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Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]


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Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:29 am

The breeze actually seemed colder now. The wind brushing against the face of a young kunoichi in the distance displayed a great majesty, the warmth of light shining from above matching seamlessly in unison with the beauty becoming exhumed.  Her ponytail swayed, dancing in the current. The soil beneath her feet seemed moist, almost muddy; it had rained the night before and the night before that as well. It's been one hell of a winter season in Hyozangakure. A glimmer would emit from the Icefall River, Sameonna's necklace giving insight into the hope of what is to come. The rapids beyond speed up, prompting the young woman to walk from the reeded bank of the river and over to a carved log suitable for sitting.

Her hand would move to readjust the headband hanging from her waist, the symbol of a crudely engraved snowflake baring its insignia, the sash and metal alike, beaten and tarnished, a direct representation of her affiliation to the Lands of Ice. And this was no ordinary fanaticism as Sameonna had dedicated her entire life to the success and prosperity of her village; and in due diligence, is now known as The Water Dragon within its borders - a testament to the moniker holding her skill with the technique in very high regard. A small campfire set just feet from her provided just enough of a comfortable heat to make it seem more pleasant out in the tundra than it actually was, a tent pitched three meters west of the campfire.

With just enough supplies to last for a few days, this was her escape, a chance to embrace the nature which had blessed her with life. A way to train and gather her thoughts in absolute solitude. It wasn't often many people travel to this part of the land, though when it was, good reason was had. This was Sameonna's way of trying to emphasize a more peaceful existence, not having to deal with the daily hassle of modern society and their indirect ignorance. Tucked away behind mountains of snow, barricaded by walls of ice and solid rock, the girl almost hid from civilization. It wasn't fear which made her this way, but understanding the burden that was the reality surrounding her. If this frozen and barren wasteland is a representation of life, well.. how could this be any different from death she pondered; seemingly lost in thought as the blaze painted portraits of wonder and imagination in her pupils.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by Gonshiro Sasagawa on Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:38 pm

Gonshiro, in all his life, had not wanted human interaction usually. However. He wished to find the other sannin, and had it on good knowledge that the water dragon had went out camping.  The giant was the other sannin in the village, a massive beacon of strength.  This wasn't because he tried, it was because he was an absolute mass of skin, color and personality. He wasn't the strongest sannin, Sam was probably stronger. Maybe. He wasn't entirely sure. He wasn't entirely sure he cared. He had his skillset and knew it, and kept it close to himself. After all; his motto wasn't a lie. He'd love to just compile knowledge and keep it to himself, especially knowledge about Fish. Fish are cool. They really are.

Gonshiro was wearing a coat; a nice coat at that. Inside it's pockets, where most would hold some kind of weapon, he held candy. It was mainly for himself, but if the Dragon wanted it, he was willing to give it to the dragon. After all, from what he's heard, the Dragon's a young girl who is terrifyingly powerful. Not that Gonshiro actually cared. Gonshiro was sure that he'd survive anything that came his way currently.

If he didn't? Meh. He didn't particularly care. It wasn't like he valued much else other then seals.   Fish were the other thing. Fish and Seals. Also candy. Candy is important to him because it tastes good, otherwise he wouldn't carry so much of it in his coat.  In fact, he had a piece of candy in his mouth. A sucker, grape flavored. It was good candy, not that crappy stuff for like 2 ryo, he had the top teir stuff. It cost a lot, but it was good and that made Gonshiro happy. When Gonshiro was happy, most others were happy.

He found the camp that the Water Dragon was staying at, and saw the Water Dragon sitting there alone.

"Dragon~ Want candy?"

He walked into camp and sat next to the campfire, a good bit away from it though to make sure that if it was started he wouldn't get burnt. His massive frame was made even more massive when compared to the Dragon, and he was just fine with that. In fact, it almost made him laugh how small she was, until he remembered that she got where he got in 14 years, not 28...but did he really care? Not particularly.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:15 am

It was at this point in time where Sameonna's wondrous imagination and focus would have been broken by the figure of a giant hobbling toward her. Even in the wastes, the harsh wind causes nearby snow to be kicked up and thrown into the air, often obscuring the view of even the best of eagle-eyes. However, as Sameonna was a Hoshigaki, and being as though snow was water, it allowed her a form of sensory and realization when trapped behind the freezing breeze. As his figure grew closer, Sameonna noted him baring the insignia of Hyozangakure on a headband which glimmered through the piercing veil of sunlight carried gracefully from above. And as far as she knew, only one person in the village possessed such monstrous physical qualities. The other Sannin, Gonshiro Sasagawa, famed as a support ninja and quite the literal Taijutsu tank, she understood that the respect he demanded was absolute, as was hers.

He sat by the fire, Sameonna flashing a smile his way before he had promptly offered her some candy. Sameonna, fairly convinced of herself that she was a hypoglycemic and had an index to maintain, would hastily accept the offer, unwrapping the plastic which seemed to hide the ever-tasteful chewiness of the candy from her. Stuffing the wrapper into a small pouch, it seemed Sam was also a lover of nature, not wanting to spoil its beauty with pollution. The way he approached her though, it almost was amusing. She actually allowed a giggle to escape her lips. "Dragon - Want Candy?" It was hilarious, and probably the first and only time shes ever been approached like that.

Brushing the hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear, the damned winds surrounding them picking up every few minutes or so, forcing her hair in all different directions. It was very annoying being a woman with long hair. "I suppose you are Gonshiro Sasagawa, the Giant of Hyozangakure? Pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the candy!" her smile would indicate that she knew this man purely from the fact that he was known for his size, she swallowed, the candy escaping the treacherous maw of the shark chomping away at it. It was certainly an unexpected treat, and she wasn't just talking about the amazing gooey goodness of the candy she had been given. It was an amusing thought to imagine both Sameonna and Gonshiro standing side-by-side on a battlefield. No one would know who to attack. No one would know who was more dangerous. It was all skepticism until action was carried out. Which would inevitably grant the two a certain element of surprise. However, she did ponder how he knew her alias. This had been the first time they'd ever met, and Sameonna looks like any other regular fourteen-year old girl.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by Gonshiro Sasagawa on Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:49 am

"I am. Candy is best i can find for money. I only accept the best~" Gonshiro spoke, his massive frame finally set like a stone in the wind. His monsterous form compared to Sam's form, it was almost funny to Gonshiro. One could hear a large chomp and then Gonshiro took out the stick of the sucker he was sucking on. He frowned. It was gone. He shoved the stick in his coat pocket and took another sucker out, unwrapping and then sticking it in his mouth. He dug his hand into one of his pockets, the one he had labeled 'taffy pocket' in his head. He grabbed about 12 in his hand and leaned over to Sam, dropping them onto her head.

"Gonshiro Sasagawa i am, but aren't you Sameonna sharky shark?"

He had forgotten the name of the Hoshigakis, He was too busy eating candy and looking at non-human fishes. Non-human fishes were the best, but human fishes were okay. They had their bonuses, like being able to lift things and stuff. It was fun to play with and fight human fish. He sat straight up again; yawning. He was tired and bored, but he couldn't be bothered to sleep currently. He was with the other Sannin.

While he rarely made enough of an effort to remember sannin and what it meant, he currently made that effort. Fishey girl was a sannin. That meant she was to be given some level of respect. Gonshiro understood respect. He didn't care much for it, rathering to have fun and look at fishes constantly. Though, even fish got boring after an extended period of time. One could say he could stay at home, crafting seals. Even that got frustrating at a point. Gonshiro had to find some social interaction.

Maybe shark girly could give him fish? This stirred slight excitment in Gonshiro, as he loved fish; and if he could have special fish that meant good things. Maybe even glowy fish? Glowy fish are the best type of fish, in Gonshiro's opinion. They provided light in the dark, and still looked cool as fuck without the light in the dark. These two things led him to absolutely adore the fish he had at his home, but he was very, very okay with having more fish. Fish were great. Fish ladies were also a thing.

Gonshiro put his hand on his chin in a thinking post, and asked a single question.

"Can't you guys make fishes special? If so, can I have one~?"
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by Garnet Rose on Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:53 pm

It had been a while, Garnet thought, since he had truly allowed some time for himself. Days in and out of politicking along with the subtle maneuvers that was keeping a ninja village above water was an exercise in of itself, utterly exhausting even after years of being in the position. It wasn’t that it had no reward, that was far from the fact. Garnet drew pleasure from the fact that he was in turn helping hundreds of other people go about their lives happily. However, he had to admit this came at a cost. In all honesty, he couldn’t quite remember the last time he had done something truly for himself with no underlying motive for it being related to his job and as such the village. A month, two? Perhaps even more? He could not answer that question.

However, on this day Garnet had finally experienced such an occasion. In a sense it was quite an accomplishment, for this meant that not only was he ahead of the paperwork but that the village was currently in a stable enough state that he wasn’t getting a fresh off the press report from his intelligence division about the newest conspiracy to overthrow him. Really he thought people might one day just learn to accept things and move on, but he supposed that would be in the far future. Happy endings rarely existed in the world of the ninja. This was a sad, but true fact.

Even so, Garnet was going to make the best of his time. Today would be a day for him clearing his thoughts. No ridiculously extensive jutsu regimen, or plots to stab the latest and greatest potato head who dared threaten the inhabitants of the land he protected. Those kind of things were stress magnets, which he already had enough of to last for a very long time indeed. No, instead at the moment he was merely enjoying the countryside as he walked along the Icefall River, noting the damp smell in the air. He always liked it when it rained, although he found it sometimes to be rather cumbersome when using his own techniques. It was quite annoying to be channeling Temperature Chakra only to find bits of hail striking you every seconds because of it. Nasty stuff, that was.

He paused for a moment to look into the clear moving waters, staring at the mirrored reflection of his visage in the water. His still shortened visage greeted him, although at this point he had been growing accustomed to his current visage. Sure, it was quite disconcerting at first to find himself growing down, however after reverting back to his old height multiple times he had found it easier simply to stay how he was. It wasn’t like he was a midget or anything, he just wasn’t the tallest. Absentmindedly he adjusted his skintight black sports shirt, shaking his hand out a bit when he felt the static electricity built up in it. His baggy brown pants were warm but loose fitting, causing them to blow slightly in the wind when it whistled by him. Today he had opted out of sandals, preferring to wear brown hiking boots suited for the slightly muddy terrain he knew he would be encountering today. While open toed shoes might feel nice, he didn’t want to have to wash out the grime later. Laundry was always a pain in the neck.

As he continued his walk he eventually discovered a new scent in the air. This one was not of wetness, of the fresh earth or the budding plants. Not even of animals on the prowl. No, this was acrid, strong and quite familiar due to his practice with the element. This was the smell of smoke, and smoke led to fire. He surveyed his surroundings, noting the faint plume of smoke drifting into the air. Not a forest fire, thank the heavens. A campfire, perhaps?

His interest piqued now, he trodded forward, following the smoke trail as it eventually became less faint which he assumed meant he was getting closer. His bright red hair rustled in the wind and Garnet pushed a few unruly strands back into place, adjusting the headband around his neck which proclaimed his loyalty to his own village when it shifted out of place. While it wasn’t quite needed for him to wear it, mostly due to his own face being enough to show his loyalty, it was a force of habit he hadn’t really felt like stopping. Perhaps he could fashion it into something more worthy of being called armor? It was sturdy for civilian standards, but based on the fact that a mere kunai was often enough to seriously scratch them it seemed he would have to take up his own hammer to improve upon that. Alright, enough planning. Today was a day for relaxation, no scheming.

About around this time would be when Garnet finally approached the clearing, making no efforts to hide himself as in all honesty that would be quite rude to do so. He would hide his surprise at the inhabitants, the two Sannin? Well, wasn’t this a surprise. He couldn’t say he had ever interacted with them much, which was admittedly rather shameful considering his official ranking and theirs being so interlinked with each other. Heck, these people were perhaps the only ones in the country capable of laying him flat on his back besides perhaps the most elite of his own forces. Garnet had no illusions of him being the strongest, they were due their own respect for their achievements. He would observe the two, noting with chagrin that he was just barely the height of the woman he knew to be Sameonna Hoshigaki meanwhile the other, Gonshiro Sasagawa, towered over both in terms of height. Truly a giant, he was indeed. He was quite sure that it was great for intimidation on the battlefield, though briefly he wondered if the man had to stoop to go through certain doorways. That would certainly be a pain if he did.

He would speak up right around the time Gonshiro had asked the question, not wanting to be rude as he strode calmly into view, placing himself a few feet from the campfire and Gonshiro. “Miss Hoshigaki, Mister Sasagawa. What a pleasant surprise.” He said, trying to be both polite while at the same time also conveying his surprise. “Im sorry, but am I interrupting anything here? If so I'll  just make my way out, I wouldn’t want to force myself into your conversation.” This was the truth, in fact. Just because he was the Hyozankage didn’t mean he had the right to barge into every single interaction ever between a ninja. Micromanagement ended in dissent, dissent ended in rebellion. If he was not welcome he would leave promptly, although he would be glad to stay and socialize if otherwise. That campfire looked rather toasty and he was sure sitting by it would be a treat in of itself. He would smile slightly, hoping to convey his good mood to the others while at the same time listening to their responses both for his case and in the rather...interesting remarks Gonshiro seemed to have. What better thing to do than to add a smile to someone else’s day?

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:52 am

Sameonna would smile playfully as the candy had been dumped over her head, cascading from it like a waterfall, each piece finding its way into her lap; before too many prompted her to round them up and stick them into the same pouch as mentioned before, where she'd put her old wrapper previously. By the time she had finished tucking them away, Gonshiro had asked her about who she was. She would nod in approval of his theory, wondering if she was Sameonna. "Yes, I am Sameonna Hoshigaki, your fellow Sannin and the second shinobi of Sector 2." Another smile took its place over her already large smile from receiving so much candy. She was curious however as to why he would have inquired about fish. Perhaps he has a strong connection to those of the underwater world. This was a comforting ideal to Sameonna, being as though she was basically half Shark and half Human. She'd tap her chin before answering his questions. "Well, though its normally looked down upon within my clan, I may be able to pull some strings and manage a special kind of fish just for you?" She'd giggle. Giggling? A Sannin, giggling. What the hell kind of fucked up team would this become. One Sannin obsessing over fish, and another one who laughs at things like candy. Oh boy.

Sameonna's sensory would spike as Garnet neared closer to them with every step through the tundra, however, this was a signature that Sameonna recognized, as having been around the village long enough to just about interpret each individuals signature just based on their radial direction. Though it was impossible for her to pinpoint his location, her demeanor would change entirely from that of a playful little girl to a serious soldier. Super serious. Perhaps too serious, to be honest. Nevertheless, by the time she had gotten out of her head with theories, he had arrived, and already began addressing the two as he spoke. Sameonna would immediately stand up, bowing and saluting her leader. "Hyozankage." Her fists curled and held at her side, it was an impeccable salutation. She had nothing but respect for the Kage of Hyozangakure, as her loyalties to the village were reputable enough to solidify her place in their political setting for an eternity. "Please, do, join us. I hadn't expected to run into Sannin Sasagawa out here, let alone the most respected individual in our village. It would be our honor to have you with us." Her demeanor remained the same, though her words spoke of hopeful gesture. All she ever wanted was to be a powerplayer in her village. She hoped that her actions over the years and during the rebellion would have won Garnet's affections. Was it enough, though. Was it ever enough?

If, after and when he would return her salute, she'd sit back down, and then hold her hand out, nearly enough to seem like she was pointing at Gonshiro, but, instead of doing so, she would flatten her palm, causing the snow next to the giant man to rumble lightly, ice cracking beneath the covering blanket of white. Flipping her palm to the sky and pulling upward with her arm, a chair seemingly made of water would rise from the water below, the temperature outside taking only seconds to freeze the chair solid, a highback chair, fit for a Kage, even despite the current environment. It wasn't normally like Sameonna to display her capabilities with the water elemental affinity, though, there were no other seats available, and this was the easiest way to produce one for the leader of Hyozan. After the channelation had been completed, she'd lean back, brushing her hair with the same hand, tucking her bangs into the crevice of her ear. Her ponytail still remained dancing in the winds as they picked up every now and again. If she wasn't born here and become so attuned and accustomed to the tundras, who the hell would ever move out here or live in Hyozangakure. Only the most steadfast or hardy of individuals could survive this treacherous terrain. Sameonna would suppose that its only fitting, as the worlds most mentally cunning and physically overwhelming shinobi all seem to rise from the borders of Hyozangakure. A tough world demands tough shinobi, and with Garnet in command, the ideal of that very theory is proven true. This was something Sameonna realized, understood and had a great deal of respect for him because of his capability to turn Hyozangakure into a once destroyed and troubled town into a world-renowned Great Nation. She hoped one day she may imitate his accomplishments.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by Gonshiro Sasagawa on Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:03 pm

As the nice stuffs was being said by the sharky lady, their Kage came and appeared. Huh. That was neat. The kage had came. Wasn't that person supposed to be the highest rank? Yes. Maybe. No? Yes. Certainly. The kage, Garnet had appeared. He listened to both sides of the conversation, and had elected to wait until they were over. He could wait. He could get special fish. Special fish? Glowy fish even? Well. She didn't say a glowly fish, but the hope was there. A broad smile slid onto Gonshiros face; Gonshiro could get behind fishes.

He watched, with awe on his face, as Sam the Shark made a throne for Garnet. It was a nice trick; and it made sense for the Kage to sit on it. For Gonshiro? He....didn't need a throne to sit higher then the rest. He just kidna sat higher then most anyway. It was fairly an easy thing.  At 6 foot 11 inches, Gonshiro stood higher pretty much anyone. It was a feat that he liked to show by standing up straight. However, that was not something Gonshiro was doing currently, since he was sitting down and imagining the glowing fish that could be happening.

"Hi kage-sama~" Gonsihro spoke, lazily. He still sat still, as there was no real need for anything. It's not like he was in any danger. Both of the others here wouldn't attack him, and any outside force wouldn't be able to kill them. A kage and two sannin vs basically anyone meant death for the enemy. Especially with who was here, with Garnet and Sam the Shark. He was comfortable as he finished he second sucker, and stuffed it in his garbage pocket, and went into his taffy pocket, quite literally throwing candy at the kage. It was a gift.

Gonshiro was not a complex man; but what he knew was something was funny. If people would see them, without any previous knowledge, they'd probably thing he's the largest threat, but he could assure anyone that he wasn't the biggest threat. Actually, he was probably the smallest threat when it came down to it. When it came down to it, the poor guy was at a disadvantage when it came to fighting either of them. The only fight he could win, between the two, is if he got the drop on Sam the Shark.

 "What brings you out, Kage-sama~?"
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by Garnet Rose on Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:18 pm

Garnet had to admit, he was awfully glad for himself to have some company. While it was true that as a village leader he often had to speak and work with others on a daily business, but there was an obvious difference between speaking at a job and socializing with other people. Often the latter would tend to be rather repetitive and many times Garnet found himself wishing for more of the previous. He could admit that the second one tended to benefit everyone as a whole, but he was still human. He deserved some form of interaction just like any other person.

As such, he was truly grateful that the two had accepted his presence. Ignoring his ranking and title, people these days tended to be a bit apprehensive about being around him, even though he was quick to state that simply because he was the village’s leader didn’t mean he was a complete monster. Sure, he had done plenty of things he was not proud of in his lifetime, but that didn’t mean he was some sort of ravenous beast that got his jollies off at seeing the blood of his enemies draining on the floor. Okay, maybe that last bit had a ring of truth to it, but that was only on special occasions and often very deserving anyways. Oh no, here he was with his mind wandering again. He snapped himself from these inconsequential thoughts, it would only serve as an embarrassment to himself and his station if he were to appear nonpresent to his most powerful ninja.

