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Gonshiro Sasagawa

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Sasagawa, Gonshiro

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• Name: Sasagawa, Gonshiro
• Nickname / Alias:  Weird guy who likes seals and fish.
• Title:
• Age: 28
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Bisexual[/b]l]

• Height: 6’11 inches
• Weight:  230 pounds
• Body type: [build] A lean muscle build.
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style: Purple and spiky; but soft.
• General Appearance:
• Markings: N/A

• Persona: Sasagawa, Gonshiro. He's an Idiosyncratic individual who, above all else, values his seals. He's never been quite right in the head, holding odd grudges and developing even odder relationships. He thinks he can talk to fish; and that they talk back. He's not quite all there, but that's okay. He's a meticulous ninja, one who takes planning quite serious. After all, his previous notion of planning came from a red-haired prodigy.  That sense of planning was absolutely atrocious; at least according to Sasagawa.

Sasagawa, in a few words, is this.  You mustn't underestimate the man who's only will in life is rare jutsu. He'll go to extraordinary rates just to get a look at infamous and famous jutsu. Rare jutsu. He's willing to make a seal for anything for any price, assuming that it can be made. He's fully willing to try to seal a Sage of the Sixth Path if he really, really wanted to. He's a master of seals and that makes him a dangerous man in itself, but that danger is also lowered by his mental stability. Unlike most, he doesn't work for money. He finds that pointless. He'll work for fish, assuming they're either glowing or colorful, preferably both.

• Motto: “The pursuit of knowledge is an honorable one, and one I’m willing to go after with ever fiber of my being.”

• Likes: Seals, Creating and Using them: A fan of seals and fuinjutsu, he’s been one since he’s a kid. He absolutely adores making new seals, if not for the sake of seeing if it can be done,  The day he runs out of seals to make, is the day he runs out of motivation to do his job as a ninja. While specializing in in-combat seals, he’d adore branching out more to practical seals that can be used to improve the average ninas life, if not the average person's life.

Fish, Taking care of them: The aquatic sort of creatures he actually likes, he has a small aquairium at him home to take care of various fish. The names of the fish are the following; Fish One, Two, Three and Fore. Like your forearm. He likes his sense of humor. It’s terrible, but it’s great.

Being a Sannin: He has more free time than expected.

• Dislikes:
Eating fish: He might accidentally eat his own.

Doing missions: Effort is needed; and he can’t usually be assed to do anything.

Being responsible: he’s lazy.

• Special Characteristics:

Name: Increased Movement Speed
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Description: The user moves so quickly they appear to be a blur to the untrained eye. The are able to move with speed most ninja can only dream of attaining. The user gains +20 Speed.

Name: Improved Endurance
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Description: Through intensive training and physical conditioning, the user is able to endure bodily trauma more effectively. The user gains +20 Endurance.

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements:

  • • Primary: Water
  • • Secondary: Earth
  • • Secondary: Fire

  • • Tertiary:
  • • Tertiary:

• Specialty:

  • • Main:Fuinjutsu
  • • Dominant:Taijutsu
  • • Dominant: Ninjutsu
  • • Secondary: Genjutsu
  • • Secondary:

• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A

E-Rank: 10 total stats
D-Rank: 70 total stats
C-Rank: 140 total stats
B-Rank: 210 total stats
A-Rank: 280 total stats
S-Rank: 350 total stats
SS-Rank: 420 total stats

• Strength: 100  
• Speed:  70
• Durability: 100
• Chakra: 100

[b">• Village:
• Parents:
• Siblings:  N/A
• Mentor & Idols:
• History:  Gonshiro was born a baby, like anyone else. He, in all fairness, actually had a fairly normal childhood. His obsession started, originally, with reading a book with sealing jutsu in it, and his mind just kind of snapped to it. It just clicked. Of course, as this baby grew much, much larger, people started to think that he was just going to be a labourer. It was when he was about ten that he elected to tell his parents he wanted to be a ninja. Why? It sounded like fun and he could actually have fuinjutsu of his own. They taught that there, right? At least, that's the assumption upon which Gonshiro laid his choice. Gonshiro was a child who was impressionable, although his impressions came primarly after the academy, when he was a genin.

He had two teammates. There was a red-haired ninja child, hailed as a prodigy. Then, there was a smaller guy. Red-hair had a name, if Gonshiro could be pained to remember it.  It was Rin. Rin the Red-Hair.  The smaller guy was an immensely gifted medical ninja. He also hated remembering the smaller guys name, but for the sake of our story, it should be noted that his name was Kenshiro.

Kenshiro, Rin and Gonshiro. The trio had certain attention paid to them, because according to their exam scores, they were amazing. Gonshiro had aced the exam and made a fantastic showing in the other half, the practical half. His clones were perfect, or at least, nearly perfect. Kenshiro and Rin did the same. All of that power and skill in one cell was almost destined to go far. They, by all means, should've advanced farther, if it weren't for conflicting personalities.

Kenshiro and Rin rarely agreed on tactics, and Kenshiro and Gonshiro rarely agreed on what kind of snack to have. Gonshiro didn't take this whole ninja thing seriously, even though he was quite gifted for it. So, in the favor of not taking more responsibility, he rarely made an effort and tried.  It, in turn, made Rin shine so much more.  The red-haired prodigy, people screamed. I don't care! Screamed Gonshiro. Well. Not screamed. Gonshiro didn't scream. He rose his voice slightly sometimes. The poor guy was over 5'5 at 10. He was a massive kid, towering over some adults at the age of ten. Of course, at 13, he was reaching about six foot total. You'd think this is where he stopped growing, but he neither stopped raising in power nor did he stop raising in height.  

