered, however if they had even attempted to resist they met a swift and brutal conclusion to their life. They had drove that point across when the man who had thrown an eraser had soon found himself to be missing his internal organs. Bloody work, it was, but in the end it was most definitely effective.

A few minutes and a lot more bodies later Lamb and Wolf had gone through the first four floors, each covered in their own fair share of blood. Currently Lamb was looking into the eyes of what had been a rather decent looking young man who despite seeing them eviscerate all of his colleagues still had the courage to face them head on with only a knife he had kept underneath his desk. “What compels him to fight, Dear Wolf?” Lamb asked, confused. “What made him think he had a chance?” Lamb looked away, not wanted to stare any longer. “Prey backed into a corner is prone to biting.” Wolf growled back in response. Lamb personally felt there might have been a bit more depth to this than that simple reason but couldn’t bring itself to drive the issue any further. Shaking its masked face it rose up the final staircase, passing through the empty lobby and through the double wooden doors with Wolf tagging behind. Upon opening they found themselves being stared down by an incredibly large group of armed men, half with already nocked bows aimed at them to fire. Oh, that was where the rest of the security was.

Lamb’s vision went red as it roared, scrambling across the room and jumping across the table, feeling the arrows race by it as metallic claws raked the guards across the chest viciously. Just one stroke was enough, with that they were dead anyway. As the obsidian covered figure danced about the room Wolf ran about underneath the table, nipping at the legs of the still standing viciously, weaving around their legs so as to deny a clear shot. Clearing the entourage of armed men and towards the investors on the other side of the room Wolf let out a howl of triumph before tearing into a particularly plump man’s jugular, apparently relishing the taste of blood as he begun. Lamb might have grimaced but currently she was doing her own thing, ripping them to shreds. Now, while most people might have stopped here to single out the leader and take a monologue before killing them in an extraordinary way, they would take no such time. All precautions must be made after all. As such they all met a gruesome end and soon all that remained was a single dark figure and a lupine one atop a mountain of bodies. Eventually even that was gone, one of those two disappearing to be replaced by a slightly androgynous looking redhead. An anticlimactic ending, but he supposed that was for the best. The entire office was silent, the workers who had been spared having fled long ago. It was for the best, he probably would have ended up taking their continued presence as a sign of aggression and would have to take more lives so he supposed it was a boon in its own way. At the same time he knew he would have to keep his ears out, see where the workers went and perhaps who their new employers would be to perhaps sniff out some other would be threats to his village. Wolf nuzzled his leg and broke his thoughts. “The hunt has ended.” Garnet reached down to put his bloodied pelt and Wolf leaned into it. “More lie ahead, Dear Wolf. But first…” He bent down to pick him up and place him on his back again. “Time to go home.” And with that he promptly kicked out the windows before flying off on wings of wind, happy knowing that he was able to make his village the slightest bit safer. Even if he was pretty sure that pigment wasn’t the only reason his hair was read at the moment. Urgh, it was shower time when they got home.


15503 Words


V2 Tail (3/7) 4500
Hiding In Water (500)
Hidden Mist (500)
Body Flicker (500)
Fire Style: Fireball (750)
Water Release: Violent Water Wave (750)
Water Clone Technique (750)
Water Release: Gunshot (750)
Water Release: Water Prison (750)
Water Release: Starch Syrup Capture Field (750)
Chakra Suppression Technique (1000)
Ninja Art: Needle Jizo (1000)
Fire Style: Burning Ash (1000)
Fire Style: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique (1000)
Water Release: Water Shark Bullet (1000)
20 Stat Points (15500/525wc per stat 425-450)
9 stats (5000 remainder/550wc per stat 450-475)
Creation of Wolf (Through True Clone Technique)
Total Spent : 15500 (15503)
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