As Sameonna stood up and bowed Garnet’s visage would stay as it had been, though internally he had been quite impressed with her showing of decorum. Often a trend among the higher ranks was a loss in formality to the point of often being downright disrespectful to each other so it was a breath of fresh air to see somebody who was still willing to play the song and dance. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate quirkiness, in fact he loved seeing the differences between people, however having at least a couple of ounces worth in human decency was certainly something Garnet looked for in a person in general. He was glad to see it in somebody so important. He would return the salute to the blonde Sannin in turn. “You flatter me Miss Hoshigaki. I believe that the honor is mine, being host to two fine ninja of this village.” Sure, that had been laying it on a little thick, but it was true. Garnet was glad to have such strong people on his side and he would make sure that they didn’t forget that if nothing else, they were always welcome.

After this point his eyes would widen slightly as the ground rumbled slightly next to the other Sannin, feeling the subtle flow of chakra beneath the earth. Before his very eyes a throne of water appeared and to his astonishment quickly froze, due to both the temperatures around them and what he was sure had to be related to the fact that it was formed with chakra. Things created from it always seemed to have some form of quirk, after all. “Why thank you.” He would say, before crossed the few feet to the chair at a relaxed pace, passing before Gonshiro before settling down. It was fine work for such a quick manifestation, however he felt that it would be nice if he added his own personal touch. It wasn’t that he was vain, so much as it was a force of habit. Almost unconsciously chakra would leak from Garnet’s core, the temperature dropping around him sharply just for a few seconds so that the worst that the other two might feel would be a quick burst of cold before he let up, having lowered the temperature of the seat enough so that it wouldn’t be melting anytime soon. That, and he had to admit that he rather liked the little snowflake designs that had occurred along the seat as a side effect. Thankfully he was immune to the temperatures so while most people would probably end up with severe frostbite just by sitting in it for a minute he was quite content to lounge in it for the moment. Creating the Glaciate technique truly had been a great move on his part, for the conceptual bit of it he found himself using quite a bit. He could guiltily admit to him chilling his drink with chakra in the summer months whenever he found it going lukewarm.

At this point he would address the other Sannin. “Hello to you as well Mr. Sasagawa.” He would begin with the same kind smile still on his face despite having already said so already. His laid back manner was quite nice, as any other would likely see the man as a much more darker one. This made him seem more of a benevolent giant as opposed to one who could likely pop his head like an overripe grape should he anger him. Wow, that was a bit of a dark turn in his thoughts. And a rather odd one, considering that at the moment Gonshiro was clearly more interested in the prospect of fish then violence. Perhaps that meant it was a….fish wish? He made sure not to laugh externally at his terrible pun. He noted how already the Sannin was going through his candy which he found quite impressive before snatching the sweets out of the air, keeping a few with him while the others would disappear in a faint flash of light. They would certainly be a good way to brighten his mood when the paperwork got thick again.

“Well, to be honest,” Garnet would continue. “At the moment I’m taking a break of sorts. Thankfully I’m ahead of administration at the moment as seeing that I haven’t unearthed another plot to sabotage our economic stability I’ve decided that a time out was in order. I can only sharpen my claws so much before they break.” That one had a double meaning, both in reference to training and the fact that his main weapon of choice was the claws and tail which made up his metallic limbs. What was up with him and his puns today? Perhaps at the moment he was just coming up with some clever wordplay. “Anyways, I was taking a stroll earlier before I saw a smoke trail and decided to investigate out of curiosity. And well, here I am.” He would pause for a moment before turning to Sameonna once again. “Sorry, but what do you mean about special fishes? Not to pry, but it sounds incredibly interesting.” This too was true, for Garnet was genuinely curious. While he himself did rule over the village and as such have a general idea about the clans abilities and those of certain ninja who stuck out enough for him to read their file on, he had never heard of the Hoshigaki’s being able to manipulate the DNA of others. Perhaps that information was out there and he simply was yet to read it? Either way, if he was correct that meant so many doors were opened. If he could see the process and figure out how to apply that knowledge to humans he could likely pave the way for a breakthrough in the field of medical Ninjutsu. Forget designer babies, how about techniques which specifically terminated all chances of genetically related conditions? He wouldn't push the issue if she refused to answer but he would certainly be grateful if she did. Somehow he had a feeling that Gonshiro would as well, if not for the learning so much as to knowing how the fish might be made.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:13 pm

After extensive travel from Hyozangakure's outskirts, Sameonna had delved deep into the woods and had found a natural spring. The small brook that ensued from it would eventually join a river. The cold water was a good medium by which Sameonna had to concentrate her chakra. She sat cross legged in meditation on top of the shallow waters. She exuded, and gathered her inner senses to further let the chakra develop and refine itself; feeling as chakra rushed through her thighs and legs so as to stay above water. If she ever lost concentration or was running low on chakra, the cold waters would let her know with a shivering reminder. To further deplete her reserves, she would perform intense calisthenics and perform chakra consuming jutsu. She would draw just enough chakra to make her pass out but not put her in any form of danger. After all, she had been tasked with increasing her chakra reserves, not with dying in the least. Perhaps one day she would have to make the choice but at the moment her mind was filled to the brim, if not overflowing, with ways to produce satisfactory results. Even if it meant an eternity.

Sameonna had primarily first exited the outskirts of the towns fences to have a private session for training. Which, she did.. Endlessly paying full attention to what she was doing and what she was trying to accomplish. To any passerby she would have looked like a feral human. Her hair was much longer than her normal shoulder length. It was even unrulier, if that was even possible. Her clothes and shoes were worn and torn where she had snagged a tree branch or scraped a clothed substance against a rock in her constant chase for food or on her ever changing self imposed physical training routines. The days had started to merge one with another. She only stopped her training to answer nature calls and to hunt for her food, or to gather supplies necessary for everyday survival as a ninja. As a proud warrior of the Hoshigaki clan. There were times she was so exhausted that she did not know if she was dreaming or actually performing the task that she would watch herself doing as if it was an outer body experience. Was this some unique form of astral projection? Training of both the mind and body? Perhaps. The aforementioned days would have lead to this point in time however, where Sam is now sitting with the first member of Sector 2, as well as the Leader of her village. She assumed on the upside that they showed up just as she was finishing her meditative training regime.

Sameonna's eyes would meet that of Garnet's as he questioned these 'special fishes' Sameonna had previously mentioned while speaking to Gonshiro just as he had arrived. Tilting her head, she bit her lip for a moment, deciding to explain what she was meaning to the two before her. "Well, although it is only common-knowledge within the Hoshigaki Clan, we can utilize our already expanded upon mutagen and scientifically manipulate them to improve upon other Marine creatures we live beside. Though, I'm the only person who has what it known as a Multimutagen Carrier. Meaning, I can genetically alter marine-life, or maybe at some point, even myself, using my own DNA as the catalyst for further genetic mutation testing. I have actually have a recently-inoculated example of what I can create using my unique chakra patterns.. As it required me to go out and find an aquatic animal to test my theory upon.. And well.." Sameonna would take a breathe, standing up and pointing to a compact styrofoam cooler just a few feet from Gonshiro, in front of the tent and in between the campfire, weighing around thirty pounds and very uneven in terms of balance; being as though it was currently full of water.

Gonshiro, would you do me the pleasure of pulling that cooler to the center of us so we may all witness its contents? I am sure you above all would hold interest to see what a Hoshigaki Lumen, the first of its kind, may look or behave like. I, myself, have yet to see the results of my test." She'd flash a smile at him, hoping he'd feel respectful enough to fetch the container. T'was for his benefit ultimately, anyway. What was clearly shown was an bright blue aura seeming to emanate from underneath the lid of the container. Whatever was inside, was shining bright enough to create an aurora of rays. As the excitement would grow, Sameonna's seriousness broke, and her lips showed micro-expressions displaying pride and curiosity. "You may remove the lid, Gonshiro, and be the first witness of what a fish from Hoshigaki marine mutagen DNA creates, and what it looks like, behaves like, even eats like. There are two in there, of the same sub-species marine family. Consider them my gifts to both you, Gonshiro; as well as you, Hyozankage. I feel I owe you some form of professional compensation for recognizing my gift as a Kunoichi. -- Assuming you like them! They are yours if you want them." Sameonna would smile, leaning back against her logchair.

Contents of the Box:
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Gonsiro felt the cold, but it wasn't that crazy. What made him interested, however, is the cooler that supposedly held fish. Fish. Fish. Fish were great, and if he could have one right now, he'd be a happy, happy man.  He wasn't particularrly paining attention to the rest of what was being said, since Fish were up for the taking. He grabbed the cooler and carefully brought it to the middle of the three of him. He opened it, and by god. There was fish.

"FISHHH! Fishies~" The giant yelled, clearly happy about the fish. There was a pep in his step compared to right before the dramatic opening. It was a blue, nice fish that looked real neat. Maybe. He didn't take the fish out of the cooler filled with water, because that'd be mean to the fishes. The fishes were currently more important then the kage and Sam, although Sam ranked higher then the kage cause she was part fish.

"Thank you Sam Sharky." He said, as he looked at the fish swim in the little bit of space the fish had. He was a happy, happy person, even happier then that time he got to beat up his snobby, red-haired partner many, many times. It was great, it was fun. The giant was just gleaming with his smile. It was a fancy fish. He had a single question about the current fish that were in there.

"Sameonna~ Do they glow?" He said, in a childish tone of voice. This was a new fish, a fish he hadn't seen before. He didn't mind it. He loved it. New fishes? Best fishes. A Lumen? It didn't strike him that they were already shiny, if not already glowing, he was just too happy to deal with this like a normal human. "Kage-sama~ Look at the fishes~" Gonshiro continued, not yet grabbing them out of the water out of respect for the fish.  He didn't care about the gift as a Kunoichi business that Sameonna was talking about, that was way in the back of his mind compared to the fish that were in his hand.

They were, at the very moment, the important thing in his life. Because it was a breed of fish that was absolutely new. A lumen, a lumen. Lumen? Lumen. They were important. Lumen were important to Gonshiro because the breed of fish was new and he loved new fish. This meant... SAM COULD CREATE NEW FISHES?!

This was important news. He dug out some more taffy from his pockets and unwrapped them, shoving the garbage in his trash pocket, before shoving around 6 taffy in his mouth at once. He hadn't gotten up, but he was rocking side to side like a kid who had just gotten his christmas present.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Garnet had to admit, he was rather impressed at the current moment. The Hoshigaki woman’s response was very in depth and quite intriguing, while at the same time providing him with a trove of information for himself to store and catalouge. The Hoshigaki apparently was in possession of the ability to not only manipulate DNA, which while it was heard of in high tiered medical specialists such as himself, but to do so while invoking a bloodline was a dangerous and powerful thing. Ignoring the possible side effects, that could allow someone to greatly increase their natural states power. The whole Multimutagen Carrier thing would be one that he would research on his own end, perhaps ask some of his contacts in the Clan for some texts on it in exchange for some of his treatises on how to change the salinity of water through ninjutsu in order to quickly and efficiently prepare for different kinds of wildlife. That sounded like it might be a fair enough trade, although in all honesty it would likely be much easier to ask Sameonna herself. She seemed rather agreeable about it so it shouldn’t be too hard if he tried.

As she spoke Garnet would merely raise his eyebrows slightly, enough to convey his interest and attention but not feeling the need to interrupt her at the moment. At the current time he would let her roll on. As she spoke of the container his eyes would be drawn to it, noting its faint light. He would almost think it to be a cheesy effect, save for the fact that he hadn’t felt any chakra emanating from her earlier so it must have been doing so from the start. He would peer from where he was, looking with slight awe at the creatures within. Quite interesting they were, the strange little creatures. While he was no biologist, considering he came from a family of adventurers turned blacksmith and tailor, he was able to apprciate the sight of what he was seeing right now. Of course, he wasn’t sure just how hot the sharks were doing at the moment as in order to absorb oxygen sharks needed space to ram it through their gills, but he supposed the container had been made with that in mind. Right. Right?
“Incredible.” Garnet would murmur, taken in by the sight of the majestic creature, despite the fact that he was sure that this specimen was yet to reach its maturity. It was unique in its own nature, artificial creatures always seemed to have the slightest aura of mystique about them in his opinion. He would express his thanks to Sameonna, this was wonderful! “Why thank you Miss Hoshigaki! They are quite wonderful, if I might say so myself.” He paused for a moment. “Though I might have to invest in an aquarium. Though I do have a pond on my property I’m afraid that one of my other pets might attack it when I'm not around. He’s a bit of a troublemaker, a bit like me I’m afraid.” If that meant the kind of guy who got homicidal urges to claw up and rip any living thing in front of him to shreds then yes Wolf was bit like him, although he supposed for him it was more of a predator thing than years of conflict and bijuu influence twisting his psyche. Still, the fact that he was created from him had to count for something.
“I’ve got to say, this is all quite promising.” He would continue. “While I myself have done my own research into manipulation of the human body, it seems that you and your clan have done quite the job here.” He would pause a moment, the gears in his head turning.

Slowly, despite his self enforced ban on plots, a plan was forming. One that might be beneficial to all of them should it go through. “In fact,” he paused again slightly. “This is making me think of something. What say you that we pool together on this. At the moment I’m attempting to invest some of our villages income into defence and research and this appears to be quite promising. Once I secure the funding I’m sure that leaps and bounds could be made in it.” He would let the proposition sink in for a second before moving onwards. “Of course, you would be helping to spearhead new discoveries and refining old ones due to your familiarity with it alongside myself to see how it can be applied to the average human. As for you Mr. Sasagawa, I’m sure that you would be quite welcome. A man as well versed in aquatic life as you are would be quite a boon to have on a project such as this.” Of course, this was all completely up to them. If they decided that they wished to not be part of it, then oh well. But his mind filled with the thoughts. A village surrounded by a natural wall, a gateway made of the very wildlife that populated the area naturally. It was an incredible thought, one he was sure would only build into greater and grander things as time went on. Of course, this all depended on their decisions. He would be quite elated if they were to agree. He glanced again at the glowing shark. Would this tiny specimen be the spark to unleashing a torrents worth of guardians into his waters to protect his village? He briefly had a thought of fish holding tiny little tridents to fight against underwater intruders and smiled briefly. Their own little Atlantis.


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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Sameonna would sit and ponder the thought of creating a rather lucrative DNA-oriented business with the Hyozankage. It was true, that it was likely to be a very rare and useful commodity. Being capable of mutating things, that is. Though, Sameonna's form of mutation was much more unique in the sense that she utilized her chakra patterns to manipulate the DNA of marine life. Though it is restricted to altering the bloodline of marine life, the concept of it could theoretically be used to further advance the science behind its engineering and advance it to indulge in darker ideals, such as human clinical testing and trials. Sameonna had a very respectable theory of life though, as well as the value in weight which each life individually held, so human testing would be something that may take some convincing before becoming a realization.

Regardless, they were just two people. How much of an impact could they truly make on the entire shinobi world. Some weeks ago Sameonna didn't even think that this could be a business opportunity, she just enjoyed creating lakes full of unique fish deep within Hoshigaki territory. This could certainly prove to be beneficial to Hyozangakure however. It was a thought which must be thought upon. With the possibility of this simple idea becoming a reality, Sameonna almost bit her lip in excitement. Instead, choosing to exude that excitement with a brief stretch, smiling and leaning back as she did so. Readjusting her bottom on the finely carved log chair, she also took note of the explicitly elegant designs Garnet had embossed onto the throne she had previously concocted for him. Surprisingly, she liked his taste in decor, given that she was more keen on approving of eloquent victorian-esque designs, high chapels, high ceilings, high pillars.. High anything really. She liked things high. It was her preference.

She would look at the leader of the village, nodding in approval of his offer to work toward using Sameonna's gift for the better of the village. "Well, Hyozankage, I graciously accept your proposal.. I think that this team-up could be a rather profitable acquirement for the village as a whole.. Not just for those of higher prowess, but for all who seek biological freedom. I would detail my capabilities more in-depth, but, truly, this is not the time or place for addressing such matters. I feel as if we've all earned this small semblance of peace and freedom, surrounded by the nature which bore us. A world of ice, rain, hail and snow.. Hyozangakure stands stronger than it ever has, and its not just because of us. You have earned my respect, Hyozankage; as well as you Sannin Sasagawa. I whole heartedly believe that us three will take this village to the top, and from there, once we are ancestors of the future generation, Hyozangakure will likely become the most powerful village that this world will ever see." She spoke almost arrogantly of the village, though it was a boastful gesture that had its reason for baring such a brutal reputation.

The representatives of Hyozangakure were notable for their ability to kill both savagely and efficiently, to the point where missions were carried out without casualties - even full scale assaults were successful. Alternatively, through the years of hardship and rebellion, rebuilding the village from ash and stone, it stands as amazing for the village to even have walls at this point. It was the will for this wilderness of ice to be ressurected and constitute new pathways for shinobi to advance. The nature of the shinobi from this village was to be as perfectly imperfect as possible; to be savage, yet merciful. Respectful.. Yet, unyielding. It was a difficult job for any taskmaster. Sameonna was just glad it was Garnet and not some other rag tag noob of a shinobi who came along trying to take a Kage title. She would then turn her attention to Gonshiro, who was happily suckling on close to seven lollipops at once. With all those suckers, its hard to believe he isn't one himself. The gigantic husk of a man was more fearsome than anyone would initially grasp, even despite his powerful appearance. It wasn't his strength that even made him overwhelming. It was the speed. Not that Sameonna had seen him in action, though, he had a reason for having his reputation and the title of Sannin, and rumor spreads quickly in a small town.

After the lid had been removed, the fish seemed to almost stop glowing simultaneously, moreso due to the light being shined down from above taking precedence over the bioluminescent properties their skin attained, lowering the potency of their aura drastically. It seemed that the two were happy with accepting her gifts, though Sameonna could sense a growing curiosity from Garnet, one that she would most certainly indulge when the conversation takes a turn elsewhere. "I trust that you both enjoy the fish? They are prized possessions of the Hoshigaki Clan, and I'd be ashamed if they'd grow up in this world wasting their beauty in some god-forsaken lake, strewn from some god-forsaken stream where they'd probably get eaten by some god-forsaken creature quadrouple their size. I'd much rather them be in the hands of two of Hyozangakure's most trusted officials. A sign that Hoshigaki will forever remain loyal to both of you, and the cause of what foundation so strongly bonds itself together behind Hyozangakure. We walk this world in singularity, but with unity, we have become a force worth reckoning." Again, so highly spoken of the village.. But she was a fanatic, so, this was just par for the course. Sameonna one day hoped to be the Herald of Hyozangakure, and as such, she needed to remain fiercely competitive, even among like-ranked individuals such as Gonshiro. Apart from her age, it was the one thing which separated her mentality from slipping into the cunning depths of despair and normality. As if there was a such thing as normal anymore, as the group stares at a pair of mutated fish-sharks.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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City defense... fishes. Defense. He was good at that. Something was wrong, though. Did they have enough money or manpower to do what was being suggested, would they be able to sustain the village afterwards? He hadn't seen the treasury, but after the massive civil war, he had to guess that it wasn't that great. Especially after those bombs, which Gonshiro helped the final one be severely less dangerous compared to most. That was lucky, and it cost the village the least amount of money out of everything, but that war took a nasty hit to the treasury, he was sure. It was only logical, and that was something a thinking Gonshiro specialized in. Seals or not.

There was small, quiet murmurs coming from Gonshiro, as you heard various numbers coming from the giant. He was clearly thinking about the costs of adding various sorts of additions to defense, be it ranging from a tower to various other things. He had to think that it was a dangerous thing to spend money on defense in such peaceful times, in case someone would think that they are gearing up for a war. A war against other villages. So the defenses would have to be discrete and small, instead of large and aggressive.

That wasn't a problem with Gonshiro. It was just the manpower required. Hyozan was not a small village, and it had a lot of people. But, how many of those people would be willing to work on defense, and things such as guarding the gate and helping traders, much less the idea of just building something. He knew why a lot of people became a ninja. For the action, for the fight. There were some who went in it to help, but those would be the easy ones to drag in. The theoretical costs would be enormous, if not just to hire the ninja required to do the repairs. He was listening to Sam's response the entire time, taking it in and being fine.

