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Dragon Sage Mode [WIP]


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Dragon Sage Mode [WIP]

Post by Roku on Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:44 am

Summoning Contract ;; Dovah Contract
Primary Stat Increase ;; Speed
Secondary Stat Increase ;; Strength
First Basic SC ;;
Name: Elemental Perfection
Rank: S
Type: Spiritual
Requirements:: Replaces Elemental Mastery
Description: The user has trained extensively with their primary element, unlocking its secrets and meditating on its mysteries. They have developed a much deeper connection with their primary element, on both a physical and spiritual level. When selecting this SC, the user chooses Speed or Power. All S-Rank and lower jutsu of the user’s primary element gain +1 to the chosen stat when performed. Additionally, the WC required to train S-Rank or lower jutsu of their primary element is reduced by 25%.
Second Basic SC ;;
Mastered SC ;;
Name of Sage Summon ;; Eragon
Other Information ;;
Additional Requirements ;;

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