People would always talk about how Gonshiro didn't belong with the other two. The other two constantly showed their prowess, while Gonshiro half-assed genin missions. Even when he went on them along, he'd half-ass it and take forever. This happened entirely through his genin years, which ended when he was 14. By 14, he was 6'5" and was impressing even those who were considered tall.

His chunnin years were where everyone started taking notice that he was, maybe, not such a scrub.  He started showing small bits of effort here and there, however nothing that showed he was on the level of his teammates.  His teammates had gotten even stronger during their genin years; so their sensei figured that he'd send them hunting a missing nin. The man who was being hunted was supposed to be a simple, chunnin level ninja. It was supposed to be childs play for the three. Gonshiro was 15 at this point.

Finding the enemy was childs play. It really was. Even Gonshiro was zeroed in on the guy, and his tracking skill was outclassed by both of his team-mates. Unlike his teammates, however, Gonshiro felt something off about it all. Tracking the guy was a little too easy.  Rin and Kenshiro, however, elected to not realize something was even slightly off and charged into it. Gonshiro elected to lean against a tree while they charged in, seeing if his gut feeling was right.

It turns out, his gut feeling was just right. When Rin ran up and kneed the man in the face, it didn't do much. It just left Rin open to being thrown to the ground and getting his chest stomped on. Then came a crack that made even Gonshiro cringe, and then a scream of pain from Rin. It was strange to Gonshiro, since Rin never screamed in pain. He looked and saw Rin missing an arm. He had one thing to say. "Huh." Rin went fast and grabbed Rin, after the man had left him alone. It was time for Gonshiro to shine.

Gonshiro dug out a sucker from his clothing and stuck it in his mouth.  All 6'10" of Gonshiro wasn't angry yet. At least, not until he turned around and saw the fear in Rin's eyes. Rin was cowering against a tree. Gonshiro spoke a single line of dialogue. One that he was sure Rin and Kenshiro would hear for the rest of their lives.

"Rin, Kenshiro. Get out of here. I'll handle this. After all, those scores as a genin weren't for nothing, were they?"

Kenshiro shook his head; but when the man charged at his teammates, the massive Gonshiro stopped him and held him in place, and both his teammates just froze. Gonshiro was not a happy man when he saw this, and it showed, since he placed a seal on the 'chunnin' missing ninja. A strength sapping seal, in particular. So when the big and evil man tried the same shit on Gonshiro, he was shoved back and got a right hook to the chin. Then Gonshiro hit him with a left hook to the side of the head. Then a knee.

The hits just kept coming,  Of course, the man was tough. After all, the black blood seeping out indicated that he had the Earth Grudge Fear surgery done on him. Not that Gonshiro cared. Gonshrio was too busy breaking the mans rib and jaw to care. Gonshiro was letting off steam. Steam gotten over the years, and the poor man was at the end of it. He was at the end of his straw, and at the end of his patience.

A violent, tall Gonshiro made it's one appearence that day. The poor guy was so disfigured by the end that he could barely be recognized. Rin and Kenshiro wavered off from him after that day, because he was, supposedly, a deranged maniac who shouldn't be a ninja. Gonshiro didn't care. Gonshiro couldn't afford to care.

Speed ahead six years, Gonshiro was toiling around in a bar when he came up to a red-haired fellow. Gonshiro was, obviously, Gonshiro. So why'd he feel like he knew the red-haired fellow? Gonshiro was 21, still a chunnin, and in front of him stood a red-haired jounin. Red-hair...


It was Rin. He knew he had saw someone like him. He had the red hair, but also a few scars that Gonshiro picked up on. They had a peculiar conversation.

"Yo, Rin. Whatcha doing drinking here?"
"What's it to you, Gonshiro? You still a chunnin?"
"Yeah. I don't feel like ranking up. I slack off on all my missions."
"Why? You have at least as much talent as me, or even more. Why are you wasting it?"
"Because I hate being looked at like I'm great. While you adored it, I hated it. It's just like that guy the last mission we did. He saw the two of us, me and Kenshiro, and decided I was the better target because I was bigger. plus, you two were cowards."

The two just glared at each other; that moment full of emotions. Rin clearly hadn't forgotten that Gonshiro had beaten a man to death, showing off his impressive strength and fuinjutsu. Gonshiro hadn't actually gotten stronger that day; he just gotten less lazy. By less lazy, it only meant  that he was completing the missions efficiently; rather then having fun. Rin couldn't see that, since he was so used to the lazy genin teammate he had that refused to do things properly.

However, as that night went on, that got reacquainted with another in more then one way; and now he cringes whenever he sees red. He doesn't talk about that night, but it's immensely important to him realizing and speaking about why he was how he was. Rin, without meaning to, had shaped a lot of what he thought about ninja. Including the cowering in the corner when things got tough. This stayed with him throughout the rest of his time as a chunnin, and when he was 22, he was promoted to jounin.

As a jounin; his time was largely unimpressive.  He was jounin when the rebellion happened, and was largely on the sidelines for it, assisting in the disposing of bodies.

When that bomb went off, the one that set the populace on edge, Gonshiro was there.  Gonshiro took the blast for a few civillians, and the entire debalcle was lessened by him planting a seal on himself that lowered the amount of fire that he took to the chest.  He became a sannin at the age of 28, after having a generally unimpressive jounin run that showed his power off and on.

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