He wouldn't respond right away, considering his candy was being sucked on while this happened. After a small while, he started moving his fingers and closed his eyes, as though working with an invisible screen to see if he could figure out some of the more complicated math problems off the top of his head, and it was seemingly working, as he made progress with the numbers and started talking about different numbers then before.

Unity was great and all, but it didn't make the village money all that often, and much less make the village safe. Unity was nice. Unity between three of the most powerful ninja in the village was even better. However, unity wouldn't fix their problems. Not in the way that Sameonna thought they would. No. No. That isn't how it works. Force wins everything. One man could topple cities, he was sure. It was a simple fact of life. Force ruled, and that's what they needed, but did they have enough people for it? It's not like the three gathered lacked force, honest. They all three had force to spar, and could probably beat most lower ranged ninja. You didn't become a kage and a sannin by just mumbling around and being weak, but three people wasn't enough.

He started speaking roughly a moment after Sameonna stopped.

"Village defense...we can't do it very big and large. no. That's a no go. can't do it. if we do, others might think we're getting ready to go to war. even if we are, we can't show them that. bad strategy, and we can't flounders. Sameonna is strong. Garnet is strong. I'm strong. we're strong, undoubtedly. there's stronger out there, so we need to make some kind of special preperations, but costs too high. much too high, need to abuse my and Sameonnna's skills. but if we do, that'd make it seem odd that two sannin are gearing the village up so much. i don't know how much our treasury has, but it can't have much due to the civil war. those bombs were nasty. immensely. i was at one. unity won't just do it now. village or not, we must become as strong as possible, and even if that means crossing moral barriers, we must do that. but how do we get the manpower? that'll be difficult. people are greedy and won't work for free, even if it's building up the village and defense." Gonshiro started off, and bit all of the suckers in his mouth before taking them out, the sucker part broken, and sticking it in his growing garbage pocket.

He dug out some hard candy and started sucking on it before starting his tirade of information again.

"Considering the current economy, we're in a rough position. i'm not sure...but if i put all my time into it, i could probably develop some kind of seal... maybe an unstoppable one...but seal matrix."

Gonshiro shut up for a split second, thinking.

"but what if you had a seal that just replicated itself. no. impossible. City defenses. i can make some fancy seals to help us, but i lack the pure power of seals that a lot of people do, especially those like the Uzumaki. those bastar- sorry, off topic. Garnet, do we have enough money and or manpower to go after this? fishes and seals are my specialty, so i could work close with Sam-shark to assist in the development of fish, and work on some fancy seals. that's my main skills, though. i work better at home developing things instead of in the field. big frame is a curse."

He hadn't pledged his allegiance, not did he say he wouldn't join. He placed a question and was ready to formulate something based on Garnet's answer. This was Gonshiro's true form, the brain that was almost always seemingly off. It was a terrifying brain, and it wasn't idealistic. It was just something that happened occasionally, that he decided to think about things.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Garnet was a person. To be quite frank, not quite a normal person. I mean really, why might you think that? Just look at his company. Currently he was breaking bread- wait, that was taffy. His mistake. Currently he was breaking taffy with a giant man who apparently needed enough sugar to power a rhino for ten years on a daily basis and a shark lady who apparently just walked around with genetically modified marine life in her cooler for plot convenience. Then again, who was he to judge. He was some sort of weird man-lamb-cat-bird-woman-mythological beast hybrid thanks to his ungrateful tenant. Let’s not forget his mental instability issues which he had to deal with on a weekly basis violently. God, he sounded like a badly written too edgy character from some five year olds badly written fiction story. And wasn’t that just how his life felt all the time these days? Ah, peaches and jam, he was going to split heads when he got home. Literally.

Putting aside the revelation that he could literally feel himself becoming an incredibly used story trope aside in the list of things to never think about in the history of ever. He would listen to Sameonna as she talked, noting her once again high opinion of the village and its leadership. But did he deserve it? Did he really? He’d like to think he did, in all honest. By god if everything else he had ever said and thought was a lie he wanted to believe that to be the sole truth. The past five years had been so god forsakenly grueling, even with the slow but sure increase in his ninja force again it was hell to maintain the image of a village on the rise. Everything that goes up must fall, which was something that he absolutely refused to happen under his watch. Never again would he allow to see the gates of his home set ablaze, the snows that blanket the village in peace melted away by flames of hatred. He quelled himself once more to avoid showing anger on his visage. It would come off badly if his nonverbal language were to come off as anger and irritation, in fact he was currently quite pleased and, dare he say it, jovial at the current situation. He would instead smile and nod, in response, hoping that would be enough to satisfy her as to be quite frank he couldn’t think of an equally wordy as well as satisfactory response. Sitting among friends was a great feeling.

He was pleasantly surprised as he found the sugary Gonshiro’s attitude begin to shift, becoming quite calculated in a short amount of time. So this was the hidden potential beneath the surface? There were many reports on his ninja which he often received, which while he rarely read he had seen enough on Gonshiro that there had been many complaints from his old team that he had tended to not apply himself as much as he should have, or something of that nature. Was this that, coming to the surface? He would listen to him murmur intently, taking in the points being given, analyzing each one before formulating his own response. All fairly valid points, all deserving of answer. If this was how the Sannin was when focused, he could probably become the Country if not the continent’s most terrifying tactician. If he were a lesser man he might have giggled maniacally, but he wasn’t thankfully. Instead, he would answer.

“Well, you are right on that first one.” Garnet would begin. “Even with the civil war behind us, funds haven’t exactly been overflowing. Corruption still flows in the trade routes and thanks to pretty much all of our surplus running out we haven’t much to spare. However,” he would break off for a second, yawning slightly. “Sorry about that. However, while I do indeed currently have a decent amount of money saved from the funding that my position affords me, what I'm thinking of won’t be the kind of thing that requires money. Not much of it anyways for the current moment, as long as what I’m thinking of proves to be feasible.” He would break for a moment again, allowing both for the idea to sink in and for him to reorganize his thoughts. Time to make it or break it. Go.

“Alright, what I’m proposing here is a multifaceted plan.” He would begin. “Our village, which currently is in a semi-stable position, is currently up and running merely because of the good graces of fate and the fact that we have excellent ninja defending its walls. Both are good things, but it isn’t enough. We can’t just rely on our own selves alone and think that will be enough. One day there will be a human error, and we’ll be right back where we started if not worse. That’s why I want to make this village stronger. Now, when I see this vision of the village, I’ve got to think about what we’re known for. Play to our strengths.” He would stretch out his right hand to gesture. “What are we known for, Gonshiro, Sasagawa?” He would change his tone from the previous formal tone to the more familiar one to show his earnest question. “It’s not mercy, though I try to be fair. It’s not for our bounty, heck we live in one of the worst areas for agriculture if not mining. No.” A single blue flame would dance almost eerily in his palm for a second before he abruptly crushed it. “It’s power. We don’t get first pick for best ninja, or big and valuable trade agreements for our already existing surplus. We’re known for being the biggest and baddest boys and girls out there who will turn your sorry behind to mush and feeding it to the dogs as chow if you dare step on our shoes. But how do we make that useful?” He would lower his hand.

“It’s innovation. Creation of new techniques, the collaboration of separate powerhouses to create new structures, monuments to the power of the Hidden Iceberg when banded together. One person of our stature can create a wave large enough to drown a small village. Sure. But what if there is two? Three? What if one of them has an ability that none of the others have, one which can multiply the effect and perhaps even prolong and many even make it permanent with enough time and effort poured in? Another as the lynchpin, able to manipulate it should things go out of hand? Why build a wall from stone…” He would trail off. “When you could build it with the power of legends. It is the sandcastle on the beach, slowly but surely adding more sand onto that godforsaken pile to the point that if anyone wants to kick it all they’ll have for their efforts is a broken and bloodied foot along with tear streaked faces. I don’t need to be the nice guy, I want to be the nice guy. But what I need are powerful men and women, with the minds and bodies filled with the ideas that will rock the ninja world. What I need isn’t men or money. I can provide that on my own, though it may become a bit painstaking should the way I plan to circumvent the whole thing fail, although those methods might be a bit more than morally dubious.” He would shake his head, that was inconsequential. “The fact is, I have all the elements needed, but what I require is something I always need more of. Minds. For nothing will ever be more powerful than man bonded together for a common goal. Power to create unity, which in turn creates unity as well. A village that upon seeing the fortified gates and defenses can finally say to themselves as they go to bed at night that the revolution is truly over and that they can sleep soundly at night. Will you help me go towards that reality?”

He would slump in his chair, mentally and almost spiritually exhausted from that outpouring of his soul. He honestly hadn’t expected for all that come from his mouth. Originally all he was going to do was make a brief summary, but he supposed in the end it wasn't so much what was made as it was the statement. The fact that Hyozan was proud and powerful, not a force to be taken lightly. He would bring his attention to the other two who sat with him in this moment, to see if they two shared his vision.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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It was all to easy for Sameonna to be enveloped and consumed by the winds which hit her face, the sharpness of the cold almost mimicing a blade running down her cheek, save for the other side of her face which was protected by the whipping of her hair dancing in the wind. It maintained just enough space to cover her left eye. She was almost instaneously lost in thought, a vivid thought of the days she spent 'stranded' here in the ice fields of Hyozangakure, forcing herself to become more attuned to the frightening might of the frozen Glacier. The village bore ninja who were emotionally stagnant, but maintained a more humanoid grasp to sensibility and individuality. Each shinobi, though measurable in terms of power, was unique in their own right. Each shinobi had their own useful skillset, provided they trained with the ferocity required of them to become more powerful; and didn't just rely on a title or their superior ranking over others. No.. Ninja here were trained to understand that regardless of who surrounds them, they could only count on themselves. In the brief moment before Garnet spoke, and positioned delicately just after Gonshiro was finished expressing his opinion, the flashback commandeered her mind.

She had trained her mind to sense when she was starting to be at the limit of her chakra reserves; her system was trained to alert her body in case of an emergency - sending electromagnetic shocks to her brain telling her she must back out of the battle and recouperate before returning to the frontlines. She would feel the strain her body felt as she tried to produce just an ounce more. Because the chakra lines were connected to vital organs, she made sure not to strain her chi or concentration regarding it too much to avoid certain danger. After all it wasn't like it is not unheard of somebody dying due to the severe effects of chakra exhaustion. Still, she did not care to be another statistic if it made her mother happy. Years could pass at these beautiful springs and she wouldn't leave until she felt she met the quality her mother would approve of. She had a promise to keep. A vow, spoken in true words of divine and devout righteousness and faith. If she was to become a good Sannin, a great ninja and a superior, if not the best solo support team in the ninja world; there should be nothing that she would not be willing to accomplish no matter the cost.

There were times when doubt started to settle in. She wondered if all this was even working. She did not feel any different. But one is not able to see the small changes because they are just the same as the day before. Only those seeing from the outside, seeing with fresh unbiased eyes can truly say when a change has happened - the eyes that Sameonna wanted to really experience the thrill of her prowess were those of her mother. She'd do anything to make her proud of Sameonna; even if it meant giving up her happiness and her childhood. Sameonna would just have to trust that her mentor was correct and that exerting the mind, body and spirit, would lead to a more vast chakra reserve and further improve her knowledge and grasp on controlling her chakra to the characteristic aspects and ratios comparable to the Kage-ranked ninja she admires so dearly.

It was not until the next to last day that she felt any true change. She was chasing a rabbit that would hopefully be her next warm cooked and hearty meal. Her muscles were crying and screaming out for rest but she could not let her first substantial meal in days escape. The animal headed for some rocks and she just knew that if she let it near one of those holes she would not see the rabbit again. Chances are it would burrow deep underground and remain there until Sameonna was asleep. She tapped into the expanded chakra pools from deep within her and miraculously produce enough chakra to send a barrage of kunai and shuriken imbued with water chakra flying towards the ill fated rabbit. The immersive and unforgiving attack was strong enough to stop the poor creature’s heart but in doing so, it made Sameonna’s own race. She had finally achieved what she had set out to do it would seem. She slept peacefully that night, her belly full and her mind at rest knowing that she could go back to her mother and have her be proud of her completeing the task she was assigned.

She headed back to Hyozangakure, but returned to the spring where the group had no gathered, weeks before they had arrived, but still, this was Sameonna's private training place.. It was still nice of them to discover her out here and engage her in some form of entertainment outside of beating her body to a pulp for the purpose of training. Wrapped up in a sturdy clothe, Sameonna's arm rest in a sling. She was informed by the medical ninja who attended to her wounds that it was a miracle that she had gained back the control of her arms muscles after the hundreds of unbelieve attacks made on the trees in the surrounding area. So much chakra being lost in the process. It could have easily left her hospitalized for much longer, if not dead. The doctors and nurses really pushed for her to stay around, and for her to try and recover more before moving around again. The fluid movements had done more damage than Sameonna really believe it had, but she really had to keep going. Inactivity wasn't really an option considering she had to take up her new responsibilities. She planned to travel to other villages in an attempt to unite the underground shinobi world.. There was a question she had asked herself that she wanted the answer to. Reverting back to her training, with this, she hoped to master a unique fighting style.

The principle of Jū underlies all classical Bujutsu methods and was adopted by the developers of the Budō disciplines. Acting according to the principle of Jū, the classical warrior could intercept and momentarily control his enemy's blade when attacked, then, in a flash, could counter-attack with a force powerful enough to cleave armor and kill the foe. The same principle of Jū permitted an unarmed exponent to unbalance and hurl his foe to the ground. Terms like "Jūjutsu" and "Yawara" made the principle of Jū the all-pervading one in methods cataloged under these terms. That principle was rooted in the concept of pliancy or flexibility, as understood in both a mental and a physical context. To apply the principle of Jū, the exponent had to be both mentally and physically capable of adapting himself to whatever situation his adversary might impose on him.

It wouldn’t be before long until the pain set in. This was a consequence the young kunoichi would be forced to accept as she grew accustomed to the strain the technique put on her muscles. Sameonna had been working out the technique for a few days now, yet she hadn’t got it down to a science quite yet. “Once more.” she whispered quietly to himself. The characteristic swishing sound ensued, her ankles flaring up suddenly and then shooting outward a couple of meters forward. The explosiveness was there, her timing impeccable; however there was one major problem. Whiplash. Sameonna’s legs would invariably move in one consistent direction, her neck in the opposite. Falling forward, the shinobi hit the ground running but not on her legs this time.

Over-extension of her neck would prove troublesome, and in the worst case scenario - fatal. This was something she would have to compensate for, not being able to adapt would render the technique completely and utterly useless. Frustration ran rampant across the girls` brow, it was a damn shame. Punching the ground, a scowl formed on the corner of her lips. Letting forth a faint grunt, she picked herself up from the ground and continued about her training. “Again.” her vocal intonation lowered slightly, a sign of her growing displeasure. She grew tired. She wanted to go home, but couldn’t force herself to just walk away. She cursed her prideful nature, loosening her rigid shoulders as she attempted to perform the technique again.

She barked in agony, her legs started to cramp and would soon go limp entirely. The hoshigaki girl struggled to get her knees as she writhed pitifully on the damp earth. It was a sad sight to behold, the shinobi more closely resembling a wet dog than a human at this point. Her remoteness would prove troublesome to be sure, she was certain there was no one around for miles. Damn her weakness and her choice of seclusion too for that matter. Grass. It was the last thing she felt before falling unconscious from the exhaustion. She was in luck though, for she would elude death yet.

Sameonna awoke sometime later, all signs pointing to morning. She was home, though she didn't necessarily remember, how or when she got there. She felt rather strange, her hands lay lanquid at her sides, tucked under the warm embrace of her quilt. Her hands moved, and pushed forward to sit herself up, sliding the blanket across her body all the while shifting her legs out from under it. Looking downward she noticed her legs were more or less healed completely. As she remembered it, her legs were a dull purple in hue, she could barely move them, but here she was, and there they were. She couldn't even fully describe the situation.. It was amiguous at best, to be honest.

The sharp eyed shinobi was almost glad in a way, she could've died after all. "Note to self.. Train in more populated areas." She turned her legs toward the edge of the bed whilst she spoke, trying to feel out any possible discomfort she may still have. Sameonna noticed a faint soreness though it was more akin to minor muscle strains, nothing more. The hoshigaki girl pushed herself from the bed, landing smoothly, and walking over to a nearby chair where her parcel and equipment lay. Sameonna got dressed, albeit rather slowly, her head pointed up towards the wall as she did so. The tiles were egghell white in color of stucco texture. The drabness of the room didn't bother her as much as she thought, seldom did the thought of redecorating cross her mind; it only served her as a place of rest after all.

The vision of her training in the weeks past had suddenly been irreprably ripped from her memory bank as Garnet spoke. Such an eloquent expression of emotional consideration and respect for the shinobi under his command. It was all too often that a man or woman of ignorant, arrogance and melancholy took the position of Kage to try and further benefit themselves. Selfishness was something of an abundant resource in the ninja world. Sameonna didn't quite understand the mindset or the position that these criminalized wannabe's took.. It was a point of view on the world that she handn't quite grasped entirely, being as though she always stood for the good of things and always worked toward improving the reputation Hyozangakure had managed to acqire after years of war and rebellion. Sameonna would stand to salute her Kage once more, as she had done before, though this time, with a more manageable grace and honest form. She bowed her head, bending down slightly, acknowledging that he was in fact the ideal person to run this village.

Gonshiro spoke in a rather well-mannered tone, however, and she acknowledged the slight evolution of his intelligence in the short time that they had been discussing principles and ideals hidden in the manifesto of Hyozangakure life. Not many understood the troublesome environment that was Hyozangakure's frozen tundras, and even less took lessons from the nature which surrounded them and oppressed them so fiercely. It was easy for anyone to succumb to the fearful world of bright, blanketed snow, mountainous terrain and ice. Sameonna would acknowledge Garnet's theory behind building the defenses of the village and improving upon their likelihood of survival in the event of an invasion or full-scale assault. With the growing need for protection due to the uprising of multitudes of mercenary organizations appearing like chicken pox in the four nations, it was a simple, yet mandatory idea. After all, even despite the mad power that the ninja belonging to Hyozangakure possessed when unified, it was true that just three or four shinobi couldn't possibly fight off an entire army. They needed defenses. Natural, impenetrable, defenses. And according to Garnet, Sameonna concluded that he knew just the right way to employ them.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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The frigid winds native to the Land of Ice howled through the mountains in the distance, creating the haunting sound that reminded the young Kiryuin of emptiness incarnate. The sound of ice crunching beneath her boots was an all too familiar sound to all residents of this wretched land. In these frozen lands, only the most resilient beings survived the endless struggle against the blistering cold. Still, Satsuki relished the cold. The growth of an individual to grow accustomed to its relentless onslaught proved that the individual was strong -- a survivor. Persevering through unavoidable hardships was the mark of a true shinobi, after all.

On her way to scope out the source of the smoke that stuck out like a sore thumb in these bastard lands, Satsuki became consumed by thoughts of her youth. Her body entered autopilot mode, shutting off all outside existence. For a few brief moments, the only thing that was real were her memories. She became utterly entranced by her own personal history book, a stern smile breaking upon her usually cold expression. Before she knew it, she had arrived at her destination.

What awaited Satsuki shocked her. Surrounding the campfire were her fellow shinobi-in-arms, Gonshiro and the famed Water Dragon, as well as her only superior -- the Kage of these lands. Seemingly on instinct, her body reacted as soon as her gaze brought into view the figure of her leader. "H-Hyozankage-sama!" Satsuki bowed for a few seconds as her address left her lips, her shadow-black hair draped over her shoulders. She then turned to her fellow Sannin and addressed them with a much less formal appeal.

"This is the last place I expected to find three of the strongest shinobi for the next several hundred miles," she said as she walked towards the chirping flames of the campfire. She removed her gloves and extended her arms towards the flames, exhaling as its unique warmth warded off the cold that had absolutely encapsulated every fiber of her being. She was grateful that what she arrived to was camaraderie rather than opponents.

Satsuki cleared her throat to address her fellow shinobi. "Why the gathering? Is something important being addressed" She kept her eyes on the flames as they danced along the firewood, reflecting onto her dark, serious eyes.
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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s taking it in and thinking about it on the basis of village defense, rather then this idealistic half that was obviously there. Garnet has a knack for this social speaking thing, and Gonshiro coudl respect that. Garnet and Sam didn't just garner respect for being there like Gonshiro did. Gonshiro garnered respect by being immense in general, along with his complete mastery over seals, that of which is rarely seen. He's not willing to tell everyone that it was mainly just really hard work. Really hard work that he did without telling anyone because he didn't want to be looked at like he was some kind of wonderkid that was special. Rin might have enjoyed that, but he didn't.

He could never understand why Rin enjoyed it. It meant more pressure, and the way this whole project was going, he'd probably be known as the engineer of a few things, and that meant that he'd be the focal point of people and he was't wanting that. He liked being lesser-known, titless in his home, making seals. Sure, he did missions and basically had to be known. He was a massive monster of a human anyway. It was hard to not garner attention based purely on that. That, combined with his innate unique and weirdness, lead people to just flock to him when it came time to pick sides, since not only was he massive, he was seemingly smart and massive. Two things people look for in a leader. He wasn't a leader.

At least, he didn't have the idealistic personality of a leader. He couldn't. Not with how he took care of himself. He could barely take care of himself, much less other people. His brain was on a perpetual sugar high, his mind blank a solid half the time. If there was anyone who knew what kind of leader Gonshiro was, it was Gonshiro. He could lead, sure. He could garner respect, but he would be far from the best.

It wasn't that he was stupid. It was quite the opposite actually, Gonshiro could be considered a genius but... well, he never applies himself. He knows that more then anyone, since he knows how strong he is. He spends all his time laying, blankly, at home. Just sitting there being useless at home, when the other sannin are out training, do something useful, while he just sits back and looks at the fish. He has one other acticity he does at home, and that's look at fishes.

All this talk about innovation, it was junk. It was junk that most people would be hookoed on instantly. Stuff that he refused to buy into. innovation. He barely innovated himself, just did what most people wanted but didn't have the skill to do, and he worked for what he wanted. It was a sinple life, but one Gonshiro was fine with. One that, beyond everything, gave him fishes and whenever he'd have to, he could go and grab more candy to go about missions to get more Ryo. It was a nasty circle of life for Gonshiro, but he liked it.

Gonshiro's mind would flicker back to those words, the civil war. He had, in all honesty, not cared about it. He was a chunnin throughout most of it. It was because he was too lazy to rank up, too much spotlights on the jonin giant. Why did everyone look at jonin like they were gods. Jonin were humans, in fact, much more then most. Once you joined the elite, you got looked at under a microscope, and Gonshiro doesn't want that.

Gonshiro still regretted the genin exam, in which he scored one of the highest scores possible, acing everything. Not that it mattered in the long run, to most people. He never did anything special. Anything worth anything, nad he was too tall to be a ninja. Yet, the day he did something? That innovation and that unity went out the window. People were scared of him because he beat a man to death without looking at the facts. He was called a bloody giant. He hated that. It was stupid. It was uniformed. It was something that he regrets doing sometimes, not that it helped. Kenshiro had died later on anyway. Gonshiro didn't miss his old medical ninja teammate. He had no reason to. The man was a pratt.

Then Garnet started talking about lynchpins and sandcastles, building up the legend of the Hyozan village and it's ninja. It didn't matter, he knew it as much as any logical man did. That that was something they couldn't come back from, and one had to think about what they were doing first. It was clear Garnet had given this some thought, but it was a matter of perspective that Garnet was lacking acoording to Gonshiro.

Gonshiro had to figure that building such a sandcastle, even out of ice, was going to be a hefty thing, and anyone involved would be well known, which made him want to drag himself out and walk away now, but he refused. Not yet, he'd see this discussion though instead of just running away, or doing nothing. This was one of hte most important things that could happen to the village, and he was at the center of it. Gonshiro's considerable knowledge and mastery of seals made him a formidable foe but aformidable friend. He developed seals for basically anyone for a price, and that meant even evil people.

Although, even Gonshiro knew how to refuse service without refusing service. Few had the actual skills to create rare fish like Sam the shark did, but that didn't mean that he was just easily bought with fish. It helped, but it was less effective overall, when once considers it. When one considers his personality, one must consider that he's an absolute loose cannon, and this is seen in his hatred for the spotlight, since he never knows what he's going to do, and that can drag a whole bunch of bad reputation, This lead him back to the incident which had him garnered a bloody giant for years. he didn't desrve it, but it happened, and that's what mattered. That, and the fact that he was here now, listening tol the speech tat was making him less happy by the moment.

He, by all means, should not have been so disgruntled in and about this speech, but it brought out a bitter side of Gonshiro. All about this metaphor and legends and sand castles. It had no legitamcy in the area of tactics, and Gonshiro knew for a fact that a plan based around the idea of fear-mongering had a high chance of failing. Had a high chance of falling through because therer were a lot of poeple like Gonshiro, who just couldn't care about the fear-mongering that happened. The civil war was an example of accidental fear mongering, and one could see how much he cared about that. All this talk and no bite, felt Gonshiro. Or at least, the dog was on a short leash for now, is what he read in fromn this situation. This didn't matter to Gonshiro. He was going to break the chain and let the village run wild, and that seemed to be the one thing him and Garnet agreed on. That hte village should run wild. He didn't much care for a lot of these toher points.

Innovation, curroptuion. Garnet was talking like he was going to get rid of those when all of them were an absolute in any village, no matter how hard one tried, because on that goes into a cruropt goverment with the intention of cleanining it always comes out sullen and dirty, comed out curropt in themselves. He wasn't sure that Garnet was curropt, and he knew Garnet wasn't stupid. However, he knew how he, Gonshiro, felt. That was that htis hwole speec aggrevated him on aperonsal lveel because it completely contradicted his own ideals.

A fortified goal, powerful men and women. None of it particularly mattered in the end, not when no one in the world is worth trusting. Not properly. Always assume that you have to do it yourself, because in the end, most will fuck you over completely. Just like...God even the thought pissed him off even more, but he showed none of his anger on his face. There was no point in doing so, there was no idea behind being so angry about something that happened years ago. It, however, was burningly relevant to the current situation. Fucking Kenshiro's scumbag ass.

No, he had to shake those ideas from his head and focus on the speec that, at that point, was ending. He had so many opinions on it. he felt it was stupid, full of buzzwords meant to rapture people in and keep them hooked, and then you might as well steal their money while their enraptured because they won't be coming back. That was what Garnet's speech looked like. It looked like a trap meant to capture normal people in the stupidity that was over the top nationalism for their village. It's not like te didn't agree that Hyozan was great. It was magnificant, a bastion in the massive ice-filled fields on the country. It was a bastion that he stood in because he was proud to be from the village. Even that he it's limits.

One must understand that Gonshiro, above all else, lakcs both a morla compass and the tendency to think tratiorous thoguhts. He never thinks about betrying his friends because he has no reason to. There wouldn't be anything that he'd properly trade for the idea that betraying his friends was a good thing, unless they planned on hurting a bunch of other friends, then he just couldn't let it slide. He oculdn't let some random guy just sit there and fuck about with the village. Garnet hadn't been kage long, and hadn't done much. The kage demanded respect without saying it by being in his position, just like the sannin did. Just because garnet was a new kage, didn't mean respect wasn't due. It wasn't something super easy to become a kage, simply put. It wasn't just this walk in the park to become a kage, not even in a time of civil war, heck, especially not in a time of civil war.

He couldn't have done it, Gonshiro knew that. Gonshiro knew that he couldn't do it because he had an innately wrong personality for it that would n ever work properly long enough that he could become a kage. If Garnet died, teh chances were, that Sameonna would take over, and that he'd continue to support the current sectiont two member. The section two member that count take him off this planet without much of a second thought. But that wasn't something he could respect.

He could respect efficiency and the willingingness to die for a cause, and village was one of those things, and that was basically what he was asking people to do. Risk their lives building incredible defenses, all for the sake of the village becoming a true powerhouse. A true monster. One that would be talked about in the history books for years and years in the future, one that might even be able to take over the world.

But...was it really worth it. Was it really worth all this ideals and chat and effort just to be remembered? Was it all worth it. it was a simple matter of looking at it and going, 'I'm not getting anything from it, so why should i?' Gonshiro, even past the fish and candy, was a man who understand rewards and understood the idea that, even with all that, the pain and suffering that he and his cohorts would go through, would it be really worth it. The long nights, the painful days. Would it really be worth it. Gonshiro didn't figure so, not now at least.

It wasn't so much a matter of himself, or at least, not at the core of it. He could deal with him being in pain, but what about all of those young kids who get dragged into it? He could probably do all the work himself, if he was really being honest here. He could. He had a tough body and a decent level of stamina. It was a simple matter of getting the job and finding a way to do it as good as possible.

One lesser known thing about Gonshiro, was that he was meticlous, that he was able to plan an immense bit ahead based purely on the fact that he didn't think of much else. His head was an empty can that, compared to someone like Garnet, had all the room to think of various things, and that's exactly what he did. he thought and that's how he got to where he was. He never did much without properly thinking about it. That was stupid, and this stupidity was not something he just went about and laughing about. This was something he took seriously. Something he refused to let light.

That was his planning, the one thing that made him sannin level that wasn't his seals was his ability to plan ahead and not get caught off guard. His above average brain power mixed with his obsession of sesals meant that the man was a walking cage, something that he's not quite proud of. He sometimes feels shame from not putting more work into his body, but it didn't mattered. Not particularly. It didn't matter because he was him.

He was him and those two were them. This was something he had to remind himself. That with them two being them, they had to have completely different looks on things then him. He was a spiteful son of a bitch, hidden behind unique mannerisms and a tendency to draw blank. All this hid a spiteful asshole that no one knew about except for a handful of people, most of whom were dead. Kenshiro, for example, dead.

Rin? Not dead yet, surprisingly. For all the time he spent with the giant, it's amazing that the giant hadn't accidentally sealed his soul away or something. Gonshiro knew that he could probably do that given about 4 days and a good bit of luck. Some luck, some risk. It really was the same to Gonshiro. Gonshiro couldn't care less if he sealed a soul away, even Rin's. He'd be more effected by Rin's then others, but it didn't mattered. It would've happened and been done, thankfully, it didn't happen. It was just a miserable thing that Gonshiro thought could happen but sure hoped didn't. Spiteful or not, he still had people he cared about.

Not many, but some.

Gonshiro's thoughts would be met with a new-comer, the last sannin. She was short like both of the others. This almost made Gonshiro laugh.

"village security. sit. Garnet. you speak a bunch of... fancy words, but I know that both of us know that words won't be enough. it's not that I think you think they're enough, it's that innovation isn't enough. it's good, but it's not enough. this talk about sand castles and lynchpins is useless. i'm going to lay down a plan for you."

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a sucker, which he launched at Satsuki.

"all this talk about ninja power and stuff is good, i think. i just think that we need to...well, recluse. make it harder to get to us. we have the yuki clan and the Hoshigaki fellas. i say we just make a massive globe and freeze ourselves in, a wall against the outside. to show that we no longer need help, but it's not like we have to completely shut ourselves out. we have on pathway in and out and have it gaurded heavily, as to keep things civil and order. if you wish to stand the test of time..."

Gonshiro stopped and swallowed the hard candy that had become practically non-existant before digging two more out and continuing his speech.

"you have to no longer care about what happens. like i do. I haven't cared in forever, and see where it's gotten me? i'm a sannin in one of the most powerful villages in the world, and it's because of my hard work in learning the craft of seals. no, i wasn't a prodigy but I managed somehow. I don't think the whole unity thing will work, not unless we put it into action in extreme ways."

Gonshiro became slightly angry at his last bit.

"good luck with getting people together. a civil war might inspire some, but most are afraid of unity at the moment, and i'd fucking agree with them. unity led to the civil war because, let me guess, someone was happy with their accomedtations at the non-exastint chain of hotels that Hyozan doesn't have, and that they just wanted more power. i want a pledge, i want all here to swear, that none of us will use any power we gain for anything but the sake of the village. i refuse to be apart of some rag-tag dream that has no solid grounding. i'll help you with planning and everything, but i have better things to do then just dive face first into something that might not pan out."

Gonshiro was angry, undoubtedly. He was pissed off that most of these things happened because some greedy asshole decided they wanted more power and were willing to screw everyone over for it. That kind of asshole was one he despised. That was the type of person Kenshiro was, and he was happy that Kenshiro was dead. The fucking bastard. Willing to sell out his teammates for money.

That was a story for a different time, that he'd find a way to tell the others about it, but that wasn't now. He wasn't going to bring in personal issues just because it pissed him off, that wasn't like Gonshiro. He had to hear the facts, lay them out and make sure they were right before being stupid and running face first into a situation like a certain red-haired feller he knew. He didn't blame Rin, but he knew for a fact that Rin was god damn terrible at planning, and it often showed because the boy would always go in with far more force then needed. It was usually ending good though.

Gonshiro had stated his side and made sure it was known through his words. He wasn't going to sign up on this train for literally no reason, that'd be idiotic and something Rin would do. He knew that words was not enough, and knew that this meeting, while meaningful, served to piss him off more then anything because it was just like what Kenshiro would do. Just sit around and plan and do nothing, forcing Rin to do everything. He had to hope that Garnet wasn't like Kenshiro, and that he'd play it smart and actually do what he says to get Gonshiro on his side.

However, currently?

You had an angry giant sitting on ice with two hard candies in his mouth.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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In all honesty, he was tired. He in this case being Garnet, of course? Who else could this possibly be talking about? It wasn’t like he could dictate the actions of another character without being post voided. Not that Garnet even knew what a post void was. Perhaps a sign that isn’t in existence. Bah, an idiotic thought that no place in the conversation had meandered its way into his thoughts again.

But truly, he was surprised at how weary he had felt when it seemed that they had only been sitting for a few minutes. Or was it hours? He wasn’t of the presence to tell at the moment. He felt exhausted, both physically from the things he had been doing for the past days and mentally from all the thinking and planning. God, sometimes he just wished it would all end. Even so, he knew it wouldn’t.

It wouldn’t, because the day he had seen the village on fire and looked at the corpses of the ones he had looked up to piled atop each other, he had made a choice. He made a choice that would effect his entire life path and likely thousands of others. On that day, the time he had taken up that cold, snow worn hat, he had doomed countless lives to die by the blade. No longer would Hyozan take abuse the way it had been allowed to.
But he found, that when the flames died down and the armies ceased to march, that he wasn’t completely supported in that. When he rose to the top he had to say it was quite lonely. Looking at everyone from that perch “above” so to speak, knowing that everyone was going to put you on a pedestal just for your position. He hated it, yet he knew without that fanaticism, that loyalty, he was just as likely to be ousted from his position and publicly executed as any other person. The thought terrified him.

Even so, he had persevered up until now. He had committed atrocities against his own nature and other’s, ordered the deaths of any and all who would dare to bring up that rebellious era again. It was sick, it was twisted, some would even call it evil. Maybe some would say that it went against all that a Kage stood for, an affront against their nature. Garnet would laugh in that fools face before spearing them upon a poisoned blade.

Oh, he had thought that long ago. He truly had, and that had been a wonderful time. Simpler, more peaceful than it was now. Back then all he had thought of was protecting the village, enjoying peace time for what it was. Never knowing the hardships of war, only seeing the happy and kind masks that people put up as a facade. But it had all changed.

He had seen so much in barely five years, it was almost disgusting. Men and women who he fought alongside with slaughtered like pigs, fathers and sons fighting against each other to the death. Entire families betrayed for the trade of coin or some other frivolous gain. All the deadly sins of the world he had seen in one, inglorious hell that had been his home. Yet for all of this, he knew that he hadn’t come out of it untainted.

Garnet was not a paragon of justice, not an overly idealistic fool who believed that everything would be alright with the power of friendship. That was perhaps the stupidest idea that he had ever heard in his entire life and he had to say that any writer who actually used that in a fiction story had perhaps the most sheltered upbringing in the entire world. Yet for some reason, he found it in the books over and over. The truth was, however, that it just didn’t work. It never would.

What was friendship, compared to a ballista loaded with flaming cargo? A demon on the battlefield, slaying hundreds with blood soaked blades? He needed better than something so insubstantial. He needed something to unite the world that wasn’t just happiness with each other.

In that, he supposed, was his folly. He had forgotten in his haste, who exactly he was working with. It was not the crowds, always on the hair trigger tipping point of rebellion or another golden era of peace. No, these were trained killers and perhaps the sharpest minds in the entire village. It was an embarrassment to both himself and his own station for daring to use such tactics in an audacious manner for people he should have treated in a much more careful manner. He had overstepped, the fault was in his court.

But how, he supposed, could he heal that rift? He could tell that Sameonna was in through at least one way or form. He was glad to see her on his side, so to speak, but he was also very worried. Was what led her towards him blind loyalty, or perhaps some other goal? Or did she truly believe in what she said? He desperately hoped so, by god he did. He was so sick, so tired of reading underneath the underneath, trying to discern others intentions day after day like it was some bastard form of L.A Noire.

But truly, he owed an apology to Gonshiro. While he couldn’t read minds, yet, he could tell by his body language that the man was going through a lot in his head. The more time he spent with the man, the more depth he found himself sinking into. Gonshiro was a bit like the beach floor, deceptively shallow until you took a step too far and found yourself floundering in its water and swept out to see. A seemingly playful tide that could drag you in before tearing you to pieces just as fast. As embarrassing at it felt at the moment, Garnet needed a life vest at the moment. Yet he knew that none would be coming his way. He had to swim this one out himself. Metaphorically, of course. God, was he really putting this much depth into his thoughts when he really should be thinking more about what actually happened? He truly was a scatter brained individual, it appeared. But enough was enough, he supposed.

A flash of pain, searing hot, coursed through his body if only for a short second before disappearing just as quick. He would wince almost imperceptibly. What was that? A cramp? He couldn’t tell and it didn’t seem to matter at the moment. He would tilt his head to the saluting Sameonna, not rising at the moment at when he would move to yet again another flash of pain would go through him as he tried to get up making him sit back down. He would grimace before shaking his head. It was nothing. It had to be nothing.

Meanwhile, as he tried to do a self diagnosis to figure out what in the flying heck was wrong with him at the moment, yet another person had walked into the clearing. By god, this was almost like a comedy. Or at least, it would be if the subject matter wasn’t so blatantly serious at the given moment. Three Sannin and the Kage walk into a clearing. One was a terrible person and currently suffering from a pain that felt like being boiled alive and frozen to a block of ice at the same time.


Oh crap.

Well, damn.

As all the mental alarm bells began to scream inside his head and he quickly split his attention from both the real life setting around him and his mind's avatar hauling ass across the metaphorical desert that was his mind to the metaphorical arena which held his tenant currently being covered in a fine layer of frost he would address the third Sannin, who by some stroke of fate had managed to find herself in the same clearing where all of the other powerful ninja of the village had also found themselves in for whatever convenient reason. God, it was all so vague all convenient, but that could also go south incredibly fast should he fail in his task now. What happened to his day of relaxing and spending the day out in nature? It had all disappeared so quickly. Ah well, what was done was done.

“Miss Kiryuin, what a surprise. Although, I suppose I really shouldn’t be at this point.” He mumbled that last part under his breath, a bit too much in pain to have the normal formality he would have. He would rub his temples to stave off the pain meanwhile he had reached the steps of the coliseum, vaulting over a wall of ice and crashing through the next one into the atrium. Ah come on, this whole double reality was going to be a pain in the ass. Of all the times he had to be distracted.

He would take a deep breath, both for himself in the real world and in the spiritual one as he addressed both Gonshiro in the physical world, along with Pharoah as well. Bah, he had to try. Start with Gonshiro. “You’re right.” He would begin. “Just that alone isn’t nearly enough to keep our homes safe. If it truly were the case then there would be a poet in my position instead.” The wind would blow in his face, notifying him that the ends of his hair were slowly turning blue, again. If that wasn’t a bad sign, he didn’t know what was.

“You’ve got a good idea there, for a start.” He would continue. “I do agree on the point you make, going full isolationist would likely cause us more problems than ending them, self sufficiency is certainly something that if and when achieved would be considered a monumental success on the village’s behalf compared to the alternative. Even so what you just stated holds great promise.” He would pause again. “I’m sorry, it seems that for whatever reason I keep getting into semantics. Appeasing Gonshiro’s anger seemed to be key now, as while he couldn’t quite figure out what exactly was the source of aggravation somehow he was relating that to the current situation. He couldn’t have that happen.

A roar shook through his mind and he found himself there again as the outside world slowed to a crawl, a burst of cold air chilling everything around him. The Seven Tailed Sphinx stared at him with eyes full of loathing, banging against the stiff wire net that kept him in the arena. He was almost insulted in all honesty. They had held this tentative truce for so long, only for the Sphinx to immediately jump on his chance during this stressful time. Ah well, playtime was over. Garnet had enough.

He would jump into the arena, the winds swirling around him as six blades formed. Ever since that start, that fateful day he turned chunin, these things had been bailing him out. He supposed it was fitting for them to be used again. Letting out a roar, he charged.

It was quite an exhilarating experience, to be honest. While he wasn’t experiencing any pain, the beast too preoccupied with trying to freeze his mental persona than cause him any mental anguish, he had the unique experience of sitting still at a campfire while simultaneously fighting for his life against one of the strongest entities on the entire planet. He wondered, for a moment, if the others might notice his distress and that almost cost him an arm as he dashed around a sudden outcropping of ice. So he was playing that game, huh? Two could do that.

Just as fast as the walls were made they were cut down, intangible blades slicing through as though they were paper until eventually he found his opening in the flank of the beast. It might more power, but he had the speed. Now, time to move.

Dashing in with two blades, one in each hand, he would kick off the ground and take flight for the shortest amount of time before landing with a grunt and stabbing, getting a roar of pain in return for his efforts. Dragging the swords for a few more feet served for satisfaction points but ultimately nothing too substantial thanks to their lackluster power, being thrown off with a shockwave of force into a wall. Coughing, Garnet’s hair in that world would light up a brilliant yellow, his hands sparking with energy. Roses would billow off his form as a snowflake design flared to life beneath him. He was Garnet Rose, the Hyozankage. Even in his moment of weakness, he would not be deterred. He was Red, not blue.

Back to reality, where none of this ridiculous emotional nonsense was happening, Garnet would continue onwards with his current talking and such. You know, like a normal person. “You are completely right on the fact that something this big deserves a little better than people just sitting around saying that it’s a great idea. After all, who knows if that person who says it is really just in for the benefits.” Another deep breath. “Very well, as you wish. Excuse me as I get up on my high horse.” He would mumble that last bit as he rose from his seat. “ I, Garnet Rose, only son of Tourmaline and Hiro Rose, do solemnly swear that in the creation and execution of this plan I hope for nothing but the gain of the village. I will work alongside you all as a team for the good of all people, putting their wants and needs above my own selfish desires. Should I break this promise I shall throw myself to the sharks, for on that day I am worth nothing more than feed. So mote it be.” Dramatic, but he had to prove his sincerity somehow. That, and he really did mean it. The moment he began thinking for only himself he would fail his own people, and for that he would pay dearly. Might as well start making that clear now.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

Post by シャーク女神干柿 on Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:30 am

Sameonna would watch, almost in horror, as Sannin Sasagawa and Garnet, the Hyozankage, explicitly displayed their emotional standpoints. A ferocious speech given on each part, she wasn't sure what the hell the conversation was even about anymore. Gonshiro had erupted and blown his top, creating an aggressive.. Almost angry, outburst. She wasn't quite sure how to handle it. Then, looking at his face and interpreting his body language, it was less so rage and more along the lines of passion. Was it possible that Gonshiro was displaying his affections for the village, but wasn't quite sure how to properly do so? Was his anger in the form of a passive, hidden love for his village? This was a possibility, just as much as a possibility that it may snow harder out here in the middle of a frozen tundra, ideas of border defense, village improvements and honorbound wordly exchange being thrown around similarly to the snow being kicked into the air by harsh winds around them. This was when another individual approached, the third Sannin of Hyozangakure, and the one that everyone seemingly knew the least about. Another woman, another young girl.. Garnet had introduced her as Kiryuin. Sameonna would stand and salute the Sannin, giving a proper introduction for someone of her status. She understood that respect, in Hyozangakure, was mandatory. This is how people should act. This is how respect should be displayed. This is how laws and people should be honored. Sameonna sat back in her log chair, contemplating the idea of an intellectual.. Just how many words did she know? Was it enough to overwhelm the moderators and administrators who may critique this topic? Lets find out. Nah, just kidding. It was actually thirty-one thousand random words modified in slightly different variations to produce a different word with a synonym-based writing style, emphasizing and abusing the system placed before her. But that was now out of the way.

Instead, she would use this time to focus her attention on the more important subject matter being discussed by the two ninja before her, unsure of where exactly it was fitting to step in. Biting her lip, she made a mental note that she'll just wait the conversation out until either Gonshiro, the new kid on the block (NMH) or Garnet addressed her directly with either a question, a response, a statement; something that would inadvertently involve her in the passionately emotional dickswinging contest that these two wonderful men were engaged in. It was odd for Sameonna to think about it, to be honest. Here is a village filled with powerful shinobi.. The majority of which being under the height of five feet tall. This was like the nightmare munchkin crew from the fucking Wizard of Oz. What the hell could anyone possibly expect from a bunch of child-looking shinobi clad in armor and equipment, chakra in abundance, standing next to a grown man double Sameonna's own age and almost double her height. They'd either be a laughing stock to the ninja world or quite literally Peter Pan's flute dancing, neverland entertaining, sometimes poison using, assassination squad. It was befitting though.. I suppose a bunch of childlike murderers had a place notorious for rebellion and disassociation. It was this very disassociation that forged these people though. If you could even call them people. Especially Sameonna. She was half shark. Was she even considered human? This was a theory to ponder.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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The sound of the alarm clock ripped Hideki out of his unpleasant dreams. His latest mission had ending horribly; the mission itself had been complete, but in the process one of this teammates a good friend had gone missing after he had help the hostages escape the bandits. The mission had been Hideki’s first as the lead ninja, it had been his job to make sure the mission ran smoothly, and he failed; one of his good friends and teammate was now gone. The only comfort was that the corpse had not yet been found, and Hideki hoped that he somehow had been able to survive. Thus the normally annoying sound actually came as a relief this morning.

This was the day, Hideki would go on a mission since that failure and he wasn’t looking forward to it. His previous iron will and extremely confidence had been violently shaken and he had yet to recover completely, mentally speaking. But when the village called it was the responsibility of a shinobi to answer this calling and Hideki was above anything else a shinobi of this village. The mission today was at the very least something that really interested Hideki; a team of archaeologists had just recently found a very old katana blade of exceptional craftsmanship. This in itself was fantastic, but it had gotten even better as Hideki had been assigned to be the one to bring the blade from the excavation site to the museum. As uncomfortable Hideki was at the moment, he couldn’t help but feel grateful to be given this mission and opportunity to see the blade up close before anyone else.

As Hideki got out of bed, he found that he didn’t drag his feet this particular morning as much as compared to just the day before. This was an encouraging thought and this morning was by far the best one since that fateful mission, his appetite was far better than it had been for a long time as he was able to eat close to a full breakfast. After these and the following ordinary trivial activities Hideki found himself on the porch facing the rock garden. After his last mission with his teammates, the thought of his good friend put a lump in his throat, Hideki had found comfort and something close to relaxation as he sat on that porch cleaning and sharpening his different sword. For some reason the sound of the sharp and deadly metal blade grinding on the wet stones just felt right. The sun had just begun to peek over the wall surrounding the garden as Hideki was done with the day’s maintenance of his blades. Now was the time to get going.

Walking up the mountain trail to the dig site was yet another painful experience as the scenery reminded Hideki so very much of the area near the ground-zone where he and and his friend had last seen each other before splitting up to complete their respective objectives. Hopefully this mission would allow Hideki to gain some positive memories relating to the mountains.

Getting closer Hideki saw that the site of the large archaeological dig was full of life. Tourists and also many villagers had chosen to spend at good few hours to come to the site and follow the work of the archaeologists and ordinary workmen as they excavated the site even further. The blade Hideki had been assigned to take to the museum was just one of many items found in the ground in the area. Workmen were busy hauling earth and rock away from the site and throwing them off a ledge nearby. The archaeologists were all crawling in the different holes around the area using small hammers, pickaxes and brushes to uncover anything interesting from the distant, or not to distant, past. Hideki had just seen one of them throw a bowl with a large image of a chicken holding up a bowl of ramen, a bowl used in a nearby newly started ramen place. They were about to receive a fine Hideki thought to himself.

A short man with red, nearly orange, hair filled with dust and small pieces of rock and very thick glasses had looked up was now walked over to Hideki stretching out his hand with a wide smile on his lips.

”Hallo, you must be here for the blade we found. Please follow me.”

Hideki and the archaeologist walked to a small tent, and the red haired man held the tent cloth open to allow Hideki inside. Within the tent was an unusually large desk for such a small tent, on the desk was the aged, rusted and slightly corroded blade. The hilt was almost completely gone and the edges were in horrible shape, but the craftsmanship was still, despite this, remarkable. The red haired man quickly walked past Hideki and carefully panicked the blade in several layers of cloth then handing it to Hideki.

”Here, please be careful with this and take it straight to the museum…

Loud shouts from outside the tent cut the man off. With a quick gesture he let Hideki know to get going before storming out of the tent shouting back to whoever had yell before. After gently securing the wrapped blade to his kit Hideki left the tent.

The toughest task by far on leaving the excavation site was making his way through the crowd around one particular large hole on the edge of the site. Apparently someone had just found some sort of large statue of a three eyed lizard, which was some sort of big deal, and people pushed very much together to get a better look. Hideki had never understood art in that form.

As he was passing through the village gate Hideki had the disturbing feeling of being watched. At first he disregarded this, after all he was in a friendly, his own village, and many people were around, it was probably nothing, just some kid or an old man with nothing better to do that was watching him. This however changed as the feeling continued for a lot longer than it should; even after making several turns through normally unused alleys and jumping a fence or two Hideki could still feeling the looming presence of someone watching. Deciding to make sure that he wasn’t being follow Hideki turned around yet another corner, then instantly taking the form of one of the water barrels near the wall and simply wait.

The suspense and doubt that he might just be paranoid only lasted for a few moments. A short man with freakishly small glasses and wild brown hair snuck around the corner with a look in his eye, the look of a hunter trying to find his prey. However this time the prey had found the hunter. Releasing the technique and drawing his katana, Hideki asked in a hard tone:

”Who are you? And why are you following me?”

At first Hideki didn’t get any response and the man, who had followed Hideki was clearly surprised to be confronted this was. Judging from the movement of the jaw muscles of the man, he had not intended Hideki to discover him. His surprised expression was however almost instantly replaced by one of confidence and arrogance as a faint crooked smile formed on his lips. Then out of nowhere the man lunged at Hideki and a kunai had suddenly appeared in his hand obviously aiming at Hideki’s throat. Surprised but ready Hideki had no time to anything but react and swing his katana at the attacking man while preparing to jump out of the way of the sharp knife. Then another strange thing happened; the slash connected with the attacking, cutting open his stomach. The man disappeared leaving only a small pool of water behind.

”Mizu Bunshin??”

Baffled by the disappearance of his attacker Hideki decided it would probably be best to make his way to the museum and fast. While the motives of the strange-looking attacker was unknown to Hideki and he had a difficult time trying to figure out why anyone would follow a simple, ordinary ninja. Hideki’s family was not very wealthy, so a ransom wouldn’t be an incentive to kidnap him. During his brief career as a shinobi he hadn’t made any real enemies to speak of, maybe the slave traders, but it was unlikely to be them. The only logical answer was that he was after the blade that Hideki was carrying, just another reason to make haste to the museum and hand over the blade.

The museum was a large building made largely of limestone which gate it a beautiful glittering view during the many sunny days in the village. Hideki went into the building and went to the receptionist for further instructions. He didn’t even have the chance to open his mouth before the receptionist had answered

”If you are here with the blade just go through the door to my right and find Hachi-san inside, he has another job for you.”

Hideki let out a small sigh of relief as he headed towards the door the receptionist had pointed out. His shaken confidence from the morning had been significantly improved. He had been able to complete his mission, even without the danger, but he had accomplished something nonetheless. The man, who had followed him, was still something to worry about, but he was sure that he would be able to take care of that, should the situation come to happen.

The backroom of the museum was like walking into a different world; the first corridor was plastered by large painting, woodcarvings, old faded pottery and various other small artifacts not suited for display in the official museum halls. As he walked past all of these historic object Hideki felt very small; these items had been around for a very long time and had withstood the test of time. At the end of the hallway was a large wooden door and from the other side of the door Hideki was able to hear the noise of metal hitting metal. Reaching forward and opening the door Hideki was hit by a thick wall of heat, very much as it was a physical object and unconsciously took a step back. The room Hideki now stepped into looked more like something you would find at the Shopping Strip with dozens of beautifully blades of all shapes and sizes places on most of the wall space in the room. While the numerous blades certainly drew the attention of anyone entering this place, they weren’t meant to be center of attention.

This room was a fully outfitted smithy complete with forge, anvil and many different grindstones of high quality. Standing next to the anvil was a large man with broad shoulder and a friendly smile on his scared face, red from the heat of the furnace. This had to be Hachi. Hideki responded with a smile of his own as he made his way towards the large man, as he approached, he gently untied the blade from his kit. As he handed the blade to the man, Hideki introduced himself:

”Hallo, you must be Hachi-san, I am Yuki, Hideki and I have brought the blade from the dig.”

The large man stepped forward still clearly displaying his white teeth in a smile, as he reached Hideki and received the blade covered the cloth, it was clear that he took extreme care and was very emotionally moved. Apparently this damaged old blade remains meant a great deal to this man, why was still unclear to Hideki, but hopefully he would find out before he had to leave the museum. Hideki had always liked museums and believed that because history always repeats itself by knowing as much about history as humanly possible, he would be better prepared for the future. After handing over the blade Hideki was preparing to leave, but not before taking a long glance at the different beautiful blades scattered across the room, it really was a shame that his mission was already completed. Then just as he had turned towards the door and taken the first step, he heard a voice.

”Hideki-kun please wait a moment. It seems like you appreciate the art of swordsmanship and I need some help with this blade, I thought you might be interested. I need to make a copy of this blade in its original form to display next to these remain, so that the visitors can see who the blade used to look like. I have already requested help from the village, but they didn’t have the manpower to send someone over until a few days from now and I really want to get started. If you can spare the time it would be a great help, if you accept I need you to go the port and pick up a shipment of Tamahagane from our usual supplier. The shipment is quite valuable so make sure that nothing happens to it.”

Hideki spun around with a large smile on his lips and an excited expression on his face. He had never been involved with the creating of a blade and something of this caliber was unheard of. During the last period of depression after the loss of his friend in the last mission, he had in his weakest moments considered stopping as a shinobi and think about what to do then the life of a swords smith had been very appealing. Hideki agreed to help Hachi with this project and thanked him for the opportunity then rushed out through the door and into the street heading for the docks. Hideki was so excited by the prospect of helping create a beautiful sword that he didn’t realize that someone was yet again watching him from a nearby rooftop.

As always the port was buzzing with life and extremely crowded as it was the main way that products were entering and leaving the village and the surrounding area. Most of the roads were hard to travels on due to the landscape of mountains and tundra that the Glacial Country was made up of. The port and the steady sail of ships was the life nerve of the village in the term of most supplies. As Hideki was approaching the small trading vessel where he was to retrieve the Tamahagane for the replica, he once again got the feeling of being watched. The looming presence felt very near and the uncomfortable feeling of being watched made Hideki turn around himself several times intensely glaring into the crowd around him in a desperate attempt to locate the one watching him. As Hideki looked around and searched the faces of the people around him, he was unable to find any signs of particular interest, harm or otherwise worrisome looks. Flexing his tense neck muscles Hideki put his discomfort out of his mind, and then returning to the matter at hand; the retrieval of the Tamahagane and get it back to Hachi. A quick scan of the crew of the vessel made Hideki confident that he had found the captain; a proud looking man with a wind-torn face and that clearly showed his many hours out at sea.

”Excuse me, but are you the captain of this trading vessel, I am here on behalf of Hachi-san and are to collect a shipment of Tamahagane.”

It appeared that Hideki had been right in his assumption that this man indeed was the captain, as the merchant gave him a questioning look; apparently to determine whether or not Hideki was telling the truth. Having seemingly been found to be telling the truth the captain let out a grunt, and with his left hand pointed at a crate on the desk, which was immediately tossed up onto the dock by one of the crewmembers, before he turned his attention back to smoking a large pipe and reading some sort of papers. The crate itself was not very large, so it was no problem for Hideki to pickup and strap to his back. Leaving to port which he had begun after several missions in the area to truly enjoy, Hideki once again felt watched, however this time it was hardly a mystery to find out how was watching as large ugly seagull sitting on a nearby roof followed him intently as he left the area.

Fortunately nothing dramatic happened on his way back to the village, the shinobi that had followed him earlier was nowhere to be seen and the only discomfort was the slight gnawing of the ropes that held the crate with the precious steel on Hideki’s back. And it was with a huge sigh of relief that Hideki stepped into Hachi’s workshop and put down the crate.

”Here is the Tamahagane, what is next?”

It seemed clear that Hachi had been waiting for the Tamahagane, but he hadn’t been idle while Hideki had gone to fetch the precious metal at the harbor, the workshop had changed quite a bit in comparison to what Hideki had seen the first time he had been there. Now many of the display cases and been removed or put into a corner, but this was not what had truly changed; tools of all sizes and shapes, many of which Hideki had never seen or even heard of before, had been neatly placed around the workshop and the heat from the furnace was all consuming. Yet as much as the appearance of workshop had changed that was what felt different, Hideki had expected something like this. It was the atmosphere that was fundamentally different; this was now a place of wonder, work and something more, it felt almost like a shrine, a place of worship.

Having been distracted by the new atmosphere of the workshop Hideki, was surprised to find Hachi crouched down over the new broken crate which Hideki had brought from the docks and was now sorting through a multitude of fist sized ingots of Tamahagane. Each of the lumps were carefully inspected and controlled and then sorted into one pile or another. ”What are you doing sensei?” Hideki politely asked, without turning his head Hachi took a moment before responding, but otherwise continued the sorting. ”I am searching for the right pieces of metal to make the sword, they are all Tamahagane, but they need the right subtle coloring, I need both flexible and hard steel of the highest quality to make this sword.” After several long minutes in silence Hachi had apparently found the right pieces for the forging of the replica, and put the rest of the pieces in pile in the corner of the workshop.

”Well then, let’s begin the forging of the replica, Hideki-kun.”

The first step to create the replica of the excavated sword was to forge the pieces of each of the two types of steel into two solid individual bars. To avoid the metal from rusting before the forging truly begins the ingots are covered by specially prepared clay that Hachi had gotten ready just a few minutes before Hideki arrived with the Tamahagane. As Hachi was carefully placing the pieces together and wrapping them together with a thin piece of paper covered by strange symbols and prayers before giving the package a careful mud bath, Hideki had been assigned to make the forge very warm and ready for the process. When the forge was glowing of heat and the charcoal was bright red, then packages was placed into the forge once at a time and heated.

A few moments before Hachi took the package out of the forge, Hideki was told to make a clone and prepare himself to and the clone each with a large strange looking hammer. And when Hachi placed the brightly glowing orange, lump of metal on the anvil Hideki and the clones started hammering in a rhythmic pace dictated by the quite song-like prayer Hachi kept repeating over and over again. With each strike of the large hammer on the warm steel sparks flew and after a good few hours of continued hammering of the steel, Hachi picked up a sort of hand axe and the folding of the metal began. The process of folding the metal continued the rest of the day and again the following morning. After many hours of hard work with the hammers on the first metal “package”, the work on the second one began.

While resting at noon on the, the … how long had it been since they started the work on the sword, Hideki was no longer sure. The days and nights of hard work in the warm and closed workshop had blending into a long tiring affair and Hideki was beginning to feel the strain; his muscles ached from the continuous hammering and his back was often burning from the many hours of begin slightly bent over the anvil while holding the heavy hammer. At the beginning he had loved the work and found it fascinating, but now as he hurt all over his body and having done the very same thing day after day, the fun had faced. Luckily today something changed.

It was finally time to fuse the two different metals together as one to make sure that the blade would become both flexible so that it won’t break, but still hard so that it can keep its edge. The two metals were fused by turning the hard metal into a U-shape and then inserting the softer metal into the empty area. Having fused the two metals together Hachi began the process of turning the metal lump into a sword shape, at this point Hideki had the opportunity to take a break as Hachi took care of this part of the work. The only chore was fill a container with cold water and after Hachi had completed the sword shape, he cover the blade with a mixture of clay and iron powder and then he thrust the red hot sword into the water and with a sizzling sound the metal bent into the familiar curved shape of a katana.

Hideki noticed clear relief on Hachi’s face as he took in the appearance of the blade, noticing Hideki looking at him, Hachi smiled at him; ”We have done well, now only the polishing remains, please remain near the workshop until we are ready to put the sword on display, but you cannot help me anymore with this blade.”

Hideki spent the remainder of the day partly watching Hachi carefully polishing the very sharp edge of the katana with different grindstones and partly relaxing in the shadow of a large tree just outside the workshop. In this last part of the production of the replica Hideki was no longer an active participant of the production, but his part had become the part of a guard, simply keeping watch and making sure that nothing happens to the blade before the finished product was put on display.

As Hideki was watching the newly forged blade finally complete and now resting in its beautiful scabbard after such a long and hard ordeal that the manufacturing process was, he could help but feel proud of the role he had placed in its creation. He was very impressed by the skill of Hachi and noted to himself that if he ever had the opportunity then he would acquire one of his blades. But as impressed Hideki was by Hachi, the curator’s skill was nowhere as fascinating as the original smiths that long ago had created this blade with far cruder tools and less favorable surroundings that Hachi had at his disposal today.

While it was enjoyable to be able to relax his sore arm muscles and back after the many days of hard labor, the feeling of simply sitting around and waiting for the sharpening process to end and the replica to complete done and put on display, was actually almost at straining to Hideki as the work had been. The work had been tough and at times dull, but at the very least there had been a feeling of accomplishment, now that was over and Hideki felt useless as the hours went by and nothing happened. As the shadows grew long in the small yard behind Hachi’s workshop Hideki was glad that the day finally was almost over, and it was time to go home. Just as he was about to leave Hachi came out of the workshop, his face red from the heat of the place and called out to Hideki:

”Hideki-kun, I am done with the sharpening, but I need you to stay for the night and watch over the replica and the remains of the original until they are put on display in the morning. I’ll talk to the village about having a guard or two placed at the museum in the future.” Hachi gave Hideki an apologetic smile while wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. Stunned Hideki simply watched as Hachi left, it was only when Hachi was completely out of sight that Hideki “regained consciousness” so to speak and went inside the workshop and found both of the swords that he was to guard until the sun once again rose over the village and they could be put on displayed. ”Sure, no problem.” Mumbled Hideki as he watched the swords.

Inside the museum time was felt differently; there were no clocks and the windows were all closed off by blinds to make sure that the intense sunlight of the day would enter the museum and damage the various objects displayed inside. To walk through the museum was a travel through time, Hideki saw recent pictures of the previous two hyogakure leaders, read extracts from scrolls about the first great shinobi war which the village had participated in and even a few texts from the negotiations about the founding of the village. Hideki had always been interested in history and felt that it was important, as one’s past often dictates one’s future. After having roamed the halls of the museum for quite some time Hideki dug the remaining part of his lunch out his pack and just as he was about to take the first that is when he heard the noise of wood being broken coming from the workshop.

Upon hearing the noise Hideki dropped his lunch immediately and ran as quickly as he possibly could towards the workshop while arming himself with 3 senbon from his kit and his katana. Reaching the workshop Hideki saw a shadow standing near the place where the swords were stored, a large part the workshop already torn apart most likely in an attempt to find the swords. The only source of light a very small paper lantern placed at the entrance of the workshop. Hideki did not hesitate, but instantly threw the 3 senbon at the shadow aiming for the stretched out hand and arm in an attempt to wound the burglar. A shriek and a blur of motion told Hideki that he at least had hit once, the shadow stumbled backwards and knocked over the lantern, the flame caught a nearby paper wall and suddenly the darkness left the room and Hideki saw who the shadow really was; the short red haired shinobi that had followed him earlier, his right hand already bloody from the two senbon that was stuck in his hand and wrist.

Shock and surprise were evident on the faces of both Hideki and the red haired intruder, Hideki because of possibility that the workshop just might burn down now and the fact that he hadn’t expected that the red haired thief wouldn’t come again…he should have prepared. Judging from the look on the red haired shinobi’s face he hadn’t been expecting Hideki to be there and as accurate. For a long moment Hideki and the burglar stood silently face to face, Hideki focused so much on the man’s eyes for signs of aggression and attack that he hadn’t noticed that the intruder had pulled out the senbon and the sound of the metal pins hitting the hard wooden floor made Hideki slightly flinch. The thief leapt towards the swords with his left hand stretched out to snatch the swords, and while Hideki had been slightly slower to react due to his natural speed was able to reach the place at the same time, and Hideki made a two-handed slash with his katana at the thief. While Hideki’s strike didn’t hit anything but air it had forced the burglar to back off and Hideki was not placed between the precious swords and the thief.

Apparently not wanting to fight Hideki the short, red haired man back away a few feet with his arms out to the side and a confident smile on his lips, when he spoke it was clear that he wasn’t from the village, but Hideki was unable to place the accent. ”Listen kid, I know that we have gotten off on the wrong foot. I know that you need to keep those antiques safe, but I need to take them with me. There really isn’t any reason for me to kill you as long as you don’t get in my way, so just let me take them and I’ll make it look like you tried to stop me.” The man’s voice was filled with confidence and superiority, clearly he expected Hideki to back down.

”Not going to happen ice man, and I find it offensive that you would even suggest it. Hideki coldly replied, as he found the notion of his loyalty to the village and duty being doubted. While only his mother’s side of the family came from HGyo, and he still felt some sort of connection to the land, the values and virtues of loyalty and some sort of honor had been imprinted on him since birth; treason was not an option, death was the better choice. As the growing flames began licking the wooden ceiling and the fire had spread to cover most of the wall behind the thief, Hideki tightened his grip on the katana and prepared for combat.

”Ninja these days simply aren’t all that bright, now I’ll have to…” The thief say with a superior voice as he was interrupted by shouts and noises of running just outside the workshop. Both Hideki and the thief turned their heads and looked at the door as it was knocked down and two chuunin guards from the village came bursting in. Taking advantage of the situation, Hideki dropped his blade and formed a few seals before sending a large column of water straight at the thief. Apparently the two guards instantly realized the situation and both threw several kunai and shuriken at the intruder. These attacks were however stopped dead in their tracks as a jet of water flew from the thief’s mouth blocking both the weapons thrown and Hideki’s water. It seemed that this thief was more resourceful than Hideki ad expected, as he had efficiently avoided all of the attacks, but at the very least the large amounts of water involved had put out the fire in the workshop.

“Ice man” gave Hideki an annoyed look as the water fell to the ground and Hideki was just able to react as the burglar threw a smoke bomb instantly filling the workshop with thick grey smoke obscuring the view in the room. Realizing the danger Hideki defended himself and the precious swords the best way he knew how; an ice dome. Just as the thick ice walls closed around Hideki and the blades, he heard the heavily accented voice of the thief from just on the other side of the ice: ”Good thinking kid, it seems like you won this time. You won’t be as lucky next time we cross paths…” The last sentence came further away. When the smoke cleared a moment later as one of the guards used a wind technique to vent the room, there were no signs of the thief or where he had disappeared to.

The following morning Hideki was so sleepy that he had trouble standing and looking somewhat awake as first Hachi came rushing back to the workshop to make sure the blades were safe and to inspect the damage of the fire, then the investigation of the thief with Hideki having to make several statements and finally the preparations for the display the very same day. Thus at noon as the halls of the museum had been filled with people Hideki was very close to falling on his ass, he was that tired. The ceremony was seemingly endless, and Hideki didn’t listen to a word of it, he was thinking on the thief. Who was he? Who had he worked for? And so forth. Maybe Hideki would try and look into that later.

Hachi-san found Hideki after the ceremony, a smile on his face. His hands, rough clasped around Hideki’s shoulders. “Listen, there is something I wanted to talk to you about, in thanks for all your hard work”

Hachi-san led them back into the workshop, into his office. On the desk was a dull, sullen box, its old, dusty and almost looks like it hasn’t been opened in ages. Hachi opened the box, his voice held a sort of pleasant tone to it. “This was buried in the museum vaults since before I was here. It's a metal I’ve never seen before, and I don’t know where it came from either.”

Hideki held it up, it shown with an almost lackluster silver color. It almost took his breath away. “It feels heavy, and dense, I’ve never seen anything like it” He said, it wasn’t warm or cold, it was perfect in its own way.

Hachi-san smiled “We have no clue what this is, and it was left for junk. I know it's not much know, but we would like you to have it, in exchange for bringing us the legendary sword, and defending it so” His voice was genuinely filled with happiness, but with a tinge of remorse for giving up something unknown.

“Hachi-san, I, I’m honored you thought of me about this” Hideki said, it wasn’t money or ryo, but something new and exciting, it lifted his spirits.

Hachi-san went over to his desk, fetching a scroll. “My friend, I have one more task to ask of you, can you deliver this to the Kage, the scroll is old, ancient by most standards, I feel that it's of some importance to the village” The truth was, the scroll was old, almost crumbling, missing pieces, bound too tightly for its own good.

Hideki smiled “Of course I will” as he took it, putting it in a tube and leaving, his rock under his arm and set off to see the Kage. Leaving the museum, it felt different, the air. It still weighed on his heart, his mind, but it was as if the cloud of his friendship, his missions had finally removed themselves from his vision.

He visited the office of the Lord Kage, no one was there, in fact they had said the Kage had left without much word. He wasn’t sure where to track down the Hyozankage and deliver the scroll. Hideki wondered, he walked through the village, asked a few people, not many had seen the Kage, and even less knew where he was. He arrived at the village gates, peering out beyond them, the cold tundra of the mountains and beyond, the icy rivers whose warmth was hardly ever felt. The runoff that turned the land in the swamp of ice and mud. Such was life in the village. It was somewhat dark, he wondered if they were due for another snow. He loved snow, he loved the crunch when it was freezing, he loved the silent whispers of the night, how one's footsteps disappeared, as if past itself was erased somehow.

He moved out from the village, thinking long and hard about what just transpired, and he was a bit curious about the scroll. What long lost secrets does it hold, what mysterious of the world are stored within it. The longing and incorruptibility of history was an oppressive weight as nothing else. He moved out, he didn’t run or bolt across the landscape. His only purpose was scanning, looking for the Hyozankage.

It had been some time, the distance of the village near indiscernible from the horizon, coming into view like something from a dream. The patches of snow on the mountainside, their backs to the setting sun, visible, white fingers of doom spreading through the land. It was true, the winter was winding down, perhaps a decent spring season, berries, juniper and the likes would come by fall. He saw something in the distance. He was never good at sensing, though it was one of the skills he wished he could practice, but how does one learn to become better at sensing things one has never encountered before. To look for something you have never seen, perhaps that was the key to it, but Hideki was not so profound as to understand that. What he could do, was utilize some ice, which had the lovely property of reflected light, allowing him to see distances only allowed by seeing scopes and the like. His viewing was something of a surprise, he saw a group of ninja, for sure they were ninja together. One, two, three, Hyozankage. He wasn’t really aware of who exactly they were at this distance, but the Hyozankage was someone who was always recognizable. He had been around a few times, but never spoken to him, gotten anywhere close to him. Hideki thought him a recluse, a hermit, a shut-in if you will.

He made his way over, in plain sight, no need for cloak and dagger activities. He grabbed the scroll from his back, in its tube for protection. He was ready to hand it off, but as he approached, the grouping did not appear as friendly as he hoped, well he didn’t so much as hope as ponder. They were all from the village no doubt, but they were not there for a social call, it was business. As he approached, he wondered about the proper protocol, he was not some ignorant genin, but truth be told, he had never directly communicated with the Hyozankage previously. Perhaps it did not matter, perhaps it was the duty of his position, follow the rules, orders and carry them out as best possible.

“Hyozankage, forgive the intrusion, I was told to bring this to you” his voice cold and emotionless, he held out the scroll, bowed to one leg and put it out aloft. No eye contact, watch his feet, monitor as much as you can, but do not look directly at the Kage. He hoped it to be informed of the contents, but alas, that was not his choice, not his pay grade so to speak. Watch his feet, may no sudden movements, and hopefully, everything will go smoothly. His back held the rock, wrapped in cloth, just a memento from his job. Focus on that, do not consider other matters, watch his feet, watch them all without looking at anyone single one of them. Was that even possible, Hideki would try his best to do so.

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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Total Word Count : 26,379
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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Gonshiro had fallen into deep thought after Garnet had swore that he would, fundamentally ignoring everything as he relived that fateful day that pisses him off to this day.

Important Flashback Here-Don't look:
Gonshiro had been talking with Rin. Rin had invited him on a mission, which never happened.

"Hey, Gonshiro. You wanna come with me and Kenny on a mission? It's something that we're not sure we can tackle alone. We'll need some of your help." The Red-haired prodigy spoke to a mostly vacant Gonshiro. Rin dug through Gonshiro's pockets and stuffed a sucker in his mouth in attempts to wake him up.

"Gonshiro! Wake up. Mission; me and Kenny. hard."

The statement woke the giant from his day dreams, probably dreaming of some kind of plot or plan when he got the motivation to do it. Gonshiro, is all his knowledge, figured that the people in the mission probably had to be captured alive, and that was enough pain in itself. However, the fact that Rin actually came and got Gonshiro meant that something could go very, very wrong with this mission, and that was enough to warrant getting up.

Gonshiro looked hazily into Rin's eye's, trying to figure out what the mission was from his eyes alone. It...unsurprisingly, wasn't working. Gonshiro motioned to tell him the mission.

"We've gotta take out this Yuki fucker that left. Normally, they'd sent Yuki clan members, but he's killed everyone they sent. Since we're so good at our jobs, we said we'd take the job. The Trio could be back together for one more mission, yeah?"

Gonshiro's response, unenthusiastic, was a long and drawn-out hmm. There was thoughts going through Gonshiro's head, varying from 'is there candy involved?' to 'what kind of stuff could i get inspired by?'

He was not one to be inspired by money. Gonshiro simply looked at money as a thing that he HAD to have sometimes. Fishies were bought with either work or money, He loved fishes, often loving them more than he loved himself. He liked himself, it wasn't self esteem that was a problem. It was the simple matter that he was a mix of not being able to die properly because he was tougher than average. He wasn't the toughest, by far, but he could survive a good number of hits from either of his teammates.

Gonshiro, after about five minutes of mulling it over, agreed. It'd net him some money which he could use to spend on fishies. Everything was gonna be good, and that meant Gonshiro was happy, which meant that those who traded for his seals would be happy as well. That, in turn, made other people happy and it was a train of happy that lead a long, long way. Sure, he was widely withdrawn from society, but compared to the present day, he was quite active. He actually left his his more then to ocasionaly visit Rin. He'd even attempt the academy and teach sometimes.

Once Gonshiro had agreed, he got the normal ninja attire on and followed his friend out. He went and met with Gonshiro, who was dressed to the occasion. Gonshiro uttered a hello, but not much of one. He was friends with Kenshiro, but Gonshiro was not exactly trusting of the guy. He was the meaning of iffy. He had the skills of a medical nin and had about the same level of emotion as one should have.

Gonshiro, however, felt that was a fact that worried him. As a medical ninja, one should care about your patients, and when all you did was stare, one could feel that you were dead inside. That was the sign that he had either failed, or never felt fear. Neither of which were a good sign that you were a human. It made you a damn efficient ninja, but you weren't even human at that point.

Not that Gonshiro acted on the suspecion as they went out and hunted for the man, who's identity was known only as a Yuki. Gonshiro didn't even know the targets first name, but Kenshiro sure seemed to know where to go. He couldn't tell if that bothered him or he respected it. He didn't think much of it, since Kenshiro was always the expert tracker, and that he had just gotten better over the years. This, honestly, didn't matter to Gonshiro. They arrived to a home, about two stories, that was kept in good condition. All was according to the file, and that file hadn't lied.

When they got inside, Gonshiro entered first. Rin and Gonshiro hoped that it'd scare the man, but the man just chuckled. Gonshiro moved to the side to let Rin and Kenshiro in, and as Rin rushed in, Gonshiro felt something go through his back, and appear in the front of him. It was a blade... one that he knew Kenshiro handled. As he stumbled forward, he felt a grunt of effort as a large, solid mass hit him in the of the head. He fell, but got back up. The knife... it made it hard to focus. He couldn't focus enough to seal the pain away, and now he had a pounding headache great.

To make matters worse, Rin was held up in a bunch of mirrors and barely managing to dodge the ice that was literally flying everywhere inside. Gonshiro's head was bleeding and his chest hurt, and that only worked to piss Gonshiro off. Sure, he might die after it, but Kenshiro. The man who had his back for the last ten years... attacked him. While this would've thrown most ninja for a loop, Gonshiro laughed. That surprised even Kenshiro.

"So. This was the play. That man probably payed you to lead us here and kill either me or Rin, and if it was Rin, I bet you didn't plan on me being here. Didja? son of a bitch. I'm going to kill you and save Rin."

Kenshiro just laughed at Gonshiro's proclamation and as he went in to grab his blade, Gonshiro grabbed his head and shoved it into the wall. Gonshiro threw Kenshiro back, and took the knife out of his chest.

"You missed my heart, you jackass."

He ran towards Kenshiro, as only a man with a gaping hole in his chest and massive consussion could. The blade entered Kenshiro's stomach, and then a left hook sent Kenshiro into the wall. Gonshiro then tackled Kenshiro through the wall. The landed on the ice, and Gonshiro coughed up a bit of blood. Kenshiro shrugged off some blood forming from his nose, noting that Gonshiro was in a terrible time, with all his heard breathing and shit.

Kenshiro was getting cocky, but Gonshiro was getting serious.

Gonshiro took off his coat and shirt, glaring at Kenshiro. Gonshiro started running at Kenshiro, but got a punch in the guts for his trouble. Gonshiro kept getting dodging, and his already tired face was getting exausted. He had to depend on the one thing he had over Kenshiro. Gonshiro had to depend on his good ol fist. Gonshiro stood, wavering, and watched Kenshiro charge him.

As he did, Gonshiro reached out and grabbed Kenshiro's throat before picking him up and slamming him down with as much power as he could afford, turning his body and shoving him down with force and shoving Kenshiro through Ice. He did it with such force that Gonshiro dropped arm deep in the ice cold water, and was forcing Kenshiro to drown. It took a solid few moments, but he managed it. He rolled over, breathing hard. He had to get up.

If he could get up, he could save Rin. He slowly got up, and stumbled towards the house. When got into the house, he saw Rin bleeding on the groun, but the other guy wasn't exactly in the greatest position either. Gonshiro, using pretty much all of energy left, went and tackled the guy; and with an immense amount of luck, he broke the guys neck. Killing him instantly. Gonshiro then fell backwards and landed on the wood, breathing hard. He had killed two people in one day, way more than usual. Rin looked to Gonshiro and saw he was still breathing. The two laid there and slept, questioning how they'd survive.

Gonshiro barely did, and it changed him into a nearly complete social hermit. Rin survived more because Gonshiro never told him what Kenshiro did.

Gonshiro looked up at the new arrival, and looked him over. The boy looked proper, and beyond everything, conducted himself as well as the lady did. Not that he cared about either of them at the moment, since he had just relived one of his most painful memories that he's ever had... during a stressful time. It was amazing he was able to keep himself as cool as he was. He hadn't properly heard what the boy said, as he had been in his day dream.

He hadn't heard Sameonna swear yet, nor Satsuki.

Why in the world was everyone arriving now?

No matter what, however, he knew why he was like he was, and why he was a social hermit. He had his reasons, not that anyone here might know, and he was happy to keep it that way.


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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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The tension floating around the cold, desolate area was sickeningly thick. Satsuki's attention to the ongoing conversation floated in and out, more focused on the warm flames underneath her hands. She continuously alternated between rubbing her hands and breathing into them, doing her best to stay warm. She came out here in a hurry and as such was incredibly under-prepared. Her only protection from the torturous winds was the long sleeve Navy-style top that had become a sort of uniform for her and her knee-length boots.

I wonder how the family is doing, she thought as she peered her gaze onto the clear skies. A smirk found its way onto her face as she pictured her always diligent grandmother giving her father a hard time over his shogi skills. Satsuki's record against her father was 192 to 457 in favor of her father. Of course, if you discount all the games he won while Satsuki was a child, the record was much more even. Her gaze fell back to the flames. Her youth seemed so long ago. She was a full-grown woman now, with immense responsibilities. She wondered if her family ever envisioned her holding one of the most powerful positions in the entire village. Her hand fell to her blade, gripping its handle tightly for a few seconds before softening and falling down to her thigh.

In Satsuki's opinion, Gonshiro's request was a tad bit ridiculous. The four of them had reached their positions through their devotion to the village. What good would vocalizing it do? It made no difference to Satsuki. She was completely and utterly devoted to the success of Hyozangakure. She'd risk her life for its prosperity and the will of the Kage. She listened intently as the three of them vowed loyalty in their own distinct ways. Before long, it apparently was her turn to express herself.

"My loyalty was never in question. I promise to devout myself to the well-being of Hyozangakure and its citizens, as I always have." Satsuki didn't particularly care what plans the Kage had for the village. She knew that she had to carry them out anyway, that's what it means to have ultimate authority. Your subordinates follow your will. Your demands are absolute. If others wishes to bring the authority into question, they'd have to prove themselves against the current leader. That's how the world worked in Satsuki's eyes.

After popping into the conversation to show that her intentions were pure, her attention fell back into the warmth of the flames. "The prosperity of the village is ultimate. Nothing else matters."
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Re: Seeking Solitude [Private, (0/0)]

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((sorry for butting in))

It is rather hard to keep oneself from flying out of their bed when a courier ninja appears in their window early in the morning shoving a letter in your face. Alas, this was the situation Shutara found himself waking to. First he was deep asleep having some kind of pleasant dream, the next something was irritating him, pulling him back to the waking world. The next moment, he caught the image of someone standing in his window, hand by his face with something in it. Instincts kicking in, he threw himself from his bed across the room to his wardrobe where the weapons were kept. Just as he opened the door, the figure flicked something at him, striking the back of his hand just as he grabbed a kunai. Expecting it to be a weapon that pierced his hand, he yelped and pulled his hand to his chest. Once he realized there was no injury,he looked to the figure in the window. His eyes and mind now clearing he recognized the design of the courier nin's uniform. "Oh, sorry about that..." The nin took no offense, simply nodding and waving his hand before leaping back out to the rooftop across the way and out of sight.

Peering back into the wardrobe, a single letter sat upon his half-open kit. It was a mission assignment, he could tell that from a single glance at the envelope's paper. It's seal however, wasn't the emergency red so whatever it was, at least it wasn't urgent. Cracking the seal, he removed the contents and began reading it over. They were summoned to the Ice Temple located just outside the gates, he was to arrive by the early afternoon. The monks residing there took pride in their martial abilities and often wihed to test their training against the shinobi of the village. This time, Shutara had been selected to participate. According to the letter, anything was fair game. Ninjutsu, genjutsu, weapons, anything. The only restriction was simply to not kill the monks and to minimize injuries if possible. Yawning loudly, Shutara got to him feet and tossed the paper onto his bed. Early afternoon was still a few hours off, he had plenty of time to get ready.

As Shutara went about dressing himself, he reread the letter to himself from memory. There was one last part that stood out to him, he was not the only shinobi summoned to these trials. Four others had been summoned, but as he recalled the names, none were matched to faces. Four strangers would accompany him to the temple where they would participate in a sort of mini tournament. There was no prize at stake beyond personal pride and glory. Even so, this was assigned as a mission and Shutara was determined to see it through to the full extent of him abilities.

The rest of the morning was a blur to him. Shutara was vaguely able to recall making an early lunch before heading out to the gates. Beyond that there was nothing but flashes of memory. As he reached the gates of the village, the other four shinobi called to the temple were already there and waiting. Some more impatient than others. The four had a wide range of ages, from a kid who looked to be fresh out of the academy, nervous yet eager, to an older man who must have been retired. Of them, Shutara was the only jounin which only made him feel more awkward as they looked him over. The retired man appeared indifferent while a gray-blonde boy huffed at him before turning away. The kid kept glancing nervously between him, the group and the gates while the last, a black haired boy about two years his senior simply glared daggers. But once he fell in line, he then noticed the monk standing before them. He wore thick red flowing robes that must have him sweating buckets underneath. They looked more like blankets than clothing but not a drop of sweat shined on his bald head. Draped over his neck were large beads, each about the size of a tennis ball.

"I see everyone has arrived now. Let us be on our way" The monk was old and his voice trembled as he spoke, but his stride was that of a man in his prime. Most of the group was able to keep pace with him, save the kid. Shutara allowed himself to fall back so he wouldn't feel alone. "Are you okay? You seem pretty jumpy" he said, trying to find a way to comfort him. The boy only shook his head and pushed himself to move faster. Shutara could only shrug and follow along. The temple was quite a ways from the village, hidden at in an alcove of the glacier and surrounded by walls only surpassed by the village itself. The gates were great iron doors with the symbol of a snowflake embroidered proudly on their front. The monk approached the gates and offered a prayer before them. A moment later, the doors slowly began to slide open revealing a great courtyard. The temple itself sat at the opposite end of the field, built into the ice of the mountain itself. The waterfall falling to the right of the building into a river that made it's way south.

Around the plaza, various monks were all tending to their duties or training in pairs. Once the group entered however, everything stopped and they all bowed in welcome. The old monk leading them halted once they reached the center and turned to the shinobi. "Welcome to the Temple of Snow, we are honoured to have you here as our guests. The organizers of this little event shall be here momentarily. I shall bid you farewell here. These old bones need more rest these days I'm afraid". The monk bowed and made his way inside the temple.

The wait lasted only about ten minutes, but that was more than long enough for some of the other tourney goers to begin getting antsy. Namely the two who looked to be Chunin level. The older man merely stood in silence, eyes closed while the young boy cowered at a mere glance. Shutara stood calmly, simply gazing around the temple and taking in the sights. It was him first time visiting the place and while many in the village would come here to pray on special occasions, Shutara had never been the most spiritual person. Yet even so, he felt as though this place had power to it. It was tranquil yet foreboding. The courtyard where they stood was peaceful, silent save for the waterfall and occasional clacking of a bow staff. Flowers bloomed brilliantly in the spaces between the stone pathways. A few trees lined the entrance as well as some areas where they stood upon their own private hill. Beyond all that was the temple itself. Built into the very face of the glacier it appeared as though the ice had risen up behind it, determined to devour the building whole. Yet still it stood, a testament of time.

Finally, the tournament organizers approached. Three monks, all donning the red robes and bald. Their ages ranged from what he suspected was early thirties to mid fifties. Beyond that, each man was rather unremarkable. The man in the center spoke first. "I welcome you to the Fire Temple, humble guests and skilled shinobi. Please follow us inside where we shall begin preparations for the first round." The two Chunin grunted something under their breath but all five followed obediently. Once inside the temple, the light was dim. Lit only by the torches lining the walls. They were led down several halls until finally they emerged into a large circular room. In the center sat a large round table, the center cut out for those wishing to approach the head of the table. "Please take your seats." One of the monks said and all complied. Clearing his throat, the head monk began to speak, his voice booming off the rock walls. "Welcome, gentlemen, and lady, to our temple. here you will face off against five of our own whom wish to challenge their skill. From here, you shall be escorted to the training room we have designated. Win and you will advance to the next round tomorrow. Lose and you shall be sent home. You are allowed to use anything you wish, fight with all your strength and skill. We just ask that you do not kill. We have people medically trained to deal with any injuries you will suffer. But none can cure death. Any questions before we begin?"

When he received only silence, the monk nodded and several others approached them. The one who came to Shutara was a skinny old man, but his smile was soft and youthful. "I wish you all the best of luck" The head monk said as they were separated and lead down different hallways. Shutara was lead down a spiraling staircase for what he counted to be at least three floors. By now they were certainly far underground. How far these cavernous halls lead was impossible to tell. Minutes passed in the dark, the flickering of the flames the only source of light to illuminate their path. The old monk guided him with sure steps. He had walked these dark halls countless times before. So deftly he moved that Shutara believed he could navigate this temple blind. Finally, he stopped outside of a large oaken door. "Your opponent is beyond this door. Good luck to you. Brother Maxis is a fierce opponent to face in the first round." Shutara bowed and slowly pushed the door open. In this room, four gigantic torches lit the room almost as brightly as the daylight outside. They sat behind bars of iron, likely to prevent someone accidentally flying into them, but could still be accessed should a person need use of them for Ninjutsu.

The arena itself was rather sparse, a circular area, about thirty meters wide, smaller than a training field but considering they were underground, it was quite a feat. The ground was solid stone, a one meter thick ring circled the main area of the floor which sat about ten centimeters deeper. Sitting cross-legged in the center was a gigantic man. The name Maxis fit quite well. He wore the red robes of the monks, but lacked the large sleeves the others had. Without them, the mass of muscles that were his arms were relaxed and unmoving as shadows danced across them. Like the other monks his head was balled but he bore a great brown beard that fell nearly to his waist. As Shutara stepped into the room and within the ring, the monk's eyes opened, a deep brown complimenting his beard. As he got to his feet, he stood at nearly seven feet tall, rippling with muscles. "This is my first opponent? A scrawny man? I'm insulted." His voice was as gravely as his appearance. Intimidating as his appearance was, Shutara stood strong. If he faltered now, the match was lost before it even began. One thing he could tell for certain was that this man was not one he could engage in close combat. As strong as Shutara was, this man would destroy him. Range would win him the day.

From behind him, the old monk called out "Round one, begin!"

Not a moment was wasted by Maxis. The moment the old monk called for the match to begin, the giant man raised his head and let out a bestial roar. This was not just any simple battle cry, the roar was too accurate to a beast's own. Specifically, the roar was a spot on impression of a bear. So accurate it was, for just a moment, Shutara imagined the man transform into a great brown bear. Claws and teeth slashing and snapping at him. Yet in the next moment he was a man again, charging forward. Though he was barefoot, each step crashed against the stone floor and echoed through the domed room. If someone were outside, they might imagine a great beast was rampaging in here. His initiative was admirable, from his earlier words Shutara had wondered if the man was offended to have him as an opponent. At the very least he appeared to be taking this seriously now. Readying himself, Shutara leapt to the left and rolled as Maxis came within striking distance. Swinging down his massive hand where where him head had just been, his palm smashed into the raised outer ring of the room. Shattering it practically to dust upon contact, only a few small pebbles remained and clattered harmlessly against the ground.

Stopping him roll and raising to one knee, Shutara reached into the pouch on the right side of him waist. From it, he drew two kunai and immediately threw them, his arms crossing over each other in wide arcs as they released their payload. The kunai did not have far to travel, him roll only took him about two meters from Maxis so accuracy barely needed to factor in here. The kunai struck their target in his left arm. The first piercing his bicep and the second his forearm. Blood trickled out of the fresh wounds but the man barely felt them. Instead he looked to Shutara, eyes practically glowing golden as his beard began to flicker. The edges of it sharpening into points as he cried out again. This time, the roar was of a different beast, feline for certain, but deeper. Twisting his body to face Shutara, he leapt forward again, this time flattening his hands completely, fingers pressed together. Shutara raised his leg off him knee and kicked off the ground into a backflip as the man's fingers pierced the ground. there was no sound this time, no explosion of stone. Instead, his hand had slipped through the floor as easily as a knife cut through butter.

He back flip kicked him far into the air and away from the man. When he landed, he was crouched two meters up the wall. Chakra focused into him feet to allow him to grip it against the wills of gravity. Maxis looked up to him as he slowly removed his fingers from the floor, leaving a perfect outline of his digits behind. "A slippery one, you are" He said as he raised his arms again, ready to strike. However, this time Shutara also raised his arms, placing his hands together to form a single seal. Maxis barely had time to register what the seal was when the kunai in his arm began to glow and explode. Shutara heard him cry out in surprise and mild pain. there were only two tags fueling that blast so the power would be minimal, especially against a beast like this, but it was enough to distract him. The smoke from the explosion would also temporarily blind him. Using that opportunity, Shutara kicked off the ceiling and soared over Maxis. As he descended, he would land behind the man, but not before leaving him mark. Drawing his ninjato, Shutara twisted him body as he descended behind Maxis and used the opportunity to plant both blades into his back. Allowing the steel to do all the work as it sliced down his back.

The blades only cut skin deep. he did not wish to kill the man, yet there was still a motive behind him actions. Blinded by the smoke still, Maxis instinctively swung an arm back to try and strike Shutara. Unfortunately he had already touched ground and was making him next attack. Crouched down once more, he spread his arms wide and spun on the spot. The ninjato would then slice through the back of his legs. Again, only skin deep but blood flowed all the same. On the move again, Shutara sprung up and ran several meters before turning back to face Maxis. him ninjato raised, blood dripping from their edges. he had expected Maxis to charge him again, but instead he stood straight and slowly turned. "I must apologize. I underestimated you because of your age. Truly I have much to learn. However, I shall no longer hold back." A third scream erupted from the man, this time it was avian in nature and was followed by a transformation of its own. Fire erupted from his forearms, creating massive meter long wings. From his bald head, a mane of flame burst forth that stretched to the floor.

"Well these won't be of anymore use." Shutara thought to himself as threw down the ninjato. "I'll need to wash them thoroughly afterwards. Don't want them rusting." With those flames of his, attempting anything in close combat anymore would simply be stupid. As his original observations had concluded, range would win him the day now. "The real fight begins now!" Maxis shouted as he leapt into the air. The ceiling was about ten meters high, impressive for being underground, and yet of that ten, Maxis must have jumped a full eight meters before he came down at Shutara. Twisting his body into a flaming spiral, his descent was more like a missile. Faster than he had ever moved before, Shutara had little time to dodge. Focusing chakra into him boots, a small explosion was generated, rocketing him to the left five meters just in time to avoid the attack. Maxis crashed into the floor with a fiery explosion, kicking up a massive cloud of dust and debris. Reaching to him back, Shutara grabbed two fuuma shuriken and began rapidly spinning them in his hands, throwing them blindly into the cloud.

There was a unique kind of sound when metal cut flesh, a sound he heard that was followed by another cry. In an instant, the smoke was cleared with a wave of flames. Shutara was just far enough away to remain unburned, but the heat he felt was as intense as the forge back home. Fire now not only burned from his head and forearms, but coated him like an aura. The heat distorting his image behind the flames, he looked more a demon now than a monk. he could see the scars left by the shuriken, two deep gashes through his left shoulder and waist. Blood poured profusely from the wounds, yet still Maxis paid them no mind. It was as though he was immune to the sensation of pain. It was then that Maxis began to inhale deeply. His chest expanding as it took in a massive amount of oxygen. The fresh wounds only bled faster from the added pressure and Shutara knew what was coming. Back in the academy, the fireball jutsu was one used as a demonstration. Both simple in its execution and yet powerful, one of the most telling motions was the sudden inhalation of a large amount of air.

The flames came, but not quite how he had expected. there was no form to them, they just burst from the man's mouth in a torrent. Once again, chakra was focused to him feet and an explosion launched him in the air. Above the flames now, Shutara reached into his left kit and drew three curious pieces of paper. Each one had a seal printed on it, but were folded into little caricatures of a person. Throwing the three seals so they would land on the floor about five meters from Maxis, one to his left, right and back. Shutara then drew him remaining fuuma shuriken as the papers hit the ground. Each exploding in a small cloud of smoke and revealing a clone of himself, all spinning two fuuma shuriken of their own. It was time to bring this fight to an end. Simultaneously all four Shutaras threw their weapons. Each aimed at a different part of Maxis. The one to his left aimed for his left arm, similarly, the right clone aimed for his right arm. The clone behind him threw him shuriken to the back of his knees while the real Shutara aimed to cut through both sides of his collarbone. The wounds should prove to be non-fatal, but debilitating enough to fall the man, regardless of his strength.

Fast as his earlier attack had been, Maxis had no time to dodge as the cascade of steel shredded his flesh. Biceps were split open, his knees collapsed instantly as the metal embedded itself into bone and finally his arms fell limp as his collar bone was separated. Falling face first, practically helpless, Shutara descended back to the ground with a loud thud and stood several meters before the man. The old monk's voice rang out again through the room "Match set! Winner, Wakizasi, Shutara!" Exhaling in relief, Shutara stepped forward to Maxis who lay bleeding on the floor. His flames had died out, but he was still breathing. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked timidly, worried he might have put him into critical condition. Maxis' response however, was that of a deep, booming laugh. "Bwahaha, you got me good. Shutara was it? I will remember that name. Next time will be different! I promise you! Good luck in the next round." With that, Maxis somehow managed to roll himself over onto his back.

The old monk approached Shutara and placed a hand on his shoulder. "We have medics on standby, he will be fine. Allow me to escort you to your room. You will need rest for tomorrow." Shutara nodded after a moment of silence, moved to gathim him discarded weapons and followed the monk out. Tomorrow promised to be an even more difficult match.

Shutara awoke the next day in an unfamiliar room. Slightly disoriented from him sleep, he reached for the nearest object to use as a weapon before him memory cleared and he could recall where he was. The guest rooms at the Fire Temple were nothing to write home about. Small and cramped, they were about three meters wide and seven meters long. Basically they could fit a bed, chair and desk into the room. there was barely any space to walk around and the ceiling felt slightly too low. At least the mattress was comfortable enough and at the end of the room was a window to allow light through. Stretching out on the bed, Shutara got to him feet and began scrounging around for him things. The next match would begin shortly, judging by the light coming through the window. A few slaps to the face was enough to get him to wake up. he never slept deeply when not in his own bed, a trait that was helpful when out on missions and one needed to be wary. No sooner than he had finished donning his armour that a knock came at the door. Opening it revealed the old monk from the day before.

"Good morning my young warrior, I trust you slept well?" The old monk asked. Shutara nodded and with a smile responded. "Well enough. And good morning to you." The monk bowed in thanks. "I am here to escort you to the meeting hall. there we will serve breakfast and begin the next round." "Alright, I just need a minute to finish getting my things together." With that, Shutara closed the door respectfully and turned back to the room. him weapons had been stacked atop the desk as there was little space elsewhere beyond the floor to place them. Equipping the weapons was a simpler task than fitting the armour. there were special clips designed specifically to hold him equipment and made it a simple task to secure. Once ready, he opened the door again and followed the monk through the catacomb halls back to the meeting table he was first taken to upon arrival.

The head monk was there again, however only two familiar faces looked to him this time. The old man and the young boy were all that remained of Konoha's forces. The two rude chunin must have been eliminated, Shutara would hed no tears over their losses. The old man appeared as distant as ever while the boy still tried to curl himself up into a ball and forget the world. Shutara took his seat as food was brought into the room. Breakfast was not much to write home about. A bowl of soup with some hard bread slices. It would be far from filling for the man, but he ate it respectfully and made no complaints. It would be quite rude to insult their hospitality. At least the soup itself was quite good, nice and chunky pieces of chicken, carrots and pasta. The broth served well enough to soften up the bread. Once everyone had finished, the bowls were removed and the head monk coughed to clear his throat and get everyone's attention. "I congratulate you all on advancing to the second round. Like the first, you will be escorted from here to your next match. Should you emerge victorious again, the next round will be held this afternoon, so rest well."

With that, their respective escorts approached them and Shutara got to him feet. The three were separated again as each were lead down their own hallway. The walk this time was not as long and Shutara was soon greeted by a familiar oaken door. Inside, the room was identical to the last. The only difference being the monk inside. This one was completely hairless and wore no robe over his torso. Instead, a dragon tattoo spread across his back and looped over to his chest. He wore red baggy pants and was far leaner than him previous opponent, but still had some well defined muscles. Stepping into the room, the old monk behind him declared the match to begin and stepped outside, closing the door.

Unlike Maxis before him, this monk was in no rush to begin the combat. Instead he just glared at Shutara for a moment. "I see, welcome to our temple. I thank you for this opportunity to test my skill." The monk said bowing. Shutara returned the bow. "Thank you for your hospitality. I too enjoy the chance to see my own limits." As both stood again, the monk gave out a little chuckle. "It is good to know now all Konoha shinobi are as unpleasant as your comrade I eliminated yesterday." It did not take much though to know he meant one of the two rude Chunin. "Thankfully no, I am not a fan of those two myself. Thankfully, both are now back in the village. Hopefully this experience humbles them a bit." The monk chuckled again. "Hopefully. My name is Gun Yui, it is a pleasure to meet you." Shutara smiled and gave another half bow. "And you, My name is Wakizashi Shutara." Smiling, the monk shifted his left foot forward, his left hand flattened and sat partially outstretched while the right curled into a fist at his side. "Well met, Wakizashi Shutara. Let us begin."

No more words needed to be said as the two combatants dashed at one another. Shutara was the first to strike with a thrust with him left ninjato. Gun Yui countered by stepping into the blow and using his right arm to push him thrust harmlessly to the side. In reaction, Shutara raised him right arm to drop it on the monk in a powerful overhead slice. him blade a blur, Gun Yui spun to him left and around the out thrust blade and into him open side. A quick cry came from him as he punched into Shutara's kidney. The blow was a nasty one, able to lift Shutara off him feet and throw him to the ground. The pain was too much for him to catch himself from the fall, but upon landing, he was able to force himself to roll away as Gun Yui stomped the ground where he had been a moment prior. Pulling himself out of the roll, Shutara stopped himself on one knee. him right hand over his left side, clutching the area where the blow had struck. For Gun Yui's part, he simply smiled at him and beckoned for him to come again. "This one is going to be a challenge." Getting back to him feet, he spun him blades once before dashing again.

Gun Yui was prepared, from his stance, he could counter just about any attack Shutara threw at him. However, the man wasn't stupid, he knew that blindly attacking would just get him another punch. Raising both hands to the right side of him head, he could already see Gun Yui shifting to block the blow. Things would be a bit different this time. Just before he entered striking distance, Shutara sent a surge of chakra to him feet. This would activate the seal in him boots and generate a burst of fire chakra. This burst would lift Shutara off the ground, allowing him to jump clear over Gun Yui. Not expecting this maneuver, the monk had stepped forward to catch Shutara's feinted attack. As Shutara soared overtop the monk, he pulled him limbs close and threw him weight to flip him upside down. Now facing the back of the monk, Shutara slashed along the length of his dragon tattoo. Blood flashed in the torchlight as he landed behind him opponent. The red substance dripping off the tips of him blades. Rising up the entire length of Gun Yui's back was a cross shaped scar, bleeding quite profusely but was far from being a fatal wound.

Again there was another pause as this time Gun Yui had to lick his wounds. Both turned to face their opponent with the monk having a different kind of smile this time. More amusement this time than the earlier confidence. "You have some tricks." At this, Shutara smirked. "Oh, more than you know." Charging, they were at it again. This time they exchanged blow for blow, when Shutara attempted to cut him, Gun Yui would push him arm away. When he would go in for a punch, a blade would bar his path. High and low the strike came fast and fierce with neither able to gain an upper hand. That is until Shutara spun to him right to avoid a punch to him stomach. him blades flashed as he brought them in for an attack, however him momentum was suddenly halted. A pad of chakra under him foot had allowed him to grip the floor and stop himself. he then spun back in the opposite direction and slashed Gun Yui across his chest. As his defenses were shifted to his left, he had left himself wide open. Two more scars bled fresh down the monk as he staggered backwards.

This time, Shutara did not give the monk time to breathe, he pressed him and him first attack cut along his bicep. The monk cried out as they once again entered the deadlock. As they fought, deflecting each other's blows, Shutara noticed Gun Yui was beginning to succumb to his wounds, especially the one to his right arm. He was babying it due to the wound and using his left to deflect more. By pressing his left side, he could overwhelm him.

Gun Yui however, did not plan on being simply bowled over. Throwing himself in between Shutara's blades he pushed both arms out of the way before grabbing him wrists and twisting. The twist forced him to release him grasp and the ninjato fell to the floor. A grin came across his face as Gun Yui then jumped up and kicked Shutara square in the chest with both feet. Releasing him hands as he did so, the man was launched across the room and into the wall behind him. The crash caused him head to bang off the stone and for a moment, everything went black. Shutara awoke on the cold stone ground. Slowly he pushed himself to his knees. That was when the pain hit him. The back of his head pulsed and the pain was so intense that he cried out and nearly fell back on the floor. Reaching him hand to the back of him head, him hair was warm and sticky to the touch. Bringing his hand back revealed it was covered in blood. It's possible the blow had cracked his skull, judging from the pain at least. It was hard to think, everything he did caused it to throb and bleed. Each throb caused the world to spin for a moment.

Looking up, Gun Yui stood across the room, the old monk peering inside to see if it was over. He was raising his hand when Shutara cried out "No!... Not yet... I'm not finished..." The old monk stood, frozen as Shutara forced himself onto his knees, then a foot, then two, and finally pushed himself to stand. Shutara's breathing was heavy now, each breath caused him pain, standing caused him pain, thinking was pain. he just wanted to lay down and sleep. "No, idiot. You can't sleep. Not with this wound." Gun Yui only shook his head. "This is foolishness man, you are hurt. It's over." Shutara took a single deep breath, he would have shook him head but the action might have caused him to topple over. "Not yet. One more clash. That will end it." The monk shook his head, but readied himself all the same. He could see the determination in Shutara's eyes and knew he would not back down.

Shutara's hands moved behind him back and into the two kits he held there. With his left hand he would draw three explosive senbon clutched between his fingers. him right would grasp at three pieces of paper. The first to fly was the senbon. Unimpressed, Gun Yui raised his arm to simply swat the projectiles away as Shutara formed the seal to detonate the tags. The senbon exploded just out of range of Gun Yui's arm, enough to cause some burns and disorientation, but nothing more. Next, Shutara charged the papers with him chakra and threw them. Two flew to either side of Gun Yui while the third was thrown above him. When they reached him opponent, the tags exploded in a cloud of smoke, revealing three clones of Shutara. Gun Yui barely had time to register their creation when the clones made their move. The two at his sides were unarmed, save for Shutara's metal boots. They kicked the back of Gun Yui's knees, causing the man to crumple and fall. The third had two daggers and fell on the monk, wrapping his arms around his and planting the dagger points into the soft parts of his elbows.

Shutara now had to act fast, him Shikigami only had a lifespan of six seconds before they returned to simple paper. Chakra flowed into him feet as he leapt forward. Fire exploded from him boots, rocketing him across the room to plant a powerful punch to the monk's face. him clones vanished as the monk was sent flying back this time, landing on the floor about two meters from him. For a moment, everything was silent. When Gun Yui twitched, Shutara held his breath. The monk tried to force himself up, only reaching a point where Shutara could see the blood rushing down his face from a possibly broken nose, before he fell back down. "That, was a good punch. Wakizashi, Shutara... I concede."

The last thing Shutara remembered was the old monk declaring him the victor. Then everything went black again.

Shutara awoke in a new, unfamiliar room. This one was much larger than the one he had been granted as a guest, that much he could tell by the atmosphere. The next thing that came to him was a constant beeping to him right. A sound he had heard before, a heart rate monitor. "Am... Am I in a hospital?" Shutara moaned as him eyes fell shut again. him head still throbbed with pain, albeit duller than he remembered, if only slightly. Reaching his hand up to touch it, Shutara found it sore and restrained. Forcing him eyes open again, Shutara carefully turned him head to see. him arm was tied to the side of the bed with an iv line in him wrist. "Ugh... not again" Rolling his head back, him skull thumped as he tried to remember what had happened. "I won, right?" With that, sleep took the man once again. A dreamless sleep that left Shutara only in darkness. Unaware of what was transpiring in the world around him, unable to even count the time. When he awoke again, the room was darker than before, lit by artificial lights around the room.

This time, there was an attendant at him side, a nurse. he did not look to be like one of the monks. "Um, excuse me..." Shutara said weakly. The nurse turned and smiled. "Ah good, you're awake. How are you feeling?" Shutara blinked for a second "My head hurts. What happened? Did I win? The next round, I made it, right?" A painful pulse forced Shutara to stop speaking and crunch him face. The nurse put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Shh, don't push yourself. You received a nasty concussion. You've been in and out for the last fourteen hours." That came as a shock, even as disoriented as he was, Shutara knew that fourteen hours would place the time somewhere around midnight. "But, the tournament. My mission." The nurse only patted him shoulder again. "You don't need to worry about that. there is actually someone here for you, if you feel well enough, I'll admit them in to speak with you for a short time."

Shutara could only weakly nod, yet still the nurse understood. he got up and quickly left the room. Sleep was pulling at Shutara again, beckoning him back into the darkness. Yet he had to resist, there was someone here to speak with him, he had to hear them. The nurse was only gone for three minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Alone with him pain and sleep calling, every second was agony. When the nurse finally returned, he had the old monk who would escort him to, and call him matches. The nurse took him leave as the old monk took a seat beside him. "Hello, Shutara. I take it you are curious as to what happened after you had blacked out." The old man's voice was scratchy, but still had a strength to it. Shutara once again, nodded weakly, struggling to keep him eyes open. "Well, I'll start with the good news then. You were victorious in your battle against Gun Yui. He yielded defeat moments before you passed out." Shutara smiled at this. "So, I made it to the next round then?"

At this, the monk shook his head. "I'm sorry, your injury was too severe to permit you to participate. We treated you as best we could before transporting you back here to the village. Their medical facilities are far greater than ours. They've informed me that you should be back on your feet within two days. A medical ninja shall be in tomorrow to patch up the wound on your head." This news was quite a disappointment for him. This had been more than a simple tournament, it was a mission. With him loss, he had failed. The news that he would only be here for a couple of days served to soften the blow, but not by much. "That said, I must say, you are quite a determined young man. I've never seen someone force themselves to keep fighting after suffering a blow like that." "It was a mission. If I lost I failed... I... I've never failed a mission yet..." At this, the old monk actually began to chuckle. "W-What's so funny?" The monk took a moment to collect himself before looking Shutara right in his eyes. "You didn't fail, the 'mission' was merely to test the skills of our own people. Win or lose, it was practically impossible to fail. As it is, you did great. You were the only one to pass the second round from your village. You should feel proud."

Shutara was speechless. he had succeeded? Not only that, but he was the only one to pass onto the third round, even if he could not participate himself. "I... I passed?" Was all he could stammer out. The monk then got to his feet. "Yes, now rest well. You've certainly earned it. You, the only one who passed from your village, and succeeded the farthest. Rest now, and when you wake, we shall speak of this more." With that, the old monk left and the nurse returned to fiddle with the medication bags. Taking the monk's advice, Shutara finally gave into the sleep and let the darkness engulf him again. This time it was warm and comforting, knowing he had not failed him mission Shutara slept like a baby.

He awoke, the sky was dark, he could hear the wind howling, the room was warm, the bed was warm, but he could still feel the cold drifting in from the dark corners and cracks in the room. It was eerily, like some sort of fog filled the room. Only up to his knees, a mist blanketed the room. Making his way out, he went to the abbot's room, ready to hear the rest of the information.

Two monks were in the room, Mathis and the abbott, discussing something in more subdued tones. They smiled when he entered.

“My young lad, come sit, this is the first time in almost a decade since anyone from your village has lasted this long, we are most pleased” The old man said, Mathis just smiled, however it was a hollow smile, to go so far and yet not have gone further due to an injury.

“A reward for your village’s hard work” he said, opening a box, it gleamed, and shone in an almost unearthly light. “Take this to your kage, along with our congratulations, our temple is open to you and your village for another year, until the next trial begins” Mathis closed the box and slid it over to him. Clasping him on the shoulder, he nodded and went outside.

“Thank you, I am greatly honored by your decision” Shutara said, his voice weary but still excited.

“The trials are not pass fail, they are to test your skills, I’m afraid if you went further you might have killed someone” the abbot said.

“But there is still one thing left to do, return to your village, and give your kage this invitation, it will let him know that our temple is open to the village until next year's trial” He smiled, but Shutara knew that this was the end of the conversation, he quickly got up, took the invitation and bowed.

Mathis was outside, waiting for him, almost ready to escort him out of the temple, back into the cold, cold night.  Shutara made his way outside without delay. Despite a little wary due to his battle scars, albeit not so physical. The shinobi of the icy village smiled and waved at Mathis. Shutara indeed knew that his time was up as far as the trials was concerned. he didn't want to waste too much time now.

Shutara stood outside in the cold, feeling it caress his body, having grown accustomed to it. Many other shinobi for other villages would probably catch a cold. But under these conditions now, Shutara felt at home. And that is where he was heading now to deliver this gift to the kage. Shutara walked along in the cold and once he was certain he was out of sight. The man from the Uchiha clan vanished from view leaving no trace of where he headed off to. Sometime after though, Shutara had successfully made his way back to the village. Meanwhile setting off to seek out the kage of the village. He wanted to deliver his report as soon as possible to say the least.

No time like the present they say and Shutara didn't want to waste time. Searched and searched he did, until he came upon a gathering of folks. Shutara's travels took him to the place known to many as. The Forever Frozen Fields. A strange place, but no problem for the man, whom had eyes glowing crimson, taking note of the different chakra signatures. The shinobi wasn't too far away now, and so he slowly made his way to the group. Now where did he meet these guys?

While he pondered that, just what was Shutara wearing? Well here goes. Uchiha Shutara may well be viewed as  the very definition of  blandness. It is a matter of opinion if one were to consider him a lady killer. This one cares not for such things, or so it may see,. There is now a certain degree of normality, a pinch of ordinary and as far as looks are concerned the man appears to be average at best. So what has changed this time round, compared to the usual arrogance of a Uchiha? The Shinobi is seen to be more conservated in appearance, despite possessing certain unique traits onto himself. His eyes are black in color like your typical Uchiha, with a look of malicious innocence within them. Shutara stands at six foot one inches tall, boosting an average frame or body mass, albeit a toned one worthy of a Shinobi. He has no piercings, though he may well grow his hair and have it as a pony tail in the future. Or he could go for a wild look, but at present he had struck a perfect balance between the neatness of the gentleman and the rashness of a temperamental creature. Whatever said creature may be. Shutara has short black hair, and depending on the mood, it may be sported in the usual spiky hairstyle.

In terms of clothing or attire if you will, Shutara sports a mixture of black and grey Shinobi attire. He wears a black hodded top with long sleeves covering up his arms. He also wears a pair of grey fingerless gloves on his hands. And between the long sleeved hoodie and his gloves, his entire arms are covered up by his attire. A grey flack jacket is usually sported over his hoodie top. And beneath this flack jacket is the hoodie and underneath his hoodie top is a short sleeved fishnet topc. The flack jacket also covers up portions of his shoulders, although not quite an armor plate. The hoodie top also extends down to his thighs, with the material folding over itself to create a split. What this does it prevent the garment from obstructing Retsu's movements. As such parting his legs and the like is as easy as breathing. Or better yet it would come as easy as walking around  in his birthday suit. His black pants are somewhat baggie. Shutara also wears grey leg warmers on his legs that covers up a portion of his black shinobi sandals. A grey and black Anbu like mask is often sported by the man that is Shutara. In essence he wears nothing fancy except for the normal Shinobi gear.

And the aforementioned mask was being sported at present, which Shutara shifted to the side of his head. Thus revealing the face that was behind the mask. If he had to think, he knew all these individuals, some more so than others. For now though he may well consider himself the anamolly. Shark girl found herself on Shutara's radar a long time ago. Maybe a year or so, when the Uchiha was relieving himself.
One year ago...

Footsteps could be heard running through the snow, crunching away. This was one of those times when emptying your bladder was far more important than playing ninja. Hence why Shutara paid no attention or less so than he normally would. The Jounin was happy, having returned from a mission, a successful one for him. That, and he had also recently mastered a new technique. One which would have made his deceased twin sibling most proud of him. Shutara noted that it wasn't as cold as it normally was. The weather was being kind on this day of the past. Pushing forward though, Shutara found himself at what was more like a cliff. A waterfall was to his right, the river bank down below to his left was normally quiet. The place was almost always without life, except for marine life and the like. Shutara saw no issue with him doing what he was about to do. The sound of his zip coming undone could be heard. It was swift, suggesting Shutara knew how to handle himself. The jounin stood at the edge where his phallis could be extended.

Out came his majestic member, the snake in his trousers flopped out, for now was not the time to get aroused. The urinating soon followed, with delicious piss flowing from the rod of life. Not thathe'd ever tasted his own piss, but being who he is, he deemed it delicious. The urine fell downwards and into the waters where the marine life thrived. And while in the middle of it all, the shinobi could hear someone edging closer to him. He could feel the hard stare of the Kunoichi piercing through the back of his head. Shutara leaned back and cocked his head to the side. Meanwhile slowly adjusting his body in order to turn and view this person. There she stood with her hands folded, fury in her eyes. "Are you pissing on my fishes down stream?". The sanin asked, while Shutara remained dumbfounded. The uchiha was honestly surpised to be caught with his pants almost down. The man made a full turn, revealing his rod while tucking it away. He exposed himself to the young woman. Damn embarassing.

Shutara could not believe what was transpiring, but he was in a moment right now. He had been caught, and wasn't quite sure how to react, and so he decided to stay cool. " that euphemism for something else?". Obviously alluding to something more frisky. "Too young, too young for me. If you would excu-". Bang! Shutara was sent flying from above landing below in the waters. The young woman flew after him aiming another punch. Except the Uchiha escaped at the last moment with his nimble reflexes. "Dangerous". The man said while looking at the young woman. "Bastard! You exposed yourself to me!!". She uttered with disdain yet with a red blush on her face. "If you so mad, then why ya blushing? First time?". The uchiha with a deathwish asked, obviously aware of who he was dealing with. Their exchange took place for another minute or so, neither getting hurt. However, there comes a point when one had simply seen enough. Shutara ended their quarrel with an apology before taking off. He had a report to make...

Meeting the Kage--After the Incident

Shutara after his recent encounter, had finally dried himself off before proceeding to the meeting place with the kage. Shutara appeared before the man ready to give his mission report. "Hmm, that young woman is crazy. But I understand now what others see in her. Oh well. She loves those fishes, I ended up pissing on some". His conversation was brief, but the point was made. Shutara, a jounin of the village understand that things are not always what they seem. The uchiha was showing himself to be rather cunning and mischievous at the same time.

Present time...

There was a lot more to the story with the kage, but that may well come in bits and pieces. Eyeing up the other people, he took a note of them, meanwhile approaching the group.

"Hello party people. This is quite the gathering, so much so I feel out of place. Forgive my intrusion though, I have business with the Hyozankage". He simply stated meanwhile standing a good seven meters away from the group. This was probably going to be fun, right? Fire side chat?

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